Surrender – Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

“You are so…” Chu Yunhan was at a loss for words for a while. The current situation was beyond his comprehension. Chu Yichen didn’t seem to be joking, he really wanted to do him. His body turned stiff with fear and helplessness, and he hurriedly begged, “Don’t…wait…I’m not gay. Accepting Sheng Wu’s conditions was just a stopgap measure. I don’t have any…Wuu!” All of a sudden, the hand exploring his lower body grabbed the fragile and sensitive part between his legs. His whole body shook, and he tried to kick him. The other party seemed to have expected it, and the hand holding the genitals squeezed them tightly, making him scream in pain.

“Be honest if you don’t want to suffer.” Chu Yichen grabbed his right ankle and skillfully tied it to the bedpost with a strap. Chu Yunhan’s face turned pale. “Do you think you can just deny we are brothers? Don’t you know this is incest? If my uncles learn about this, they will never forgive you!”

“It doesn’t matter.” The man propped up his body with one hand, raised his chin with the other, pressed his naked warm body under him, and kissed him again. This time he pinched Chu Yunhan’s jaw, so that he couldn’t bite him. Chu Yunhan struggled, but pressed under his opponent he could only move his left leg.

As they say, a single wrong step can lead to the wrong path. 

At first he didn’t think Chu Yichen would actually do it. What happened afterwards was beyond his imagination. By the time he came back to his senses, he had been completely restrained, unable to resist.

With their lips and tongues intertwined, the man roamed wantonly in his mouth as if to suck all the air from his lungs.

Unlike when Sheng Wu kissed him and he endured passively, Chu Yichen’s aggressiveness and oppressiveness at this moment scared him. Mixed with the uneasiness of losing his freedom, this fear grew even stronger. What shocked him even more was that he clearly knew that the person whose lips and tongue were intertwined with his was his cousin. Shame and resistance filled every corner of his heart, making him tremble all over.

After enjoying himself, Chu Yichen slowly withdrew from his mouth and pressed his lips on the side of his neck, sucking and nibbling, as if to cover the marks left by Sheng Wu, lingering over every single one of them. The hand that held his lower jaw also reached down to his lower body, playing with the dormant sex organ between his legs, kneading and rubbing extremely provocatively.

“Chu Yichen, you really make me sick!” The person who was pressed down stared at the other with scarlet eyes and asked coldly, “Why touch me? There has been no woman by your side for so many years. Is it because you can’t get it up for a woman? Touching a man can make you happy? I heard that your two dads often play sex games at home too. You really deserve to be called their son. Even the perverted tastes are exactly the same…Ah—” The pain suddenly soared because that person had tightly pinched his sac. It hurt unbearably.

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“I’m warning you, don’t try to provoke me!” Chu Yichen’s fingers continued playing with his meat stick, his nails scratching at the bell mouth with great intensity. The successive stimulation made him shudder, and a flow of heat gradually surged between his legs. Being played with like this, he had a reaction, which made him ashamed to death. His entire face grew hot. There was no reason left in his mind and he shouted without thinking, “I’m warning you! Who do you think you are? I won’t look for you even if I wanted to be f*cked by a man! Your kiss is f*cking disgusting! Sheng Wu kisses me better than you!”

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The man’s movements paused for a while. There was a cold dark light in the black eyes, and his lips stretched in a chilling smile. “Since I make you sick, let’s change the approach.” After that, he released him and took out several small items from the box next to the  bed. Chu Yunhan knew that the remark just now had completely angered him, and he immediately regretted it. When he saw what those items were, he was even more shocked. “You… don’t touch me with these things…”

Chu Yichen held his semi-soft sex organ, took a hairpin-like appliance, put one end of the hose on the bell mouth, and said indifferently, “You still think of other men in my bed, it is indeed my negligence.”

“Go away! Go away… Go away!” Chu Yunhan  shouted with a pale face, but the hose was mercilessly inserted into the urethra. He instantly tightened his body in pain, and even his voice changed. But the other party didn’t show any mercy, and slowly kept pushing it in, until the entire hose was inserted, leaving only a peach blossom-shaped hairpin head outside.

“Take it out…” The bound person trembled and panted. “You pervert… You f*cking get it out of me…”

Chu Yichen ignored him, grabbed a pillow to raise his lower abdomen, put on a pair of medical gloves, poured some lubricant on his fingers, and pushed two fingers into his back. The sensation of his sphincter being stretched made Chu Yunhan let out a cry. The narrow channel that had never been treated so roughly instinctively shrank in order to expel the intruder. The intense discomfort and the fear in his heart made him tremble all over.

