Surrender – Chapter 9

Chapter 9

He had previously participated in the attempted seizure of power and was caught while hiding. This time he was caught again after being locked up and escaping. Chu Yunhan felt that he was really unlucky. He didn’t know what that guy would do with him this time. His mind was in a mess, and every movement outside the door made him feel as if he was sitting on pins and needles.

Chu Yichen’s room had not changed much from before. The black and gray colors gave it a cool and depressing look. Even the green plants were well-groomed setose asparagus. The air was filled with the light fragrance of sandalwood and Chinese medicine.

He lowered his head and paced in the room with a sad face, going over what he would say next in his mind. When he saw the feet on the floor, he stopped abruptly, but was already very close. He looked up and his eyes landed on Chu Yichen’s face.

Beautiful, cold, and even somewhat unfamiliar. Chu Yunhan sometimes had the illusion that Chu Yichen, the Patriarch, was not the same person as Chu Yichen, who used to be his playmate, but just the skin of an ice-cold machine. He was imposing and capable, but had no heart.

“Are you going to kill me?” he asked anxiously.

The man didn’t answer. His eyes fell on a small piece of skin exposed by his neckline, and his pupils suddenly shrank. Chu Yunhan subconsciously reached out to touch the place and his cheeks suddenly became hot.

It was a hickey. Sheng Wu loved to sleep with his arms around him, and this morning he even bit him. He was embarrassed and wanted to explain, but didn’t know how to explain it, so he only pulled up his collar awkwardly. When he looked at Chu Yichen he froze.

The man’s eyes were strange. They were as cold as an everlasting glacier, but at the same time emitted burning heat, like a billowing magma about to gush out. The two originally contradictory emotions seemed to be violently colliding and revolving, which was somewhat shocking. Suddenly, the man tore open his shirt, and the snapped button fell on the ground with a faint sound.

His chest was exposed in full view. There were several old and new hickeys around his neck. Chu Yunhan was startled and tried to push him away, but was caught by both wrists and pressed firmly against the wall. Chu Yichen’s strength was astonishing. Unable to get away, Chu Yunhan could only yell angrily, “…What are you doing? Let go!”

“I really… underestimated you.” Chu Yichen looked at him with a mocking smile on his lips. The sunlight outside the window fell on his eyes, dyeing his pupils red. Dressed in dark clothes, he looked like a pale vampire, a lonely and cold bird of prey. The man slowly released his hands and slammed the door, walking out of the room.

Chu Yunhan was somewhat confused by this abruptness, and just when he felt relieved and began arranging his clothes, two people walked in. One of them was holding a medicine box in his hand, and the other man in a white T-shirt said, “Young Master Yun, I am afraid I will have to trouble you to cooperate.”

“What are you going to do?” There was a bad premonition in his heart.

The white-clothed man smiled and put on a pair of medical gloves. “The commission I received is to wash you clean from the inside out.”

For Chu Yunhan, the “washing clean” was simply a nightmare. The two not only suppressed his resistance, but also used straps. His eyes were blindfolded, so he couldn’t see anything. His hands were tied behind his back with a wide strap and even his ankles were tied. According to the man, it was to prevent him from injuring himself. Washing the body was fine but when something was inserted into his anus, he got scared and angry. He twisted his body and shouted, “Get lost! Are you looking for death?”

“Actually, I didn’t really want to accept this kind of job. It’s too risky to touch your body. If certain people think of it afterwards and feel upset, they will cripple my hands and I will have to eat with my feet,” the man said. The liquid poured into his body, and the man joked, “Although my hands are not as skilled as his, they are not bad. It’s a pity you have no chance to try them.” After that, he slowly pulled out the hose and stuck something in, blocking the anal mouth.

The liquid filled his body, and the feeling that it was on the verge of coming out but was forcibly blocked in made him almost collapse. Chu Yunhan panted heavily, trembling with shame and discomfort. “You, pull it out for me… pull it out… uncomfortable…”

“Looking at you like this, I can’t bear telling you, it’s actually not uncomfortable.” The man smiled. “Considering who you’ve angered, I’m afraid the really uncomfortable part is yet to follow.”

After three consecutive enemas, every part of his body was carefully washed and wiped, and even a layer of lotion was applied. The continuous struggle exhausted almost all of Chu Yunhan’s energy. He knew very well that even if he scolded the two people again, it would be of no use. When the blindfold was taken off, he found out he had been brought back to Chu Yichen. The straps on his feet were untied, and his hands were tied in front of him. He was wearing a loose thin silk nightgown, and the thin belt was tied loosely around his waist, exposing a large part of his chest.

The man was sitting at the edge of the tea table, holding a celadon cup in his hand, and asked casually, “Is he clean?”

