In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 14 – Adorable Things and an Announcement

Ren Sheng really liked these beautiful clothes. Compared with monotonous formal clothes, he thought these clothes were much more beautiful, especially the animal-shaped pajamas. He liked them so much that he could not put them down.

He had always thought ‘what if he was not a ginseng spirit, but a tiger or leopard spirit, or something else.’ In the past, a tiger spirit in the Xiuzhen world had only been cultivating for 10,000 years and was invincible in Xiuzhen. But what about him? When he was ten thousand years old, he was only a small baby the size of a palm. When he saw a rabbit spirit that hadn’t even grown into a human shape, he still had to hide or run away!

When Master was ascending, he was already tens of thousands of years old, and his height was just over Master’s knees, but in the human world, he would have been a newly weaned baby. It was so sad…

Unfortunately, he couldn’t change his race, so…

He put on the tiger clothes and touched the artificial fur on his body. Ren Sheng looked at the mirror triumphantly, showing a ‘savage‘ expression and twisted his ass to make the sensory tail make all kinds of movements.

He looked like a tiger spirit now and was very majestic! Ren Sheng swished his tail and went to look at the other clothes. 

Looking at this scene, Shen Qiushi felt that her heart was going to melt. Her son had been mature since he was young and after he was three or four years old, he had dressed as an adult in a suit and tie. Although it looked somewhat cute, it still left her with regrets. There was no way to dress up that child the way she wanted. 

But now, her regrets finally disappeared!

“Ren, come and try on these clothes. It’s fox clothes! it can move not only its tail, but also its ears!” Shen Qiushi touched the ear of the clothes in her hands and the erect ear immediately curled up shyly, looking exactly the same as a real one. 

Ren Sheng’s eyes suddenly lit up. Will he look like a legendary fox when he wears this?! The fox! His master said that foxes were the most beautiful! 

The fox pajamas weren’t bulky. It had a vest made of imitation leather, a hat with ears on it, and leather shorts with a fiery red fluffy tail. After putting it on, he put on a pair of small leather boots, which not only revealed his figure, but were also very cute. His white and tender little face looked even more delicate against the fiery red fur. 

Shen Qiushi couldn’t wait to hold and kiss him. She must show her son a picture of Ren Sheng wearing these clothes!

Shen Qiushi lavishly bought a pile of clothes, but as soon as she paid the bill, she met someone she didn’t like. 

“Isn’t this Mrs. Zhao? Your son is still in bed, but your mood is so good that you can go shopping?” A tall, brown-haired woman raised the corners of her mouth slightly, but there was no smile in her eyes. 

“No need to care about my affairs Mrs. Locke. You’d better pay more attention to your son and future daughter-in-law.” Shen Qiushi said, glancing at Wen Yue who was following Mrs. Locke.

She had to admit that this Wen Yue was a capable person. When the last incident broke out, she thought that Wen Yue would not be able to marry into the Locke family, as she would no longer be able to wash her reputation white. But as a result… 

Although there were still many people criticizing Wen Yue on the Internet, it was much better than before. Now, this person could even accompany Mrs. Locke to go shopping.

“My son is healthy and well. What’s there to be concerned about?” Mrs. Locke said, looking at Shen Qiushi’s wrist. “Madam Zhao, why are you provoking me so much? You won’t try some dirty tricks again, right?”

“I can’t even make a video in my own house, let alone rig one? Some people dare to go to other people’s homes and blame the owner for filming a video in it?” Shen Qiushi smiled.

A trace of suspicion flashed across Mrs. Locke’s face. There was something really wrong with Shen Qiushi’s behavior just now… was she bluffing? 

Shen Qiushi was about to lose her husband and son and couldn’t do anything about it. Seeing Shen Qiushi’s uncompromising appearance, Mrs. Locke suddenly felt guilty and did not dare to continue to attack. 

It’s better not to provoke people who are already desperate. 

Mrs. Locke didn’t want to cause trouble, but the person around her didn’t want to stop there.

“Auntie Shen, are you going to keep pushing me like this?” Wen Yue blinked, her eyes immediately reddening. As her gaze moved to Ren Sheng, her eyes flashed with a hint of cruelty.

She has been having a bad time these days.

Ever since Shen Qiushi released that live broadcast, she had lost a lot of fans. Even when she immediately remedied the situation by going to the hospital as a volunteer, she could only save a few fans.

Being deliberately picked on by patients, chased by the media, and surrounded by Zhao Lingyu’s hostile admirers… She couldn’t even get angry and needed to smile. Even if she had always been able to endure, she couldn’t help wanting to vent. 

After secretly sending out the photos in her hand, Wen Yue revealed a smile again, “Auntie Shen, you wanted to force me to marry your son. Now, you don’t even care about brother Lingyu’s serious illness and came shopping…”

As soon as Wen Yue’s voice fell, a lot of media reporters suddenly came in from outside. Discovering the presence of these people, Mrs. Locke’s face changed slightly, but Shen Qiushi only snorted coldly.

Mrs. Locke, you and Miss Wen are out shopping together, is it because Second Young Master and Miss Wen are close?

Lady Zhao, if you’re out shopping, does that mean that Lord Marshal’s health has improved?” 

Mrs. Zhao, is that the Kay from the Freedom Alliance beside you? When is he going to marry the Lord Marshal?




All sorts of questions came at them, making Mrs. Locke’s face look even worse.

In fact, she didn’t bring Wen Yue shopping with her and only just bumped into Wen Yue right before she met Shen Qiushi.

At that time, Wen Yue’s behavior was very low key so she brought this person with her, but now it seems like she clearly fell for Wen Yue’s plot and these reporters should have also been arranged by Wen Yue – this was a place that ordinary reporters couldn’t enter!

There were so many reporters hiding nearby, if they hadn’t met Shen Qiushi, it wouldn’t be long before news of her shopping with Wen Yue would be flying around!

No, the news was already flying all over the place. Now they will also add news that Shen Qiushi had brought her family’s Kay to go shopping. 

Mrs. Locke was right. These reporters were really secretly informed by Wen Yue and among them were some that even mixed with the Wen family. These people were naturally now asking pointed questions to Shen Qiushi, “Mrs. Zhao, now that the Zhao family is in a terrible situation, you still brought others to happily go shopping? Did you find a way out?”

“Lady Zhao, did you leave the Zhao mansion because you were afraid that the Marshal’s powers would get out of control?”

“Madam Zhao, are you planning to leave the Zhao family?”

“Mrs. Zhao, is there a problem with the IQ of the Kay person next to you?”




These questions were clearly accusing Shen Qiushi.

Shen Qiushi wasn’t surprised by this and after discovering that many of them were live broadcasting, she smiled slightly. “Your imagination, isn’t it a bit too rich?”

“Then how does Madam Zhao plan to explain her behavior?”

“Why does my behavior need to be explained? If you hurt yourself, would you like to see your loved ones cry around you or see them facing hardships?  As for the rest, I can only say that I will always be a member of the Zhao family and Ren Sheng will also always be a member of the Zhao family.” Shen Qiushi held Ren Sheng’s hand. “This child will be my child from now on. A member of the Zhao family, if anyone slanders him or insults him, the Zhao family will defend him by all means!”

Since they had all already recognized Ren Sheng, they naturally had to let the entire Human Federation know.

At the same time, making Ren Sheng’s identity public like this without mentioning a word about the Freedom Alliance was also a way to keep the Thorn Chamber of Commerce from trying any tricks.


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