In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 33.2 – Strength Ability

“I have something to do, so I’ll leave first.” The old Mr. Teng’s face turned pale, suddenly pulling Little Green and leaving quickly.

Wasn’t trying to  find a way to turn Ren Sheng into his apprentice the only thing that Mr. Teng did every day since he came to the Zhao family? What else could he be doing?

Zhao Lingyu let old Mr. Teng stay with the Zhao family because he wanted to see if he could discover Ren Sheng’s identity. But he also asked Ren Sheng to watch more videos of what plant ability users did and learn how to better disguise himself. Now that he found out that Mr. Teng changed his attitude because of Fang Chengjun, he also kept it in mind.

“Let him in, he even helped me last time.” Shen Qiushi had a good impression of Fang Chengjun and spoke with a smile.

Fang Chengjun soon came in with a smile on his face, said a few polite words, and then looked at Zhao Lingyu. “Lingyu, yesterday’s incident was because of Rumeng’s recklessness, I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine.” Zhao Lingyu said. Fang Chengjun was a bit older than him. One of them was in business and another in the army. Because of this, they did not have much contact with each other, but his impression of Fang Chengjun had always been good.

“She has already left Capital Star and this will never happen again.” Fang Chengjun smiled and looked at Ren Sheng again. “But the compensation still has to be paid. The things outside are what I bought for Ren Sheng.”

All the things Fang Chengjun prepared were for Ren Sheng, but Zhao Lingyu was not in a position to refuse. “Thank you.”

“No need to thank me, just remember to invite me when you guys get married.” Fang Chengjun didn’t stay long and quickly took his leave.

Although Fang Chengjun was not as well known as Zhao Lingyu, his identity was not much lower than Zhao Lingyu, so Zhao Lingyu sent him out personally.

“Zhao Lingyu, you have good eyes.” Walking to the door, Fang Chengjun suddenly said. He was handsome and had always been the focus of everyone’s attention, but just now at the Zhao family, Ren Sheng didn’t even take a second look at him and kept staring at Zhao Lingyu.

It was always a happy thing to find a person who could love you with all your heart and soul.

“You can too.” Zhao Lingyu said.

Fang Chengjun smiled and turned around to leave. How could the Fang family be as simple as the Zhao family?

After Fang Chengjun left, Zhao Lingyu came back to the room only to find that the gifts sent by this person were all clothes suitable for Ren Sheng to wear.

Some of them were normal, while others were very strange and beautiful….

Seeing that Ren Sheng was holding a dinosaur suit to his body, Zhao Lingyu looked for the housekeeper. “Move these clothes to my room.”

“Are you sure there’s nothing wrong with you?” Shen Qiushi asked again.

Zhao Lingyu said categorically. “No.” The most that Ren Sheng could do was to wait for him to have wet dreams every day…

Zhao Lingyu rested for two more days before going back to the army, where it was more convenient to deal with all kinds of things and it also allowed him to control his body more quickly. Anyway, the Zhao family army had been cleaned up and he had a group of people he could trust completely, so he didn’t have to worry about his situation leaking out.

Zhao Lingyu left early in the morning and returned home late at night every day, making Ren Sheng feel the most uncomfortable.

Although he had been unable to absorb refined soil from Zhao Lingyu for a long time, he was used to pestering Zhao Lingyu all day long so now he naturally felt empty. He didn’t even like to study on Star Net anymore and later he simply shut himself in the room holding refined soil in his arms every day to cultivate and strive to blossom as soon as possible.

Ever since he was enlightened, the number of times he blossomed became less and less, and each time he blossomed, only a few flowers bloomed, such as this time.

Lying in the bathtub, Ren Sheng touched his head. This time, it seemed that there were only four flowers on his head?

However, although the number was small, these four flowers grew bigger than before, probably because he had enough nourishment recently and had provided well for them.

He found his personal terminal and took a picture of his flowers so he could enjoy them carefully. The more he looked, the better they seemed.

