In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 42. 2 – The Effect of the Face Nourishing Pill

“Qiushi, I haven’t seen you for many years, but you still have the same nature.” Feng Kexin half leaned on the wall, tilting her head in a charming way.

No matter how much you lose, you can’t blame yourself, can you?” Shen Qiushi smiled and pulled Ren Sheng to Feng Kexin. “Let’s get into the box. I’m too lazy to talk to this dog blocking the way.”

“You are still so unforgiving.” Feng Kexin smiled and took Shen Qiushi into the box.

When Shen Qiushi was outside, she entered the box with a smile, but immediately after she scanned Feng Kexin up and down, “Kexin, are you not feeling well?”

Feng Kexin sat on the sofa, revealing a bitter smile, “So you can see it. I thought you would not see it after I put on makeup.” Feng Kexin said, while taking out a bottle of water and spraying it a few times on her face. Then she wiped it with a cotton pad and a very pale and haggard face was revealed.

“What’s wrong with you?” Shen Qiushi was shocked to see Feng Kexin in this state

“Qiushi….” Feng Kexin covered her face with one hand, “I’m getting a divorce.”

“What?” Shen Qiushi looked at the woman in shock. “You and your husband have always had a good relationship, how could you suddenly get a divorce?” Feng Kexin and her husband Elinor were in love and had deep feelings for each other. How could they suddenly want a divorce?

“What else could it be for? Isn’t it because of the children?” Feng Kexin smiled bitterly. “He and I are not a good match. At the beginning, we got married under pressure, but his family always opposed… he kept telling me that when we would have a child it would be fine, but now nearly 100 years later we still have no child.”

“Kexin…” Shen Qiushi did not know how to comfort her best friend. She brought Ren Sheng here to make this child-loving best friend happy, but now that she is in this state…

“Qiushi, I shouldn’t have said these things, I am already happy you are accompanying me. Is that Ren Sheng beside you? What a lovely child.” Feng Kexin looked at Ren Sheng lovingly.

“He is a good boy.” Shen Qiushi smiled. She originally wanted to take her best friend and Ren Sheng together, but now it was obviously impossible. “Do you really want to get a divorce? There are so many childless families nowadays and I haven’t seen others divorce because of this.”

“His mother is not as open-minded as you are, not to mention the fact that they recently found someone with a high match rate for him… He already went to see that person so I can’t occupy this position and attract his hatred.”

“Don’t be too sad. There are so many men in the world. It’s not necessary for him to be one and it’s not worthwhile to be angry with him.” Shen Qiushi said again.

“Qiushi… my bad health is not because of anger, I’m pregnant.” The bitter expression on Feng Kexin’s face became stronger.

“Pregnant?” Shen Qiushi looked at her in shock. “Then why divorce?”

“Because the baby can’t be kept.” Feng Kexin covered her face with her hands again. “Qiushi, I have something I did not tell you… in fact, I was pregnant with two children before, but no matter how careful, I couldn’t keep the pregnancy for more than three months and each time I lose the child my body becomes worse. The doctor said that this child in my belly is estimated to live for two more months before I lose it.”

“Then…” Shen Qiushi looked at her best friend worriedly.

“When this child is gone I will divorce him,” Feng Kexin said. Just as the words left her mouth, she suddenly covered her stomach. “Qiushi… Qiushi…”

Shen Qiushi was not naive. Seeing this situation she knew that Feng Kexin may have another miscarriage. She took out her communicator to find a doctor and scolded her friend. “You are pregnant with a child and you still asked me out to do what? You…”

“Anyway, I can’t keep it… Ren Sheng, I’m sorry, I didn’t expect you to come and scare you…” Feng Kexin gave Ren Sheng an apologetic look.

She was desperate these days, before she made an appointment with Shen Qiushi. She just wanted to talk and wait till she once again miscarried. Unexpectedly, Shen Qiushi also brought a teenager with her, which made her feel some regret.

“Nothing.” Ren Sheng said, at the same time, involuntarily clutching his head. This child shouldn’t be unable to be kept, right?

“You shouldn’t be so pessimistic. Maybe you will be able to keep it?” Shen Qiushi hurriedly sat beside Feng Kexin, letting Feng Kexin lean on her. Feeling her friend’s excessively light weight, she said with some heartache, “Come and eat something first, the doctor will be here soon.”

The food in the box hasn’t come up yet. Shen Qiushi touched her bag but only found a handful of chocolate rabbits that were used for beauty treatment. Then she remembered she did not bring anything to eat.