Although Chu Yunhan was not gay, he had been in the circle of pampered young masters  for a long time and had seen a lot. He knew how it worked between men. At this moment, he understood what the man was going to do. Shocked, he couldn’t keep his voice firm any longer, “Don’t be like this, you can’t be like this…”

The gradually increasing number of fingers  stretched the folds around his acupuncture point a bit. The weird sensation caused by the bending and twisting inside his body made him feel uncomfortable and he constantly tried to straighten up his waist to get rid of it. The tightness obviously made the other party unhappy. Chu Yichen narrowed his eyes slightly, changing positions and pressing against the intestinal wall as if looking for something. When he touched a certain place, the person under him shook uncontrollably. Then, those fingers became like hounds chasing a rabbit, firmly focusing on that place, constantly stimulating it.

Obviously, it should have been a humiliating torture, yet the sensation of the gland being pressed was distinct, numb and piercing, and a surging heat started spreading in his lower body, constantly stirring. When the first uncontrollable nasal sound escaped his lips, Chu Yunhan’s eyes were filled with shame, and he shouted, “Go away! Hmm… You are crazy… Chu Yichen, you can’t do this, I……”

 “What should I do with you?” The man looked at him condescendingly, his eyes cold. “Since I was a child, as long as you liked something, I would readily give it all to you; as long as it was your wish, I would try my best to satisfy it; if you made a mistake, I was willing to take the blame for you; you were unwilling to work, abandoning yourself to sensual pleasures, yet I let you be the eldest master of the Chu family. Conversely, how did you treat me?” Chu Yichen pulled out his fingers and pressed a thick massage stick dipped in lubricating fluid to the slightly reddened acupuncture point. “I have been thinking, is it because I have tolerated all of this, that you feel that whatever you do to me will be forgiven, so you’ve been provoking my bottom line again and again?”

“I was wrong… I was really wrong, I will never provoke you again, really…” Chu Yunhan’s eyes were full of panic, and he hurriedly admitted his mistake.

“It’s too late.” Chu Yichen relentlessly inserted the massage stick.

 A miserable cry escaped his lips, and Chu Yunhan’s body stood up like a fish, instinctively trying to evade the intrusion of the foreign object, and then fell weakly on the bed, gasping for breath. Deep marks were left on the struggling tied wrists. The sphincter was abruptly stretched to the limit. Inserting only  one third of the massage stick made him tremble with pain. Panting quickly, he begged, “Don’t…don’t…” However, the other party had no mercy, and the whole stick was completely pushed in. Chu Yunhan only felt his vision go black. The pain in the back acupoint almost made him lose consciousness, and the second half of his painful cry for mercy was already hoarse.

However, the nightmare had just begun.

The remote control was turned on. The massage stick buried deep in Chu Yunhan’s body started twisting and vibrating frantically. The initial pain made him let out a short whine, but every time the rotating convex part of the column pressed against the gland, it would stir up a sensation that could not be ignored. The pleasure drowned the pain a bit, and the numbness and heat that gradually emerged, gathered in the lower abdomen, making his genitals stand upright. He bit his lips, trying to suppress the shameful moans, but couldn’t help crying out when Chu Yichen pressed a vibrating egg against his meat stick. The double stimulation in the front and in the back completely engulfed him in a wave of desire, but the only outlet was firmly blocked by the hose, so it could only remain sealed within his body.

Chu Yunhan struggled in vain. The red marks on his wrists and ankles left by the straps got deeper and deeper. “Stop…I can’t stand it…Stop…” unable to stand the torture, he begged intermittently, tears falling from the corners of his eyes. 

“It’s so hard, want to shoot?” The man fiddled with the peach blossom at the top. For a sensitive organ like the urethra, every tiny movement would be magnified countless times, and Chu Yunhan trembled, panting in his hands, his eyes misty.

“Beg me.” Chu Yichen gave him an insipid look.

Hearing those two words, Chu Yunhan’s eyes got bloodshot, he gritted his teeth and shouted angrily, “Get lost!”

The man raised the corners of his lips and adjusted the remote control in his hand to a higher gear.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” The desire within his body exploded, and the more intense stimulation made the person tied to the bed instinctively raise his neck and arche his body to ejaculate, but he couldn’t shoot at all. The accumulated pleasure was completely sealed within the body, tantamount to the most painful torture. He finally collapsed, crying loudly, “Kill me! Chu Yichen, kill me! Uh…”

“Sometimes wishing for death is no simple matter.” The man didn’t look at him at all. He sat down on the sofa, flipping through the report in his hand. “It’s going to be a long night. You have plenty of time to slowly figure out what you desire.”

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