Surrender – Chapter 28

Chapter 28


“When did I say I was looking for a dom?” His face was flushed. “I only came here out of curiosity.”


“You don’t have the disposition of a sub. Psychologically, you lack masochistic tendencies and strongly reject the status of a slave. That’s why you’d rather jump off a building than call me ‘Master’. Because I forced you, BDSM should be something you hate deeply, but here you are.” After saying this, the man paused for a while, his eyes dark and serene. “Under what circumstances would a person take the initiative to come in touch with something  they dislike? The reason is by no means ‘curiosity’ but ‘last resort’. For some reason, you need it, and the magnitude of this need exceeds your rejection of it. In other words, your physical needs outweigh your mental resistance, is that right?”


Chu Yunhan’s gaze blurred, but he stubbornly refused to admit it, “Utter nonsense! I was just bored and came here to take a look.”


“East Coast implements a membership system, one can only join if introduced by a member, and the referrer needs to be responsible for the referee. No one would be willing to be your referrer for you to just  ‘come and take a look’, nor would your application be approved. Moreover, only people with BDSM-related experience are accepted here. If you were not determined, you would’ve never written down the past you are uncomfortable with on an application form for others to see,” the man reasoned meticulously, calmly analyzing all the loopholes.


With a stern face and throbbing temples Chu Yunhan pressed his lips tightly and remained silent.


“The same goes for the information disclosure form. You not only carefully marked the parts that you are not willing to do, but also carefully filled in a few remarks about the degree. If you had just ‘filled it in casually’ as you said, all these steps would have been unnecessary. You…”


“Enough!” Chu Yunhan, who was thoroughly exposed, roared annoyed, “You are right! I came here to find someone to torture me. You made me addicted to this disgusting thing! I admit it! Are you satisfied now?” After saying this, he sat down on the black single sofa dejected, pressing on his temples in frustration. In that person’s presence, he was like a snail that had lost its shell, leaving behind only a weak and fragile body, deprived of all defence. 


Handing over a white porcelain cup, Chu Yichen said gently, “Drink it, it’s not hot.”


Chu Yunhan hesitated, accepted the cup, took a sip, and whispered, “Next, are you going to convince me to accept you as my dom?”




He held the cup, lowered his eyelids, and murmured, “I won’t accept you anyway…It can’t be you.”


Chu Yichen was silent for a while, before asking, “Then, if Pure Black was a stranger, would you accept him?”


“… Maybe. I don’t know.”


“What if I was willing to be a stranger?”


He was puzzled. “What do you mean?”


“In this room we’ll set our identities aside. There will only be Pure Black and Daylight. In this room we’ll be of equal standing and start a relationship based on desire, acting like strangers.” The man looked at him and said slowly, “I understand your qualms. I used to force you into it against your will. This experience makes you unable to accept me. But this time it will be different. You will no longer be Chu Yunhan, but just a sub. And I will no longer be Chu Yichen, but just a dom. There will no longer be any other feelings between us. Before the game starts, I will clearly set the limits for each of us. I will fulfil all the requirements on your form and avoid all the props and activities you don’t like. In addition, we’ll agree on a safe word. If you don’t like it, I will stop. You can treat me as a stranger. Here, the only thing connecting us is the desire for each other, nothing else. If you want, I can also wear a mask in the process.”


“You…” Although these words were simple, they were like raging waves, shattering the excuses Chu Yunhan had originally prepared into pieces, and he didn’t know how to reply for a while. 

“Almost everyone practicing BDSM in K City is a member of this club, but in terms of skills, it will be difficult for you to find a dom better than me. I am familiar with every inch of your body, I know every one of your reactions, I know your likes and dislikes, and I know how to better meet your needs. And I am afraid I am the only dom that would accept all your restrictions. In addition, even though you have read the membership rules and know that the club keeps the identity of its members strictly confidential, you still chose to wear a mask because you don’t want to be recognized. From this point of view, it is safer to enter into a relationship with an insider than to contact a stranger. So, I am your best choice.”


Chu Yichen’s expression was gentle and serious. The bright red blood mark on his slender neck looked beautiful and dazzling, exuding a dangerous and seductive aura. Chu Yunhan stared at him blankly for a while, averted his gaze awkwardly, and silently looked down at the cup in his hands.


