In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 25 – Small Green Vine

Zhao Lingyu had planned to appear before the public on Human New Life Day. He would already be in good health and all the arrangements that needed to be made had already been made, but now this matter was already brought forward.

“Is Master Teng very powerful?” Ren Sheng curiously asked, completely unaware of the political twists and turns.

“Of course he’s powerful, he can even travel in the universe alone.” Zhao Lingyu was very respectful to Mr. Teng, “But he has always been out of sight. Generally speaking, he only delivers news to the Federation when he discovers certain resources. In the past ten years, he hasn’t sent back any news at all! But those people were able to find him!”

“So powerful?” Ren Sheng was a little surprised. He experienced the universe when he was on the spaceship before and the emptiness made him very unhappy. If he was thrown in the universe, he was afraid that he would wilt quickly.

“Yeah, he’s already five hundred years old.” Zhao Lingyu squeezed Ren Sheng’s hand. “When he comes, you must be careful and not let him notice anything weird about you.”

Mr. Teng was not young. People of his generation, even those with abilities were almost all dead. When they didn’t get any news from Mr. Teng, they all thought he had died outside and didn’t expect him to come back.

Zhao Lingyu even felt somewhat honored… and helpless.

Ren Sheng obediently nodded and took the video of the battle of the plant ability user that Zhao Lingyu had chosen for him and went to practice his ‘abilities.’

According to Zhao Lingyu’s words, he could use his powers, but he must let others think he was an ability user.

After using some of his spiritual energy, a small tree beneath his feet started to grow taller and taller. Then he took control of this small tree and used it.

Ren Sheng had never thought about controlling the plants around him before and generally ignored them. But even though he never thought about it, it didn’t mean he couldn’t do it.

Halfway through its growth, the small tree grew crooked, from left to right and eventually grew into an S shape.

But in the case of battle, a tree like that wouldn’t seem to work? According to Zhao Lingyu, it would be best to find some plants that had offensive power on their own, such as the Cannibal Flower or Five Poison Grass and plants like this.

It’s a really troublesome thing to speed up the growth of a plant every time he fights. It would be best if he could take a few that gained enlightenment as his little brother. But unfortunately there’s no aura in this world, so plants don’t seem to be able to become enlightened? Ren Sheng felt a little lost but suddenly he felt a hint of something strange.

A piece of green vine grew out of nowhere, curved around and actually wrapped around the tree he had just entered his spiritual energy into. From this vine, Ren Sheng also felt the scent of his own kind.

This was clearly a spiritually enlightened plant! But although it had gained spiritual wisdom, it was obviously not too long ago, so changing shape or communicating with people was impossible.

He was also in this state for a long time in the beginning and even he didn’t know how long it took him to become a child.

Previously in the cultivation realm, Ren Sheng had heard a lot of things about the outside world from his Master, but had never seen it with his own eyes. This time when he saw his own kind, he called to it in joy and reached out to grab the vine.

The vine, perhaps sensing his scent, wrapped around him unusually softly. Some small suction cups of vine used for climbing attached to him.

“You can’t take advantage of me, okay?” Ren Sheng patted the vines on his body. “You can suck some energy that escapes from me, but if you dare use these suction cups for anything else, I’ll cut you into hundreds of pieces!” Although the vine was incapable of sucking energy out of him, some words should be said up front.

The small leaves on the vine caught the wind and swayed as if they were nodding their heads, making Ren Sheng delighted and proud when he saw this scene, so he directly put a little spiritual power into the little vine.

The little vine swayed more severely. It was originally only partly entangled with Ren Sheng and he didn’t know where the rest of the vine led to, but then it suddenly retracted the other half of its body.

The retracted vines were very, very long, but after they were all retracted, the vines on Ren Sheng’s body only thickened a little.

“You can get bigger and smaller? That’s amazing. I wish I had the same ability.” Ren Sheng touched the vine with a little envy. He then let it take root in the mud, then took off his shoes and sat on the ground doing the same thing. “You are enlightened, so how about following me from now on? I have spiritual power and I can also give you a little bit of refined soil.” He saved a little bit of refined soil before, but recently he began to work hard to absorb it, so now he would need to start saving some again. In order to cultivate, contribution was necessary and it would be more appropriate to bind people with the little vine than using his own roots.

