Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 21.1 – Wood Carving

Sensing Venerable walking out of the room, Qiu Congxue opened the array at the right time. Hearing the angry Baili Qingmiao, Wen Renhe said: “I will give back to you this person so you can continue to cry.”

Then he said to Qiu Congxue: “Take Baili Qingmiao to meet me at the Golden Coast Cliff and keep an eye on her. Don’t let her sacrifice herself for He Wenchao.”

In the book, He Wenchao and Baili Qingmiao still did not go through the last barrier of the relationship. It should be because he still has some feelings for the female lead and did not want to absorb her spiritual root. But they could not treat it lightly. The plot has changed and they must watch over Baili Qingmiao so she won’t get cheated.

When Wen Renhe thought about it, he came up with an idea to kidnap Zhong Liqian. Even if the female lead didn’t necessarily like Zhong Liqian, he could still play his role as a block.

In the book, as long as the supporting male lead appears, the male lead would go offline for a long time. Or after fighting with male lead, the female lead would be sobered up by the supporting male lead’s words until the male lead coaxed her back again.

Now the plot belonging to Wen Renhe and Yin Hanjiang was basically impossible to  realize, so after thinking about it Wen Renhe decided to entrust Zhong Liqian with the plot of supporting male lead no.2 and no.4 and let him stall the female lead.

After making up his mind, Wen Renhe went to Deacon hall and wrote down that Liu Xinye lost a hairpin while patrolling the town and went down the mountain to look for it and will come back soon.

He went down the mountain and left Liu Xinye’s body and Liu Xinye woke up in the town with a hairpin in her hand and for a moment did not understand why she was in the town. She thought for a long time but could not remember what had happened during this time, so she shook her head and went back to the mountain. She was still thinking about her elder martial brother!

When Wen Renhe saw Liu Xinye leave, he transformed into a human form in a deserted place and went to look for Yin Hanjiang.

He and Yin Hanjiang separated in a deserted alley. Wen Renhe used his divine sense to look for Yin Hanjiang and found him holding his sword, leaning against the wall, maintaining the same posture as when they parted, quietly waiting for him.

If Wen Renhe never returns, Yin Hanjing seems to be able to wait until the end of time.

The Yin Hanjiang in the book, would always wait for his lord to return.

Wen Renhe frowned and appeared in front of Yin Hanjiang, saying unhappily: “When this lord is not here, Protector Yin can have his own preferences.”

For example, Protector Shu was especially good at finding fun for herself. She was always ready to put on a big show. If Wen Renhe let Shu Yanyan wait for him here, it would be enough time for Shu Yanyan to hook up with at least three men.

“Venerable!” Seeing Wen Renhe return, Yin Hanjiang’s eyes brightened, his whole person came to life and he no longer seemed as dead as before.

Seeing his joyful appearance, Wen Renhe’s displeasure slightly diminished as he couldn’t help but ask “When this Venerable was in seclusion during the Ping Dynasty, were you also standing on guard like this?”

“I wasmore vigilant when Venerable is in seclusion.” Yin Hanjiang said.

That is to say, he acted even more like a puppet than he was now. He obviously behaved more like a human when they were in the border town.

Wen Renhe did not say anything and let Yin Hanjing turn into his imperial sword as the two of them rushed towards the Golden Coast Cliff. The two of them were in a hurry to get there before the others.

When the two arrived at the Golden Coast Cliff, Baili Qingmiao and Qiu Congxue hadn’t arrived yet.

The two of them were not yet there so Wen Renhe looked at the silent Yin Hanjiang and asked him to practice his sword against the sea to polish his sword intent. As Yin Hanjiang obediently practiced his sword, he chose a century-old tree on the cliff and cut off its thickest branch. Taking out a small engraving knife he carved it according to his memory.

When he was young he would practice carving in his spare time, mainly to stabilize his hand so his hands would not shake easily during archery on the battlefield in the future. After the destruction of family he would carve his family members with a carving knife when his grief was too big. In more than ten years, he carved countless wood carvings and finally used them as burial objects. When he was bored during his human experience he would also carve something else, like horses, knives and give them to the children living in the border town as toys.

After that, he hasn’t picked up the carving knife for decades.

Wen Renhe recalled what happened in the border town and carved a figure very quickly, he only carved the figure and itsclothes without adding any  facial features.

The faceless wooden sculpture was only palm-sized. Wen Renhe came to the beach and casually threw the wooden sculpture away.

When Yin Hanjiang heard something flying behind him, he turned around to catch it. Then he saw a freshly carved wooden sculpture, with clothing and weapons as well as body proportions similar to those of General Wen Ren in the Martyr’s Shrine, except it had no facial features.

“I don’t know what to do when I have nothing to do,” Wen Renhe said. “I used it to pass the time when I was a child. You can take this wood carving if you are interested, You can practice carving with the face, if you are not interested, just throw it into the sea. Just stop the boredom.”

Yin Hanjiang hands shook as he quickly put away the wood carving, fearing that Wen Renhe would snatch it back and throw it away he said: “All gifts from Venerable are treasures to this subordinate. This subordinate will carve it well.”

“Once you have practiced your skills, carve out the town from your memory.” Wen Renhe said “I also want to know what the hometown looks like in Protector Yin’s heart.”

Yin Hanjiang’s eyes dimmed as he said in a low voice: “I don’t remember it clearly.”

Wen Renhe said: “Then carve out what you remember clearly, which is not necessarily your hometown. But what is important in your heart, carve it one by one. You are now in the void realm, if you want to advance to Mahayana, you still need to hone your mind. Otherwise, if you have the strength of Mahayana but your mind can’t keep up, it will be difficult for you to resist your heart demons.”

In the past, Yin Hanjiang’s ways of fighting were all very desperate. He burst out far beyond his strength with a tenacity over the power of his magic sword.

“This Lord is already a blood cultivator so I won’t die easily. In future, I don’t need you to use your own life to protect me.” Wen Renhe said.

Hearing his words, Yin Hanjiang’s mind became blank. If his venerable did not need him to fight for his life, then what was left for him?

A cold feeling rushed to Yin Hanjiang’s heart, the humid warm sea breeze blew on his face but he could not feel even the trace of temperature. Who was Yin Hanjiang if he was no longer needed by Wen Renhe?

Just when Yin Hanjiang was near despair, he heard his lord say “In the future, this Venerable wants you to cherish your own life.”

Cherish my life?” Yin Hanjiang instinctively asked back.

“In the future, this lord will need to go to the Underworld Sea of Blood. If protector Yin will not start to care about his life and don’t gain enlightenment at this time, how can he follow this lord?” A faint smile appeared on Wen Renhe’s face as he looked at Yin Hanjiang.

These words made Yin Hanjiang’s body gradually warm up as he gripped the wooden carving with his hand and softly replied, “I will definitely live up to the trust of Venerable. I will follow my lord forever.”

“That’s right.” Wen Renhe said “The state of mind at the Mahayana realm needs to understand the fate of heaven to break it. You are stubborn, and you are far from knowing the fate of heaven, so remembering the past will help you clear your mind. Don’t let this venerable’s expectation down.”

“Yes!” After Yin Hanjiang answered, he looked down at the wooden carving and couldn’t help but say: “Your Holiness has carved it very beautifully, even the details of the armor are clear.”

The cultivator’s divine sense is strong and his memory is just as good. “It’s not worth mentioning.” Wen Renhe waved his hand and let Yin Hanjing study it by himself.

Yin Hanjiang didn’t have a carving knife so he held his sword for a long time but did not dare to start.


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