Just as she was to stuff the chocolate back, Shen Qiushi suddenly remembered Ren Sheng saying it could also cure injuries. Not thinking much, she stuffed all the chocolate into Feng Kexin’s mouth.

“Your chocolates don’t taste good.” Feng Kexin whispered and slowly swallowed what was in her mouth.

“It’s not a time for you to be picky!” Shen Qiushi glared at her.

The tears in the corner of Feng Kexin’s eyes slid down, but her face was still smiling. “I’m good at this, don’t you know? When the child is gone, I can eat whatever I want to eat.”

“Blood.” Ren Sheng covered his head while pointing at Feng Kexin’s skirt.

“I’m sorry.” Feng Kexin added, showing a weak and apologetic smile towards Ren Sheng.

Shen Qiushi’s gaze turned red as she looked at Feng Kexin. “Kexin… You’re OK. You’ll be ok… “

Shen Qiushi didn’t dare to move Feng Kexin haphazardly. She could only talk while waiting for the doctor to come. It was going to be a long day.

At this time, Feng Kexin suddenly said, “I seem to have gained some strength and my stomach is not as painful as before…”

“Really?” Shen Qiushi asked in surprise.

“Probably the baby is already lost…” Feng Kexin grinned bitterly and took out an instrument from her bag and pointed it on her stomach.

“How is it?” Shen Qiushi asked in a hurry.

“The child is still…” Feng Kexin looked at her stomach in shock. Just now her lower abdomen was aching. How could nothing be happening now?

“It’s good that it’s still there, it’s good that it’s still there…”

“He’s still getting better.” Feng Kexin added and just as the words left her mouth, she pulled Shen Qiushi’s hand, “What did you just give me to eat?”

“Beauty chocolate.” Shen Qiushi said, looking at Ren Sheng. Didn’t Ren Sheng give her beauty medicine? How could it prevent miscarriage?

Ren Sheng slowly moved over and reached out to hold Feng Kexin’s wrist to check her condition. “Her body is severely worn out and can’t provide enough nutrients to the fetus. So that’s why she almost lost the baby. The beauty medicine can also contain nourishment.”

The spiritual energy in the Face Nourishing Pill was both useful to a woman and the child in her belly. So to preserve her child, just… Ren Sheng suddenly thought that he is now also facing the possibility of insufficient nutrition, then will he not be the same as this woman who can’t have a child?

At this thought, Ren Sheng could not help but be afraid and began to complain about Zhao Lingyu’s lack of ‘seeds.’

“I still have some here, you can eat some more!” Shen Qiushi gave Feng Kexin another handful of chocolate. Feng Kexin chewed it hard at the same time, not forgetting to repeatedly thank her. “Thank you…”

The door of the box was set on fire at this time and a tall man came in. “Kexin!” When he saw Feng Kexin, his eyes immediately turned red.

Feng Kexin was laying sickly with tears on her face, blood on her skirt, and her mouth was chewing on something. His wife was rarely in such a mess and the last time she looked like this, she had just lost their second child.

He froze and only after a while rushed over, then half knelt beside Feng Kexin. “Kexin, it’s okay it’s okay, don’t be afraid, it’s nothing if you can’t have a child…”

“If having no child is nothing, why do you still let Kexin get pregnant?” Shen Qiushi said angrily, she picked up Feng Kexin and walked out without hesitation.

“Mrs. Zhao, Kexin is my wife!”

“So you still know that she is your wife!” Shen Qiushi snorted coldly and added, “Bodyguards, stop him!”

Zhao Lingyu’s two bodyguards stood by Ren Sheng’s side with some hesitation, but Ren Sheng, who was worried about his child, suddenly threw Little Green out.

He hates people who use fire! So he will hate this man too!


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  1. Kleep

    I wonder if he actually met the other or if his parents lied.

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  2. maybe they met just so he can reject the other party. hopefully

  3. nanairohana

    When they said “the door of the box is set on fire, I thought it is metaphorically to show urgency of this man, but damnnn it is really on fire!! Poor ShengSheng. He is scared of fire due to his nature. No matter if this husband truly good or bad, his move of setting fire is bad. What if he got the wrong box that is occupied by non ability person that had their ability escort going somewhere at that moment? Fire can easily burnt and scar people. Geez

  4. Silver

    Frankly, I agree completely – why did he contribute to her getting pregnant, if he didn’t care about a child? My uncle was also pressured to have a child… by his church, even though the doctor said that after multiple miscarriages, getting pregnant again would kill her. He refused to try and get her pregnant again, because he loves his wife, even though their marriage was even arranged by the church. The church kicked him out for refusing to cause her death. I respect that uncle for his refusal.

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