In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 10 – Cultivation and Exposure

To get rid of the refined soil and all the other messy energy from Zhao Lingyu’s body, Ren Sheng was completely helpless. His ginseng seeds were good, but they were still not a cure. He could only use them to nourish Zhao Lingyu’s body. However, if he wanted Zhao Lingyu’s body to change and become strong enough to withstand those energies, it wasn’t impossible.

Ren Sheng remembered one thing. It was a body refining cultivation method.

At that time, his master had gotten a cultivation method from somewhere and then mumbled it while looking at him with a strange look in his eyes. At that time, he couldn’t help but ask what was going on and then his master gave him a jade slip.

A body refining technique was recorded inside that jade slip. It was said to be so powerful that cultivators of this body refining technique at the Jidan stage were almost comparable to an almost infant stage expert at the Yuanjing stage. Moreover, this method could also be cultivated by ordinary people who did not have a talent for cultivation.

Of course, it was not easy to practice such a powerful skill. After practicing this method you must take a miraculous medicine. You can refine and reorganize your spiritual power again and again with the support of the miraculous medicine that can repair the body, which allows those spiritual powers to be completely integrated into the body.

Let alone the fact that it would be extremely painful for outsiders to infuse spiritual energy into a cultivator’s body, the spiritual medicine needed to repair any physical body trauma, for the average person, would be absolutely impossible to find.

There weren’t many genius earth based treasures like him in this world!

When his master first learned of this technique, he once wanted to try practicing it, but could not find anyone he could trust to infuse him with spiritual energy. He did not want to suffer any setbacks so he simply chose to ignore this method.

This matter happened a long time ago and originally Ren Sheng had forgotten about it, but at this time he suddenly thought about it once more. He carefully thought about it and found that Zhao Lingyu’s situation seemed to be just right.

Although there was very little spiritual energy in his body right now, he would not use it for refinement after all, so it was fine to think of using other energies.

Zhao Lingyu had a lot of refined soil in his body and he definitely wouldn’t be able to absorb it all before tens of thousands of years. But if Zhao Lingyu stayed like he was now, even if the energy would no longer riot, the refined soil in his body would only paralyze him and require him to be fed ginseng seeds all the time.

If he is going to have to feed ginseng seeds to him anyway, he might as well let Zhao Lingyu try to practice this technique. If he becomes good at it, he might not need to feed him ginseng seeds in the future! This person will definitely be able to live a little longer.

With this idea, Ren Sheng suddenly slapped Zhao Lingyu’s chest in an old-fashioned style after giving a ginseng seed to Zhao Lingyu and said, “Marshal, I’m going to teach you one thing, so practice it, okay?” 

Zhao Lingyu felt the hand patting his chest lightly and for a moment didn’t know what kind of expression he should make, but Ren Sheng took it as agreement and followed up with, “You agreed, so let’s start learning right away!”

“Learn what?” Zhao Lingyu finally took the time to ask his own question.

“I don’t know how to name it. Anyway, I will start now! ” Ren Sheng studied it and found that Zhao Lingyu’s body was full of energy and now the only thing missing was the integration of that energy into his body. He was eager to try it.

He just didn’t know if he had enough ginseng seeds and he didn’t want to run out of them and end up having to cut his arms and legs.

Forget it, at worst when they run out of ginseng seeds, they won’t practice it anymore.

Having made this decision, Ren Sheng immediately punched the spiritual energy he had been cultivating these days into Zhao Lingyu’s body, suppressing the chaotic energy in his body.

These energies destroyed and reorganized the body, just like what Zhao Lingyu had experienced before, but with some differences. Zhao Lingyu’s body condition was not as bad as it used to be and was getting better instead of getting worse.

Zhao Lingyu couldn’t feel all of this. He just felt that the feeling that Ren Sheng’s hand gave him this time was completely the opposite of before.

Every time he was touched by Ren Sheng before, he would feel that the pain in his body would lessen. But now, those parts which were touched made the energy in his body hurt even worse.

However, he was used to the pain and endured it all, gritting his teeth without making a sound.

For some reason, it was obvious that what Ren Sheng was doing now seemed like he was hurting him, but he still felt that this person would not hurt him.

There wasn’t a single expression on Zhao Lingyu’s face, as if it wasn’t painful at all, but it was obviously not like this. Was his master mistaken and practicing this technique was not as painful as it seemed?

Confused, Ren Sheng tried it on his own arm and immediately cried out in pain.

He felt it was very painful before when the energy around Zhao Lingyu had cut through his body, but now the pain was clearly a thousand times stronger than before!

When Ren Sheng’s tears of pain came out, he couldn’t help looking at Zhao Lingyu like he was a monster. The experiment he just did on himself only used a little energy and it hurt so much. How much pain was Zhao Lingyu in?

His master was even afraid of this pain and didn’t practice it, but Zhao Lingyu endured it.

Zhao Lingyu knew some ways to endure pain and diverting his attention was one of them. He kept staring at Ren Sheng and saw what he did and reacted for the first time.

That boy, did he just use what he was doing on him, on himself?

As expected, this kid didn’t mean any harm. He even thought that he maybe did not know that it would be so painful. Slowly, Zhao Lingyu asked in a completely changed voice, “Is it painful?”

Ren Sheng nodded with tears in his eyes.

“It won’t hurt so much in a moment. It will be alright.” Zhao Lingyu comforted.

Obviously, he was more than a hundred thousand years older than this person, but he still needed this person’s comfort. Ren Sheng was a little humiliated and felt the need to explain what he had done.

”Marshal, I didn’t know it would hurt so much. I did it for your own good.” If another person made him experience so much pain, he would fight this person desperately. Zhao Lingyu not blaming him at all, was really great.

”I know.” Zhao Lingyu nodded.

“If I do that, your body will become better and better and you won’t have to lie in bed all the time. I’ll tell you what, I’ll read you this technique.” As Ren Sheng said this, he took out the jade slip and began to read to him.

Zhao Lingyu, who had always considered himself knowledgeable, suddenly found himself completely unable to understand the so-called cultivation method that Ren Sheng was reading.

The text Ren Sheng was reading should be an ancient language, and he was thinking that only those who specialized in this area would be able to understand it, but just how could Ren Sheng understand it?

Ren Sheng knew very little and he had always assumed it was because his living environment in Freedom Alliance was really simple or he never had the opportunity to come in contact with high-tech. But now it seemed to not be the case?

There was no reason for the President of the Thorn Chamber of Commerce to not teach his son how to use electrical appliances, but to have him taught the ancient language. Even if he did do such an odd thing, was it possible to find teachers proficient in the ancient language in a place where strength is prized and where humans only occupied a small portion of the Freedom Alliance?

In that case, who was Ren Sheng? Where did he get the medicine and so called technique he taught him from? 


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