Surrender – Chapter 11

Chapter 11

This time, Chu Yichen would never let him off easily.


Aware of this, Chu Yunhan was filled with despair. He had never been treated like this since he was a child. As the eldest grandson of the Chu family, he was an imposing figure and lived extravagantly, and the carefree beauty had everything go his way. In his 28 years, he lived the life of a wealthy young master. He thought that the life of a waiter which he had patiently endured for three months had been miserable, and the confinement was even more difficult for him. He had never expected to be thrown straight into hell now.


Every second was painful torture, with no end in sight.


He whimpered, his body trembling like a leaf swept by the autumn wind. The raging massage stick and the vibrator in the front forced his genitals to erect for a long time, and a bloodshot crimson appeared under the cortex, swelling and painful. The only foot he could move couldn’t help kicking, but it only made the object between his thighs go deeper in. This feeling of being in a climax, yet not being able to release made his brain go blank, and the string of weeping moans in his mouth sounded more like the sobbing of a small injured animal. “Chu Yichen…” he sobbed and pleaded, “… Pull it out, I will die like this…”


“You won’t die. Over time the thing in the front will at most be rendered useless. It doesn’t make any difference to me whether it can be used or not,” the other party said casually while drinking tea.


The continuous pleasure accumulated to the point that his body could barely endure it. He couldn’t help it anymore, his eyes full of tears of humiliation, he finally whispered trembling, “Please…”


Chu Yichen got up, returned to the bed, looked at him, and asked, “Please, what?”


“…Please, pull it out…” His cheeks were hot and he couldn’t help gasping.


“This is not the standard answer.”

Chu Yunhan was on the verge of collapse at this moment, and shouted eagerly, “What do you want me to say?”


The man tapped the remote control in his hand and said word by word, “Beg me to f*ck you.”

Hearing this answer, his eyes widened in dismay. This man was just teasing him, torturing him, forcing him to give up his dignity step by step and yield.


“Go to hell…” He closed his eyes exhausted and firmly pressed his lips. However, the vibrations in his body suddenly became more intense, and his instinctive cry was hoarse at the end. The pleasure sent him to heaven, the restriction pushed him to hell, and the repeated tossing between the two extremes made him feel as if he had been broken into countless pieces, unable to put the parts together any longer. He shook his head frantically, trying to break free, and the bed frame creaked as he struggled fiercely.


Time passed by, minute by minute, and he continued falling apart bit by bit.


He suppressed those humiliating words in his heart, but his body couldn’t stand the torment. As a pampered young master, he had no way to remain unyielding under such torture, and finally cried hoarsely trembling, “Please…unplug it, whatever you want…I can’t stand it anymore. …”


Chu Yichen turned off the remote control, looked at him condescendingly, and said, “I want to hear the standard answer.”


With tears in his eyes, Chu Yunhan moved his lips with difficulty, but made no sound. When he saw that the man’s hand was about to press the switch again, he yelled anxiously, “Please…please…f*ck me…” The last two words were like mosquitoes, the ending dispersing like smoke. When he really said it, the turbulent feeling of humiliation completely broke him and he could no longer hold his tears, which rolled down from the corners of his eyes.


The man put the remote control in his hand aside, slowly withdrew the vibrator buried deep in his back acupuncture point, then untied the leather cord around his right foot and bent his legs to the chest.


Chu Yichen wanted to use this position on him.

A rush of blood rushed to his head. Chu Yunhan’s eyes turned red, and he gritted his teeth and aimed a kick at Chu Yichen’s head fiercely with his right leg. He had practiced taekwondo for a while, and the kick was fast and fierce. However, the opponent had long been prepared. He leaned to avoid it, grabbed his ankle and flicked it, rolled him into a prone position, then held his waist with one hand, and opened his pants with the other hand to release his erection. Without hesitation, he pushed his waist into the small hole that had just gotten some rest.


Despite the expansion, being entered so roughly, Chu Yunhan still trembled with pain. He arched his neck back with a pale face, and made a miserable guttural sound, his chest undulating and panting, as if all the air had been sucked away. The muscles of his inner thighs were so tight they trembled, and every cell of his body was resisting, but it was all in vain. The ruthless aggressor took his body without mercy, and didn’t stop until he inserted it all deep inside.

