Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 20. 2 – Blood Demon Ancestor

He Wenchao hugged Baili Qingmiao in his arms, but his eyes looked at “Liu Xinye”. He was really good-looking and even when he did not speak his eyes were very affectionate as if they were saying to “Liu Xinye” warmly: Younger martial sister, I am no longer worthy of your love, don’t come to see me anymore.

If it was the real Liu Xinye, she would probably throw herself at him. But Wen Renhe just looked at He Wenchao indifferently and frowned slightly after observing for a while.

The ‘Liu Xinye” and He Wenchao looked at each other for a while when his face suddenly changed. He looked warily at Wen Renhe and opened his mouth to shout.

Wen Renhe rushed with his shadow step and covered He Wenchao’s mouth. At the same time he pulled Baili Qingmiao away with one hand and said “You stay away from him.”

“Liu Xinye” When Baili Qingmiao saw that “Liu Xinye” dared to separate her from her elder martial

brother became very angry but was immediately carried out of the room by Elder Qing Xue.

“Master!” When Baili Qingmiao saw Elder Qingxue closing the door with a wave of her sleeve, she became angry and anxious.

But elder Qing Xue just pressed her head and said “Don’t say anything.”

Venerable expression looked like he was facing a great enemy, this He Wenchao was definitely strange! Qiu Congxue set up an array outside the room to avoid anyone overhearing the conversation between the two people inside the room.

Inside the house, noticing that Qiu Congxue attentively arranged the array, Wen Renhe let go of He Wenchao’s mouth and released a ray of divine consciousness to observe He Wenchao carefully.

He Wenchao also retreated to the wall with one hand protecting himself with a magic weapon while the other transmitted a message. If he transmits the message at this time all experts of the Shangqing sect would immediately come to his rescue and set the mountain protection array to get rid of the possessed “Liu Xinye”.

Wen Renhe glanced at the message and said: “You can call for help but I won’t guarantee that I would help you to hide it.”

If he hadn’t changed to a blood cultivator, Wen Renhe wouldn’t have been able to find out that He Wenchao was actually one body with two souls. There was a hint of blood qi hidden in his body which was of the same origin as Wen Renhe blood cultivation method.

Ten thousand years ago, the only blood cultivator between heaven and earth turned into a demon and righteous and the demonic path joined forces to kill him. But blood cultivator was the most difficult kind to remove completely, as long as there was even one drop of his blood left in the world he would slowly recover.

“Who are you?” He Wenchao said vigilantly “I saw younger martial sister Liu seven days ago and she was not possessed yet. What did you do to her?”

“You don’t deserve to even talk to me. Let this person inside you come out,” Wen Renhe said coldly.

He Wenchao’s face showed reluctance and his eyes struggled as if he was talking to someone. After a while, his expression changed, from emotionally indecisive righteous disciple to a ruthless blood cultivator.

The blood cultivator used He Wenchao body to say: “Ha ha, I’ve been recuperating for ten thousand years, but I didn’t expect another Blood cultivator to appear in this cultivation world. But if you could survive the art of carving souls this lord will praise you,”

The word “This lord” sounded a bit harsh to Wen Renhe ears so he responded with the same momentum: “In front of me, no one is worthy of using words “this lord.””

“Is that so? That’s because you don’t know how strong this lord was back then and how strong cultivators have been ten thousand years ago. You don’t even know how worthless today’s cultivators …… are!” “He Wenchao” said arrogantly.

Wen Renhe did not continue to argue with blood cultivator. What was the use of speaking? The cultivators ten thousand years ago were indeed strong, but ten thousand years ago the central continent was destroyed by natural disasters and life of countless ordinary people were sacrificed. With all sufferings in the world cultivators right far above that of ordinary people. If this continued like this heaven would definitely cleanse the earth with blood and kill all the living creatures, letting the world slowly recover, and breed new creatures.

Fortunately, ten thousand years ago, there was this blood cultivator who attracted the attention of the whole cultivation world. After the war of exterminating the blood cultivator, countless cultivators died and became injured giving the earth a chance to breathe, which was the catastrophe from 10,000 years ago.

“What is your purpose for possessing He Wenchao without taking over his body? Does he know you are a blood cultivator?” Wen Renhe asked.

He clearly knew that if the blood cultivator did not want to let He Wenchao hear their conversation, He Wenchao wouldn’t hear a word.

“Oh, what do you think? I advise you to not kill He Wenchao otherwise the immortal formation will be opened and both you and I will not be able to escape.” The blood cultivator expected that Wen Renhe would not reveal his identity so he calmly said.

‘When did you possess him? Was it after the war of demonic and righteous path?” Wen Renhe secretly calculated that catastrophe from ten thousand years ago never appeared in the last ten thousand years so it should be the Massive Demon War that awakened the sleeping blood cultivator. Moreover, He Wenchao dual cultivated with Shu Yanyan, so If he was already possessed by the Blood Cultivator at that time something might have happened to Shu Yanyan. But Shu Yanyan was safe even after she successfully took the Nascent Soul cultivation from He Wenchao so it should be after he lost his Nascent Soul cultivation that he met a blood cultivator. When Wen Renhe read the book he wondered about one thing. How could a righteous disciple, Liu Xinye have her cultivation absorbed. The answer given in the book at that time was that He Wenchao was possessed by his heart demon at that time and Liu Xinye offered herself, which led to the disaster. He Wenchao heart demons disappeared after he recovered from his injuries and elders from the Shangqing sect also confirmed that he had returned to normal. It was also not easy to investigate what He Wenchao did when he lost consciousness so it could only be counted as Liu Xinye’s own bad luck.

