In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 42. 1 – The Effect of the Face Nourishing Pill

Elder Teng was really worthy of being a wise old man. In order to keep it a secret, Zhao Lingyu couldn’t assign him any additional manpower, so he did almost all the experiments by himself.

“The petals of the Earth Star work best at xx temperature, the leaves of the Blue Orchid can clean the meridians and sizzling them at xx temperature is the most suitable…” Elder Teng pulled Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng, who would go to his place every day before leaving the First Legion and immediately talked about everything he discovered and still needed to do.

Although Ren Sheng didn’t quite understand it, he still listened very seriously and nodded repeatedly, but found that Elder Teng still kept him there after he finished so he could only ask, “There is still something?” Today he already grew the plants. Was there something else?

“I am going to try to make different medicines with the ingredients of these plants!”  Elder Teng said, while picking up Little Green and shoving it to Ren Sheng. “I may be busy these days, so I don’t have time to take care of it. This child will only give me trouble if it stays here, so can you take it away?”

Little Green was a child who could not distinguish the importance of things, so he needed to take care of him when he was doing experiments, which caused him some strain. He needed to eat half-finished drugs all the time to maintain his energy.

Previously, he thought that Ren Sheng and Zhao Lingyu did not like Little Green, so he couldn’t entrust it to them, but looking at the situation these days… although these two people didn’t behave very well, they had never hurt Little Green. So letting Little Green go with them was nothing. Maybe it could even learn a little about the human world.

However, Little Green was a vine so did it really need to learn about the human world? Forget it, just let it get along with its future owner in advance. Elder Teng was happy after he made the decision.

Go with me?” Ren Sheng’s eyes shone. In fact, he didn’t hate Little Green. After all, Little Green was the only one of his kind in this world. But as long as he thought that Little Green belonged to Elder Tneg, he couldn’t help feeling a little lost.

If Elder Teng wasn’t here, Little Green would completely belong to him… Ren Sheng mulled over the plot of taking Little Green.

“These days I will have to trouble the master.” Elder Teng said.

“No trouble, no trouble.” Ren Sheng smilingly wrapped the shrinking Little Green around his arm.

The reaction of his own master was completely different from what he had imagined. Elder Teng was surprised and happy and did not suspect anything. Zhao Lingyu was very principled, Ren Sheng was naive and kind, they are both trustworthy.

After dealing with Little Green’s whereabouts, Elder Teng took some powder from the side and poured it all into his mouth.

“This is Face Nourishing… this is the medicine you researched, right? How can you eat it like this?” Ren Sheng looked at Elder Teng. Although disheveled, he looked a little younger again. 

“I am telling you, this medicine is a good thing. It can refresh the mind and make people energetic. I can stay up for several days after taking this medicine!” Elder Teng looked at the powder excitedly.

Now that medicine has been very developed, there were many things with such effects, but the effect of this medicine was so good and had no side effects. It could even nourish the body at the same time.

These plants were absolutely precious!

“Really…” Ren Sheng quietly packed a batch of semi-finished products. If Elder Teng continued like this, other people won’t think he went to have plastic surgery, right?

After packing the powder, Ren Sheng went back to the Zhao family with Zhao Lingyu and saw Shen Qiushi who slowly walked out of the house.

In the past, Shen Qiushi always chose simple and efficient clothes and tied her hair up simply. Today, she wore a big red skirt, a small white scarf, and permed her hair, making her look very beautiful.

“Auntie…” Ren Sheng, who had never seen Shen Qiushi look like this, was full of surprise.

Stopping in her high heels, Shen Qiushi smiled faintly, gentle as a flower and asked, “Ren, am I pretty?”

“Beautiful!” Ren Sheng said without hesitation. Shen Qiushi looked very good in red. If Zhao Lingyu wore it, wouldn’t it look even better?

