In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 8 – The Marshal’s Ex-Girlfriend

Although Wen Yue’s family was not as good as the Zhao family, they were still considered a large family. A large part of the Wen family were water based ability users, many of whom worked in medical institutions and had a pretty good reputation.

Ever since the match degree became known, the Wen family had been working on marrying Wen Yue into the Zhao family and Shen Qiushi who was worried about Zhao Lingyu’s marriage at the time naturally showed her goodwill. When she received Zhao Lingyu’s consent, they even began marriage discussions with the Wen family.

Before Zhao Lingyu’s accident, the two families had already discussed marriage and even Zhao Lingyu had already decided on a vacation period to return to the Capital Star for marriage.

However, right at that time Zhao Lingyu had had an accident.

After Zhao Lingyu’s accident, Shen Qiushi was so busy that it took her several days before she discovered that the one who always followed her before, the girl who appeared everywhere as a prospective daughter-in-law had already disappeared a long time ago.

When something happened to her own son, there was no reason to still drag someone else’s daughter into it. Shen Qiushi was an open-minded person and simply approached the Wen family, saying that the previous marriage contract should be annulled.

As a result, after Shen Qiushi arrived at the Wen family, the Wen family even denied that they were engaged to the Zhao family.

At that time, Shen Qiushi was somewhat unresponsive until she was told that Wen Yue and the second young master of the Locke family were close.

Like the Zhao family, the Locke family was one of the five great families of the Human Federation, and had been involved in politics and had great prestige in the military. But the Zhao family had never dealt with them.

There was no doubt that the Wen family would deny the marriage contract with the Zhao family in order to climb onto the Locke family.

As soon as Wen Yue, who claimed to love her son, turned around and threw herself into someone else’s arms, Shen Qiushi’s depression could not be imagined. Even the marriage contract with the Thorn Chamber of Commerce was done after she was stimulated by this event.

At that time, Shen Qiushi was thinking that the Zhao family and the Wen family should have no ties at all and as a result Wen Yue who was a singer, finally appeared in the public and weakly said that the Zhao Family and the Thorn Chamber of Commerce had signed a marriage contract, looking heartbroken.

Although the matter of the Zhao family and the Wen family discussing the marriage hadn’t been widely publicized, the fact that Wen Yue had been with Shen Qiushi all day in the past had confirmed her identity as Zhao Lingyu’s girlfriend. When Zhao Lingyu was injured, she suddenly went silent and didn’t say anything. But now…

For some time, there were quite a few people who began to sympathize with her and many of her fans even felt that the Zhao family was unkind.

Shen Qiushi has always kept the matter of the marriage between the Zhao family and the son of the President of the Thorn Chamber of Commerce under wraps, not wanting others to know. But this news had spread out immediately and everyone knew.

Shen Qiushi didn’t mind if Wen Yue regretted her marriage contract. After all, Wen Yue and Zhao Lingyu had no emotional foundation, so it was normal for her to pull out at that time. But she couldn’t stand Wen Yue and the fact that she had to step on the Zhao Family .

After that, Shen Qiushi’s original admiration for Wen Yue disappeared completely, leaving only disgust. But even with her being more and more disgusted with her, when her son’s health was getting worse and worse, she did not wish to find trouble with her. As a result, just when their family was getting better, Wen Yue actually came to their door.

Seeing Wen Yue, Shen Qiushi thought of all the news that she heard from others in the past few days.

Wen Yue had appeared several times in public. She had surprisingly garnered a lot of sympathy and even support to find a new love life.

With Wen Yue as a comparison, Shen Qiushi thought that Ren Sheng, who was still concentrating on the cartoon at this point, was really too cute!

“Auntie Shen… ” Wen Yue’s eyes instantly turned red.

“I don’t want you to call me aunt.” Shen Qiushi snorted and looked at the young man beside Wen Yue. “The second young master of the Locke family… you’re called Matthew, right? You are still in a good mood even though you are accompanying your girlfriend to see her ex-fiancé.”

“Auntie Shen, although you wanted me to marry Big Brother Zhao, I really never liked him and at this time, I am here to tell you that I’m sorry…. I’m getting engaged soon and I hope Aunt Shen will be able to attend.” Wen Yue added.

It wasn’t enough anymore to step on their feet and now she tried to directly stab them with a knife?! Shen Qiushi took a glance at the contact terminal on her wrist and sneered, “So you were pestering this aunt all day long, talking all day long and inquiring about Lingyu, and sending this and that to him. But it is still that you don’t like my son, ah?”

“Auntie, I’m sorry, I was afraid to say no…”

“Do you think my son needed to rely on forcing you to get married?” Shen Qiushi sneered.

