Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 19 – The Intimate Subordinate

Baili Qingmiao’s master, Elder Qing Rong was only in the Soul Transformation realm. However, she was of the same generation as elder Qing Xue. When she heard that a scattered Immortal wanted to accept her as an apprentice, she really hesitated. After a long time of deliberation, she said: “The sect leader and I are of highest seniority in the Shangqing sect if I become a disciple of Elder Qing Xue, Elder Qing Xue would become Sect Master sister, I really can’t do this. “

In fact, as a scattered Immortal Qing Xue was fully qualified to be a generation higher than Qing Rong. However, she was just a visiting elder so it was impossible for the Shangqing sect to accept an outsider as the same generation as the sect master.

Qing Xue’s expression twitched as she thought of the possibility of killing elder Qing Rong and robbing her apprentice with few brain cells.

Fortunately, Elder Qing Rong patted Baili Qingmiao and said: “I know that Elder Qingxue doesn’t really want to take me as a disciple, but seeing Baili Qingmiao’s good aptitude it roused her love for talent. Qingmiao, elder Qing Xue wants to teach you cultivation. It’s your good fortune, so why push it away? It’s a little difficult to be a personal disciple, but it’s still possible to be a nominal disciple.”

“Well, yes.” Qing Xue agreed.

So Baili Qingmiao followed Elder Qing Xue to her seclusion and soon became a Nascent Soul cultivator at the same time becoming the leading disciple of the new generation of the Shangqing Sect.

She also wants to visit her elder martial brother. However, elder Qing Xue was so powerful she set up formation directly outside the retreat they cultivated, telling Baili Qingmiao that she can’t go out until she broke through the formation by her own strength.

In order to see senior brother, Baili Qingmiao concentrated on cultivation and progressed rapidly, like a sponge absorbing various heart techniques.

Wen Renhe: “…”

He flipped backwards, and the story behind him was consistent with what he had seen at first, but the contrast had become quite contradictory.

The book review on the last page has increased a lot——

[Apart from the nickname: this fraud author of Abusive Love Affair began to repair the text! ]

[Look at me before the refined edition: Can this kind of kind of early death logic text still be revised? ]

[look at me before the refined Edition: can this kind of ancient early death logic text still be revised? He changed a lot of misspelled words. After reading the refined version – me: really fragrant! ]

[Elder Qing Xue 666! A scattered immortal and Nascent Soul realm disciple and you still need to choose who to save? What is your face compared to mine?” This really make me laugh, hahaha! ]

[Don’t you think that this elder Qing Xue appeared too suddenly? Originally, the person that the female lead should save was Devil Venerable, but now he appeared so early, without the female lead saving his grace. Is Wen Renhe  still alive? Then elder Qing Xue took the place of the second male lead and began to help the female lead to fight this slag man. With this I have a reason to suspect that elder Qing Xue is a man disguised as a woman. Check how he was described in your books, she was a half head taller than Baili Qingmiao. That high! ]

[Seeing the comments above, I suddenly began to look forward to the plot of the elder Qing Xue taking off his clothing and being bigger than male lead. Ha ha ha ha ha! ]

[ Don’t be too optimistic! When the female lead saved elder Qing Xue she had seen her body and it was indeed that of a woman! Maybe the author will arrange for male lead to win over elder Qing Xue in future and she would become enemy with female lead. Master and apprentice fighting each other, it would lead to abusing female lead on the next level!”

[At present, the plot after the revision is still good so we should keep watching it rationally. ]

It turns out that the change of the world will be reflected in the novel in the way of revising chapters. Moreover, the perspective was extremely single only from Baili Qingmiao point of view. The fact that he changed his cultivation method to blood cultivation and Yin Hanjiang advanced to Void realm was not mentioned in text because Baili Qingmiao did not know about it.

This world was really not set in stone. It might exist in the novel but in fact it was still real. Each character could change thoughts of other most important characters. Just like Wen Renhe with “Abusive Love Affair” changed the plot step by step. The author in reality might just come up with the idea that he wanted to revise this novel one day when countless inspiration flooded into his mind to modify the first part of the novel to be consistent with the current development.

