In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 29 – Human New Life Day Celebration


Capital Star was the political, economic, and cultural center of the Human Federation. In the center of the largest continent of Capital Star, there was a Federal government office building and nearby was the largest square of the entire Capital Star, known as the Capital Square.

Every time the Federation’s Human New Life Day was celebrated, the federal government would hold a military parade in this square. The various leaders of the Federation would also appear, which formed a very grand scene. It was said that this custom was passed down from ancient Earth.

The celebration was broadcast live in all places where it was possible and in other places, it would be broadcast as soon as video of the celebration was available.

Such a celebration of course attracted a lot of people from Capital Star. Before daybreak, the Capital Square was already densely packed with many people who also carried all kinds of equipment to watch the parade from a distance.

Seeing the situation outside, Gao Junfeng who already changed into his white uniform suddenly became nervous. “Captain, we won’t have any problems later, right?”

“We are an ability user team, what could go wrong?” The captain of the ability user team glared at Gao Junfeng.

“My powers…” Gao Junfeng’s forehead sweated as he thought about his abilities that occasionally failed to work. The ability users’ abilities were divided into levels: S, A, B… from high to low, with the lowest grade being E. Gao Junfeng was just an E-level earth ability user and was even the lowest E-class inside the E-class.

A person with an ability like his could only play a limited role on the battlefield and his ordinary life was just ordinary. But just now he was selected as the member of the ability user team.

“Don’t worry, all ability users here are similar to you. Advanced ability users would not walk in the square formation under the parade platform.” The captain of the ability user team said comfortingly.

High-grade ability users were the wealth of the whole Federation and could enjoy all kinds of preferential treatment. How could they join the guard of honor to perform with their abilities like this? These people were  all basically E-class.

“I’m not sure if this is true…” Gao Junfeng scratched the back of his head with his hand, suddenly remembering something and looking disappointed. “Originally I came to Capital Star from Sky Blue Star to participate in the celebration to see Lord Marshal up close, but I didn’t expect that Lord Marshal wouldn’t participate in the celebration.” When he first came to Capital Star, Lord Marshal just got injured, so he could only see Lord Marshal’s face in a photo or video.

“Isn’t Lord Marshal getting better? Wait for the next time, we might be able to see him then.” The captain of the ability user team patted Gao Junfeng’s shoulder and comforted him. “You have to do well, okay? Maybe Lord Marshal will be watching the broadcast.”

“I will try my best!” Gao Junfeng immediately said and there was a light in his eyes again.

The military parade was divided into two parts, on-site and remote. On-site, the soldiers of each unit walked in a square formation and displayed some small weapons and let the ability users perform with their abilities. Remotely, some warships and the like would do some battle practice in the vicinity of Capital Star. The drill video would also be broadcast live on the big screens on the east and west sides of the Capital Square.

Gao Junfeng’s team of ability users was arranged at the end of the military parade and they all walked with their heads held high, creating beautiful effects with their abilities, such as fireworks by the fire ability users or celebratory text arranged with land stabs by earth ability users.

Ordinary people usually had difficulty contacting ability users, so this was one of the only times when they could see what they (ability users) could do.

Gao Junfeng’s ability was very weak, so he cooperated with the people around him to accurately create ground spikes, being careful not to make any mistakes and was very attentive towards it.

It’s just that he couldn’t keep his attention on the spikes – everyone had to salute the leaders standing on the parade ground as they passed through the federal building.

Temporarily stopping the production of spikes, Gao Junfeng and the people around him marched in unison. Then, they saluted sideways in unison as they reached the federal building.

The leaders of the Federation waved their hands in greeting and even though these people were not Gao Junfeng’s idols, he could not help feeling excited. However, at this moment a person who was not supposed to be here suddenly appeared. He walked up the stairs on the left side of the military parade platform step by step, each of his steps extremely serious.

The young man was tall and upright. Although all the people standing beside him were powerful people in high positions, no one could ignore him. Everyone’s eyes were drawn to him.

In fact, he was not handsome, but just standing there made people feel powerful. He was just like a mountain that had been standing for thousands of years and could only be looked up to.

Zhao Lingyu! It’s Zhao Lingyu! Their Lord Marshal was fine and showed up at the ceremony!

Gao Junfeng was so distracted that he stopped in his tracks. The rest of his team reacted the same way as he did, their entire squad just stopped like this.

This was a serious mistake, but no one noticed it at all, because the people watching the ceremony in the square were now all staring at Zhao Lingyu.

The ceremony was coming to an end and many people who were watching the ceremony were starting to impatiently communicate with their neighbors. But the moment Zhao Lingyu appeared, the whole square instantly quieted down.

