In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 48.2 – Chasing the Star Pirates

Although Ethan has been watched by Zhao Lingyu, it was mainly because he didn’t want to really offend Zhao Lingyu and in fact was very strong.

Even if he has no attack ability, his protection ability, even if he seldom used it in battle and was not proficient, he was still an S-level ability user.

In the past when facing Zhao Lingyu, Ethan used his own S-level protection ability to form a huge shield outside his body. So when ordinary people wanted to get close to him they could not do even if they wanted to. Now he was knocking on the door of the main control room with his shield. “Zhao Lingyu, come out for me!”

Ethan’s shield was so powerful that it was like a huge turtle shell. When he knocked on the door of the main control room, it almost crumbled.

“Ethan, I’m here.” Zhao Lingyu said.

“Zhao Lingyu!” Ethan looked at Zhao Lingyu angrily. “What’s the matter with you? Now that the star pirates have already run away and there are civilians on the ship, you still want to go after them?”

Ethan went to Yang Ye before he set off and Yang Ye said that this trip would be very safe. All that had happened before had indeed proved that this trip was safe.

After saving the people on planet 12534, he should be able to return to the Capital star and pick up some merit for nothing. Ethan stayed in his cabin, satisfied with the outcome and had a good sleep. But he didn’t want to wake up to a bolt like news that Zhao Lingyu was flying a single, lonely central warship to pursue the star pirates!

Those star pirates had a fleet full of ships, but they only had one main ship. Even if the First Legion’s main ship was very powerful, there was no guarantee that there wouldn’t be an accident.

“We came here to fight against the star pirates so of course, I will go after them.” Zhao Lingyu said without hesitation.

“Zhao Lingyu, there are still civilians on this ship! Do you want to take us to our deaths?” Ethan did not dare to say that he was afraid of fighting, so he used the civilians.

“I know.” Zhao Lingyu said.

“You know and still dare to do that? Zhao Lingyu! If you don’t go back, I’ll demolish this central main ship right now!” Ethan pounded his fist towards the door of the main control room.

Zhao Lingyu had lost his ability and Fang Chengjun was both younger than him and had a weaker ability than him, so no one on this battleship could break his defenses. So naturally he could do whatever he wanted.

This was the first time that Ethan had used violence to force others to agree to his terms. His face was full of excitement, almost foreseeing his own powerful image. However, at this time, a powerful force suddenly hit his shield making his shield shatter with a ‘crack.’

Ethan turned his head in shock and saw Zhao Lingyu, who was slowly withdrawing his fist.

For Zhao Lingyu to dare to go after the star pirates, there must be a reason. His strength had increased again and he had even surpassed the Human Federation’s historical record of an S-class strength ability user. Therefore, his combat effectiveness was no less than before.

Now that his strength surpassed even that of the strongest Ability user in Human Federation history, how could he still not be able to smash Ethan’s shield?

“Did I not tell you that my strength increased greatly even after my fusion ability disappeared because of the Zerg Queen?” Zhao Lingyu looked at Ethan.

Obviously, Ethan was about the same age as Zhao Peng and was much older than Zhao Lingyu. But at this moment, seeing Zhao Lingyu’s appearance, he couldn’t help shivering in his heart. He even subconsciously answered Zhao Lingyu’s words. “No..”

“So now you know.” Zhao Lingyu approached Ethan and patted his shoulder. “I know you are worried about the safety of those 30,000 civilians, but you can rest assured that I will never let anything happen to them.”

“Who are you, to make such a guarantee?” Ethan looked at Zhao Lingyu angrily.

“The Locke family’s protection ability is very strong. At the beginning, the ancestors of the Locke family protected the whole fleet by themselves. So I think you will be able to protect this warship.” Zhao Lingyu added, “At that time, I will let you go outside the warship and give you a chance to protect the whole warship and the civilians on it.”

He didn’t even want to protect this warship at all! Ethan couldn’t help but want to shout, but when he met Zhao Lingyu’s gaze, he suddenly trembled and couldn’t say anything.

He couldn’t defeat Zhao Lingyu.

Zhao Lingyu looked at Ethan’s expression with satisfaction, patted Ethan’s other shoulder, and then walked into the main control room while saying, “Have someone fix the door of the main control room, and ask Mr. Locke to cover the cost.”

Yes!” Wu Shuai answered with great interest.

Ethan swayed and almost fell to the ground, both of his shoulders were in excruciating pain, making him unable to even lift his hands.