“I knew that I must be very beautiful now. When I talked with that dead man on video just now, his eyes were straight!” Shen Qiushi had a smug look on her face and her gentle appearance from before had completely disappeared.

Zhao Lingyu pulled Ren Sheng back. He didn’t want Ren Sheng to go back and call him a dead man after learning something bad from his mother. No, if it was Ren Sheng who called him that with his sweet tone… Zhao Lingyu subconsciously touched his nose.

“Ren, if it weren’t for those skin nourishing chocolates you gave me, I would never dare to wear such clothes. Those chocolates are so effective, it hasn’t been long since I ate them but my skin turned much whiter and looks younger.” Shen Qiushi proudly admired her hands that became much more tender.

“Auntie, I’ve got some more back today, I’ll make it for you right away.” Ren Sheng immediately said.

“Good. What a good boy!” Shen Qiushi praised Ren Sheng and said, “By the way, auntie still has something to ask you.”

What is it?” Ren Sheng asked curiously.

“Auntie has always wanted to take her children out to meet her friends and then go shopping together. But that brat next to you was always reluctant to do so. So how about Ren going with Auntie tomorrow? Auntie will take you to eat delicious food and buy you clothes.” Shen Qiushi said in a tone an abductor would use. Her friend has never had children, so she would definitely like Ren Sheng.

“It’s dangerous to go out.” Zhao Lingyu said before Ren Sheng could say anything.

“What’s so dangerous in Capital Star? My strength isn’t bad and I’m just going to a regular club, so I’m sure I can protect Ren. Zhao Lingyu, you can’t keep Ren at home all the time.” Shen Qiushi glared at her son and then looked at Ren Sheng. “Ren, you want to go play too, right?”

Ren Sheng indeed also wanted to go out and looked at Zhao Lingyu with blinking eyes.

Zhao Lingyu immediately surrendered under such a look. “I will arrange two bodyguards for you.”

“Deal!” Shen Qiushi immediately said. When she was young, Zhao Peng also always arranged bodyguards for her, so she was used to it.

Zhao Lingyu became a little regretful at this time. After thinking about it, he immediately made a phone call and had someone send something. In the evening when he went back to his room, he gave it to Ren Sheng.

“This watch is for me?” Ren Sheng looked curiously at the shiny watch in front of him, his face full of joy.

“Yes.” Zhao Lingyu took the watch out of the box, but didn’t give it to Ren Sheng to put on. “This watch has a special function. I’ll explain it to you clearly first and then you can decide whether you want to wear it or not.”

“What function?” Ren Sheng asked.

“It has an eavesdropping device inside, you just need to wear it and I will be able to see all the images and sounds around you that are transmitted. Of course, if you press the button on it, you can also send me a distress signal.” Zhao Lingyu turned the watch, revealing several buttons on it and after explaining them one by one, he added, “This is the latest in Human Federation technology. Most tech can’t block its signal. After you take it with you, unless you leave the domain of Capital Star or go to the central building, I can know your situation at any time. Would you like to wear it?”

“This watch is so powerful?” Ren Sheng looked at the watch in surprise and put it on his hand without any hesitation. “Are there more so that you can wear one too?”

Similar products like this watch had existed for many years, but almost no one was willing to voluntarily wear them. After all, everyone has secrets and only Ren Sheng had these unique ideas and trusted him immensely. Zhao Lingyu laughed lightly and kissed Ren Sheng’s hair. “My identity is special so I can’t wear this.”

“So, then I can’t see you when I want to… see you.” Ren Sheng felt a little disappointed.

“I’ll help you record some images of me on it and this watch can also produce some small three-dimensional projections.” Zhao Lingyu said.

“Really? Great!” Ren Sheng was full of excitement.

Zhao Lingyu rubbed his head again. His little ginseng sold himself because of his three-dimensional images…

Thinking that he would be able to see Ren Sheng at any time from now on, even if Ren Sheng was in the shower, Zhao Lingyu could not help feeling his heart stir, but then he sighed again.

