MAIR – Chapter 184.1 – Finale

What happened at the Golden Melody Awards soon spread to all audiences through various media channels.

Although it was a pity that Ye Cang failed to win the Grand Slam again, most people accepted the result. After all, Lu Hazel’s album had been prepared for a year and a half. All of the songs of the album were very good and “Queen Mary” which broke through her personal style, was also very wonderful.

However, more importantly, Ye Cang expressed his love to Shen Huai on the spot after winning the award.

The reaction of netizens was also different.

Provocation, the sour smell of love. 

Ahh!!!! The CP fans were satisfied.

Cang Cang shark.

I don’t know if I should envy cub Cang or Huai Huai. 

The heat of this scene almost overshadowed the limelight of the Golden Melody Award. Chu Mei Bo and others did not go to the scene, but gathered at home to watch the live broadcast.

When they saw this scene, all three of them had the aspiration to make a “tut tut” sound together.

Guo Wenyuan: “Ye Cang is gone, he has definitely gone with the wind.”

Chu Mei Bo: “Today, children are quite good at playing.”

Guo Wenyuan: “When they come back, I must laugh at Ye Cang. Saying it in public is really too old-fashioned. Ha ha ha!”

Pei Ran: “…”

From what he has seen and felt during this period of time, Guo Wenyuan has a good chance of losing to Ye Cang, and he really didn’t know why he was so happy to be attacked.

But instead of persuading Guo Wenyuan, Pei Ran also encouraged him in a few words.

So, when Ye Chang and others came back with honors and congratulated them, Guo Wenyuan told the story of Ye Cang’s public confession.

Guo Wenyuan: “You are so old-fashioned!”

Ye Cang: “I have a date.”

Guo Wenyuan: “You usually sprinkle dog food, but you still sprinkle dog food at the award ceremony.”

Ye Cang: “I have a date”

Guo Wenyuan: “Is having a date so amazing?”

Ye Cang smiled and put his arms around Shen Huai’s shoulder. “Of course it’s great. My date is the most amazing.”

Guo Wenyuan: “…”

He lost. He will never win over Ye Cang in terms of skin thickness. The experience he accumulated over the years can’t match this real talent.

{edit: thick skin or thick face means shamelessness. Guo Wenyuan believes he can’t win Ye Cang when it comes to being shameless.}

Pei Ran and Chu Mei Bo were having a good time watching the drama and eating melons. Unexpectedly, Shen Huai said coldly, “We will fight each other as rivals in a few months, but now we can still get along so happily.”

Guo Wenyuan: “…”

Guo Wenyuan just remembered that in a few months, “Red Actress” will compete with “Sheng” for the best movie award in Jin Ying award. He immediately became vigilant and pulled Chu Mei Bo to keep her on distance from Pei Ran.

Pei Ran: “…”

Shen Huai smiled and left the stage with Ye Cang who was holding the award.

When “Red Actress” was released, everyone asserted that it would be the best movie of the year, but they soon were hit in the face in the second half of the year. Although “Sheng” was not expected as “Red Actress” it still was a dark horse that was beyond everyone’s expectation.

In some movie forums, there were many posts about “Sheng”.

For most middle-aged Chinese, who hasn’t seen one of Hong Kong movies and who hasn’t imagined that they one day would be the protagonists in the movie when they are young?

Although now they have gradually entered society, started a family and buried their past, but when the “Sheng” appeared, many people still recalled their past.

For them, it was a rare light in their pathetic life. Some of them went to the cinema with their family, some went to the cinema together with their friends, some called their best buds to watch together, and some went to the cinema alone in silence.

“Sheng’s” plot was humorous and funny in the early stage, which hid many obstacles to pay tribute to the once great Hong Kong movies, so that many fans could still smile. Some of the audience were not fans, but they still could see familiar shadows. In the second half of the movie, although there are still people laughing at the cinema from time to time, there were also many sobs.

They saw themselves in Sheng. It was a story of a small potato struggling in the tide, but who was not a small potato in this era??

There is a saying that the essence of comedy is always a tragedy.

No matter how relaxed the movie appeared to be, it can’t change the tragic nature of the story from the beginning.

“Sheng” was not a pure comedy or a traditional literary film. It was hard to generalize it in terms of type, but it doesn’t affect the excellence of the movie.

The judges of the Jin Ying prize didn’t believe that this movie could be made by Pei Ran. The spiciness and hidden message here was not something that could be explained by talent, this was an experience that could only be given by years.

But in the documentary of the film, it clearly showed how Pei Ran and other main creators made the movie step by step. so they also have to admit that maybe there are people in the world who are born to make movies. Some of them are given food by God, but Pei Ran is probably chased by God to feed them.

Pei Ran’s age was one of the biggest publicity points of the movie, but it was also the main weakness in winning the award.

Although in the discussion in the outside world, the probability of winning the award between the “Red Actress” and “Sheng“ was almost 50-50, in the mind of the industry insiders that were familiar with hidden rules, “Sheng” has almost no chance to win the award.

Pei Ran also knew these hidden rules. In fact, he doesn’t care too much about whether “Sheng“ could win the prize or not. After all, the movie was successfully made and released, which was already very satisfying for him.

So at the scene of Jin Ying award, you could see that the creators of the two movies, “Sheng” and “Red Actress” sat together and chatted happily. This familiar scene reminded the audience of the Golden Melody Award that ended just not too long ago.

Netizens sighed with emotion.

Do all the people who are engaged in art now have such Buddhist deposition?

Shen Huai, as a producer of “Sheng”, openly took his family member Ye Cang to sit with him among the creators of “Sheng.”

Guo Wenyuan was separated by a crew, but still couldn’t help trying to criticize Ye Cang. “Why are you even here? So addicted to sprinkle dog food? Go back to being an audience.”

Ye Cang: “I…..”

As soon as Guo Wenyuan heard him, his scalp went numb at the beginning of his speech. He quickly waved his hand and said, “OK, I know you have a date. Shut up.”

Ye Cang: “I mean, I made the soundtrack of this movie. Why can’t I sit here?”

Guo Wenyuan: “…”

He forgot about it.

Ye Cang won a complete victory and proudly raised his eyebrows at Guo Wenyuan.

Mr. Guo was originally a little nervous, so the only way to relieve the tension was bickering with Ye Cang. However, when he no longer felt nervous, he stared directly at Ye Cang.

Shen Huai couldn’t help pressing his forehead. It was just like primary school students fighting.

Fortunately, they didn’t quarrel for long, and soon the award ceremony began.

The award ceremony looks very classy, but it seemed to be different from the previous years. In recent years, the Jin Ying award has not received good reviews on the Internet. It has been criticized for being rigid and backward in standards. Before that, there was also a scandal exposed of crew bribing judges, which seems to be very bad. But it was still the biggest and most authoritative film award in China.

Since the new director of the Film Association took office, the entire film and television industry seems to have changed, even this year Jin Ying award seemed to have changed.

As one of the two most eye-catching movies in this year’s Jin Ying awards, “Sheng” has won not only two technical awards, but also the best new director award and best script award.

When Pei Ran came to the stage, he immediately triggered a bunch of exclamations and licks in front of the screen. No one believed that this good-looking man who didn’t even look like a real person was the director of such a big hit.

Pei Ran calmly made a speech and thanked Shen Huai.

After “Sheng” was released, some media interviewed the crew and learned a lot of behind-the-scenes news.


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