Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 18.1 – Elder Qing Xue

The Blood cultivation became a lost technique due to the fact that very few people have practiced it, and even fewer people in the cultivation world understood the art of cutting soul. However, Yin Hanjiang has been following Wen Renhe for many years and he was present when Wen Renhe received this blood cultivation method so he knew it well.

Not to mention the pain of cutting the soul when spilling the blood or the difficulty of practicing blood cultivation. There was only one blood cultivator in the cultivation world 10,000 years ago, who eventually went mad and became a true demon. Then he was killed by the united forces of righteous and demonic path.

This true demon was not part of the demonic path, the so-called difference between the demonic path and righteous path of the cultivation world was evilness of heart.

If heaven and earth are elders, then cultivators would be juniors. The attitude of the righteous path toward heavenly path was to coax and obey, to cheat some spiritual energy from this elder. They will use the heart method of communicating with heaven and earth to cultivate, and will try to incarnate heaven and earth and integrate into it. The spiritual energy of heaven and earth will be absorbed by the righteous cultivators only when they think that the righteous cultivators are the same kind as them. So righteous cultivators were concerned with obeying the heavenly order, doing good deeds and accumulating virtue. They also changed their heart to become one with heaven and earth but in order to deceive heaven they must first deceive themselves. Cultivating in this way they were cheating the heaven.

The demonic path cultivators were bear children who punched the elderly and kicked women and children. They chose to take the initiative to plunder the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, their cultivation techniques were greedy and fast as they tried to seize heaven.

The righteous path was always disdainful of the way of the demonic path, not only because of the different cultivation concepts, but also because their robbery was faster than coaxing! The righteous cultivators made great efforts to coax a little spiritual energy from heaven, while the demonic path directly robbed most of the family money from heaven.

If a righteous cultivator and a demonic cultivator cultivate in the same place full of spiritual energy, more than 90% of spiritual energy will be absorbed by the demonic cultivator while the righteous cultivator will only get scraps.

The conflict between the righteous and the demonic cultivators laid in this. There was no difference between high and low or in cheating or grabbing. The reason why the righteous path condemned the demonic path was completely because they couldn’t grab it.

However, there were also benefits of the righteous heart method of communicating with heaven and earth. It was relatively easy to live through tribulation. The heaven was very lenient with righteous cultivators, just a few lightnings at random. But for the demonic path the more spiritual energy you robbed the more vicious thunderbolts you would encounter during the heavenly tribulation. It was said that there was a large number of righteous path cultivators who became deities but very few from the demonic path. After all they were all killed by a thunderbolt.

And the true demon blood cultivator was not a cultivator who robbed spiritual energy, but a cultivator who absorbed all the negative energies between heaven and earth.

When a cultivator reaches the tribulation stage, he can absorb the immortal energy descending from the immortal world and transform his genuine Qi in his body into immortal energy to become the real immortal. The blood cultivator was unable to transform his genuine Qi into immortal Qi, or even the chaotic Qi of the divine realm. Once it entered his body it all transformed into bloody evil Qi.

Blood cultivation has no boundaries, but he could cultivate this technique only in the cultivation realm and could not ascend to the immortal world. Without immortal Qi he could not ascend to immortality. No upper world will welcome blood cultivation, if Wen Renhe dared to try ascend to the immortal world, the gods and Buddhists would join hands to get rid of him.

This world would have no place for Wen Renhe except for the underworld sea of blood at the entrance of the demonic world.

Once he becomes a demon, the demonic nature devours humanity. Then Wen Renhe will become a monster who only knows how to turn everything around him into a bloody mess before absorbing it.

In the restaurant, Wen Renhe didn’t eat those beef and mutton because his body had turned into a bloody mist, which was integrated with his soul and could no longer be separated. Wine was a liquid so it could be absorbed by the bloody mist when it entered the body, but other things needed to be absorbed by Wen Renhe’s soul force or they would fall out of his body as soon as he ate them. Now his body could not retain food or even his Seven star killing halberd into his body after all his sea of consciousness was now gone.

Now Wen Renhe was just a body made from bloody mist. He was now unable to use his elusive light to travel, bloody cultivation traveling flesh was fastest in the cultivation world but it would be discovered by Yin Hanjing.

Since the beginning of his bloody cultivation, what awaited Wen Renhe was the path of sacrificing his body to become a devil, making it difficult for him to even try to ascend to heaven anymore.

“Venerable!?” Yin Hanjiang grabbed Wen Renhe robe with all his might, choking on his sobs and unable to speak.

The bloody mist condensed into an arm again, and Wen Renhe grabbed Yin Hanjiang with one hand and returned to the cliff. He took Yin Hanjiang with one hand, patted him on the back, and whispered “Don’t be sad, I am still alive. My cultivation is so profound that it would be difficult for anyone in the cultivation world to be my opponent.”

Being alive or dying from serious injury, Wen Renhe chose to live.

He did not want to tell Yin Hanjiang, but he also worried that Yin Hanjiang would be upset and think that he was too weak to save his venerable.

Wen Renhe did not want to see this kind of self-blame, it was too boring.

Yin Hanjiang knew Wen Renhe well, so he clenched Wen Renhe sleeves, his voice choked, but he did not cry. Then he controlled his body to loosen his grip on Wen Renhe robe.