“Since you like this posture, I will satisfy your wish.” Chu Yichen didn’t give him time to adapt, slowly withdrew that torture-like co*k, and pushed it in again. Every hard push made him shiver uncontrollably. At first, he could barely struggle and yelled twice, but then he only gasped and whimpered.


It was different from being invaded by an object. Not until that person entered him did Chu Yunhan truly experience the pain of being penetrated to his core and the fear of being completely possessed. His body was dominated by another, following the rhythm of another, unable to fight, unable to resist, unable to escape. He was like a broken doll, imprisoned in this purgatory-like bed, accepting the assault of another man in the most humiliating posture.


And it was his cousin who was raping him.


The strength decreased a bit, the body seemed to have reached its limit. Chu Yichen lifted his waist, raising the powerless man into a kneeling posture, and then slowed down his movements. The meat stick slowly rubbed against the inner walls, hitting the sensitive points neither lightly nor heavily, but in a way that felt very gentle. However, this kind of gentleness scared Chu Yunhan more than the brutal violation because he clearly felt a small tingling sensation in the groin area, flowing around like electricity under the repeated intrusions, and the lost pleasure began to gradually recover. He shook his head desperately, whimpering for mercy, “Stop…Stop…”


He could tolerate the pain of being raped. It was the pleasure from being raped, groaning under the body of the abuser, and shamelessly submitting to indulgence, that was unbearable.


“The upper mouth yelles to stop, but the lower mouth is clinging to me. What do you want, cousin?” Chu Yichen laughed with some contempt in the last word.


Being blatantly exposed brought Chu Yunhan an even greater sense of humiliation. His body tensed and his behind shrinked tighter.


“Relax a little.” The man patted his ass, touched his long-erected genitals with his hand and said, “If you don’t behave, this will become useless.” After saying this, he sped up his movements, and quickly pushed it in again and again. Entering fiercely as if to stab him through, the capsular bag slapped against the buttocks with a crackling sound, and the lubricating liquid squeezed out by the meat stick dripped down the buttocks onto the bed. Chu Yunhan could hardly maintain his kneeling posture, shaking and panting.

Chu Yichen’s endurance was very high, prolonging the torment. Chu Yunhan’s body swayed up and down with the man’s attacks, and the stimulation caused by the constant pressure on the gland almost drove him crazy. The surge of sexual desire scared him, yet he couldn’t fight it, and the blocked exit made everything even worse. The crying was mixed with gasping and broken moans, and the feeling of having an orgasm but being unable to release almost suffocated him, making even his eyes blur. Just when he was about to faint, he heard the sentence, “You can shoot.” Then the hose that had been holding him in check was slowly pulled out. After a few quick and deep thrusts, the man panted and shot directly into his body. Chu Yunhan arched his body backwards and let out a painful cry. The long time of restraint made him unable to ejaculate normally. The white liquid slowly dripped from the small mouth at the top, while the hot liquid inside him seemed to corrode his whole body from the inside. He leaned forward weakly, his body sank into the soft mattress and everything in front of him turned into a blur of color.


Then he passed out completely.


He had a long dream. There were him in the dream, Chu Yichen, and many others. They were still young. They took off their sportswear, threw it aside and snatched a ball on the basketball court, the sweat on their foreheads shining in the sun.


“I’m done playing, I’m exhausted.” He threw the ball aside, and sat down on the side lines panting. The man also sat down with him.


A girl ran over and handed him a beverage with both hands, blushing nervously, looking excited. He didn’t answer, but grabbed the freshly unscrewed mineral water from the person next to him, and drank half of it. Then he tilted his head and said, “Yichen, if your temper towards girls was as good as towards me, there would be many girls lining up to give you water.”


“No need,” he replied.


“Speaking of which, you never seem to get angry with me. I snatched away your water, your limited edition sneakers, your game consoles, your star signatures, and your motorcycle… Tsk, so I snatch away a lot of things…”


“It doesn’t matter.”


“You are really generous.” He was suddenly a little curious. “Yichen, is there anything that would make you annoyed if I snatched it?”


The other party looked at him quietly for a while and said, “No.”


The sky was blue and the flowing clouds were light and soft, and those dark black eyes were like obsidian in the sunlight, introverted and calm.


Then it started raining. The thunder was dull, the sky was gloomy, and the rain fell on the tiles of the old house with crackling noise.


They stood under the eaves, watching the rain that kept falling on the patio.


He asked, “Being the successor is what you and father wish?”


“Yes,” Chu Yichen replied.




“To protect you.”


