In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 45.1 – Reaching Resource Star

It takes 18 days to travel from Capital Star to planet 12534 by ordinary civilian spaceship, but it only takes 8 days if a military warship travels at full speed.

Originally, Zhao Lingyu wanted Ren Sheng to fly the warship to get a better feel for the warship, but with the current urgent situation he gave up on this idea. He just took Ren Sheng around so he could familiarize himself with the warship.

 Leading Ren Sheng to the restaurant, Zhao Lingyu said, “This is the main ship restaurant, which is divided into upper and lower floors. The lower floor provides simple or nutritious meals made by machine cooks, and the upper floor has live cooks.”

It was at this time that Fang Chengjun suddenly appeared and said with a smirk, “The simple meal of the robot chef tastes very bad, so let’s go upstairs to eat something delicious.” 

Zhao Lingyu did not answer what Fang Chengjun said, but bowed his head and asked, “What do you want to eat Ren?” 

“Anything is fine. I’d like to have dessert.” Ren Sheng was still watching Fang Chengjun, but as soon as Zhao Lingyu spoke, his attention was all on Zhao Lingyu.

“Then let’s have a dessert.” Zhao Lingyu walked forward with Ren Sheng.

Fang Chengjun, who was ignored, hurriedly followed. “I’m going, too!”

“Fang Chengjun, is that all you can do?” Ethan angrily stopped Fang Chengjun. He thought Fang Chengjun, who was forced to come here like him, would be dissatisfied with Zhao Lingyu and stand on a united front with him. But as a result, Fang Chengjun tried to curry favor with Zhao Lingyu at every turn.

“I’m pretty promising, aren’t I?” Fang Chengjun glanced at Ethan with his peach blossom eyes. He has already almost taken over his whole family, but what about Ethan who has been mixing for more than 100 years?

“Are you happy to be taken to the battlefield? To please Zhao Lingyu?” Ethan gave a cold hum. If Zhao Lingyu didn’t have a handle on the Locke family in his hand, he would never follow Zhao Lingyu to some 12534 planet.

Of course, he wasn’t afraid of the star pirates, but he didn’t want to be in a lower position than Zhao Lingyu, who was a hundred years younger than himself.

“Of course not.” Fang Chengjun said. He was suddenly pulled in by Zhao Lingyu and he also felt helpless. He didn’t know how much money he would lose while he wasn’t on Capital Star.

“Then how can you still smile at the people who forced you?”

“If it weren’t for certain people who had to make the Marshal go deal with the star pirates, why would I need to toss and turn like this?” Fang Chengjun snorted coldly and suddenly added, “Not to mention the person who forced me is not Zhao Lingyu.”

“What do you mean?” Ethan asked in confusion.

“When Zhao Lingyu said that, he was certain that I would go.” Fang Chengjun said. Zhao Lingyu had leverage over the Locke family to force Ethan to go, in order to have a hostage who would follow him.

Ethan couldn’t understand Fang Chengjun’s words, but Fang Chengjun had already gone to the restaurant upstairs.

Going to the main ship restaurant upstairs and eating doesn’t depend on rank, but on contribution points. In the First Legion, after gaining merit, you can get different ranks according to the federal system. But at the same time, you can also get contribution points. These contribution points can be used to exchange for items from the Zhao family or used to improve your life in the First Legion, such as changing cabins or for food.

However, Fang Chengjun and Ethan didn’t belong to the First Legion and as guests, they have no such restrictions.

Compared to downstairs, the environment upstairs was very nice and the people who ate there were quiet and peaceful. Even when they saw Zhao Lingyu, they just gave a silent military salute.

When Fang Chengjun and Ethan walked up, they saw that Zhao Lingyu had already finished ordering and nodded to those saluting while entering a semi-enclosed box.

While Ethan ordered his meal and walked in the opposite direction, Fang Chengjun walked towards Ren Sheng and Zhao Lingyu with his number plate.

“I’m starving to death! Zhao Lingyu are trying to torture me? I was almost scared to death when I came out after doing the experiment and found myself in a completely different place!” A neutral voice rang out, while a figure grabbed Fang Chengjun and sat in front of Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng.

This voice was familiar… Fang Chengjun froze and then he saw a very familiar, yet somewhat unfamiliar face.

He grew up seeing images of Elder Teng, so he was naturally familiar with him. But Elder Teng should be an old man… even one who was at the end of his life, so how come the wrinkles on his face were almost gone?

Looking at Elder Teng’s face, which had changed a lot compared to that of a few days ago, Fang Chengjun couldn’t get back to his senses.

According to the information he received, Elder Teng hadn’t left the First Legion these days. Since that was the case… was it because the First Legion’s military doctor performed plastic surgery on him?

“We left a message for you.” Ren Sheng said. Elder Teng has been doing experiments these days and Zhao Lingyu was worried that if the fleet wasn’t in the capital, Elder Teng’s laboratory would be discovered by other people, so he just brought the laboratory to the main ship. They had just sent a message about the meal instead of calling, in order not to affect Elder Teng.