Chu Yunhan, who was treated this way for the first time, was so angry at this moment that he yelled, “You f*cking pervert! It’s none of your goddamn business! I can sleep with whoever I want to sleep with, and I can kiss whoever I want to kiss. Who do you think you are?” Not until he finished speaking did he realize it was not a wise decision. Right now, his situation had reached the point where he was at his mercy. If he offended that person, he would only be more miserable, and he couldn’t help but feel somewhat guilty.

Chu Yichen put down the cracked blue glaze cup in his hand, looked at him, and asked unhurriedly, “Do you know why I don’t like these antiques?”

He frowned. “Heaven knows.” 

“Because there will always be other people’s marks on them, as if they are telling you plainly that they do not belong to you.” The man got up and approached him step by step. “Similarly, I don’t like other people leaving a mark on what belongs to me.”

The gradually shortening distance gave Chu Yunhan a sense of oppression. He instinctively took a step back, somewhat confused, and asked, “What do you mean?”

The other party didn’t intend to stop. He approached again, and Chu Yunhan had to retreat again. The two of them moved forward and backward, one step, two steps, until Chu Yunhan’s back touched the wall.

There was nowhere to retreat. 

Chu Yichen was slightly taller. Trapping him between his body and the wall, the space between them ambiguously close, he looked down at his face, their noses almost touching.

“Do you know how I dealt with those traitors? Hui Lang is still alive, but he doesn’t have a piece of good flesh on him. I put him in a very quiet place and let him look at his wife and daughter being ravaged day after day. He killed brutally thirty-two of my men, and I’ll let him suffer enough torture for thirty-two years before he dies. It’s fair, isn’t it?” The man’s voice was deep and pleasant, even with a touch of tenderness.

His words made Chu Yunhan feel cold all over, a layer of goose bumps covered his skin. “You…” He was so flustered that he didn’t know what to say.

“You deceived me, schemed against me, united with outsiders to deal with me, but I didn’t even lay a finger on you. I blocked the news of your collusion, and even allowed you to continue living in this house as the young master of the Chu family. Why do you think this is?” Those black eyes were as calm as a tranquil deep sea, sucking in all the light.

“Because… we are brothers…” When he gave this answer, he felt somewhat depressed and avoided the other’s gaze unnaturally. 

“Yes, brothers.” Chu Yichen laughed lightly with self-mockery. “For so many years, this relationship was the shackles that bound my hands and feet and prevented me from doing anything. Originally, I thought it would be like this until the day I die. But now I can finally be free. Because you tore up this relationship time and time again, and now it is broken to the point that there is no way to repair it. The relationship that I have tried my best to keep, the relationship that forced me to revise my bottom line in order to keep is something you don’t care about at all. How ridiculous.” The smile on his lips disappeared, and his cold expression was restored. “If you don’t want it, why should I cling to it? From now on, we are no longer brothers.”

“You want to kill me?” Chu Yunhan’s voice trembled. “I…you said that I would be detained for a lifetime before I went to Sheng Wu. A lifetime is too long, I can’t stand this torture…”

“Torture.” The man repeated. “It turns out being confined is already an unbearable torture for you, even to the point you  voluntarily dedicated yourself to another man.” He then pulled the belt around his waist, and the silk nightgown opened wide, revealing his body. Chu Yunhan was startled and pushed Chu Yichen with his tied hands, but the opponent pressed his hands above his head. The rejection obviously displeased him, and his body pushed Chu Yunhan against the wall with so much force that it pressed tightly against his chest.

Chu Yichen’s fingertips wandered from the side of his neck to the collarbone, tracing the hickeys and leaving behind a warm sensation, his voice somewhat hoarse, “I regarded it as a treasure, you abandoned it like a shoe. if I had known it would come to this, I would not have had so many scruples from the beginning. Since you were willing to climb into Sheng Wu’s bed in order to escape, now I give you a chance to beg me for your life in the same way.” After saying this, he lowered his head and covered his lips.

The kiss was fierce and savage, with no restraint. Chu Yunhan was completely stunned. His eyes widened. By the time he realized what was happening, the man had already pushed his tongue straight in.

“Um…” He couldn’t push the opponent away, so he abruptly bit down severely. Chu Yichen was in pain and withdrew from his mouth. His tongue was injured and blood spilled from the corner of his mouth.

“You’re crazy!” Chu Yunhan was furious. His mind was buzzing, his body trembling, his voice shaking. “Chu Yichen, do you know what you are doing?”

“You.” The man wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth with his fingers, dragged him to the side of the bed, pushed him down, restrained his flailing hands, and used the belt to tie them tightly to the bed frame. Then he simply tore off the nightgown that was in the way, his expression calm, without a trace of frenzy.

“You’re f*cking crazy! I’m your brother!” Chu Yunhan yelled, staring at him in disbelief.

“I just said that you and I are no longer brothers. If you want to live, just try your best to please me.”


Translator: Taalia


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