He solemnly knelt down on one knee and firmly said to Wen Renhe: “Venerable always says that the living is the true winner. This subordinate vows to follow venerable in the path of the Underworld Sea of Blood, I ask my lord to take me with you.”

“Yes, this is the child taught by this lord.” Wen Renhe waved his long sleeves and held up Yin Hanjiang. “You can follow along, but don’t kneel anymore. This venerable don’t like to see you kneeling.”

“Yes.” Yin Hanjiang said.

His pain, which only flashed for a moment, was now retracted. The little bit of youthful energy exposed in the frontier town a few days ago also disappeared. Yin Hanjiang changed back to that expressionless left protector who only had his lord in his eyes and no thoughts of his own.

It was not that he wasn’t sad or upset, he just forced it all down, putting a mask on himself when his heart ached, which became a habit.

The first time Wen Renhe saw him become like this he just thought that thought Yin Hanjiang had learned to let go, He enlightened Yin Hanjiang a little bit, so that in the future, even if Wen Renhe die as he was destined, Yin Hanjiang would not go crazy.

The two of them did not mention the matter of blood cultivation anymore as they went down the cliff to look for the Immortal spirit illusion realm. However, they did not see the entrance even after a full month of looking and encountering countless poisonous bats.

What was even more strange was that according to the book, Baili Qingmiao should have arrived at the Golden Coast Cliff at this time. Wen Renhe waited for a few days, but he didn’t see Baili Qingmiao.

After being injured in the massive demon war, Wen Renhe did not pay too much attention to the plot and the righteous path was the same. However, he still knew that Shu Yanyan drained He Wenchao’s Nascent Soul to break Desperate Spirit Formation. He Wenchao had a fight with Xuanyuan sect and it was not known if he was dead or alive.

Could it be that he was really dead? Baili Qingmiao was so heartbroken that she did not come to the Golden Coast Cliff?

That was not going to work. Wen Renhe was in a bad mood.

Baili Qingmiao could be heartbroken but Broken Mountain Meteorite Iron had to be taken otherwise Yin Hanjiang would not be able to refine his life-bound magic weapon.

“It seems that to open the entrance to the Immortal spirit illusion realm we still need Baili Qingmiao.” Wen Renhe said “We need to go to Shangqing sect.”

Yin Hanjiang did not speak as he silently followed behind Wen Renhe. It seemed that the feelings he began to express during their journey became supressed again.

He forced himself into a state of not thinking about anything. He just needed to believe in his lord and follow him. He thought that if he showed an expression of displeasure to his lord he would be displeased. His lord wanted him to become a strong and persistent sword cultivator on his own, so he shouldn’t show his weakness.

“It’s still up to you to control your sword, This Venerable’s light travel cannot be seen temporarily.” Wen Renhe said.

Yin Hanjiang imperial sword flew for a day and night before it arrived at an uninhabited place near the Shangqing sect. The two of them didn’t want to reveal their identity so they slightly changed their faces before setting to the town by foot.

The people living here were ordinary people, but because it was so close to the Shangqing sect they could not go though the mountain protection formation as easily, and the Shangqing sect would also send disciples to patrol the town every day.

The mountain protection formation of the Shangqing Sect was guarded by immortal weapons, so it is impossible for Wen Renhe and Yin Hanjiang to blend in even if their cultivation was high. However, when Wen Renhe became a blood cultivator there was a way.

They found the disciples who came to patrol. It was a female cultivator at Golden Core realm who led several outer disciples at the Qi Enlightenment realm.

Wen Renhe whispered to Yin Hanjiang: “Protector Yin, wait here while I go get Baili Qingmiao off the mountain.”

Seeing that Yin Hanjiang nodded, Wen Renhe turned into a bloody mist and entered the body of the female cultivator. If he had a choice Wen Renge would not choose to possess the women, but the outer disciples of the Shangqing Sect could only live on the periphery of the formation, so it was impossible to get in touch with Baili Qingmiao. Among these people, Wen Renhe could possess only the female cultivator at Golden Core realm.

The blood cultivator body and soul was one so he could attach himself to a person soundlessly. This body and flesh will become the shield of Wen Renhe that even the Immortal may not be able to detect.

The female cultivator footstep stopped as she covered her head and stood still for a moment. Then her original soft voice became sharp, at this time her divine sense had been suppressed by Wen Renhe making her a completely different person.

If Wen Renhe wanted to kill this female cultivator It was as easy as killing the ant but Wen Renhe did not have a hobby of embarrassing a younger generation so he only temporarily suppressed the female cultivator consciousness to make her unconscious.

“Sister Liu, are you alright?” The disciple following behind saw the female cultivator stop and hurriedly went forward to ask.

“No.” Wen Renhe said, he did not understand the temperament of this female cultivator so at this time the less he said the better it was.

In fact, he could have used soul searching technique to read all the memories in the soul of this disciple of the Shangqing sect to not expose his possession but in this way this possessed cultivator will certainly die. The first thing you needed to do was to take Baili Qingmiao out of the sect so there was no need to create another problem.

A female cultivator of the outer sect wearing a gray robe said with some concern: “Senior sister Liu, are you thinking about elder martial brother He? Don’t worry, the sect elders are so powerful they will certainly find a way to save elder martial brother He. “

“No.” Wen Renhe said.

He didn’t care to continue patrolling so he said “Going back to the sect.”

Only after two steps, Wen Renhe stopped and asked the outer disciple: “With senior brother you meant?”


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