In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 20 – Refined Soil Covered by Iron Skin

Zhao Lingyu noticed that the child hanging around his neck had a tangled expression and asked, “What is the matter?”

What was going on? He had lost his own food! It was not easy for him to get better and the refined soil was a good solution. He was trying to grow taller, but now he couldn’t absorb it any more. What on earth is going on?

As soon as Ren Sheng recalled it angrily, his face suddenly froze.

The technique he gave Zhao Lingyu was one of the best for body refining. After practicing it, he could have copper skin and iron bones and even if heavenly thunder struck him after he mastered it, there would be no harm, only a few sparks. Zhao Lingyu cultivated hard every day and even though he didn’t master it, he had already practiced very well. Now he was using his bronze skin and bones to envelop all of the refined soil in his body.

He initially just wanted Zhao Lingyu to become a little more powerful and live long enough to regain his mobility, but he didn’t expect him to end up with a thick layer of iron skin on the outside of his delicious food that his roots couldn’t penetrate. 

Ren Sheng opened his mouth slightly in aggravation and annoyance. He didn’t understand this matter until now and there were even some clues to this very early on!

He could only absorb refined soil when Zhao Lingyu compressed energy. He should have found out the problem long ago, that he could absorb refined soil from certain areas and weren’t those places the area that Zhao Lingyu was practicing?

However, since watching the battle video of Zhao Lingyu, he somehow became more concerned about Zhao Lingyu, sometimes touching Zhao Lingyu would distract him. He didn’t expect this. 

“Are you not feeling well?” Zhao Lingyu asked, gently holding Ren Sheng’s butt to let him sit on his arm. He wanted to hold him in a different way but unfortunately, now that he couldn’t master his strength, he only dared to touch Ren Sheng with care, for fear that he might accidentally hurt the boy.

“No.” Ren Sheng said sullenly, glaring at Zhao Lingyu.

He had fed so many ginseng seeds to this man to start cultivating. Now that he was better, this person had cultivated all his refined soil. What could he do in future?

Should he stop this man from cultivating? Although only a small part could be absorbed now, it still could be absorbed after all. If Zhao Lingyu continued to cultivate like this…

However, if Zhao Lingyu doesn’t practice, he won’t be able to become that formidable Marshal…

The more Ren Sheng thought about it, the more aggrieved he became. So he scratched Zhao Lingyu’s arm with his fingernails.

If Ren Sheng was like a tiger spirit, his claws would be very sharp since he had been cultivating for a very long time. It would not be difficult to make a cut on Zhao Lingyu, but he was a plant spirit.

Among the many spirits in the cultivation world, the plant spirits were definitely the most useless. It was very difficult for them to gain spiritual awareness. When they did, they were dumber and weaker than normal spirits and they could only rely on some of their own characteristics if they wanted to defend themselves against enemies in the beginning. Because of this, spirits cultivated from those poisonous grasses were covered in poison, so no one dared to touch them at all.

But the characteristics of a ginseng was that it was a great medicine…

He doesn’t have much defense or attack power, just decent speed, and even that is very complementary…

Ren Sheng pinched Zhao Lingyu’s body for a long time. Finally he bit him, however he only left two small marks. Far, far away from his goal of trying to make a cut on Zhao Lingyu’s body.

Zhao Lingyu’s arm was tickled by Ren Sheng, but he was worried about injuring Ren Sheng so he didn’t dare take any action. He could only let Ren Sheng smear a lot of saliva on his arm, showing the expression of neither crying nor laughing.

“Your relationship is really getting better and better,” Shen Qiushi said happily when she saw this scene.

What better relationship? His teeth were sore now! This place with no spiritual power was so hateful that he couldn’t even use a more powerful technique!

Ren Sheng angrily puffed up his face, then turned to see his saliva left on Zhao Lingyu’s arm, worried about wasting it, he wiped it all back with his hand and absorbed it again.

“I’m not hurt.” Zhao Lingyu, who was rubbed by the small hand several times, said immediately.

I just can’t bear to give you my saliva. It is not because I am afraid of causing you pain! Ren Sheng wanted to bite him again, but for the sake of his own teeth, he could only stop.

“Ren Sheng, the skills you taught me to practice are very powerful. Now my strength and defense are extraordinary.” Zhao Lingyu said, gently touching Ren Sheng’s face with his empty hand. His skin was as resilient as before, but his defense increased by who knows how many times. As for strength… Look at those footprints one by one and one will be able to get a general picture.

“Of course, how powerful is that technique?!” Ren Sheng tilted his head up, beaming with pride and then became a little depressed. This technique was just too good! How can he live after that?

Zhao Lingyu didn’t know the reason for Ren Sheng’s bad mood, but knew that it was mostly related to his secret again, “I can’t control my body well now. Would you like to practice with me?”

“Well, with such strong technique it is not strange that you can’t control your body at once…” This kind of body refining technique was quick. Although it was painful, it was effective and it took time to adapt. Of course even if it was quick, ordinary people shouldn’t be able to practice it so fast – there was strong energy in Zhao Lingyu’s body and there were his personal seeds to support it. Zhao Lingyu was probably the only one from ancient times to the present to be able to cultivate so quickly. 

Ren Sheng accompanied Zhao Lingyu to cultivate. At the same time, he thought hard about all kinds of magic arts his master mentioned before, so that he could find something useful to teach Zhao Lingyu. In the end, he really couldn’t remember any and looked at jade slips left by his master.

Of course, during this period, he didn’t forget to put his hand in the area where Zhao Lingyu was cultivating to absorb the refined soil, while Zhao Lingyu compressed his energy – if he still didn’t absorb it at this time, it would be too late!

Every time he thought that he might go hungry in the future, he felt sad. Seeing a big piece of refined soil walking in front of him but not being able to take roots, his mood became even worse. But Zhao Lingyu was cultivating so hard, so he was reluctant to stop him.

Zhao Lingyu, whose strength was still a little out of control, wielded an extremely heavy broadsword in the yard for two hours, before finally stopping.

Looking at the handle that was about to be broken by his own strength, he walked towards Ren Sheng. Before he could get closer, Ren Sheng had already thrown himself at him. A pair of small hands touched his body and wiped away all the sweat he had shed.

His sweat became less and less now, making him always feel that his body was a bit abnormal now. But Ren Sheng was even more abnormal. For example, now, he could clearly feel that the places on his body touched by his hands become extremely dry, as if his sweat was absorbed by Ren Sheng.

Not only that, he was much better these past few days, but Reng Sheng was particularly sticky to him. He also found out that he didn’t even defecate at all.

Eating, drinking and shitting was something that every human had to do, but Ren Sheng who ate a lot of food never went to the toilet.

Zhao Lingyu sighed inwardly and asked, “What cartoons did you watch today?”

“I watched Power Baby.” Ren Sheng, a little disappointed, took back his ‘tentacles’.

It was really too bad that Zhao Lingyu had worked on every part of his body to the point where his sweat and excrement wouldn’t bring out any refined soil.

But, for some reason he still wanted to touch…

“You’ve seen a lot of these cartoons, do you want to take some courses?”

“I can go to school?” Ren Sheng asked curiously.

“Of course not, it’s dangerous for you to go to school now, but there are special courses online. I can be your guardian and take you there.” Zhao Lingyu said. Ren Sheng’s situation made him not dare let him out at all, so it was better to go to the virtual network for studying.

Once Ren Sheng knew more about the outside world, it would be time for him to talk to Ren Sheng openly.


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