The author might think it was his own idea, but in reality it was the changes that occurred in the world that influenced the changes in the novel. 

Figuring out this section, Wen Renhe became more confident in his heart that as long as everyone in this world acted in a reasonable way, the plot …… or destiny could definitely be changed.

He found a detailed description of Baili Qingmiao seclusion in the book, put the book away, and rushed to Elder Qing Xue place.

Although you couldn’t fly, you can take a flying boat between mountains so Wen Renhe boarded the flying ship to get to Aoxue Peak.Shangqing sect attached great importance to the elder Qing Xue and gave this entire mountain peak to her as her cultivation spot.

The treatment was so good that it made Wen Renhe a little depressed.

Arriving at Qing Xue place, Wen Renhe got off the flying boat but was blocked by a boundary. The elder Qing Xue had arranged a formation so that people could not only not enter, but could not even see what was happening on the Aoxue Peak.

As soon as he entered, the entrance behind him automatically closed.

“Who are you?” A tall woman wearing a cultivation robe of the Shangqing sect looked down at Wen Renhe from the air.

“It’s really you.” Wen Renhe looked at the familiar face of Elder Qing Xue and said indifferently.

When he was reading the book, he already guessed that Elder Qing Xue was Qiu Congxue, after all, it was not difficult at all.

“Who are you?” Qiu Congxue flew down and relying on her height to continue to look down on”Liu Xinye”

“Liu Xinye” stood with her hands down and with extraordinary bearing she said in a dignified manner “Master Qiu of the Xuan Yuan Sect, if you really want to break into the righteous path, at least remember the faces and names of everyone in the sect first, alright?”

After all, Qiu Congxue was a demonic cultivator, her IQ might not be high but her experience was rich. She carefully observed “Liu Xinye” for a moment and said “You are a member of the demonic path using soul-control techniques or some secret methods I don’t know about to control this disciple.”

Wen Renhe didn’t have much to say to his subordinate after he pointed out Qiu Congxue’s identity so he said: “I don’t care what you want to do in the Shangqing Sect, but don’t hurt Baili Qingmiao, I want her to be useful.”

“Venerable? Wen Renhe!” Qiu Congxue was startled, she first took a few steps backwards but then stood up straight again. This is the Shangqing sect and there are many immortal weapons around so even if Wen Renhe came he would be suppressed to death. He must have sneaked in with the help of this disciple’s body and was unable to bring out his full strength. If she killed this disciple and arouse the array of Shangqing sect it will surely hit her hard!

After all, she hit “Liu Xinye” with a palm without hesitation, regardless of the safety of the possessed disciple.

Wen Renhe smiled, the people from the Xuanyuan sect were as cruel as ever.

Looking at the formation method covering Aoxue Peak, his body overflowed with blood, Qiu Congxue broke his arm. The broken arm gradually turned to blood, and Qiu Congxue’s broken arm also slowly melted.

Qiu Congxue immediately took out a big knife and cut off her right hand from the shoulder which stopped her body from slowly melting.

“Blood cultivation …… you actually survived the art of blood carving!” Qiu Congxue was shocked: “So you are not controlling this disciple from afar, but you come here yourself!”

Her eyes turned cunning as a thought surfaced in her mind. With a quick move she was about to start the formation she had set up outside Aoxue Peak.

“You want to open the formation and draw the Shangqing Sect’s mountain protection formation to attack this venerable.” Wen Renhe said ‘Blood Cultivation is the public enemy of the entire cultivation world, once a Blood Cultivator is discovered in the Shangqing Sect, the entire righteous path will definitely pour out to find me and kill me.”

Qiu Congxue was not swayed by Wen Renhe words and insisted on opening the formation. Unexpectedly, the palm of “Liu Xinye” in front reached her chest, and the palm made of bloody mist passed through her chest. Qiu Congxue might have become a scattered Immortal but she was not yet familiar with the immortal energy in her body. So when she was attacked by Wen Renhe she became seriously injured in an instant.

“Altar Master Qiu, before you open the formation this Venerable can occupy your body, blood and soul. So your scattered Immortal cultivation will become my own.” ‘Liu Xinye” said eerily “It’s up to you to decide whether you want to open this array.”

