In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 43. 2 – Beauty and Miscarriage Medication

“Lingyu!” Shen Qiushi called out to her son, wanting to ask what was going on with the skin-nourishing chocolate, but Zhao Lingyu interrupted her. “Mother, I have something to do. The doctor should already be here.”

Shen Qiushi also thought of Ren Sheng’s sudden emotional instability, “Yes, you should see to Ren Sheng first.” She still hasn’t finished the beauty chocolate in her hand so she was not in a hurry to ask about it. The most urgent thing now was to let the doctor examine Feng Kexin.

Zhao Lingyu carried Ren Sheng back to their room and then mercilessly pulled Little Green off Ren Sheng and threw it out. He asked, “Ren, what’s the matter with you? Why are you so sad? ” Ren Sheng’s mood was really not right.

“I’m going to have a miscarriage…” Ren Sheng licked his teeth, which hurt a little because he bit Zhao Lingyu earlier and held his head in tears.

The one who is going to have miscarriage should be Feng Kexin, right? What does it have to do with you? Zhao Lingyu was a little confused, “What’s going on?”

“Recently, the child needs more and more spiritual energy but I grew spiritual plants so the refined soil is almost used up. If I don;t have enough refined soil I’ll have a miscarriage like Feng Kexin.” Ren Sheng was a little anxious. “There’s no spiritual power in this world!”

“Didn’t you just get refined soil last night?” Zhao Lingyu asked, thinking about last night’s situation.

“But I don’t know when you’re going to get the next one? In the past when there were no children and no other things once a month was enough. But four children need a lot of energy and growing plants… I am afraid only giving it to me five times a month would be enough!” Ren Sheng saidcarefully.

Five times? If he ever had a dream five times a month, there would be really something wrong …… Zhao Lingyu opened his mouth but he really did not know what to say.

“Now what?” Ren Sheng looked at Zhao Lingyu again, “I can’t give up and not have children… and that bad guy is getting a divorce because his wife can’t have a child, will you do it to me too?”

Ren Sheng’s bad guy referred to Elinor? Zhao Lingyu became speechless. First of all, Elinor obviously doesn’t want to divorce. Even if Elinor divorced, Elinor and Feng Kexin’s situation was completely different from theirs.

Ren Sheng originally couldn’t have children, so how could he not want Ren Sheng because he could not have children now? It’s just that… Ren Sheng seemed to really look at his fruit as children…

Zhao Lingyu kissed Ren Sheng’s hair, “Don’t worry, I will never not want you.”

“But I want children.” Ren Sheng said and changed his head to the ginseng fruit again.

The four ginseng fruit were still green, but had become slightly larger. Ren Sheng could even feel the slight sound of heartbeats coming from inside them in the past two days.

That feeling of blood connection makes Ren Sheng want to indulge them.

Zhao Lingyu has long been used to touching the ginseng fruit from time to time or talking to them as requested by Ren Sheng. He didn;t know if it was because of these influences, but the more he looks at the ginseng fruit now, the more pleasing they looked to him. Now when he thought that they would wither without enough refined soil, he was very reluctant to give them up.

Since he has decided to accept these four fruit as his children, then he should take good care of them and to take good care of them…

Zhao Lingyu clenched his teeth and finally said, “Five times a month right? I will definitely give it to you later.”

“Really?” Ren Sheng asked curiously.

“It’s true.” Zhao Lingyu said.

But Ren Sheng was still a little worried. “You have to spend a lot of energy every time you seed, will it hurt your body? If it’s not good for you, forget it.” Even if he wanted to have children, it was because it would be Zhao Lingyu’s child. If it was harmful to Zhao Lingyu, then he would rather not have a child.

“Five times a month won’t affect my body and it doesn’t matter even if it’s a few more times.” Zhao Lingyu said, not to mention five times a month, if he could break through his existing relationship with Ren Sheng, fifty times a month would not be too much for him.

it’s just that he needed to do it by himself… so maybe a little less.

“Really?” Ren Sheng asked in surprise, and then frowned, “Then why did you say before you could give it to me only once or twice a month?”

“If you want more, you need to use some special methods.” Zhao Lingyu coughed lightly and sweat began to form on his forehead.