He smiled bitterly in his heart. Now he knew how this man negotiated. Each and every word was like a sharp arrow, one after another, they accurately hit his weak spots, shaking his initial resolve.


If their previous relationship was too complicated and rigid, then switch to a whole new approach.


If he rejected him as a person, then switch to a new identity.


If he had no sense of security, then use contract clauses to bind him.


If he hated certain methods, then avoid applying them.


Chu Yichen put him on the scales and kept adding weights. His attitude was even pampering, leaving him no reason to refuse. For a moment he even felt that he had been convinced.


Out of the question. Impossible… 


Out of the question. Anyone but this person… 


Chu Yunhan’s head was in a mess, as if trapped in a besieged fortress, unable to find a way out. He said, “Chu Yichen, you and I…we are…”


“There is no blood relationship between us. At this point, we can never go back to being brothers again,” the man interrupted him, his deep voice bewitching. “Leaving all of this behind, discarding all restraints, starting anew and nurturing a new relationship is the best choice for both of us. I can give you what you want. As long as you agree, I can satisfy all of your desires.”

“I don’t want…” His throat felt somewhat dry.


“You don’t have to reject me immediately or make a decision immediately.” Chu Yichen’s eyes filled with soft light. Like a black hole they firmly caught his gaze, making him unable to look away. “I know what you are here for. Let’s try it once, okay?”


When Chu Yunhan heard these words, his already chaotic psychological line of defense was even more shaken. He stood up abruptly, lowered his eyelids, spit out the sentence “I should go…” and walked out in haste as if running away. He was afraid that if he stayed any longer, the line of defense he was strenuously holding onto would be easily broken by the other party.

Just when he was about to reach the door, he was suddenly grabbed by the wrist. Before he could react, he was pulled back and turned around. Then he felt a warm breath on his face and was pressed directly against the door. 


“You…” Before he could finish the sentence, his mouth was sealed. The man’s lips pressed tightly against his, rubbing slowly. His tongue gently dove into his slightly opened mouth, but was in no hurry to invade. Instead, it gently circled around the tip of his tongue, as if waiting for his response.

The refreshing and light fragrance was a scent he was familiar with. He hadn’t had such a kiss for a long time. Chu Yunhan fell into a trance. His brain blacked out, leaving behind only the body that responded instinctively by force of habit.


Their lips and tongues intertwined and between advancing and retreating he gradually lost the upper hand. Unknowingly, he started to follow the opponent’s movements and raised his face, letting the intrusion go deeper and deeper. His heartbeat accelerated, his air intake was reduced, and his breathing became rapid. The body that was trapped between the tall body and the door softened.


The desire started growing, making him almost lose control. 


“Hmm…” When he felt his belt was being untied, the remaining sanity finally broke free from the chaos. He struggled and resisted Chu Yichen hard. Gasping for breath, he pleaded, “Not like this! We can’t do this… Please, Chu Yichen, let me go…”


Chu Yichen stroked his cheek with one hand and said, “Close your eyes.”


“Chu Yichen…”


“Be good and close your eyes,” the man’s voice was low and gentle, almost hypnosing. “You can treat me as a stranger or a prop. There is no relationship between us, you don’t need to have any restraints,” Chu Yichen lowered his head and whispered in his ear, his warm breath giving rise to minor shudders on his skin. “You long for pure sex, don’t you? I can give it to you and help you relieve your desire. Give me a chance, okay?”


The ears were Chu Yunhan’s sensitive spot. Whispering in his ear like that made his body go numb. Something inside him seemed to grow restless. The hand pressed against the man’s chest gradually lost strength. He blushed and shook his head, “I don’t want you……”


Being so close to each other, one could easily perceive the changes in the other’s body. The corners of Chu Yichen’s lips curled up slightly. He leaned to the side of his face and held his earlobe. The tip of his tongue slowly licked the skin behind his ear along the outline, leaving a moist trail, and the deliberately lowered voice was like that of a demon tempting people, “If you don’t…you can push me away anytime…”


When the man’s hand reached into his pants and wrapped around his sexual organ, the last wall in Chu Yunhan’s mind completely collapsed. The body that had not been satisfied for a long time was extremely sensitive, getting extraordinarily excited under the comfort of that hand. The part between his legs raised its head in excitement, longing for more strokes.

Chu Yunhan closed his eyes in shame.


Just this once….. 


Let him indulge this one time…


Just once…

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