In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 3 – Marshal Will Not Eat You

Ten days later, Capital Star.

A silver spaceship flew over the capital star and slowly landed at the air station. A staff member who was maintaining order, saw it from a distance and immediately stood up and performed a military salute.

“Whose spaceship is that?” Someone saw that the people around him became solemn and asked.

“That’s the Zhao’s spaceship.” the man beside him whispered.

“Marshal Zhao’s family?” the man asked in surprise.

“Besides that Zhao family, which Zhao family could it be?”

The video of the battle between Lord Marshal and the Zerg Queen was now the most viewed video on the internet. Every time he watched the Marshal piloting a small battleship into the Zerg Queen to carry out a suicide attack, his eyes could not help but redden.

The entire air station was quiet, people watched silently as a craft flew out of the ship and flew out of their sight, before they continued what they were doing.

In the aircraft, Ren Sheng was lying on the window blinking his big eyes at the world outside, his gaze full of wonder.

Everything he saw these days was amazing.

There was no aura here at all. Only a few people here had energy in their bodies and the energies in their bodies were completely different from that of cultivators

So he really hadn’t been captured, instead these guys should have saved him and had been treating him well!

Master said that the space-time cracks were very unstable. After entering, you would probably die without a burial place and only one or two out of 10,000 will hit it big and go to a completely different world. Now he must have hit it big, right?

It’s just that there’s no spiritual power here and there’s no telling when his injuries will heal. Of course, it was also fortunate that he was not a cultivator, otherwise it would be troublesome for him. As long as there was sunshine and land, he would still recover completely in a few tens of thousands of years, but if he wanted to grow, he was afraid it would not be so easy.

It took him almost 100,000 years to grow into a youth and this injury had caused him to shrink again… Looking at his small arms and legs, Ren Sheng sighed… he could not even reach the chest of those tall men!

Dino who had been observing Ren Sheng’s movements sighed.

How can the child not grow up when he eats so much for every meal? And the way he eats… When the people from the Zhao family come to meet him, they would probably suspect that they had abused him!

The other thing is his brain. They say that the Kay people don’t have high IQs and it seems to be true. This guy simply doesn’t know anything. He doesn’t know how the President of the Thorn Chamber of commerce taught him.

However, although this person could eat and was somewhat stupid, Dino’s impression of him became somehow better – he can’t bully a child now, can he?

Even if he was a little stupid and a little silly, such a cute and lovely child was still likable.

He found that Ren Sheng couldn’t stop marveling at the sight of the buildings outside and after deep thought, he explained it to him and finally, inevitably he mentioned the Marshal, “After you marry the Marshal, you can live on the Capital Star. Then you can go and play in these places.”

“En.” Ren Sheng nodded. Dino spoke with a strong accent and besides his master didn’t communicate with people very much. His master ascended nearly 100,000 years ago and he couldn’t understand a lot of words. But everyone said they would take him to see the Marshal. Dino also said that all that he had eaten and drank had been given by the Marshal.

That Marshal was a good man and he really should thank him, but he was reluctant to give him his blood and he doesn’t know if it was all right for him to do other things!

“Ren Sheng, you’ll be able to live with the Marshal from now on, I’m so jealous of you.” Dino added. Ren Sheng’s name was a bit strange, but when the child asked them to call him that, all of them did. If it was nothing unexpected, this name was most likely given to him by his Kay mother.

“I have to live with the Marshal later?” Ren Sheng looked at Dino at a loss. He has seen it just now, the place had flowers and plants, as well as sunshine. He especially wanted to put his roots in the soil and bask in the sun and rain. But what if the Marshal finds something wrong?

When his Master finally took him out once, just because he stuck his hand into a bucket of tofu while he was eating and lost all the tofu in it, his master did not take him out again. He even forced him to stay in human form even while he was rooted in the ground.

“Of course!” Dino said without hesitation. What if the Kay, who can’t even use a contact device, doesn’t live with the Marshal and accidentally falls into the hands of some perverts?

“So the Marshal isn’t going to eat me, is he?” Ren Sheng struggled and asked again. If they had to live together, he should be more careful from now on, but it was better to figure this out early.

 Eat? That shouldn’t be literal, right? Dino was torn. These days, although he hadn’t missed saying good things about the Marshal in front of Ren Sheng. In order to avoid making him sad, he hadn’t said anything about the Marshal’s current situation and now Ren Sheng seemed to be a little confused about the situation?

Yes, he doesn’t know anything, maybe his father deceived him and sent him here by force.

“Don’t worry, the Marshal won’t eat you.” Dino said. The Marshal is now seriously wounded and he didn’t think he would be able to eat.

“That’s good!” Ren Sheng was beaming with joy.

“It’s dangerous for you to be outside in the current situation and if you marry the Marshal, you will be able to stay in the Zhao family. It will be good for you.” Dino said again.

Ren Sheng nodded with a bit of confusion. What did this person mean when he kept saying that he would marry? If I marry the Marshal, I can stay in the Zhao family, but if I don’t, will I have to leave the Zhao family?

The thought flashed through his mind and soon Ren Sheng’s attention was drawn to a large house suspended in the air. He looked at it enviously.

When Shen Qiushi learned that the spaceship had arrived, she changed her clothes and calmed down before waiting by the door. But she still didn’t let Zhao Peng out. Zhao Peng’s health was very bad at this time, if something happened to him now, the Zhao family would be finished.

Of course, the Zhao family was no better now.

The aircraft landed slowly at the entrance of the Zhao family’s home, and the sharp-eyed Shen Qiushi immediately saw the little face that was pasted to the window, looking out.

The President of the Thorn Chamber of Commerce had once said that child was a little small. But looking at his face, wasn’t he too small? Shen Qiushi was a little surprised. The door of the aircraft suddenly opened and the person she sent to pick him up took the lead to walk down. Then the boy came down.

Among ability users, Shen Qiushi was considered petite, only a mere 1.7 half meters. But this teenager was a head shorter than her reaching only to her chest!

Besides, his face, hands, and feet were also small. Just by looking at his appearance, he was clearly a twelve or thirteen-year-old boy.

However, despite his small size, his appearance was exquisite. His snow-white skin was so pink and soft that it seemed like you could squeeze water out of it. His big shining eyes were full of innocence, which made people feel good at the first glance.

It’s just that she was trying to get this boy to take care of her son and now that he looked so small, could he really do it?

As Shen Qiushi sized up Ren Sheng, Ren Sheng felt as if every single one of his roots was about to burst open.

He actually felt the breath of the soil!

All plant spirits wanted a good piece of land and the best land in the world needed undoubtedly, the best soil.

Although he grew up in a place full of aura, later his master’s cave was even better. But it was still nothing compared to this place.

He had also possessed a grain of refined soil. It was because his master had given him a rice grain sized piece of this refined soil that he had followed him in the first place. Later, he wanted to have more, but his master said it would take millions of acres of good land to make a rice grain of refined soil. If someone tried to do that, he would surely be struck by lightning.

His master was so powerful that he had lived for tens of thousands of years before he accidentally got a small grain of refined soil. If it had not been given to him, that small grain of refined soil would have allowed him to cultivate countless miracle drugs.

But he actually felt refined soil in this completely spiritless place and it still seemed to be far larger than the one he had originally received from his master!

Even if the refined soil had nothing to do with spiritual energy, this was amazing!

Ren Sheng stared stupidly at the small detached building not far away, eager to rush to it immediately.


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