In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 36.2 – Accepting Elder Teng As A Disciple


“…” Looking at Ren Sheng, Mr. Teng suddenly couldn’t speak and after a long time he said, “You should discuss this with Zhao Lingyu. As for the matter of me wanting to take you as an apprentice, don’t worry about it.” He now felt ashamed when he thought about what he said before.

“You don’t want to take me as a disciple?” Ren Sheng asked.

“How can I accept you as my disciple if I can’t even beat you?” Elder Teng was depressed.

“Actually… I can take you as a disciple and Little Green, if it is my disciple, I will take good care of it in the future.” Ren Sheng suddenly said, “I will teach you a lot of things. It’s good for you to be my apprentice.”

He was chased by old Teng all day long to accept being his disciple so he also wanted to accept disciples. He can’t teach about abilities, but he could still teach some common knowledge. His Master was most skilled in alchemy so he also learned some, but he was afraid that Old Teng would only be able to learn a little before his death.

Mr. Teng suddenly felt that what Ren Sheng said was particularly reasonable. Yes, he could take Ren Sheng as his teacher and learn skills from Ren Sheng, as well as let Ren Sheng take care of Little Green.

It was… He was five hundred years old and taking a small child as his teacher… was it really okay? He was completely unaware that the person in front of him was actually an old spirit.

“Do you want to worship me as a teacher or not?” Ren Sheng spoke in the same tone as old Teng before. Then he took out a random seed from his own Qiankun bag and catalyzed it – anyway, all the plants in the cultivation world could not be found in this world so others will surely find it very novel.

This seed grew a large stretch of grass and there were many white flowers the size of fingernails in it, and the scent emitted from these small flowers…

Old Teng fell to the ground with a thud, so Ren Sheng, who just wanted to give him a flower to study could only reluctantly turn the flower into seeds consuming some refined soil for this purpose – the seeds he brought from the cultivation world all contain spiritual energy unlike the plants of this world that could bloom casually.

“Grandpa Butler, old Teng is unconscious!” Ren Sheng shouted as the housekeeper who had become stronger recently immediately brought someone to carry him.

When Zhao Lingyu returned, the old man was not yet awake. The butler who had already checked him found that he was alright and was just asleep, so he did not mention it. Everyone had a quiet meal and went back to their room after finishing.

“Ren, you’ve seen the concert today, if you didn’t enjoy it, you don’t need to chase this star in the future. I think he’s just like others with two eyes and one mouth, very ordinary.” Zhao Lingyu’s face didn’t change as he said ‘very ordinary.’

“Who said that? He’s handsome!” Ren Sheng said sourly, those people on starnet said that Komozi was the most handsome and many of his fans supported him to pursue Zhao Lingyu.

“Very handsome?” The Marshal was also sour. Tomorrow he must make that guy leave Capital Star quickly! No, he doesn’t want to see this so-called Dream Star representative anymore.

“I heard that you’re going to meet him tomorrow? I’m going too!” Ren Sheng also remembered, as he wanted to tell the other person that Zhao Lingyu was his.

His own mother was simply ‘pitting her son!’ How dare she abduct his cute little ginseng to chase after the stars! Zhao Lingyu was very depressed, but did not know that although Shen Qiushi pitted her own son, this pit was never this.

“Then it’s settled. Let’s start fetal education.” Ren Sheng exposed the four fruits on his head, his babies had grown a little bigger!

After the fetal education, the two of them went to sleep with their own thoughts.

In the middle of the night, Mr. Teng finally woke up. He was so hungry that he went to the kitchen to have a meal and only then remembered that Ren Sheng had shown him a plant he had never seen before. The fragrance of the flowers made him feel like he had come in contact with countless plants. He was afraid of it, but instantly fell into a coma.

This thing definitely has a great use! In a hurry, old Teng wanted to knock on the window like Little Green did before, but before long he retained this impulse.

Ren Sheng got up with Zhao Lingyu the next day and as soon as they walked out the door they saw old teng. The other party also ran over quickly, “Ren Sheng, I want to worship you as a teacher!”

Worship Ren Sheng as a teacher? The old man didn’t accidentally damage his head, did he? Zhao Lingyu looked at Elder Teng in disbelief.

Old Teng was smiling, “Ren Sheng, today I will worship you as my teacher!” He had never cared much about what others’ thoughts anyway, so let’s lose our face!

“No, I have something to do today.” Ren Sheng said. He had to meet his love rival with Zhao Lingyu today, so how could he have time to take in a disciple?

“Elder Teng. What’s wrong with you?” Zhao Lingyu frowned slightly.

“What else can I do? I was beaten down by your daughter-in-law… no, I was beaten down by your man.” His master was definitely more powerful than Zhao Lingyu, who now has no ability. Just like the flowers yesterday, Zhao Lingyu would definitely faint after smelling them and then his master could do whatever he wanted to him.

Zhao Lingyu felt that he had a generation gap with these people from his family.

However, what he needed to pay more attention to now was not Ren Sheng taking in apprentices, but the matter of Ren Sheng chasing stars.

Elder Teng was so old and no longer good-looking, so he could not be considered as a threat and he simply did not need to pay much attention to him. But Komozi was different!

Before old Teng could collect himself, he watched as Zhao Lingyu left the Zhao family with Ren Sheng.

By this time, there were already quite a few people at the First Legion’s reception. A handsome young man straightened the clothes on his body for the eighth time and continued to stare at the door with anxiety and anticipation. The people around him passed by from time to time to watch the fun.

Looking at this scene, Wu Shuai sighed with emotion, “The Marshal really has many admirers around the world now. When can I be like this…” Before, he thought that this Komozi liking the Marshal was just hype, but now it seemed to be true?

“You can’t be.” Zhao Na said seriously.

“Aren’t you unable to predict that?”

“This doesn’t even need to be predicted.” Zhao Na still looked serious.



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