He didn’t have children, yet surprisingly he had to face the problem of explaining a certain aspect to others… how easygoing his father was by just giving him a chip. If he could also give Ren Sheng a chip…

No, no! Zhao Lingyu immediately vetoed it. If Ren Sheng knew some specific knowledge, he may want to try it, he must put an end to such a situation!

“What method?” Ren Sheng asked uncomprehendingly, “Can it be used now?”

“There can be… you go out first.” Zhao Lingyu said.

“I have to go out? Is it going to hurt your body? Are you going to injure yourself?” Ren Sheng became worried. “No, I want to watch! Otherwise, I’d better not. Maybe if I give them less spiritual power, they will only grow slower…” Ren Sheng touched his head, which has evolved from ‘grapes’ to ‘dates.’

“Don’t think too much… I’ll go to the bathroom first.” Zhao Lingyu said and decided to first produce his own ‘seeds’ once to let Ren Sheng become at ease.

Every time Zhao Lingyu went to the bathroom, he did not let Ren Sheng follow him and Ren Sheng did not insist on following him. Which made Zhao Lingyu sigh a breath of relief.

The electronic lock couldn’t stop Ren Sheng, who had been given all the permissions in the house by him. So after entering the bathroom Zhao Lingyu simply locked the door and then took a deep breath, first turning on the shower and taking off his clothes. Then thinking of Ren Sheng’s appearance he started to do it himself.

The starnet was well-developed, so Zhao Lingyu naturally knows how to do it, but he started training when he was young. At 18 years old he entered the military school and then joined the army…

Military training was exhausting enough, but he was also very demanding of himself, so he waited until he reached the limit before he stopped every time. After training, he naturally didn’t have the energy to dream about women and fell directly asleep every time.

This kind of life day after day, year after year… as time went by, he got used to it. Sometimes when he suddenly has some ideas he would take a cold breath to calm himself.

It wasn’t until he met Ren Sheng that Zhao Lingyu was enlightened in this aspect and even felt dissatisfied with his desire. However, he could not touch Ren Sheng and his own hand… When Ren Sheng was clinging to him, where would he have the opportunity to do it himself?

Therefore, Zhao Lingyu actually has no experience and was extremely unskilled in this business.

But this business did not require him to be skilled. Now that Ren Sheng asked him to give him ‘seeds’ five times a month, how he can not not give them?

After a while, there was no special feeling so Zhao Lingyu looked at his hand with frustration.

His hands were rough, not as soft as Ren Sheng hands, not even Ren Sheng’s roots – he clearly remembered the tingling sensation when Ren Sheng’s roots crossed his body…

With a slight sigh, Zhao Lingyu’s movements sped up again.

“What are you doing?” Ren Sheng watched Zhao Lingyu’s movements curiously.

Zhao Lingyu’s hand froze and only after a moment he come back to his senses, “Why did you come in?”

Ren Sheng wore his clothes, so when he entered the shower room his clothes stuck to his body, which was a little sexy.

“You haven’t come out for a long time. I was worried that something had happened to you, so I stuck the root in from the air conditioner and unlocked it.” Ren Sheng pointed to those small holes above.

At the beginning, he didn’t suspect anything at first, but the fact that Zhao Lingyu didn’t just take a quick shower as usual made him worried, lest Zhao Lingyu hurt himself. Thinking about it, he still felt that he had to see to feel at ease, and simply stuck a root in from the small hole above and then opened the locked door.

Ren Sheng’s roots really had too many uses… for a while Zhao Lingyu didn’t know what kind of expression he should have.

Ren Sheng’s eyes were fixed three inches under Zhao Lingyu navel, “Are you uncomfortable here? Do you want me to check it?” When he came in just now, he saw Zhao Lingyu touching himself… Ren Sheng reached out his hand quickly.

It was not known whether Ren Sheng’s action was too fast or he didn’t want to hide, but Zhao Lingyu did not want to hide at all.




Before, when Zhao Lingyu did it with his own hand there was no result even after a long time. When Ren Sheng moved his hand, he ‘surrendered’ immediately.

Then, before he recovered from the afterglow, he saw Ren Sheng quickly sweep all the liquid away.

“So that’s how you get the refined soil! Is that what this is all about?” Ren Sheng looked at Zhao Lingyu with a warm expression of discovering a new world. He just touched him a few times and refined soil came out!