In the later period He Wenchao took good care of Liu Xinye and tried his best to help her recover. After he entered the Soul combination realm he also personally dual cultivated with Liu Xinye to help her recover and advance to the Nascent Soul realm.

In this regard, Baili Qingmiao quarreled with He Wenchao countless times. He was married to the master of the Ziling Pavilion to save the injured master, because only Ziling Pavilion had pills. But why did he double cultivate with Liu Xinye so many times?! Was this really the only way to save her?

Wen Renhe was too lazy to read the male lead’s explanation, anyway it would be Baili Qingmiao who would compromise in the end.

When he previously met He Wenchao he did not have any bright spot. He was an emotionally indecisive man who was greedy for Shu Yanyan’s beauty. In the book after his Nascent Soul cultivation was taken away He Wenchao became extremely sophisticated, so even the Ziling Pavilion leader was also brought by He Wenchao into his harem.

At the moment, seeing this blood cultivator with more than 10,000 years of experience, Wen Renhe thought what did not make sense in the book was finally explained clearly.

Was He Wenchao replaced by the blood cultivator in the later period of the book? Wen Renhe thought for a while and thought the answer should be no. But he was a blood cultivator who stayed in He Wenchao’s mind, helped him to analyze the pros and cons of things, gradually brainwashing him and controlling He Wenchao who gradually turned from righteous disciple into a man of unscrupulous means.

Both of them were blood cultivators so Wen Renhe could guess that the other person was interested in the acquired godhood spirit in He Wenchao body. He also wanted to wait till he became a god and then take over the He Wenchao body and in one move become Blood Devil God. In 《Abusive Love Affair》 the story ended with the main couple ascending to the immortal realm together and did not say anything about what happened later. Therefore at the end He Wenchao should still be himself but future was still unclear.

Another doubt in his heart became explained clearly. It also seemed that He Wenchao would restore his Nascent Soul cultivation even without Liu Xinye, there would be other people. The blood cultivator did not care if the other party was male or female as long as they have high enough cultivation to absorb and transmit it into He Wenchao.

“This Lord is not hiding anything from you.” Said the blood cultivator ancestor: “This kid just happened to fall into this lord seclusion place during the Massive Demon war and seeing his good aptitude this lord decided to take him as discipline. Hahaha.”

“Cultivate him to possess his body?” Wen Renhe asked rhetorically.

The blood cultivator ancestor did not answer, but laughed. While laughing his eyes showed a fierce light, as if he wanted to kill Wen Renhe.

His hostility pleased Wen Renhe, the two of them looked at each other and laughed, then Wen Renhe said cheerfully: “After the Massive Demon war my realm was promoted to the principle of Mahayana realm and I am one step from ascension. But then I changed my cultivation to Soul carving. At this point I have no rivals in this word and if I don’t enter the Underworld Sea of Blood , it will be difficult for me to advance my cultivation.”

If Wen Renhe decided to go to the Underworld Sea of Blood, how could Yin Hanjiang not follow him? But with Yin Hanjiang’s cultivation is at Void realm, there was no way for him to live there.

The blood cultivation had no bottleneck and he only needed to constantly absorb spiritual energy or other people’s genuine Qi to improve rapidly. But merciless path was different, without a strong opponent Wen Renhe state of mind would not be able to keep up with his cultivation. It’s like a three-year-old child who gets a supreme divine weapon, he can’t use it even when it is already in his hand.

Even when you have strong cultivation If your state of mind is not enough you would be sooner or later possessed by heart demons. This Blood Devil ancestor in front of him was a good example.

Even if Wen Renhe stepped at the path of Blood cultivation he didn’t want to become a crazy person who could not control himself. He will continue to refine his mind and come out alive from this desperate situation.

To do so, he needed an opponent who he could fight.

So he said “You can rest assured I won’t touch He Wenchao. You can cultivate him as much as you want. When he becomes a God, I will kill you.”

“Kill me? Hahahahahahahahaha!” The Blood Devil Ancestor laughed loudly as if he heard a very funny story: “A mere Mahayana realm blood cultivator and he even dared to think about killing this lord. How arrogant! Well, I want to see how strong you are to make such a wild statement!”

The battle intent between Wen Renhe and Blood Demon Ancestor was so strong that Wen Renhe clearly felt that the battle intent inspired by the Blood Demon Ancestor had caused a breakthrough in his state of mind.

After making the agreement, the Blood Demon Ancestor dived back to rest and He Wenchao regained his consciousness. Looking at the “Liu Xinye” who was smiling strangely he said, ”You ! Let sister Liu go!”

“Don’t worry, this lord is not interested in her or you.” After saying this, Wen Renhe turned around and left the room.


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