In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 38.1 – Extraordinary Pilot

It’s true that his hands were slow, but he has a lot of hands!

Ren Sheng got ready and looked at Zhao Lingyu proudly.

Zhao Lingyu looked at Ren Sheng’s root tips wriggling and shaking above the button. Some of them also curled up. Suddenly he felt it was very cute.

His aesthetics now were really beyond remedy…

Just when Zhao Lingyu wanted to grab those root tips to kiss them, the soldiers who had been watching the situation became curious.

Sutton watched for a while and not seeing Zhao Lingyu move for a long time, he looked at his comrades in arms in puzzlement and said, “Why doesn’t the Marshal move?”

“When you bring your girlfriend to play a game, do you stay focused on the game?” The comrade rolled his eyes.

“Of course!” Sutton said without hesitation.

“…” His comrade gave Sutton a breathless look, “No wonder your girlfriend kicks you out every time.”

“You still have time to talk about your girlfriend at this time? The Marshal is moving again! I’m going to learn and get my A-Class pilot license!” Sutton suddenly said.

Zhao Lingyu did the A-Class maneuver again and the battleship drew a specific arc in the universe. This arc was developed after strict calculation, which could effectively avoid bombs and at the same time it could derive different changes according to different environments.

“Even if the Marshal does it a few more times, this person cannot learn it so quickly. The Marshal is too patient…” Sutton said for some movements you need to practice your hand speed first.

“That person will do it.” Sutton’s comrade suddenly said, while looking at the screen in front of him with a shocked face.

That battleship, which had just stumbled over all the b-rank moves, suddenly fluently performed the A- class maneuvers that Zhao Lingyu had just done.

“It’s not a replacement, is it?” Sutton muttered, but he knew that it was simply impossible. This simulation needed each pupil bound to their own military number. If the person was changed, the number would also be changed.

“No wonder the Marshal is so good to that teenager… so he is a genius! He is already so powerful at such a young age. In a few years…” Sutton’s comrade’s eyes were glowing – their First Legion might be able to have a fourth S-class battleship pilot!

At this time, Zhao Lingyu did another A-class maneuver and Ren Sheng once again repeated what he had just learned one by one. Then the two of them did all 10 A-Class moves one by one.

The person whose ability seemed weak at the beginning, somehow became stronger and did all these moves as if they were flowing water with no shackles or pause at all.

“The Marshal did an S-class maneuver…” Some people drew a cold breath. Although they knew that after A-class the Marshal might do an S-class maneuver, when Zhao Lingyu really did it, they felt it was unbelievable.

If that person could also do it… at the beginning when they saw Ren Sheng’s toddler piloting of the warship, they felt extremely ashamed.

Most of them were not even A-class pilots, so how dare they look down on others…

The S-class maneuver required more buttons to control. Ren Sheng watched Zhao Lingy hands flick on the console at a speed so fast that not even a shadow could be seen and started to admire and like them. Then he used his spiritual energy to write down the sequence completely and did it without a hitch.

The battleship imprinted with the newcomer’s code made a series of dazzling movements in the simulated universe before it stopped abruptly.

All those who watched this scene became very quiet and no one spoke anymore.

This was S class! This person actually made an S-class maneuver!

Zhao Lingyu made a second S-class maneuver followed by a third, fourth, and fifth.

Ren Sheng did all of them without a single mistake. His spiritual power allowed him to completely remember Zhao Lingyu’s moves and his roots enabled him to press any button he wanted.

“Ren you are amazing.” Zhao Lingyu’s eyes were soft.

“I think so too!” Ren Sheng was full of pride.

He and Zhao Lingyu were actually in sparring mode right now, but he did not want to fight against Zhao Lingyu. He just continued to fly around in the universe and even deliberately followed Zhao Lingyu.

This time, instead of following Zhao Lingyu’s action, he just combined all kinds of buttons at will by himself, so his warship made some strange actions from time to time in the universe as if it was crazy.

Sutton finally came back to his senses. “S-class, he is actually S-class… then why did he make himself look like he was only learning just now?”

“These movements are too amazing. That shuddering movement has to press seven buttons at the same time and you need to work in pairs to do it. How on the earth did he do it?” Sutton’s comrade asked.

“Why do I feel that this battleship seems to be dancing? It looks like he’s dancing with a very strong sense of rhythm.” It was good that Sutton actually did not care about the answer and kept guessing.

Of course, if Ren Sheng knew his guess, he would have scoffed. What dancing? He just put the wrong command in and was correcting it.

At this time, the warship entered the meteorite storm and several times it looked like it was going to hit the meteorite next to it, but each time it stopped its momentum in the nick of time, looking very dangerous.

No one thought that the pilot was unskilled and that’s why he was in such a situation, everyone agreed that he was just playing it cool.

“How amazing!” Such comments resounded in many places in the First Legion.

Sutton also said similar things. “I thought he was useless before, but it turned out to be prejudice, I didn’t think a kay could be so powerful… No, could the one piloting the warship be the Marshal and not the kay?”

“Let’s wait and see!” Sutton’s comrade said.

“Right! I must go and see. That man is my idol!” Sutton watched the warship suddenly change course to avoid the crisis when it was about to hit an asteroid and immediately his eyes glowed.

Although his comrades in arms were much calmer in comparison, they were also obviously very excited – how can they not admire such a strong man? As for this warship, although it dodged quickly it was still touched by meteorites from time to time, which everyone subconsciously ignored.

Ren Sheng was still testing various button combinations at this time.

Most people learned warship piloting in school. They first learned theory during the first half of the semester and then practiced on a simple simulator to learn some button combinations. Generally, they can only learn maneuvers during their second semester. It was already good that he could skip all of this.

When it was finally empty, Zhao Lingyu paid attention to the number of people watching his “match” with Ren Sheng.


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