Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 18.2 – Elder Qing Xue

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“Elder martial brother He,” the disciple said “Elder martial sister, you look really bad. After you return to the sect, you should go to the Deacon hall to get some pills for calming the heart and your mind. This way you will not overthink.”

Senior brother He? Are there any other people surnamed He in the Shangqing sect? In 《Abusive Love Affair》there were no names given to any unimportant characters so the only Shangqing sect discipline surnamed He was He Wenchao.

In addition, what did this outer disciple call him? Sister Liu?

In the book, there is indeed a famous female disciple of the Shangqing Sect, named Liu Xinye. She was secretly in love with He Wenchao and “forcibly” double cultivated with him when He Wenchao was injured to help him recover his strength but it drained her spiritual root. She was also the vicious female who pretended to be Baili Qingmiao and was refined into a lamp by Yin Hanjiang.

Thinking of her fate…. Not it was not right, she would become his own everlasting soul lamp so at this time Wen Renhe possessing her body was a subtle trace of fate.

This was not a suitable object of possession but fortunately, he just went to find Baili Qingmiao. So who he possesses would not delay things. Liu Xinye has a high position in the sect so it would be easy to see Baili Qingmiao. So he would not stay in this body for long.

Wen Renhe still remembered the description of Liu Xinye in the book, she was gentle and considerate in front of He Wenchao but to some of the outer disciples she became extremely snobbish to some disciples and turned her back to them.

This character was easy to handle.

He raised his face and said: “Is my business something an outer discipline can point their finger in at?”

Liu Xinye usually had great authority in the outer disciples so when she showed anger several disciples did not dare to say anything more and followed Wen Renhe back to the sect.

Wen Rene only saw a rough description of the Mountain Gate of the Shangqing sect in the book but did not know the specific structure inside. Fortunately, the school architecture paid a lot of attention to the art of feng shui so with little calculation, he figured where outer disciples lived, where inner disciples lived and where the Deacon hall was.

He quickly led the disciples to the Deacon Hall, and wrote down the words “Everything is normal, no abnormalities” in the book of patrol observation copying Liu Xinye’s handwriting.

The outer disciples also wrote down their task on today’s patrol on the Deacon Hall jade slip and got some contribution points. Which could be exchanged for spiritual medicine when they had accumulated enough.

After they left, Wen Renhe first looked on the Deacon Hall’s table to check what was going on and saw that the list of disciples out of the sect did not have Baili Qingmiao’s name so it showed she was still in the sect. Then he calculated the residence of the lower inner disciplines. He was just going to look for Baili Qingmiao when he was called by plain-looking Golden Core cultivator “Senior sister Liu, you’ve been worried about the safety of elder martial brother He, haven’t you? Tonight it’s my turn to take care of senior brother He, so you can go.”

After that, he blinked at her saying without words “See how good I am. I will give you a good chance to take care of elder martial brother to deepen your feelings.”

Wen Renhe who could recite 《Abusive Love Affair》was very familiar with this passage. The plot point of this dialogue was Liu Xinye taking advantage of this opportunity to take care of He Wenchao at night to commit herself to him and help him recover his Nascent Soul.

“No.” Wen Renhe said dryly.

It didn’t matter to Wen Renhe if He Wenchao was dead or alive his only purpose was to find Baili Qingmiao. After taking Baili Qingmiao away if Liu Xinye wanted to devote herself to He Wenchao she needed to find another opportunity.

The disciple who acted as a pimp tool in the plot was completely dumbfounded by Wen Renhe’s rejection. He watched as elder material sister Liu turned around, regardless of whether He Wenchao was dead or alive.

“No, elder material sister Liu, don’t you like senior brother?” the pimp tool disciple asked.

Wen Renhe at this time could not reveal his identity, so only turned back impatiently and said: “When he was at Nascent Soul I…. naturally liked him. Now that he is useless, why should I waste my feelings? “

Pimp tool disciple: “…”

The cold-blooded and ruthless “Liu Xinye” finally got rid of this disciple who did not even have a name and went directly to the inner disciples residence to find Baili Qingmiao.

He Wenchao was picked up and brought back to the sect by rear rescue disciples. This time Baili Qingmiao did not waste the Jiu Yang to save Wen Renhe so shouldn’t she go to find Jiu Yang for He Wenchao?

