In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 39.1 – Elder Teng Enters The First Legion

Today, he went to see his love rival and then went to study warships. Ren Sheng almost forgot Elder Teng, so now that Elder Teng mentioned it, he finally remembered about him.

Ren Sheng, who had always been an apprentice and had never been a master before, gave it a little thought and nodded, “Yes I will take you as an apprentice!” Although Mr. Teng was a little old, he was still very powerful and it was not a loss to accept him as an apprentice. He could even pick up Little Green as a disciple for nothing…

“Then it’s settled.” Worried that Ren Sheng might back off, Old Teng immediately said, “Ren Sheng… no teacher, what kind of plant did you show me before? Why did I faint when I smelled it?” He thought that his knowledge of plants in the Human Federation was unmatched, but surprisingly, he had no idea what kind of plant Ren Sheng had brought out.

“It’s called Earth Star,” Ren Sheng said. “Earth Star has green leaves with white flowers and grows close to the ground, reflecting the moon at night like a star…” Ren Sheng recited a description from his pill book.

His master was an alchemist who found him by accident when he was looking for herbs. After taking him as his disciple, he naturally taught him all about alchemy.

However, he was a ginseng spirit and was born naturally afraid of fire. Before his master ascended, he still had the appearance of a small child. Therefore, although he had good knowledge of herbs and also took care of a large medicinal garden he had never made pills by himself.

Elder Teng suddenly felt a bit illiterate, “What do these mean?”

“It means that the flowers of the Earth Star glow at night. If someone smells the Earth Star, he will fall asleep and if he accidentally sleeps next to the Earth Star, he may sleep until he dies of hunger or the blooming period of Earth Star is over. But although the fragrance of the Earth Star will cause a coma, its petals have a miraculous effect for beauty.” Ren Sheng said, while taking out a seed. “We can go together to plant it? No, no, no you can’t smell the Earth Star…”

“It’s alright, I will just carry an oxygen bag. Let’s go to the sunroom, where the exhaust gas processor is installed, then you won’t need to worry about hurting others… you are not afraid of this poison?” Elder Teng came up with a lot of ideas when he suddenly thought of another thing.

“I’m not afraid.” Ren Sheng said. Even when he was not enlightened, a poisonous herb growing around him could not affect him. Let alone he was now a spirit.

“Can you teach this to me?” Elder Teng’s eyes were glowing.

“This?” Ren Sheng frowned, he was born like this and couldn’t teach it to others! However, there were other ways to not be poisoned, such as practicing a closed-air technique or something. This kind of technique was just a small trick so even an ability user might be able to use it.” I don’t know how to teach it. I will study it tonight.” He needed to go and ask Zhao Lingyu about it first.

“Good, good!” Elder Teng nodded repeatedly. He really did not make a mistake to accept him as teacher!

Elder Teng went into the sun room with Ren Sheng carrying an oxygen bag and a gas mask. Then he saw Ren Sheng growing another Earth Star and rushed to study it. While studying it, he tsked in wonder.

In the plant, there was a substance he had never seen before!

The old man was fascinated by his research, but Ren Sheng was a little bored. Seeing that the old man had completely ignored him, he walked out of the sunroom and ran away in a hurry.

Zhao Lingyu watched Ren Sheng and Elder Teng from a distance. When he saw this scene, he stopped Ren Sheng directly. “You’re not teaching your apprentice anymore? You ran away so quickly.”

“I have something to ask you!” Ren Sheng jumped into Zhao Lingyu’s arms.

“What’s the matter?” Zhao Lingyu asked, puzzled.

“I brought some things with me when I came here. The technique I give you Is one of them, but there are also other techniques, magic weapons, some seeds…” Ren Sheng pulled Zhao Lingyu back into their room and took out a lot of things with a wave of his hand.

Some bags, some crystal clear jade, some swords, and odd looking metal products…

“In the past, my Master also left a lot of pills, but they were all eaten by me, now there are only these things left. Can I take them out and use them? Can I teach Elder Teng?” Ren Sheng asked. One of the bags was filled with ginseng seeds, but others were filled with seeds of other medicinal plants. After his master ascended, he initially took care of the medicinal garden, but later he felt that these medicinal plants might steal his aura, so he collected their seeds and buried them all underground as fertilizer. Cough, cough…

Ren Sheng didn’t put up any defense in front of him. Zhao Lingyu’s heart wamed. “Let’s take a look at these things together. I’ll help you see what works and what doesn’t.”

“Yes, take a look! You should also be able to look at the jade slip now. If there are any techniques you want to practice, you can use them,” Ren Sheng said. After that, he thought that Zhao Lingyu’s body was still a mess because of the refined soil, so he simply couldn’t practice any techniques… so he quickly shut his mouth.

When Zhao Lingyu saw Ren Sheng’s appearance, he could also guess a lot of things. “I’m still practicing this one, so this is not urgent.”

Zhao Lingyu could indeed look in the jade slips now. He followed the method that Ren Sheng taught him and read the jade slips with his spiritual power. When his spiritual power was used up, he stopped to listen to Ren Sheng talk about the role of the seeds. He spoke for several hours, while Zhao Lingyu became more and more astonished.

These things that Ren Sheng brought were treasures. A huge treasure that only Ren Sheng could dig up!

There weren’t many cultivation methods inside. The cultivation techniques required spiritual power to practice them so he was afraid that the people of the Human Federation might not be able to practice them, but some of them could still be used.

Of course, this wasn’t enough to make him marvel. What really made him pay attention was actually those seeds, as well as the pill recipes.

The effects of those pills were really too amazing. If they really could be refined, it might cause a sensation in the entire Human Federation and even alarm those higher civilizations.

Zhao Lingyu took a deep breath and put down the jade slips in his hand. “Ren, put all these jade slips away, don’t take them out. But you can take out a few plants for Elder Teng to study.”

“Good.” Ren Sheng nodded. “Which plants should I take to Elder Teng?”

“Just take a few of these plants used for the Face Nourishing pill,” Zhao Lingyu said. Within those pills, the Face Nourishing Pill was considered the most common. The refining method was also simple and ordinary people could still eat… letting Ren Sheng and Elder Teng try it first wouldn’t hurt.

What’s more, Earth Star happened to be one of the materials used for the Face Nourishing Pill.

“Good!” Ren Sheng nodded. “The master said that girls like Face Nourishing Pill so Auntie should like it too.”

“Yes.” Zhao Lingyu nodded. This thing was estimated to be liked by everyone, but it also could help Ren Sheng gain more support from others.

“Lingyu, it’s late. Let’s go to bed early. We have to learn battleship piloting tomorrow!” Ren Sheng put away the things and hugged Zhao Lingyu. He spent hundreds of thousands of years with flowers and plants so his interest in flowers and plants was really not as good as battleships.

“Well, let’s go to bed early. Would you like to take a bath first?”



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