“Ha! It’s the first time I hear that the fight for succession is for this kind of noble-sounding reason. If you want power, just say it, this hypocritical behavior is really despicable.”



The gale blew away his figure, and everything turned into an illusory reflection. Time passed by with a flapping sound, like a white steed or flowing water. 


At his father’s funeral, he knelt down in front of the huge black and white portrait, his dry eyes empty. His father left them too suddenly. His mother fainted in pain and was taken to the hospital. Countless things needed to be decided, a huge funeral needed to be managed, and everything was in a mess. As a son, he couldn’t do anything, he could only let others take care of it and hand everything to his uncle Chu Yu. He never felt so powerless and lonely before. In the early morning of the third day, he heard someone walk over in a hurry. After lightening an incense stick, he knelt down and sat beside him silently. It seemed that it was raining, his coat was wet and dripping.


“You don’t need to kneel here,” he said.


Chu Yichen didn’t speak, only accompanied him silently.


Seeing that he hadn’t eaten anything for two days and nights, the housekeeper came over several times to persuade him, “Young Master, eat something, take a break!”


“I said that I have no appetite, leave me alone!”


The person next to him said, “The dead are gone, and the living can only comfort them if they live good. You must eat something. If you collapse too, it will be even more unbearable for Auntie.”


“You don’t need to persuade me.” He turned to Chu Yichen with red eyes and sneered, “Don’t pretend to empathize with me here, no one can empathize with me. That’s my dad, I’m his biological son. I’m not as cold-blooded as you, that’s why I can’t eat.”



Chu Yichen was silent for a moment, then turned to the bodyguard and said, “Take the Young Master to rest and find a doctor to see him.”

“I am the next Patriarch, have you forgotten?” For the first time that person spoke to him in a firm tone, his face cold, his eyes burning.


He was the Patriarch. 


Was there anything surprising about that?


He didn’t have the slightest ambition, but that one sentence evoked his resistance and aroused the desire to snatch the title.


“Even you think I am inferior to him?” he stood in the courtyard of the old house and asked his grandfather Chu Guangyue angrily.


“Where do you think you are better than him?”


“…Even though I am father’s biological son, you are going to pass on the family property to an outsider?”


The old man laughed. Since Chu Qin’s death, his body had been getting weaker by the day. Recently, he had been somewhat exhausted. He leaned on the mahogany chair and said, “Didn’t your father tell you? He is not my biological son. In terms of blood relationship, there is no difference between you and Yichen. If you compare the two of you, he is more decisive than you, calmer than you, tougher than you, and crueler than you. These are the necessary requirements for becoming the Patriarch. Yunhan, don’t stick to this position, you are not suitable.”


When he left disappointed, a lonely bird flew over the sky with a desolate cry.



He was going to give up the position of family head, but the timing was too coincidental.


Chu Yu was sick and Chu Yichen hurriedly took over. The faction headed by Hui Lang took the opportunity to cause chaos in the Black Hawk Club. When the old treacherous Hui Lang whispered in his ears and promised to help him get that position, the desire in his heart revived.


“Yichen, I was caught by Hui Lang. They say they want you to come to the south pier alone…” he acted on the phone in a panicked tone, using himself as a bait to lure that person into the trap. Chu Yichen’s calm voice came from the phone held by Hui Lang, “I will do it, provided you don’t hurt him.”


After hanging up the phone, he frowned and remained silent for a while. Then he said, “Just snatch him and lock him up, don’t kill him.”


“Everything will go according to your wish, Young Master.” Hui Lang hid the fierce light in his eyes and laughed.


The man fell in the trap, but escaped three hours later.


Then everything went out of control.


The prey became the hunter, and the hunter became the prey. Hui Lang was caught, he himself fled hastily, and under Yang Lin’s arrangement concealed his identity and stayed at Lihao as a waiter. In the end, he was caught, escaped again, failed again, and finally fell into a terrible nightmare.


The portrait of his father, Hui Lang’s smiling face, his grandfather sighing and shaking his head, and the shy expression of the girl who handed him the beverage overlapped and rotated, turning into Chu Yichen’s dense black eyes. His lips were moving, as if speaking.


Yet, he couldn’t hear him. 

Those sharp, loud, high and low voices kept screaming in his ears, and he struggled to distinguish them, only to hear painful and depressed weeping. 


He knew this voice. 


It was his own. 

Translator: Taalia


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