But she didn’t look for Jiu Yang for He Wenchao nor did she go to Golden Coast Cliff to look for Broken Mountain Meteorite Iron for He Wenchao. So what was she doing in the sect?

With such a question, Wen Renhe rushed to the place where the inner disciples lived and cultivated. The inner sect of the Shangqing did not allow the use of the flying swords so he could only walk there. It took him half a day to reach the place where the female disciples of the Golden Core realm lived but he didn’t know in which room Baili Qingmiao lived in.

When he saw an ordinary-looking female disciple on the roadside, he knew at first sight that she was a passer-by in the book. Her status in the sect was not as high as that of Liu Xinye so he approached this person and asked directly: “Where is Baili Qingmiao?”

His tone was not good but fortunately, Liu Xinye’s attitude in front of other sect disciplines was also not good so he didn’t need to put on a nice expression while mentioning Baili Qingmiao.

Fellow passerby said, “Junior sister Bail…. No, she is at the Nascent Soul realm so he should be addressed as elder martial sister Baili is in seclusion with Elder Qingxue at Wuchen peak.”

Nascent Soul? When did the Baili Qingmiao reach the Nascent Soul realm? This was completely inconsistent with the plot. Who was this elder Qingxue? He never saw mention of her in the book.

After releasing this passer by discipline, Wen Renhe found an unoccupied place and took out the book from the sleeve wanting to reconfirm the plot of Baili Qingmiao advancing to the Nascent Soul realm. But when he opened the title page, he saw that the handwriting on it had changed: [Some plot bugs have been fixed, keep up the good work].

Wen Renhe has not opened the pages of this book for 11 years so he had no idea that the content of the book could change. Now he was busy flipping through the plot and looking for changes.

《Abusive Love Affair》was still written from Baili Qingmiao point of view and has changed from Wanli Ice field just like Wen Renhe knew happened in reality. Then there was the massive demon war during which Baili Qingmiao picked up a black-robed man with white bones.

Wen Renhe “…”

The rescued black-robed man was actually a domineering woman who was also a scattered Immortal. She also followed Baili Qingmiao to the Shangqing sect. The leader of the Shangqing sect just like in the original plot was beaten into a coma by Wen Renhe and other scattered Immortals were all dead. At this time they desperately needed an high realm cultivator so they soon accepted this scattered Immortal who was full of immortal Qi and had no demonic Qi. That scattered immortal changed her name to Elder Qingxue.

Baili Qingmiao settled Elder Qingxue in the sect and went to visit her elder brother. Seeing that He Wenchao’s Nascent Soul was absorbed by a vicious demonic cultivator she immediately forgets the reason for her cold war with senior brother and hugs him in her arms as she cries.

He Wenchao slowly opened his eyes, seeing his sweetheart he asked: “Younger martial sister, when I was injured, I just wanted to see you for one last time. Where were you at that time?”

Baili Qingmiao cried so hard that she couldn’t catch her breath and was just about to blame herself when she heard a cold voice behind her say: “She went to find Jiu Yang to save me. Why, is there a problem?”

Elder Qingxue mercilessly glanced at He Wenchao: “ Jiu Yang could indeed cure your injury, but a scattered immortal or disciple with absorbed Nascent Soul everyone knows which one to save. Can you bring more benefits to the Shangqing sect than me? Where did you get the face to ask Baili Qingmiao to save you.”

He Wenchao was so angry that he directly vomited blood, holding his younger martial sister’s hand he said with difficulty: “Senior sister, I, I never said that kind of words.”

“Woooooooo, I know.” Baili Qingmiao tried to hug He Wenchao but was picked up by Elder Qingxue with one hand.

“With your kind of strength, If you want to save people, you have to consider whether you have the strength first.” Elder Qingxue said, “Hurry up and quickly accept me as your master, you can think about saving people when you have high cultivation.”

“But, but I already have a master.” Baili Qingmiao was embarrassed.

Elder Qingxue: “That is not a problem, I can take your master as another disciple. I do not mind being a master or being master of your master.”

Baili Qingmiao: “……”

Wen Renhe: “…”


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He Wenchao: What about me? Who will save me?


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