In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 18 – Little Ginseng Crying

Ren Sheng loved to watch cartoons, but no matter how good they were, they couldn’t compare with Zhao Lingyu.

When he first woke up in this completely unfamiliar place, Ren Sheng didn’t have the slightest sense of belonging. Until he saw Zhao Lingyu, only then did he feel that he had taken root in this place. Zhao Lingyu was the most important person for him in this world.

So as soon as he saw Zhao Lingyu appear in the video, Ren Sheng couldn’t help watching it intently.

At the beginning of the video, there was Zhao Lingyu, who was somewhat young compared to him now and even a little shorter. He was wearing a nice uniform and was just admitted to the first military academy with the top score. He was standing on the podium, taking an oath expressionlessly.

The next video was of Zhao Lingyu undergoing training at the school. It was clear that he had been swearing, yet he still continued to do the basic movements with a firm look in his eyes.

Next there was the scene after he joined the army.

At the age of 20, Zhao Lingyu graduated from the military academy ahead of time. However, he did not enter the army as a gifted or military graduate. Instead, he hid his identity and became an ordinary soldier. When Zhao Peng had an accident, he, who had already become a major with his common identity, became the youngest general in the Federation.

All this was undoubtedly accompanied by battles and injuries.

In fact, Ren Sheng could not understand many of these things, but he could see all the battle scenes and he recognized that the person in these pictures was Zhao Lingyu.

He had always known that Zhao Lingyu was a very powerful person, but knowing was not the same as seeing it with his own eyes. And now he could see it all.

The video was edited and was neither short or long. At the end of the video, there was the scene of Zhao Lingyu fighting with the Zerg queen.

When he decided to do it himself, Zhao Lingyu had no expression on his face and his eyes were firm. Ren Sheng believed that even if he was in the belly of the Zerg queen, he would have no less determination in his eyes.

As Ren Sheng watched, he suddenly couldn’t help but cry for some reason, and his heart became sour.

When he was hurt by the energy around Zhao Lingyu before, his eyes were also red, but the tears in his eyes never fell. However, this time was different… he couldn’t stop his tears from falling.

It wasn’t until the tears reached his chin that Ren Sheng realized it and immediately found a glass that was still half full with water and let his tears fall into it.

His tears were just as precious as ginseng juice and his blood. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had been too well nourished recently, he probably wouldn’t have been able to cry even if he wanted to…

“Ren, what are you looking at? Why are your eyes all red?” Shen Qiushi, seeing Ren Sheng cry, came in hurriedly.

Lingyu…” Ren Sheng sobbed, trying desperately to hold back his tears – Zhao Lingyu had never cried no matter how much danger he encountered and no matter how much pain he was in.

Close to Ren Sheng, Shen Qiushi once again smelled the scent of herbs. It was not fragrant, but it smelled clean. For some reason, it always made people want to smell it. Glancing at the screen, she found out that the video was paused at the picture of Zerg queen. Shen Qiushi smiled slightly, “You’re watching Lingyu’s video? This video became very popular in the whole Federation, which made Lingyu very popular.”

“Mm-hmm.” Ren Sheng nodded randomly and suddenly wanted to see Zhao Lingyu. “Auntie, I’ll go to see Lingyu.”

“Good, go and have a look. Those subordinates of his are also there, so get to know each other.” Shen Qiushi said.

Ren Sheng immediately stood up and ran two steps forward. Then, he turned back and handed the glass of water in his hand to Shen Qiushi. “Auntie, this is for you. You must drink it.” Grandpa butler was an ordinary person and wouldn’t be able to stand much. Zhao Peng ate two seeds of ginseng which were far better than these tears, so it would be of little use to him. So he might as well give it to Shen Qiushi.

One must know that Shen Qiushi had some old injuries in her body.

Shen Qiushi was a little puzzled as she held the water cup in her hand. But still she drank it just like the butler and after drinking it, she immediately noticed something was a little off.

The Zhao family abilities were too overbearing. When she gave birth to Zhao Lingyu, her own wind abilities were damaged, and since then there was no way to enhance them. However, after drinking this glass of water, she faintly felt that the ability nucleus that hadn’t moved at all for a long time had loosened.