If his roots were broken, it would be too late for him to cry!

The vines wrapped around Ren Sheng’s body, obviously very happy.

Ren Sheng and the vines on his body communicated happily, but outside of the island, an old man with white hair and beard was stunned. Even when he was surrounded by people, he couldn’t calm down.

He was used to being free. Although he had promised to follow the people of the Human Federation back to Capital Star because he wanted to help Zhao Lingyu, another person ended up coming to the Zhao family first.

The Zhao family was heavily guarded and even if he could sneak into the outer perimeter, he couldn’t get close to the Zhao family’s mansion. He planned to show himself and let the Zhao family welcome him in, but as a result, even before he showed himself, the precious vine that had been following him for years suddenly started running towards the island.

There were quite a few capable people on the Zhao family’s island, so he was afraid that someone would cut his wine.

However, before he could pull the vine back, the vine ran away, throwing him away.

It actually left him behind and ran away!

“Who are you? How did you get here?” Dino, who healed his body with the help of the Zhao family, had joined the Zhao family guards. He looked at the old man in front of him guardedly, while transmitting the image of the old man back to the Zhao mansion.

Although this person looked very old and didn’t look like a bad guy, it was precisely because of this that he needed to be even more careful.

The old man looked sadly at the island in front of him, still immersed in the sadness of his vine abandoning him. At this time, both Zhao Lingyu and Shen Qiushi had seen his picture… Master Teng?

They thought this person still hadn’t reached Capital Star yet? Why was he here all of a sudden? Yet he was alone without the Federation people from the different groups?

Zhao Lingyu was confused, but Shen Qiushi had already run out to greet him.

Mr. Teng’s seniority and status was high and even the Zhao family couldn’t afford to neglect it.

“Mr. Teng, sorry for failing to welcome you sooner.” Feeling Teng Lao’s energy, Shen Qiushi immediately determined the identity of the person in front of her and spoke respectfully.

It was only at this time that Elder Teng was able to return to his senses. “It’s fine, let’s go in.” He still needed to find his vine and he would only feel at ease if he found it early.

“Please come in.” Shen Qiushi acted in a no nonsense manner and directly led Mr. Teng to the Zhao family’s mansion.

Mr. Teng followed Shen Qiushi inside, looking around as he walked, his eyes eventually locking onto the forest behind the Zhao family mansion.

“Mr. Teng…” Zhao Lingyu didn’t hide himself anymore and stood in the courtyard in protective clothing, waiting for him. The big event of a healthy Marshal Zhao, instead of being bedridden and dying was only met with a small glimpse of surprise in Mr. Teng’s eyes.

As he watched Teng Lao go to the back of the house quickly, Zhao Lingyu couldn’t help but wonder if the news of his healing had already spread.

Was the backyard of his house more attractive than him?

Incorrect! Ren Sheng was back there!

Thinking that Ren Sheng himself was a plant and that Mr. Teng might have sensed it, Zhao Lingyu turned pale as he quickly followed after him.

It wasn’t that Mr. Teng didn’t take Zhao Lingyu’s condition seriously, in fact, he had a very good impression of Zhao Lingyu and wanted to help him.

If he had encountered the dying Zhao Lingyu, he might have taken a look at Zhao Lingyu before looking for his vine, but now that Zhao Lingyu was fine, his top priority was naturally to get his vine back.

As for why the supposedly dying Zhao Lingyu was well now… what business was that of his?

Elder Teng walked fast and Zhao Lingyu and Shen Qiushi firmly followed him. The three of them soon arrived in the woods behind the Zhao mansion.

“Lingyu, look what I found!” Ren Sheng felt Zhao Lingyu’s proximity and was busy withdrawing his roots as he displayed the vines wrapped around him as he puffed up his chest.

“Little Green!” When Elder Teng saw the vine, he immediately called out.

“Ren!” Zhao Lingyu’s face changed as he saw Ren Sheng entangled in the vines.

Ren Sheng skin was very white so the green vines wrapped around him were very conspicuous. This was simply S&M!

Zhao Lingyu, who did not have any S&M hobbies, was only shocked as he stretched out his hand to pull the vine. “Ren, are you ok?”


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