“Lingyu, is it okay for you to hurt his shoulders?” Ren Sheng asked in a small voice. It’s just that even if his voice was small, his voice was clearly audible to the others. People around him were shocked silent by Zhao Lingyu’s strength, so Ren Sheng’s voice could be clearly heard by others.

“It’s just a small injury, it doesn’t matter. You don’t need to use your hand to use your ability.” Zhao Lingyu said lightly.

Ethan trembled when he heard this and swallowed all his discontent. If he provoked him again, wasn’t there a chance that Zhao Lingyu would break his arms and legs? You know, even with broken hands and legs he could still use his ability and if he laid in a medical cabin for a few days he would recover.

“Oh…” Taking in all that happened before eyes, Fang Chengjun chuckled and then looked at the main control room with a complex look in his eyes.

All of them thought that Zhao Lingyu had lost his ability and only his prestige was left. But unexpectedly, Zhao Lingyu was very strong!

To be able to break Ethan’s shield, he should be at last an S-level strength ability user. Fortunately he never messed with Zhao Lingyu.

What Zhao Lingyu did soon spread throughout the entire ship and the soldiers of the First Legion were all very excited when they got the news.

Instead of becoming a waste, their Marshal got another S-level ability. It was true that good people would have good karma!

The soldiers on the warship got the news, but no one would tell the civilians who were confined in the cabins. But even so, there were still people who learned about it in a special way.

Corbien pressed a bead the size of a grain of rice to his ear with a complicated look on his face.

He thought that after saving the people of planet 12534, Zhao Lingyu would go to a nearby immigrant planet and then return to Capital Star, but he unexpectedly planned to continue to attack the star pirates.

Not to mention, Zhao Lingyu was able to smash the Locke family’s protective shield with one punch..

For a while, Corbien became even more curious about Zhao Lingyu’s genes and at the same time began to change his plans.

The most urgent thing for him was to leave this monitored place.

Corbie smiled and struck up a conversation with the soldiers of the First Legion who came to deliver his food. As time passed, the distance between the main ship and the star pirates became closer and closer. Even a scout ship belonging to the First Legion had found them and began to dock in the main ship to start replenishing its energy.

It was at this time that a soldier who had gone into the toilet with Corbien came out, pulling a soft and uncomfortable ‘Corbien’ in his hand.

Putting ‘Corbien’ among the civilians, the soldier went out. At this time, no one knew that the man in the uniform had been replaced and became Corbien.

Corbien’s ability was not strong, but very special. He could change his appearance at will, after getting someone else’s genes and could even change his own surface genes.

Of course, such an ability was not without limitations. For example, he cannot copy another person’s ability and if his blood was checked he would certainly be found.

However, even if there were some minor problems, most of the time it was enough!

Corbien scanned the doors with his pupils and headed for the main control room.

It was at this time that the central main ship caught up with the star pirates and took the lead in opening fire from a distance.

“Have the people of the First Legion gone crazy? How dare they come after us in a main ship?!”

“Those stinkers from before are getting on my nerves, I’m going to get back at this warship!”

“Blow up the First Legion’s main ship and see how arrogant they will be!”

“Yes, let’s stop and welcome them.”




The pirates on the starship were all very angry, but the Corbien’s number one henchman, who was told to look after the fleet, changed his expression many times and hesitated to give the order.

“Second in command, the First Legion sent a communication request!” A man suddenly said.

“Communication request? They’re not going crazy, are they? They’ve already dropped bombs on us and they’re still sending communication requests?” Someone was very puzzled.

The second leader pondered a little, but said, “When you get through, show me.”

The communication was quickly connected and Ivor who had fought several times with the star pirates stood at the other end. “Hello and long time no see.”

“Long time no see, what’s up?” The star pirates’s second in command pulled the corner of his mouth.

“Nothing, just wanted to tell you guys, that it’s better to not throw bombs everywhere. The last batch of civilians of 12534 star are on our ship this time. If you throw bombs, they may die without any burial ground. There seems to be also some of your people among them?” Ivor casually mentioned. Did some of the people who made Zhao Na feel very uneasy have some status in the star pirates’ group?

Whether it was useful or not, it won’t do any harm to them to say a few more words. They still needed to give Mr. Locke some time to set up the protective shield. Ethan Locke couldn’t even hold up a large enough shield for a while, which was definitely something they didn’t anticipate at the beginning.

The face of the second in command immediately changed.

Corbien should be on that main ship, if he launched an attack, wouldn’t he hurt him?

How was this fight going to go, when his own boss was on the enemy warship? Could he expect Corbien to come back from the First Legion alone?


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