In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 32.2 – Having Children

Zhao Lingyu did some stupid things when he was a child, but he became more and more serious as he grew up. When he was three or four years old, he had already begun to train.

The child with baby fat on his face was already sweating profusely, but he still insisted on exercising until the monitoring equipment indicated that he should rest before stopping.

The child who grew a little taller began to learn to use weapons, wielding it many times without getting bored.

The teenager followed his father into the army, where he trained with the new recruits.




The more Ren Sheng looked at them, the more he liked them, but he couldn’t help but sigh. “He grew up so fast!”

“Yeah, I always feel that it hasn’t been that long since I gave birth to him, but now he is so old.” Shen Qiushi sighed.

Ren Sheng, however, counted Zhao Lingyu’s age.

Zhao Lingyu had lived for less than 50 years, which was incredibly short compared to him. Judging from the photos, he could live on his own after only a few years.

If he gave birth to a human child, it would only be several years of delay, but he was not sure if he was able to. Ren Sheng subconsciously touched his head again.

Shen Qiushi spoke enthusiastically for a long time, because she was worried that Ren Sheng would be under pressure. “Ren, we don’t care if the child would be an ability user or not, if you like to have a child, we can go to the scientific research institute to cultivate one. Although cultivating one wouldn’t have an ability, it would at least have your bloodline.”

“Yes.” Ren Sheng responded absent-mindedly.

The banquet didn’t last long. Neither Zhao Lingyu nor Shen Qiushi were patient with the people who had been making false accusations. Seeing that their patience was almost over, they left one after another on the grounds that their bodies had not yet recovered or they were very busy. After the host left, the others would not stay either and left one after another.

The attendees still hadn’t recovered after they left the party… Zhao Lingyu actually planned to marry a barren man or boy!

The Patriarch of the Locke family slowly walked into his aircraft, the expression on his face changing several times, finally becoming tangled.

He had spent so much effort to seize the resources of the Zhao family. If he had known that Zhao Lingyu would marry a man who would not be able to give birth to a child with the S-level fusion ability of the Zhao family, why would he spend so much effort?

“Dad, Zhao Lingyu abducted the little boy, can we do something about that?” Matthew asked excitedly.

“Do you have a brain?” The Patriarch of the Locke family glared at his second son. “When you and Wen Yue approached the Zhao family, that was Ren Sheng’s voice that appeared in Shen Qiushi’s video. Then Wen Yue and your mother met Shen Qiushi at the mall, which made everyone think of you. Maybe in the end, others will think that Zhao Lingyu is a man of love and righteousness.”

Who wouldn’t want to have a child with powerful abilities? Zhao Lingyu gave it up for someone who never abandoned him when he was injured.

The reason why the five families could become the big five families was because they all possessed powerful abilities that could protect the Human Federation. If the Zhao family lost their heir, the Zhao family’s inheritance would become someone else’s in the future!

Matthew was scolded by his father, but he was still a little angry. Seeing him like this, Mr. Locke sighed. “I really spoiled you too much. After we go back, you will follow me everyday to study. Don’t you dare be lazy!”

When Matthew was brought home by his father, Fang Chengjun leaned lazily on the aircraft holding a cigarette in his hand. He was clearly well-dressed, yet it made people feel he was incredibly sexy.

“Cousin, is Zhao Lingyu really going to marry that Ren Sheng?” Fang Rumeng’s lips trembled. Before she went to today’s banquet, she was very confident about pursuing Zhao Lingyu. After all, she was a woman. Although her suitability ratio with Zhao Lingyu was lower than that of Wen Yue, it was still good. Moreover, after Zhao Lingyu was injured, she did not make any trouble.

She should be more than enough for Zhao Lingyu, who had lost his ability.

But in fact? Zhao Lingyu didn’t even look at her for a second.

“Since Zhao Lingyu said so, he will.” Fang Chengjun said.

“Why would he do that?” Fang Rumeng couldn’t understand at all.

“Because he wanted to?” Fang Chengjun inhaled the smoke from his nostrils. He stared at the smoke for a while and suddenly said, “You can’t catch up with Zhao Lingyu, so don’t go any further.”

“Brother!” Fang Rumeng called out.

“If you still think about Zhao Lingyu, don’t call me brother.” Fang Chengjun said again, his eyes on his bright white hands.

His grandfather, the head of the Fang family, had only one daughter in his life and his mother didn’t even know how many men she had been associated with in order to have children. When she had him, she broke up with all of them.

But, what about him? He also had to have a child who would inherit Fang family’s metal ability…

He had dated many people, but sometimes when he met someone who really made his heart flutter, he didn’t dare to contact them for fear of falling for them. In contrast, Zhao Lingyu’s approach really made him envious.

Zhao Lingyu, who was envied by Fang Chengjun, raised a ginseng in his bathtub.

After a month, Zhao Lingyu was already accustomed to Ren Sheng’s behavior of extending his tentacles and wrapping them around him when no one else was around. He would only stop them when they were close to certain places. Ren Sheng was very obedient and the two of them worked well together.

“Lingyu, you haven’t produced any seeds in ten days, when will you produce them?” Ren Sheng used one of his roots to draw circles on Zhao Lingyu’s body. As he drew them, his roots went into Zhao Lingyu’s clothes, going straight to the two bumps on his chest.

“I don’t know.” Zhao Lingyu said without changing his expression, while pulling out the roots that stroked his chest.

“Would you like to get married tonight?” Ren Sheng changed his hands into his roots and continued to drill. “Didn’t you say once a month was enough?” Zhao Lingyu pulled the root out from his chest again.

“I’m going to bloom!” Ren Sheng said with a straight face. “I want to bloom early!” He said as he stood up from the bathtub. In the bathtub, he turned into his human form and grabbed Zhao Lingyu. “Lingyu, let’s just do it once.”

Ren Sheng acted coquettish. Before Zhao Lingyu produced seeds last time, he also acted like this. Maybe it would really work.

Zhao Lingyu felt that it was very likely that he would produce some more “seeds” today.

Zhao Lingyu’s idea was correct.

He felt as if someone was touching his body and when he finally woke up, he found that he had indeed produced “seeds.” Ren Sheng rushed to help him clean again and Little Green knocked on their window again.

This was the third time this scene had happened and it was estimated that it would continue to happen again and again… It was embarrassing, but he didn’t hate it.

Helping Zhao Lingyu clean up, Ren Sheng tried to absorb it while scooping up a tub of his own bath water and splashing it on the ground in the courtyard.

He had already eaten a big meal, and it was okay to give Little Green some scraps to taste, because after all, it was of his kind too.

“……” Zhao Lingyu looked at it for a moment before saying, “Next time, don’t splash the bath water.” That was bath water!

“Oh.” Ren Sheng nodded, the bath water was not allowed to be splashed, so he needed to take turns to give the housekeeper his hand-washing water. 


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