Surrender – Chapter 23

Chapter 23

When the remaining time on the display reached zero, the information on the payment processing page of the platform was saved, and the Finance Department fervently started calculating the income. The busy store celebration week was finally over and the results would soon be known.


Chu Yunhan was pacing through the office restlessly and almost ran into the financial manager, who walked in. He stared at the sheet of paper in the other’s hand, eager to take a look, yet at the same time afraid to do so, and asked, “… How much is the increase?”


“8.3%.” The financial manager smiled. “Everyone is very happy, it wasn’t easy.”

Hearing this result, Chu Yunhan felt as if a magnificent huge firework exploded in his heart. The whole person wanted to jump with excitement, but because of the presence of the staff, he could only pretend to be calm. He gave a slight cough, concealed his emotions, and said solemnly, “Well, that’s pretty good. Let’s give everyone a holiday roster next week. In addition, your department will have to work harder again and give everyone a bonus.”

As soon as the financial manager walked out, he clenched his fist and made a victory gesture, happily punching the pillow on the sofa to the ceiling.

He won!


He finally got rid of Chu Yichen!

From now on he was free!


Chu Yunhan couldn’t wait to go to the old house now, throw this financial report in Chu Yichen’s face, and proudly show him  his achievement. That guy’s face must be…


He thought of Chu Yichen’s face, and his enthusiasm immediately dropped by half. Even if that person learned of his success, he would only say “congratulations” expressionlessly.


Really boring.


Anyway, the result had been determined. This time, he wasn’t in a hurry and looked somewhat more composed. 


In a good mood, Chu Yunhan returned to Qinglan Mansion. As soon as he walked through the door, he picked up the chubby Aunt Song and spun in a circle three times.


“Oh, Young Master, put me down quickly! I’m dizzy.” Aunt Song patted him on the shoulder reproachfully, and asked, “Why are you so happy today?”


“My department store had a store celebration and earned eight percent more than last year. Isn’t it amazing?”


“Awesome.” Aunt Song didn’t know how much eight percent was, but she knew that he must’ve made a profit and was happy, but seeing his haggard appearance, she felt distressed again and couldn’t help nagging, “Look at you, this hair, this beard…Oh, your eyes are like a panda’s. How long haven’t you slept? I will stew some wolfberry, lotus seed and white fungus soup for you. Just drink some after bathing and go to sleep… “


Chu Yunhan grinned, “Ok.”


Seeing him go upstairs, Aunt Song couldn’t help but sigh, “I haven’t seen him so happy for a long time. He used to like joking with us like this. Alas, if only the master had known he is so capable, he would’ve certainly been very happy.”


Feng Tai, who stood to the side, couldn’t help but get emotional, and sighed, “The young master is happy.”

Chu Yunhan slept so soundly that he didn’t even dream. Early the next morning, he rushed to the old house excitedly. Unexpectedly, Chu Yichen invited him to the study room, where he waited for more than an hour. While waiting, the initial excitement turned into sullenness. Chu Yunhan couldn’t bear it and wanted to go directly upstairs to find that person, but was blocked by Bai Xiao, who stood at the door.


“What do you mean?” He frowned.


“Young Master ordered to ask you to wait for him here.”


He lifted his wrist to point at his watch, “I’ve been waiting here for almost an hour and a half, where is he?”

“If Young Master Yun doesn’t have the patience to wait, he might as well come back another day.”


“Bai Xiao,” Chu Yunhan’s face sank, “if you are upset that I punched you last time, you can punch me back. Don’t try to make me leave here.”


“Young Master Yun must be joking, I wouldn’t dare.” Bai Xiao looked at him and said coldly, “You should be very clear in your heart that the reason you were able to succeed at that time was because I was not on guard against you. The taste of being hurt by the person you want to protect, you have never tasted it, because you have always been the one to hurt the others. But there is a saying you should remember, that you can do whatever you want, act recklessly to the point of hurting others, but only towards those who don’t guard against you.”


“I don’t need you to lecture me.”


“Of course you don’t need it.” Bai Xiao curled his lips in a mocking smile. “I am just a dog, so I am not qualified to lecture you. Guarding this door is already enough for me.”


Seeing him like this, Chu Yunhan said angrily, “Get out of the way!”


The two were in a stalemate, when a voice rang outside the door.

“Bai Xiao!”


“Young Master…” Bai Xiao turned around to see Chu Yichen. A worried expression  appeared on his face and his eyes immediately turned to Hei Yu, who was following behind Chu Yichen. Hei Yu frowned slightly and nodded faintly. Bai Xiao retreated reluctantly, finally stepping away from the door.


Chu Yichen walked in the study and sat down on the sofa near the door. He looked very tired, his face was pale. He stared at Chu Yunhan indifferently for a while, and said, “Congratulations, you are free.”


He didn’t expect him to be so straightforward. Chu Yunhan squeezed the financial report in his hand, suddenly feeling somewhat at a loss. He coughed awkwardly and said, “Then I’ll… go first.” When he walked to the door, he heard the man say softly, “Chu Yunhan.”


He turned around.


Chu Yichen sat on the sofa by the huge book wall surrounded on three sides, and looked at him with his face tilted to the side. The sunlight coming in through the window behind him cast a mottle of tree shadow on his face, and the light and the shadow divided that handsome face into two sides, a bright one and a dark one, one side was gentle, and the other side was melancholic. Those black seemed to reflect the dense mist of a dimly lit night or the blurred outline of the moon hidden behind the floating clouds. The man looked at him intently, before speaking again after a long time, “You will be in charge of all the properties under your name from now on. I will ask someone to send all the information to Qinglan Mansion later.”


Surprised, he pursed his lips, uttered an “Oh”, and asked, “Anything else?”


