In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 43. 1 – Beauty and Miscarriage Medication

Feng Kexin’s husband, Elinor, was surnamed Wesley. Although the Wesley family was not one of the five families whose descendants were basically all S-class ability users, they could not be underestimated.

The Wesley family’s ability was fire and Elinor’s ability had reached A class, so his combat effectiveness was very strong on Capital Star. In terms of fighting alone, certain S-class ability users who were not very good at fighting would not be his opponents.

Because of this, the two men sent by Zhao Lingyu to protect Ren Sheng didn’t make any move. They were afraid that they would not be able to take care of Ren Sheng and Shen Qiushi if they started to fight him  – they were bodyguards, so protecting their employer is the most important thing.

However, even if they didn’t make a move, Ren Sheng made a move.

Seeing Ren Sheng throw the vine in his hand, the two bodyguards immediately stood in front of Ren Sheng. They were all well aware of Elinor’s strength so at this time they had already foreseen the scene of the vine being reduced to ashes.

The security guards of the Rose Club came in a hurry and felt that Ren Sheng was a bit reckless. At such a young age it was well known that plant ability users had little attack power and he even attacked Elinor. Wasn’t he just looking for a beating?

However, the truth was beyond everyone’s expectations.

What was Little Green? Little Green was a spiritual vine that could tie up a warship and let Elder Teng drag it back to the Human Federation! Even Elder Teng’s fame in the Human Federation depended largely on Little Green.

Although fire has always been a very annoying existence for plants, when Ren Sheng covered Little Green’s whole body with his spiritual energy, Little Green became fearless. It flew out and constantly stretched its body. In a short time, it tied up Elinor tightly. At the same time, no matter how Elinor used his ability, he couldn’t hurt Little Green even a little bit.

The scene immediately became silent.

Many people knew Elinor’s face. Although he didn’t belong to the First Legion or the Second Legion, he was the highest officer of Capital Star Garrison and also held the rank of Major General. If it wasn’t for this, he wouldn’t be able to break into a place like the Rose Club.

But now, Major General Wesley was tied up with vines.

Looking at Ren Sheng’s tender face, people felt like they couldn’t close their mouths. But Shen Qiushi was very proud. Ren Sheng really gave her a lot of face!

“Let me go!” Elinor shouted angrily, but his two eyes were fixed on Feng Kexin, with a slight desperation on his face. “Kexin.”

He and Feng Kexin had supported each other for more than a hundred years, and their feelings were so deep that he had never thought of separating. But these days Feng Kexin had mentioned to him that she wanted a divorce.

He was at a loss of how to dispel Feng Kexin’s thoughts, when she became pregnant again.

When Feng Kexin was pregnant, it was impossible for them to divorce and he became relieved. He also went to a lot of doctors to help Feng Kexin and tried every means to save his child. But now, the child was gone again…

The bloodstain on Feng Kexin’s skirt was dazzling to Elinor’s eyes.

Feng Kexin held her stomach in a bit of a trance. Her ability was water but it was somehow weak. Elinor didn’t have a good match rate with her and her pregnancies were difficult. Not to mention that she couldn’t keep the pregnancies full term.

Such a situation was not uncommon among high-ranking ability users and many couples have gone their separate ways for this reason. So she thought that she and Elinor would do the same.

However, the child that she thought she was going to lose just now, was still firmly in her belly.

Seeing that Feng Kexin did not say anything, Elinor became more anxious. “Kexin, are you okay?”

Elinor desperately wanted to go to his wife’s side, but the vines on his body were too tight and he once again looked at Ren Sheng in anger. “You let go of me! Let go of me!”

It was at this time that Ren Sheng suddenly huffed and puffed, his eyes turning red.

The white and tender teenager with red eyes looked very pitiful and those who had gathered because of the commotion looked at Elinor with condemnation for a moment. Elinor even yelled and frightened other people’s children.

“Ren?” Shen Qiushi also looked at Ren Sheng anxiously. This child suddenly became so sad. It wasn’t because Elinor hurt him with his ability, right?