Qiu Congxue wiped the blood from her chin and said “Venerable, I was born as a Scattered immortal of the Xuan Yuan Sect and died as a ghost cultivator of the Xuan Yuan Sect, so I am absolutely loyal to Devil Venerable!”

“That’s right.” Wen Renhe gently withdrew his hand and the bloody mist returned to Liu Xinye’s body before he coldly said: “Heal yourself, you are a scattered immortal now so this superficial injury should not be a problem, right?”

“Venerable should be more merciful, this subordinate’s injuries are not in the way.” As Qiu Congxue spoke, the bloody hole in her chest grew larger and larger. She stared at it and blindly lied, pretending hard that she hadn’t suffered any injuries.

“This venerable’s subordinates are really talented people.” “Liu Xinye” said with a smile on “her” face.

Qiu Congxue did not care about his sarcasm and quickly took a pill to heal her wounds. For so many years she used her ability to speak for themself and did not care about eloquence. But she was still aware of current affairs.

After barely repairing all the holes in her body as well as her broken arm, Qiu Congxue kneeled on one knee and lowered her head, definitely not daring to use her height’s advantage to look down on the “Liu Xinye”. Even if the Devil venerable possessed the short person, she as his subordinate should not make him look up and must create conditions for venerable to look down.

“Don’t worry. Just be an elder of the Shangqing sect. I can see you are doing very well.” Wen Renhe said “But I’ve suddenly found I needed Baili Qingmiao for something important so I need her to help me.You can take her down the mountain in the name of going out for training.”

“This subordinate obeys the order.” Qiu Congxue hesitated and said: “Venerable, Baili Qingmiao is your favorite disciple so it’s really inappropriate for me to take her as my disciple. Why don’t I take this opportunity to destroy the Shangqing sect so she will have no home to go back to. If your excellency helps her then she will naturally worship you as her master.”

Wen Renhe: “…”

Although he was devil venerable, every time he faced these subordinates of his, he would be shocked by their ideas.

“That’s not necessary, this Lord likes her qualifications, but it doesn’t matter who is her master as long as her cultivation is high enough.” Wen Renhe didn’t explain why he wanted Baili Qingmiao to become powerful, anyway, his subordinates would help him think of a good reason.

As expected, Qiu Congxue said: “Venerable originally wanted to cultivate a powerful opponent to stimulate his fighting spirit and refine his mind. This subordinate understands, and will definitely train Baili Qingmiao properly.”

Wen Renhe: “…” Well, just do as you please.”

While the two of them were talking, a figure came out of the cultivation room and landed in front of Qiu Congxue and said: “Master, this disciple has learned the General Outline of Formation and has come to try break to the formation.”

This person was none other than Baili Qingmiao who came to report her cultivation status to Qiu Congxue, and only then did she turn to look at the person who appeared beside her master. Seeing “Liu Xinye”, her expression obviously stiffened.

Liu Xinye did not like Baili Qingmiao and the female lead was not a person with a hot face pasted on a cold ass (Beijing slang used to refer to an unrequited relationship). Since this person also liked her senior brother she found sister Liu very annoying.

She shrank behind Qiu Congxue and peeked out half of her head to say: “Master, are you going to accept Senior Sister Liu as a nominal disciple too? Huh, Master, why are you half crouching?”

When Qiu Congxue saw Baili Qingmiao coming she no longer dared to kneel down but she also did not dare to be taller than Wen Renhe so she half crouched down making her posture very odd.

“For the master this is in the horse stance, although we as cultivators rely on various techniques, martial arts also could not be left behind. Who knows when it would need to be used.” Qiu Congxue explained.

“I see. This discipline understands.” Baili Qingmiao nodded.

When Qiu Congxue saw Wen Renhe staring at her she immediately said: “ Baili Qingmiao you can come out of seclusion. You will go down the mountain and go to the Golden Coast Cliff.”

“Really?!” Bai Li Qingmiao, with a happy expression before playing with her fingers and asked: “Then master, before I go down the mountain, can I go visit senior brother first?”


The author has something to say:

He Wenchao: Rotting and waiting for death,


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Proofread by: Mari


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