“I almost missed that message, when will the meal come up?” Elder Teng asked again. At this time, he didn’t care about anything else and just wanted to fill his stomach. Just as the words left his mouth, he froze again and then looked at Fang Chengjun who was walking towards them with a complicated expression.

“Grandpa Cousin.” Fang Chengjun smilingly called out. Elder Teng was his grandfather cousin, although the relation was a little far, he was still a relative, wasn’t he?

“Cough cough…” Elder Teng coughed a few times. “Long time no see, you are so big…”

“Cousin grandfather, we haven’t met, I’m afraid.” Fang Chengjun added. Elder Teng hasn’t come back to Capital Star for several hundred years.

“Is that so…” Elder Teng laughed awkwardly and suddenly patted Fang Chengjun on the shoulder. Then he pointed at Ren Sheng. “Grandson, let me introduce you to my master, you can call him like this from now on. What was it called, teacher? Ancestor?”

It was the first time Fang Chengjun had heard such a thing. Looking at Ren Sheng’s pink face, he thought that Elder Teng was joking.

But Ren Sheng, who felt that he was very old, was looking forward to it. “Hurry up!”

Fang Chengjun sat upright and did not look away, until Ren Sheng stopped staring at him, then he sighed with relief and looked at Ren Sheng with a smile. “Ren Sheng, didn’t you say before that you would accompany me for a stroll around the battleship? When we finish eating, let’s go for a walk together?”

“I have other things to do, let others accompany you.” Ren Sheng said. Fang Chengjun as his disciple grandson didn’t even know to greet him, so why would he want to take such a person on a tour? Not to mention, Zhao Lingyu also told him to let others do it.

“Why? Didn’t you promise me before? Could it be that the Marshal won’t let you accompany me? That’s too petty of him.” Fang Chengjun added, diverting attention from the way Zhao Lingyu had put him on the warship .

Most people in general don’t like to be controlled by others and this was especially true for people of Ren Sheng’s age who most likely had a problem with Zhao Longyu at this moment.

It’s normal for Fang Chengjun to think this way, but Ren Sheng’s brain circuit was different from a normal person’s. Hearing Fang Chengjun bad-mouthing Zhao Lingyu, he immediately became upset. “You’re not allowed to bad-mouth Zhao Lingyu, you’re the one who’s petty! I will definitely not accompany you in the future!”

Fang Chengjun’s expression was very wonderful, but Zhao Lingyu smilingly stroked his little ginseng’s head – his little ginseng was so delightful.

The “likable” little ginseng who made Fang Chengjun speechless looked at Zhao Lingyu. Fang Chengjun did not understand how Zhao Lingyu could teach Ren Sheng to be like this…

Zhao Lingyu’s meal was quickly brought up. He came here to eat because he had already contacted Elder Teng after his experiment, so he had already ordered Elder Teng’s food also. But Fang Chengjun didn’t even have a pair of chopsticks yet.

The dishes were all laid out and filled the tabe. Ren Sheng, with an exaggerated “ah” sound, looked at Fang Chengjun again. “Disciple. I’m sorry I can’t fit anything else on this table so you will need to change to another table.”

This “sorry” was so fake that apprentice grandson Fang Chengjun could only move the plates containing his dishes to the side, helplessly stand up, and go to another table to eat.

“How does it feel to have your hot face plastered on someone else’s cold buttocks?” Ethan walked over.

“Not much, as long as I’m happy.” Fang Chengjun thought that Ren Sheng was at least simple in mind and Zhao Lingyu didn’t know how to set people up. It was better to be with them, than to be with others who were tigers in sheep skin.

Ethan became even angrier.

After dinner, Fang Chengjun could roam anywhere except for some secret places on the main ship, but Ethan and several of his men were stopped after a few steps, then they “escorted” back to their cabin.

Fang Chengjun became much more comfortable after seeing this scene. His life was better than Ethan’s, however, it seems that he needed to be more careful about what he said in the future. Zhao Lingyu was a jealous man and Ren Sheng was very obedient to Zhao Lingyu. His grandfather cousin was also Ren Sheng’s apprentice…

It seemed that he couldn’t afford to offend Zhao Lingyu?

On the first day, Zhao Lingyu walked around with Ren Sheng, but began to discuss the mode of operation with others the second day, so he had no time to accompany Ren Sheng.

Ren Sheng was also not interested in finding others to play or communicate with, so he just kept driving a simulation warship in his cabin. He also pulled Elder Teng who had finished his experiments and consumed all the materials, to be his opponent.

Previously when he and Zhao Lingyu played in open battle mode, they weren’t willing to attack each other. The two of them could only play and perform various tricks, but Elder Teng was different…

Ren Sheng turned on all the functions and bombarded the old man in a frenzy.

Elder Teng’s much younger face once again wrinkled, “Why are you attacking without any tactic? What kind of person throws bombs at you all at once like this?” This throwing, without giving him time to react, smashed his battleship to death.

“Can’t this be considered tactics? It’s actually very easy to dodge.” Ren Sheng blinked. In fact he had never thrown bombs, so he threw all of them to try it out!

“Again!” Elder Teng immediately said. If he hadn’t forgotten to react and dodge, it wouldn’t have been like this.

“Good.” Ren Sheng said.


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