“Not before, but maybe now.” Matthew laughed and looked at Ren Sheng who was sitting next to him. “I’m sure this is the Kay sent by the Thorn Chamber of Commerce, right? Look at his appearance, he doesn’t even have any feelings for Zhao Lingyu.” When your love rival comes to your door and you don’t react, it is either because you are stupid or you don’t care.

“Auntie, why did you need to find such a partner for Big Brother Zhao? He won’t cherish Brother Zhao at all.” Wen Yue also said, looking at Ren Sheng beside her with hostile eyes.

Although she didn’t want to marry Zhao Lingyu now, she was indignant that Zhao Lingyu wanted to marry someone else.

Ren Sheng had been watching TV, but he had also paid attention to the conversation, he didn’t understand much of what these people were saying, and that’s why he hadn’t made a sound. But now, these people seemed to be talking about him? Turning his head, Ren Sheng curiously glanced at Wen Yue, “Auntie, who is she?”

Wen Yue’s face turned pale. She was a singer and was very famous in the Human Federation, but this person didn’t even know her.

Wen Yue was about to say something when Shen Qiushi spoke first, “She used to want to marry Lingyu, but now…”

“Auntie, the Marshal is mine, I won’t give him to anyone else!” Ren Sheng immediately said, looking at Wen Yue with hostility.

“What is so good about an invalid? You really have such a rare low IQ.” Matthew said with a bit of disdain. Ren Sheng had just turned his head when that exquisite little face made him unable to resist wanting to touch him, but this person actually liked that Zhao Lingyu…

“I am unique! So don’t you dare try to rob me!” Ren Sheng eyed the pair.

“What a good boy.” Shen Qiushi stroked Ren Sheng’s head before turning her head to look at Wen Yue, “Alright Wen Yue, go ahead and get engaged if you like, I won’t go anyway… my son has been getting worse lately and could explode and hurt someone at any moment, so are you sure you want to stay here?”

Before Wen Yue came this time, she specially asked her uncle who worked at the medical headquarters to make sure that Zhao Lingyu would be fine for the time being before coming here, but Shen Qiushi’s words still scared her a little in the end.

With a slight change in color, Wen Yue reluctantly hooked the corner of her mouth, “Auntie, then we’ll take our leave.”

Seeing that both Wen Yue and Matthew had left, Shen Qiushi turned off the camera in her hand and gently brushed Ren Sheng’s hair again, “Good boy!”

Sure enough, Ren Sheng’s reaction was more to her liking, as for that Wen Yue… she just helped her live stream what just happened to help her make a name for herself so she was pleased.

“Auntie, my leaves…my hair will become messy.” Ren Sheng was busy straightening his hair.

“Child, you really don’t know what you are talking about.” Shen Qiushi laughed, but quickly stopped. She had just pitted Wen Yue but her mood was still not good.

“Everyone says things like this.” Ren Sheng noticed that Shen Qiushi was not very happy and followed his master’s example and patted Shen Qiushi’s shoulder. “Don’t feel bad. The Marshal is not an invalid. He’s getting better and better. When he’s fully recovered, that woman will regret it, but I definitely won’t let her have the Marshal!”

Shen Qiushi wasn’t as optimistic as Ren Sheng. After all, although the medicine given by Ren Sheng could repair Zhao Lingyu’s body, as long as that energy was still inside him, he wouldn’t be able to completely recover, but she still nodded. “Yes, Lingyu is yours, let her regret it when the time comes!”

Ren Sheng’s eyes shone brightly as he grinned. “Lingyu is mine.”

Those in the Zhao mansion were cozy, but both Wen Yue and Matthew encountered trouble on the other side. Wen Yue went to the Zhao family this time because she was worried that she would be blamed for becoming engaged so soon. She wanted to create something to get the public’s favorable opinion. 

She had planned from the start to insinuate her sadness about Zhao Lingyu marrying someone else after she left the Zhao family. When the time came, people would surely sympathize with her when they see her suffer by going to see Zhao Lingyu despite the danger. So when she released her engagement news, everyone would accept it quickly too. After all, it was the Zhao family that was wrong in the first place.

It was just that, no matter how well written the script was, she forgot to calculate Shen Qiushi’s reaction.

She thought that Shen Qiushi would ignore her like before and thought that Shen Qiushi, whose son was seriously injured would not have the time to pay attention to the public’s opinion outside. But Shen Qiushi did the exact opposite of what she thought.

Therefore, when she stepped out of the aircraft with a sad face, what greeted her was not sympathy, but disdain from the media instead.


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