Surrender – Chapter 29

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Chapter 29

Chu Yichen’s mouth moved to his neck, his collarbone, and his throat, intense and lingering, leaving reddish marks on the fair skin. The soft tickling sensation made him want to avoid it, yet at the same time he couldn’t help asking for more.



His hand stroked his cheek, the side of his neck, the skin, and lingered over his chest, kneading the already erected breasts, making them more plump and beautiful. The other hand moved downwards inch by inch, stroked his flat abdomen, and held his erect penis. Rubbing the sensitive small hole at the front end, his nails repeatedly scratched the edge of the umbrella-shaped part, abruptly switching between light and heavy friction, constantly provoking his desire.



The desire surging from deep within started slowly leaking out in a silent trickle, flowing through every vein of his body. In the end, it grew into an irresistible torrent,  raging and wreaking havoc within his body, surging back and forth violently, as if to tear him apart.



The pleasure was like an electrical current, bringing forth a burst of shudders. His body devoid of strength, he was softly confined in that person’s arms. Every inch of his skin seemed to be on fire, as if he was about to burn to ashes. Moisture glistered in his half-closed eyes, his vision became blurred, and the world lost its outlines. Even though he covered his mouth with the back of his hand, he still couldn’t restrain the shameful moans. Mixed with his gradually accelerating gasping, they added fuel to the burning desire, making it even more intense. 



The string of reason broke and the body succumbed to primal desire, forgetting the initial resistance, the entangled past, and their identities.

“Um… hurry up…”



He couldn’t help but ask for more.



“Heavier… there… ah…”



I don’t want to care about anything, just hold this body and break it completely.



“Please…please…let me shoot…”

He couldn’t think anymore, he could only unconsciously beg, following the other party’s demands.



When his desire had nearly reached its peak, yet could not be vented, the man’s slightly hoarse deep voice echoed in his ears, 


“Be good, call me ‘Master’.”

“This is just a game, a game between you and me. Acknowledge this relationship and you can have more fun. You want more, don’t you?” 



“Let’s try it once, okay? This is just a form of address.” 



“If you do, you will be rewarded. You want to shoot, don’t you?” 



Each sentence was like a whisper, a chant, tempting and coaxing, bewitching the prey trapped in the net into losing its mind.



The monster of desire ruthlessly dragged him to the bottom of the abyss. Chu Yunhan lifted his face. The moisture in the corners of his eyes was stained with lustrous desire, his lips moved, and finally he completely gave up resisting and slowly uttered that word.




“Very good.” A kiss fell on his forehead, and the man said softly, “Slave, I allow you to shoot.”

As if undoing a secret ancient curse, that sentence magically unlocked his sealed body, and the turbulent desire gushed out.



At that moment, his mind went blank. During the climax his body lost all its sensations, as if it had entered another dimension and shattered into tiny atoms.



It took his brain a few seconds to restart.


 *  *  *  *  *  *  * 


The room was empty. Chu Yunhan lay on the bed tired and motionless, a warm and sticky sensation on his hand. After the climax, he was once again overcome with disgust, accompanied by a strong feeling of weakness and loneliness.



It had been two weeks since Chu Yichen shot him out with his hands. Afterwards, he vowed not to go to East Coast and to never contact him again. But the ever-increasing sense of emptiness nearly shook his initial determination.



How ridiculous.



On a night like this, perfect for chasing beauties, he could only shut himself in the room to masturbate overwhelmed by lust. And when masturbating, he couldn’t help but recall everything Chu Yichen did to him that day.



Every expression, every word, every kiss and touch.



If he was only physically obsessed with this man, why did his brain continue recalling these details?



In the end, was it his body or his mind that had become addicted? 



Chu Yunhan grabbed a pillow and slammed it against the chandelier on the ceiling in anger.



“Son of a bitch……”


*  *  *  *  *  *  * 


In the rightmost room on the fourth floor of  East Coast Club. 


Chu Yunhan looked at the props in the cabinet with an awkward expression. His eyes fell on a huge purple massage stick. He picked it up and touched it. The silicone material was not soft. If this thing was inserted into his body… he was terrified.



“You like it?” asked the man sitting on the sofa, looking at a sheet of paper in his hands.



“No…” His face grew hot, he put the thing back, and muttered, “Haven’t you finished reading it yet?”



“I need to remember all of your ‘do not accept’ entries, and this section is particularly large.”



Chu Yunhan blushed and stopped talking. He pretended to pick up a whip and fiddle with it. He had agreed to enter into a relationship with Chu Yichen. In order to restrict the other party’s actions, he earnestly re-filled the information form and brought it to him to sign it.



After reading it, Chu Yichen signed his name, handed it to him, and said, “You can choose a safe word.”



“Anything is fine?” 



“Avoid common phrases. It’s best not to use phrases like ‘stop’ or ‘no’ to express refusal.”



“Why?” As soon as he asked, he figured the answer. He coughed in embarrassment, thought for a while and asked, “Is ‘I resign’ okay?”



It was a term in Go, used to admit defeat and end the game.



“It’s okay.”



He once again sought confirmation, “When I say ‘I resign’, you will stop, no matter what you are doing?”



“Yes. If you feel unwell, you can say the safe word and end the game. Do you have anything else to ask?”






“Okay. Just now I signed it, acknowledging all your rights. Next, we should talk about your obligations.” The man crossed his legs and looked at him calmly.