“When I have a reaction and then touch it, there will be refined soil, so you don’t need to worry about lack of it in the future.” Zhao Lingyu turned off the shower head and quickly put on his clothes.

“You have several reactions every day!” Ren Sheng’s expression becomes even more enthusiastic. Zhao Lingyu often poked him when he slept! But at that time Zhao Lingyu usually began to cultivate…

Zhao Lingyu’s action of putting on clothes paused before saying, “This kind of thing is at most… at most once every other day, too much is not good.” Fifteen times a month should be enough for Ren Sheng right?

“So it’s like that, then it’s better to have fewer times.” Ren Sheng nodded and took Zhao lingyu’s words in his heart. He could now get refined soil by getting close to Zhao Lingyu. He felt very positive. “I’ll help you!” He will earn enough food by working with his own hands!

Hearing the words “I’ll help you,” Zhao Lingyu became stunned again. Fortunately now he was already fully dressed… when he hugged Ren Sheng, Zhao Lingyu finally did not hold back. “Ren, I like you.” “I also like you.” Ren Sheng immediately said and hugged Zhao Lingyu back. Zhao Lingyu was now the most important person to him, even more important than his master!

Ren Sheng’s response put Zhao Lingyu in a good mood, but Shen Qiushi outside the door was frowning as she looked at Little Green who was stuck outside the house.

Ren Sheng seemed to be very fond of Little Green and Little Green also helped them a lot today. There was no reason why it would be left outside the door. What on earth was her son doing that he even threw Little Green away?

Shen Qiushi’s heart was anxious as she pressed the door.

“Mom, what’s the matter?” Zhao Lingyu opened the door.

Shen Qiushi saw Zhao Lingyu’s wet hair at a glance. “Where is Ren? What are you doing? Why didn’t you come out for so long?”

“Auntie!” Ren Sheng came out, his hair was also wet, at the same time, his face was full of smiles completely without the previous sadness.

These two people took a bath together? Shen Qiushi became even more suspicious, suddenly remembering the adult idol love drama that she had watched before.

In that drama, every time the female lead had any misunderstanding, the male lead pulled her to do bed exercises and then the two of them made up like before.

When she watched it, she thought the plot was so bad that she didn’t understand how adults could have this kind of love… But now, there was really such a thing?

Mom, what’s wrong?” Zhao Lingyu saw Shen Qiushi was somewhat distracted and asked in confusion.

“The doctor has finished examining Kexin, I came to ask and see if Ren wants to have a checkup.”

“Ren, doesn’t need it.” Zhao Lingyu refused without hesitation.

“It won’t take much time to do a checkup…” Shen Qiushi was even more suspicious, why wouldn’t her son let Ren Sheng do a checkup?

“Ren, you go back and rest first.” Zhao Lingyu glanced at Ren Sheng.

“Oh.” Ren Sheng nodded obediently and then went back to his room – he was going to absorb the refined soil properly now.

“Mom, Ren Sheng can’t do the examination.” When Ren Sheng had gone back to his room, Zhao Lingyu said again.

“Why?” Shen Qiushi frowned and looked at Zhao Lingyu again, “Lingyu, did you do something to Ren?”

“No.” Zhao Lingyu said without hesitation. Thinking again of the previous scene, he did not do anything to Ren Sheng at all, on the contrary, Ren Sheng did something to him… and will always help him in the future…

Shen Qiushi still believes in her son. “That’s good. Lingyu what exactly is that nourishing chocolate that Ren gave me? It actually has the effect of calming the fetus!”

Although Zhao Lingyu saw Ren Sheng’s situation with the watch that was equivalent to a monitor, it was not fully detailed. When he heard this, he asked, “Are you sure?”

“I’m sure! Now the child in Kexin’s belly has stabilized and if she keeps eating the chocolate, she probably will not lose the baby.” Shen Qiushi said.

Zhao Lingyu didn’t know whether to be worried or happy for a while.

If he just developed a wound medicine, it was estimated that not many people in the Human Federation would care, but medicine for strengthening the fetus…

Many ability user couples, because of their own ability energy clash or the woman’s poor health, would not be able to carry a pregnancy full term, even when they become pregnant. If the man was the ability user and not the woman, even if they were able to become pregnant with a child, the child will automatically be aborted because of the lack of maternal energy.

If this pill really worked… he was afraid that the entire upper echelons of the Human Federation would be shaken!


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