“Let Bai Yang follow you, he will be yours from now on.” The man looked tired. He leaned back on the sofa and slowly closed his eyes. “Go now.”


Chu Yunhan walked out the door slowly and looked back. The door of the study had been closed by Bai Xiao. He halted for a moment, before walking away.


“Young Master Yun, where are we going next?” asked Bai Yang, who opened the door for him.


He was stunned for a moment, before replying, “To see mother.”


The car slowly drove away from the old house of the Chu family. He watched the familiar scenery passing by the car window with mixed feelings in his heart.

He won.


He finally got rid of Chu Yichen.

From this moment on, he was the imposing eldest young master of the Chu family again.


But why was the joy in his heart not as great as he expected?


Chu Yichen took everything away from him, used terrifying means to force him to submit, and even nearly killed him.


But why was the hatred in his heart not as great as he expected?


When he was about to leave and be free and looked at that person, what were those unclear feelings in his heart? He felt as if something was pressing on his chest, and he felt choked and uncomfortable every time he took a breath.


He shouldn’t be suffering from Stockholm syndrome, right? Chu Yunhan shook his head vigorously, and somewhat fidgedy fished out his phone to make a call. “It’s me. Where are you playing tonight? Count me in.”


To fix his bad mood, it was best to look for some fun.


After visiting his mother in the nursing home, Chu Yunhan put on casual clothes and finally returned to his long-lost nightlife.

Amidst the loud music, the flickering lights, the bodies wantonly twisting on the dance floor, the excitement and the alcohol, all the distress was swept away. It had been a long time since Chu Yunhan went out so carefree. He leaned back on the leather sofa in the VIP room, slowly sipping on the wine in his glass.


“How come Eldest Young Master Yun has time to hang around with us today? You shouldn’t have closed down that department store, right?” Lu Yao, who was sitting across from him, asked with a smile.


“It hasn’t closed down. I heard that Jintai’s profit increased a lot during its store celebration week. Yesterday my dad used him as an example to criticize me, saying I have been in the mall for so many years, but couldn’t compare to the Chu family’s eldest young master in these three months.” Zhang Fei put his legs on the coffee table.


“Tsk, tsk, our Young Master Yun is really amazing,” Zhou Hua gave a thumbs up and deliberately spoke in a high-pitched voice, “I’m almost in love with you.”


The other two laughed.


“Get lost!” Chu Yunhan smiled, kicked him, and said, “From now on remember to call me when you go out to play.” After a pause, he added, “Also, I have taken over several companies. Remember to tell me if you receive any business-related information.”


Lu Yao said, “Oh, you are serious about this? Honestly, did your iceberg of a cousin force you into this?”


“What he did is not important.” Chu Yunhan looked at him. “I’m here for fun today. What can we play to have some fun?”


Zhou Hua glanced at his phone and grinned. “Knowing that you’ve been busy lately, I was afraid you would be bored to death, so I specifically called a few girls over to liven things up. Do you still remember that Nuannuan?” Seeing that he didn’t remember, he reminded him, “It’s the model with the big breasts, big butt and a baby face, so damn sexy… Hey, you can have her for the night. Consider this as me paying back the 20 000 yuan you gave me…”


“Oh.” A vague impression surfaced in his mind.


“She became popular in online dramas some time ago and her current status is no longer ordinary. I invited her a few times, but she never came. This time, when I said you would be there, she said she was free.” Zhou Hua looked at his phone. “She said she would be here in a while and bring some young models from her company.”


“It seems that Luo Hua did it on purpose, only to see whether our Eldest Young Master Yun will remain indifferent or not,” Zhang Fei joked.


Chu Yunhan curled his lips into a smile, but remained silent. During this period of time, he had indeed been under a lot of pressure, suffocated and panicked. It would be nice to have a good-looking girl accompany him.


Nuannuan was as her name suggested very considerate, gentle and lovely. Once the ban on Chu Yunhan was lifted, it was impossible not to indulge himself. Having drunk a bit too much, he held her in his arms and entered the VIP suite of the hotel. He was forced by Chu Yichen before, and then he was busy working in the department store, and had no time to find a woman to relieve his desire. At this moment, the other party took the initiative to embrace him, making him hot.


He opened the door and kicked off his shoes. Hugging the woman up, he threw her on the large bed, and then pressed her down. Their lips and tongues intertwined, they quickly took off their clothes. After some kneading and teasing the foreplay was over. He straightened his waist and thrust in the already wet flower heart.


Nuannuan screamed and said displeased, “Young Master Yun, be gentler, it hurts!”


Chu Yunhan pulled her snow-white legs apart and hit the tight and soft place with his swelled sex organ without gentleness. The friction ignited pleasure, but as the thrusts deepened and the desire intensified, there was an unbearable sense of emptiness he could not shake off.


Still not enough… 


His body was clamoring for something more intense and exciting…


He quickened his movements, rough like a beast at bay. Nuannuan’s moaning turned into weeping under his merciless ramming, and finally she couldn’t help struggling hard. He had to slow down and lean over again to kiss and soothe the woman’s tender body.


Then, Chu Yunhan found another terrible obstacle in his body.


He couldn’t ejaculate naturally.


Whenever he was about to ejaculate, his body suddenly began to restrain itself forcibly, trying to hold back the surging desire. This repeated sex eventually turned into torture for both man and woman. When he struggled to reach a climax for the third time, he yelled with reddened eyes, slammed a fist on the bed, then turned over, got out of the bed, rushed into the bathroom, and slammed the door.


The cold water falling from above cooled down his heated body.


He raised his face and leaned against the wall, shaking all over.


Chu Yichen, you turned me into a pervert.


You won. 

Translator: Taalia


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