For a moment Chu Yun was stunned and cursed “old fox” in his heart. Then, remembering that he was three months older than that person, the corners of his mouth twitched, and he reluctantly said, “Speak.”



“I require three things from you. First, acknowledge your identity. During the game, I need you to acknowledge our identities. I am the dom, you are the sub, I am the master, you are the slave, I am the one in control, you are the one to serve. This is the prerequisite for everything. If you are always reluctant to enter the role, it will be difficult to obtain pleasure.”

“I know,” he replied in a low voice. Since the last time he called “Master”, the pressure in his heart had eased a bit. After mentally accepting this game, the resistance to the roles of master and slave was no longer so strong.



“Second, follow the rules. As a slave, you must obey all my orders during the game. If you fail to do so, you will be punished. I determine the method and the degree of the punishment.”



He thought of the whips he had suffered before and the piercing pain, and reluctantly uttered, “Oh.”



“Third, stay focused.” Chu Yichen paused, “You don’t accept one-to-many relationships, so as long as there is a contractual relationship between us, I won’t accept other subs. Similarly, as a master, I will not allow my slave to have affairs with other people. To be more specific, during our master-slave relationship, your body belongs to me only, and you are not allowed to have sex with anyone else, including yourself.”



Chu Yunhan pursed his lips, feeling uncomfortable. “I see.”



“Okay.” The man raised his wrist to look at his watch, got up, took off his dark blue suit, rolled up the sleeves of his white shirt, took a brown hard riding whip, stood in front of the sofa, and said, “Come here.”



The imperative tone indicated the beginning of the game.



Slight restlessness spread in his body. Chu Yun swallowed and slowly walked over.



“In this room, unless I permit you otherwise, you must be naked,” Chu Yichen said slowly. “I give you one minute to undress.”



Hearing this, Chu Yichen immediately started unbuttoning his clothes. It was the same in the basement of the old house of the Chu family before and he was accustomed to it. Unfortunately, he was wearing a Burberry double breasted long trench coat today and Lan Xin had deliberately tied the belt into a knot. It took a long time to untie it. The more anxious he felt, the slower he moved. When he finished, he had a premonition that he would be punished for exceeding the time limit. Feeling as if his body had already started to hurt ahead of time, he said hesitantly, “I… couldn’t untie it…”



The man raised an eyebrow and looked at him.



Chu Yunhan remembered that he had not been allowed to speak, bit his lip, and fell silent.

Chu Yichen tapped the whip in his hand lightly and said, “I taught you how to talk to me. Do you need me to use this to help you remember?”



He hesitated for a few seconds, then knelt down somewhat stiffly, and said in a soft mosquito-like voice, “…Master.”



The whip hit his body painfully. 



His face flushed. He lowered his head, and reluctantly raised his voice, “…Master.” The whip was pressed under his chin and lifted his face. Chu Yunhan looked up at the person in front of him bleary-eyed.



One was standing, the other one was kneeling. This contrast sharply increased the sense of oppression.

“Go on.”






“Repeat it until I am satisfied.”

“Master… Master!” His voice finally became clear, no longer hesitating.



“Very good.” The whip slid across his Adam’s apple, moving downwards to tease the protrusion on his chest. Chu Yichen’s dark eyes reflected the red golden haze outside the window. “Want a reward?”



Hearing this sentence, the restlessness in his body increased more and more. “I want…” After saying this, he realized it was wrong and immediately added, “Master.”



“Go to the sofa and raise your waist.”



Chu Yunhan obediently did so, his fair skin flushed with shame and excitement.

When the fingers soaked in lubricating fluid entered the secret hole behind him, he couldn’t help panting nervously, and the tunnel instinctively contracted to expel the intruder.

“Relax.” He slapped his butt.



“Hmm…” He tried to slowly lower his waist and relax, burying his head in the sofa ashamed.



When he was expanded to accommodate three fingers, a rubber massage stick covered with lubricating fluid was inserted. The other party didn’t choose the thick and violent type, but just randomly selected a medium-sized vibrator. However, after the switch was turned on, he easily obtained pleasure that quickly brought him close to a climax.



Chu Yunhan gasped impatiently. His master had not allowed him to ejaculate, so he could only endure it.



He felt he was bewitched.

He had tried it with other people, let someone else insert the vibrator, but he never felt it so quickly and so intensively. It seemed that only under Chu Yichen’s control would his body become so sensitive and he would lose control so easily.



“Master, I’m begging you*…I can’t take it anymore…” Under that person’s hand, he could only beg for mercy.


T/N: The “you” Yunhan is using here is the informal form of address. 



” ‘You’?” The whip hit the tender butt ruthlessly, instantly staining it red.



“Ah–I’m begging you* …Master…wu…” Chu Yunhan was in pain. He hurriedly adjusted his words, a sobbing undertone in his voice.


T/N: Yunhan is using honorifics here. 



“Tell me your identity,” Chu Yichen said solemnly.



“…Slave, uh…ah-” He received a whip.



“I want to hear the standard answer.”



“I’m your slave. Ah—it hurts…” He received another whip.



“Haven’t learned your lesson yet?” 



“…Master, wu…I am your slave.” This time he finally answered right. He trembled and whimpered, “Please…I can’t help it…”

His hair was gently pulled back and his chin was raised. Before his eyes blurred by tears was the magnified handsome face of that person. Before the warm lips covered his, Chu Yunhan heard his deep pleasant voice.



“Slave, you can shoot.”



The world sunk into a colourful dream.

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