Of course, this feeling was very subtle, if it wasn’t for the strange taste of the water, she might not have noticed it at all. Moreover, it was quickly overshadowed by another feeling.

She suddenly had diarrhea.

While Ren was watching the video, Zhao Lingyu had already met his subordinates.

At first, he thought he was going to die. He knew that these people would have no good future with him, so he wanted to drive them away. But now, his attitude had changed.

Although it was uncertain whether he could recover, his father was all right, so the Zhao family would naturally not be silent.

“Marshal!” Hong Zhong shouted as soon as he approached, a pair of large copper-bell-like eyes reddened from excitement.

“Marshal!” The others’ voices were also a little shaky.

Although Zhao Lingyu was still not able to move much, he had improved a lot. Now his room could have a door, not to mention, he had also put on protective clothing and no longer needed to be naked.

Of course, if Ren Sheng came, he would be stripped off in a minute. At most, he would be able to keep his pants.

Ren Sheng’s situation was obviously not right and he was not sure what was going on. Zhao Lingyu once wanted to collect some hair samples for testing, but then he thought that this kind of sneaky action would make Ren Sheng unhappy, so he gave up. Also, if he really found out some special circumstances and it leaked out, it could be harmful to Ren Sheng so it was better that he gave up.

Taking back his conflicted thoughts, Zhao Lingyu did not waste time making pleasantries with his subordinates, but went straight to the subject. “Did you find out who tricked us in the first place?”

When the Zerg queen entered the human Federation, they didn’t get the news until it swallowed several uninhabitable but guarded resource stars and even had time to get close to Dream Star. Not only that, they also found that there was something wrong with the newly replenished weapons.

If they had been informed earlier of the Zerg queen’s proximity to the Human Federation, they could have used interstellar bombs to deal with the Zerg queen. Even if they didn’t kill the Zerg queen with the interstellar bombs, it would have made her take a detour to go elsewhere for the sake of her own reproduction.

But the news about the Zerg queen was delivered to him two days late and after he led his army to stop the Zerg queen, he found that there were not enough weapons. 

He became a hero of the Federation after that battle, but the truth was that before him, countless people had already died and even if those people managed to injure the Zerg Queen or even if their ability was several times stronger, they couldn’t disintegrate the Zerg Queen’s energy core.

At that time, Zhao Lingyu had already noticed that something was wrong, but if he had to investigate the situation at that time, he would only bring down the people who followed him. He could only hold back and then let these five people investigate quietly.

At that time, he just wanted to keep these people on guard, always thinking that he would not have a chance to hear the result, but Ren Sheng changed everything.

“Marshal, both the Locke family and the Yang family have done something about it. One of them tampered with the newly added weapons and the other blocked the news for an extra two days. I’m afraid they were both just trying to cause us trouble, but it added up…”

The Federation had two major legions, one had always been controlled by the Zhao family and the other had always been controlled by the Yang family. There had always been conflicts between the two and the Locke family didn’t deal with either the Zhao family or the Yang family.

Ivor told all the news he had received and the people that were involved in it.

“Ivor, I need to rest and recuperate right now, so you should take care of the Legion and give them some trouble. It’s best that they don’t have time to pay attention to me.” Zhao Lingyu was silent for a long time. Both he and his father needed time now.

“Marshal, I promise to complete the mission!” Ivor said at once.

“Marshal, Ivor is a famous fox, he will not disappoint you!” Wu Shuai interrupted and asked, “Marshal, what are we going to do?”

Although Ivor wasn’t an ability user, he was smart and cunning, hence the nickname Fox. Zhao Lingyu always thought this nickname was normal but now he suddenly remembered the fox costume that Ren Sheng loved these days.

Wasn’t Ivor’s nickname a bit inappropriate?

Zhao Lingyu was rarely shaken and in the next second, the person who made him shake suddenly appeared.

Ivor and the others were all on guard when they sensed someone approaching speeddily, but they couldn’t even stop the figure. What shocked them even more was that once this figure approached, it grabbed the arm of their brilliant Marshal and sobbed. While their Marshal, who was always expressionless showed a helpless expression.

What was going on here? The Marshal didn’t do something wrong to this man, did he?


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