Although his flowers weren’t particularly pretty, they were the most replenishing in the world! After looking for Zhao Lingyu’s account number, Ren Sheng sent out the photo.

After sending it, he regretted it. It was his flowers, so it didn’t seem right to show it to others?

Zhao Lingyu didn’t know about Ren Sheng’s struggle. At that time, he was testing his own physical condition.

All ability users had an ability nucleus that proved that they had abilities and a special instrument could measure the level of the nucleus. Now that his ability nucleus was gone, he could only measure his own strength, speed and so on, by estimating his own condition.

Standing in front of the force measuring wall, for the first time in days, Zhao Lingyu didn’t restrain his strength as he punched the wall with all his strength.

The wall was caved in by him and at the same time, the words 3689.12T were displayed.

“Marshal, your strength is less than before, no…” Wu Shuai stared at the unit of measurement behind the number in shock.

It was ‘T’! Not ‘kg’! At over 3,000 tons, this force could definitely punch through a battleship!

“Can this wall recover from such a large crack?” After being stunned, Wu Shuai noticed that Zhao Lingyu’s arm was half trapped in the wall.

Zhao Lingyu was already used to Wu Shuai’s attention, so he withdrew his arm and looked for Ivor.

“Marshal, although there are no more S-class strength-based abilities in the Human Federation, according to the records left behind from the past, the strongest strength-based ability user in the Federation’s history left a record of 5,327T.” Ivor gave the figures reliably.

“My strength is still increasing.” Zhao Lingyu took a look at his hand.

“Marshal, you have received a blessing in disguise. Your previous ability had a lot of drawbacks, but now, by contrast, with your strength ability, your current level is S-.” Ivor said.

“Yeah, a blessing due to misfortune.” Thinking of Ren Sheng, Zhao Lingyu’s eyes softened. At that time his communicator rang.

When he opened the communicator, he saw… Was this a flower bud? Zhao Lingyu looked at the picture with some surprise and was stunned for a moment before remembering that Ren Sheng seemed to be about to bloom.

Ren Sheng’s flower…

“Marshal, what are you looking at so intently?” Wu Shuai asked curiously.

“Nothing.” Zhao Lingyu quickly closed his communication device. He didn’t want to show Ren Sheng’s flower to others.

“Zhao Na, can you feel what Marshal is looking at?” Wu Shuai said to Zhao Na who was standing silently on the side.

Zhao Na shook her head and handed Zhao Lingyu a bottle of water, while Ellie gave Wu Shuai a blank stare. “Nana can only sense crises, but she can’t read minds!”

Zhao Lingyu didn’t pay any attention to his subordinates’ exchange and after drinking the water in a couple of gulps, he said, “I’m going back first.”

“Marshal, are you going back to Little Ren?” Wu Shuai asked with a smile. Zhao Lingyu’s performance these days really surprised them. This guy who used to hate not being in the army all the time was now in a hurry to go home!

“You called him little Ren?” Zhao Lingyu frowned, looking at Wu Shuai. “Just call him Ren Sheng.” Little Ren, Little Ginseng and so on were his private address.

“Should I call him sister-in-law from now on?” Wu Shuai asked again.

“Of course.” Zhao Lingyu nodded without hesitation.

Ellie’s expression looked as if she expected such an answer. Zhao Na was silent and Wu Shuai and Ivor looked at each other. Finally Ivor spoke, “Marshal, you’ve decided.”

“You guys just have to remember that he’s more important than me.” Zhao Lingyu said.

More important than Zhao Lingyu? Several people lowered their heads and gained a clear understanding of the importance of Ren Sheng.

Zhao Lingyu returned home early and as soon as he entered the house, he saw Ren Sheng running out of it and hugging him.

He held the boy in his arms as he returned to his house, then he reached out and touched Ren Sheng’s head. “Are you going to bloom? Can I see it?”

Ren Sheng’s face immediately turned red and after a moment, he nodded his head.


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