Maybe not everyone regarded Zhao Lingyu as their idol, but most people had a crowd mentality and this was Zhao Lingyu’s first appearance since he was injured.

On the huge capital square, all long-distance vision equipment and video equipment were aimed at Zhao Lingyu. Many people had also opened live broadcasts, which made the atmosphere seem solemn.

This kind of scene was not in Zhao Lingyu’s expectations. He knew that the Human Federation had been promoting him for a few days and Wu Shuai and others had also secretly promoted him. But he really did not expect that he would have such prestige.

It’s a blessing in disguise, right? It would make it easier for him to do what he had to do.

Glancing over the smiling people around him, Zhao Lingyu walked straight to the front. “Hello everyone! I think that right now no matter if it’s the people who came to the ceremony or the people who are watching what’s going on here in front of the computer, everyone is very surprised at the fact that I’m standing here. In fact, it is extremely lucky for me to be standing here again.”

At this time, the parade was not over yet and it was not time to speak. But Zhao Lingyu suddenly spoke and grabbed the microphone in an extremely natural way.

Yang Ye, standing behind his father, looked at Zhao Lingyu, his eyes full of fire.

This man was supposed to be dying and he hadn’t even started celebrating yet, but in the blink of an eye, he became alright?

Zhao Lingyu had been hiding the fact that he was well and took advantage of this time to suddenly appear. Zhao Lingyu was clearly not kind-hearted at all. With a smile on his face, Yang Ye wanted to go up to stop Zhao Lingyu and try to get the ceremony to proceed normally.

Yang Ye was just jealous but his father looked back at him and gave him a warning look. He was disappointed and sighed inwardly.

How could this son of his be inferior to Zhao Lingyu in every way?

Zhao Lingyu was really not simple… In the current situation, he was afraid they would need to abandon the pawn to protect the king.

“I know that many people now think that I am the hero who defended the Dream Star, but I am not the only one.” Zhao Lingyu tapped on the computer in front of the stage and the already ended battleship display on the two big screens of east and west suddenly turned into a video of the original battle against the Zerg Queen.

The video of the initial battle had been released in parts on the internet, but it was already edited mainly showing the final battle between him and the Zerg Queen, but how could the battle be just about one person?

The Zerg Queen was huge and resembled the co*kroaches of Ancient Earth and these creatures were known as interstellar co*kroaches. The queen was the strongest of these creatures and if a battleship was hit by her, its debris would soon float in the universe and the soldiers in the battleship would also not be able to escape.

There was special video equipment on the spaceship and many soldiers also had equipment that could send their last words back. Zhao Lingyu had them specially edited and now they were all played out.

“Mom, I miss the bread you made.”

“The ship is going to explode, Dad, I’m sorry.”

“Oran, don’t wait for me, find someone to marry.”

“Carl, I love you!”




The last words of the soldiers before their death and sadness during the explosion of the spaceship were clearly exposed to the public.

Someone in the crowd suddenly cried and then the number of people crying became more and more.

“These are not movies. All these images are real. In this battle, a total of 54,271 soldiers died. Many of these people carried out suicide attacks at the end. If it wasn’t for them, I would never have the chance to kill the Zerg Queen alone.” Zhao Lingyu added. “But this battle could also have been avoided or losses, at least reduced.”

The battle could have been avoided? What did he mean by this? The people were filled with shock and some people in the crowd behind Zhao Lingyu were also about to stir.

The head of the Yang family gave his son a cold look to stop his son’s behavior again. With the same sad and angry expression on his face as most people had.

Zhao Lingyu released all evidence in his hands.

Someone knew that the Zerg Queen was approaching, but deliberately intercepted the communication so that when the army got the news, the best time to drive her away was over.

The equipment received by the army before their departure had been replaced, so many soldiers ran out of ammunition.

“I was lucky. Although I lost my ability because of this battle, I survived and received many blessings. However, many people died in the universe. For some of them, we couldn’t even find their bodies or they were not even able to pass back their last words.” At the end of the day, Zhao Lingyu could only grit his teeth.

In this way, he gradually mobilized the people’s emotions. So this time, everyone demanded that those who were behind sabotage should be severely punished.

Zhao Lingyu knew that what he wanted to do was a success.

Although he couldn’t completely bring down the Yang and the Locke familes, he could cut off their arms. Moreover, after this clean-up, the army in the future would be much cleaner which would also prevent similar things from happening again.

In addition, through this incident, the Zhao family would also regain control of power and step into the core of the Human Federation.

In the future, if others want to touch him, they will have to weigh their own weight!


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