“Auntie…” Ren Sheng blinked his eyes to get rid of his tears and then reached out and touched his head. He regretted that he had just thrown Little Green to stop this big man. It had consumed a lot of his spiritual energy!

His spiritual powers needed to be supplemented with refined soil, but now he only had the refined soil provided by Zhao Lingyu last night.

Those four children were absorbing his spiritual energy every moment, and the amount needed was getting bigger and bigger, far beyond his expectation.

If he doesn’t have enough refined soil, he will certainly not have enough spiritual power. In this case, he will miscarry his four children?

When Ren Sheng made ‘fruit’ before, he would stop supplying them when he felt that they consumed too much energy and allowed himself to make tiny seeds. But this time he was not producing seeds but his children.

If he had known this, he would not have cultivated those spiritual plants! It was a waste of refined soil and spiritual energy.

Ren Sheng was getting sadder, but he couldn’t help it.

“Ren, are you okay?” Just at this time, a tall man came over and lowered his head to look at Ren Sheng.

“Lingyu!” Ren Sheng raised his head only to find it was Zhao Lingyu. He hugged him and buried his face in Zhao Lingyu’s shoulder and then bit him. How could Zhao Lingyu’s skin be so thick? He’s going to have a miscarriage!

Ren Sheng’s behavior didn’t even scratch Zhao Lingyu. He frowned and a pair of eyes like a sharp blade swept towards Elinor.

Elinor was older than Zhao Lingyu and he even held Zhao Lingyu twice when he was still a child. But when Zhao Lingyu looked at him this time, he could not help feeling cold.

Fortunately, Zhao Lingyu didn’t say anything more. He carried Ren Sheng to the aircraft and Shen Qiushi who glared at him, also followed after them.

Elinor stood where he was and it took him a long time to come back to his senses. At the same time, he found that the vines on his body had disappeared.

He was released, but at this moment, he felt overwhelmed with despair.

People from the Capital Star Garrison soon arrived and began to tidy up the scene and offer compensation. Elinor listened to the people around him talking about him and gossiping about Zhao Lingyu and finally regained his senses.

He could not lose his wife.

Zhao Lingyu’s aircraft was piloted by Wu Shuai. As soon as everyone boarded the aircraft, Wu Shuai asked in shock, “What’s going on? Boss, could it be that there is still someone who dares to bully your people on Capital Star? Who is it?

Just now, when his boss suddenly rushed out of the First legion with a cold face, he was still very confused. But now he finally understood the reason for his boss’s anger. Someone actually dared to bully his boss’ family!

“Major General Wesley.” Zhao Lingyu said. He was worried all the time while he was on his way. Only when he held Ren Sheng in his arms, could he finally breathe a sigh of relief.

Today, he would check Ren Sheng’s monitor from time to time. At first, he found that Feng Kexin’s situation wasn’t right, but he felt it was not good for him to intervene so he didn’t do anything. However, he didn’t expect to see Elinor just a moment later.

After finding that Elinor even made a move, he was so shocked and angry he rushed to the scene without much thought. As a result, he saw Ren Sheng becoming very sad.

“Major General Wesley is a good man. How could that happen?” Wu Shuai set the destination of the aircraft and started the autopilot. Turning around, he saw Feng Kexin, who was supported by Shen Qiushi touch her nose and immediately understood the original reason.

Elinor was the strongest ability user in the Wesley family, so for the family’s further development, his parents have always hoped that he could give birth to a powerful child. But he married a person who simply could not give birth to his child.

The other day, the Wesley family put out the news that Elinor was getting a divorce and he sympathized with Elinor’s wife. But he didn’t expect that woman to be Shen Qiushi’s friend.

No one in the aircraft answered Wu Shuai’s question. Zhao Lingyu worriedly stroked Ren Sheng and Shen Qiushi was comforting Feng Kexin.

Almost in a blink of an eye they arrived at the Zhao family.


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