If he wanted to see Ren Sheng take a bath, he did not have to go through so much trouble. Ren Sheng hasn’t been avoiding him, not to mention he also tried to drag him into the shower to wash together before. Unfortunately, he has only been able to refuse.

He didn’t know if he was thinking too much about inappropriate things before going to bed, but that night Zhao Lingyu provided Ren Sheng with more ‘refined soil.’

Ren Sheng was very happy seeing refined soil. Recently because of his pregnancy he needed more refined soil. Not to mention, the laboratory also consumed quite a lot. If Zhao Lingyu didn’t provide more, he was afraid that he would run out of food!

If this goes on, he will have to be frugal in the future. He should stop using refined soil for his own food, right?

The next day, Zhao Lingyu went to the First Legion as usual, but Ren Sheng went out with Shen Qiushi.

Shen Qiushi still wore the red dress from the day before and chose a small pink suit for Ren Sheng. The two people stood together in red, which made their skin look whiter and made people want to see more.

However, Shen Qiushi didn’t show off anything, she took Ren Sheng on her aircraft and went directly to the private clubhouse with her best friend.

The Rose Club was a very famous private clubhouse in Capital Star. It was run by a female ability user. Although it didn’t shut out males and non ability users, all it’s members were female ability users and if a non-member wanted to enter, he must be escorted by a club member.

Shen Qiushi was one  of the members of the Rose Club, but she didn’t go there often. Still, she had a senior membership card because of her identity. After she went in, she swiped her card and the waiter quickly greeted her and took her to the booked box.

Just as Shen Qiushi was taking Ren Sheng to a high-grade box, she was stopped by a beautiful looking woman with delicate makeup halfway there. “Mrs. Zhao, long time no see!”

“Long time no see.” Shen Qiushi did not look very enthusiastic and responded indifferently.

“Mrs. Zhao, I didn’t expect to meet you here again, I thought you were going to stay in the Zhao family to take care of your husband. Sorry for my rudeness.” That woman, however, did not care about Shen Qiushi’s indifference. After mentioning Zhao Peng she pretended to ask without thinking, “What kind of cosmetics did you use today? You look like a whole new person.”

“Madam Pan, you know, I am the most impatient with cosmetics, how can I possibly wear makeup?” Shen Qiushi smiled and looked over, “But you… your makeup is getting better and better it’s covering all the wrinkles.”

Mrs. Pan’s face stiffened and then she laughed. “Then have you done particle whitening? You can’t do this to look pretty, I heard it can damage your skin.”

“I’ve always been too lazy to tinker with that, but Mrs. Pan is quite knowledgeable about these, so I guess you must have done this before. Looking at Mrs. Pan’s skin, you can already see the side effects of particle whitening.” Shen Qiushi looked over.

This Mrs. Pan in front of her were in-laws with the Yang family. Maybe because she wanted to show her loyalty to her master, she had come to find troubles.

“Then how did you become like this?” Madam Pan finally couldn’t help asking, when she saw Shen Qiushi at a banquet last year, Shen Qiushi looked much older than her!

“Who makes me feel good recently?” Shen Qiushi asked, pulling Ren Sheng to one side to get around the other person. After a few steps, she turned back. “Mrs. Pan, I heard that your husband has been demoted? Look at you, the corners of your eyes are wrinkled with anger.”

Mrs. Pan’s face became red from Shen Qiushi’s words, but a soft laughter came from the side and a woman wearing a long white dress with her hair pulled up high walked over.

She was not gorgeous, but she had something that made people feel comfortable looking at her. However, her too thin figure did not match her ruddy face.

“Kexin!” Seeing that woman, Shen Qiushi instantly smiled. She came to this club because she had an appointment with the woman named Feng Kexin, who stood in front of her.

Feng Kexin was Shen Qiushi’s friend since childhood and even when they both got married, their friendship did not fade.


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