MAIR – Chapter 183 – Awards

For movie fans, this year can be said to be a particularly happy year. “Red Actress” from the first half of the year has already made them addicted, and in the second half of the year, the movie “Sheng” has been released, which was also amazing.

Although the preliminary arrangement of “Sheng” was not very good, it has great potential, and the box office has gradually approached “Red Actress”. Now both of them were shortlisted for the Jin Ying award, and it seems that they are going to carry out this kind of “tit-for-tat” to the end.

However, no one expected that after “Sheng” reached 2 billion yuan in box office,  Director Xie of “Red Actress” not only personally sent Weibo congratulations, but also expressed his happiness in public after the two were shortlisted. He also expressed his delight in public with Pei Ran, the director of “Sheng”, to see which of them would win.

Netizens know that Pei Ran worked as cameraman assistant for “Red Actress” and Director Xie was very optimistic about him from the beginning.

For Director Xie, he won numerous awards and was very calm about being shortlisted for the Jin Ying award, but who would have thought Pei Ran was just as calm.

During the media interview, Mr. Pei’s face sucked in a wave of fans again, but as a new director, he had a calm attitude and proper words and deeds. He didn’t lose his temper at all because he was shortlisted for the Jin Ying award.

When talking about the person who helped him most in his career as a director, Pei Ran smiled and said without hesitation, “I have to thank my agent, Shen Huai.”

Netizens: “….”

[Is it godfather Shen again? I don’t seem to be surprised (in a daze) at all.

[Alas, Mr. Shen’s business scope is too wide. I won’t be surprised if he signs something else next time.

[President Shen is so lucky!! I just want to know where he dug up all these people!

[This time, Big Brother Shen may be the biggest winner of the Jin Ying Award.]


At a time when the shortlist of Jin Ying Award was discussed like a raging fire by netizens, the new edition of Golden Melody Award also kicked off.

Since Ye Cang was reborn two years ago, the domestic music market has been changing imperceptibly. In just two years, many excellent singers and songs have emerged, making this year’s Golden Melody Award competition very fierce.

Even so, Ye Cang’s “Right and Wrong” was still very eye-catching.

The Entertainment Forum opened a post early to predict who will win this year’s Golden Melody Awards. After all, in addition to Ye Cang, the diva Lu Hazel’s new album also participated in the competition this year. In addition to these two bosses, there were also many newcomers looking covetously from behind.

People argued endlessly in the forum, but several candidates enjoyed themselves backstage.

Lu Hazel admired Ye Cang very much before, and now, although they were in the position of direct competitors, it did not affect her praise for Ye Cang’s album “Right and Wrong”.

They sat together and discussed their views on music. In the middle of the conversation, Ye Cang suddenly stood up and looked behind him. When he saw Shen Huai, he sat down at ease.

Lu Hazel naturally noticed and said with a narrow smile, “Speaking of which, I haven’t congratulated you and Mr. Shen on your new marriage!”

Ye Cang said bluntly: “You can congratulate us now.”

Le Hazel was stunned, and then bent down from laughter.

Seeing this, the female singer sitting on the other side could not help but join their topic.

She was also a candidate for this year’s Golden Melody Award. Before, “Your Father” account recommended her song, which not only brought popularity to that song, but also made her gradually become popular.

After years of accumulating strength, she was finally recognized this year. She was grateful to “Your Father” all this time. Later, when she found out that it was Ye Cang, she wanted to tell him how grateful she was to him, but when she saw Ye Cang and Lu Hazel chatting, she didn’t dare to interrupt.

However, the three chatted, and the other two candidates also followed.

The reporter happened to take a photo of this moment, which was later joked by netizens that compared with the infighting from previous years, this year was really the most harmonious Golden Melody Award.

This sense of harmony was not only from Ye Cang’s side, but also from the group’s side. However, the reasons for this harmony were different.

Last year’s “National Idol” has become a popular program. After the program ended, the one-year limited group “Shero” was launched and it was not just a gimmick. Although they were only together for a few months, the girls wear very united. In this short year, they almost swept all the group awards at home and abroad, with their global tour just ending.

This was the first women’s group worthy of the name of China.

There was no doubt that the group award of this year’s Golden Melody Award was destined to be won by them, but at the same time after the Golden Melody Award was over, it means that their time was up, and they will return to their respective companies and groups.

Because of this, although other groups knew that they were just accompanying princes to study, their mentality was also passable.

Xia Shiyu and Wang Can were sitting together with other group members around them. The atmosphere looked very dignified.

In fact, Xia Shiyu was also a bit uncomfortable. During this year, everyone ate and lived together, and they gradually became acquainted with each other. Xia Shiyu felt their dependence and intimacy. In those years, her heart hurt by intrigue was gradually healing, but she didn’t expect that time would pass so fast, and they were about to part.

It was just that the psychological age of Xia Shiyu was more mature after all and she knew that she must manage the expression well in such an occasion, so she could only cheer up and smile: “What’s the matter with you all? It’s just the group disbanding. It’s not like we will never see each other again. We’re all in Zhongjing, so when we want to get together, we’ll get together!”

Wang Can glared at her: “But we will no longer be in the same company in the future, and the only person to eat and live with you will become Yao Xuetong!”

Yao Xuetong said angrily, “Wang can, I’ve put up with you for a long time! We are all supposed to be friendly, but you have occupied Xia Shiyu all day. Can you be a little more self-aware?!”

The two were used to fighting each other, and the other members hurriedly urged the quarrel, instead of driving away the sentimental atmosphere.

Although Xiao Shiyu achieved her goal, she still held her forehead and sighed helplessly. It might be better if this group disbanded. Otherwise, she will feel like a scum man who was always on the way of coaxing her sister.


As the awards ceremony went on, the best male singer and the best female singer were won by Ye Cang and Lu Hazel respectively, followed by the best singing group award.

Although the presenters tried to create some suspense, the name of “Shero” was already called by the audience.

The two presenters looked at each other helplessly, then opened the envelope and read: “Best singing group award – Congratulations to Shero.”

Camera showed all ten girls, except for Xia Shiyu who kept calm, all the other girls were crying and laughing excitedly.

Everyone stepped onto the stage to receive the trophy from the presenter. Everyone passed it over and finally, it was handed over to Wang Can. Xia Shiyu patted her on the shoulder and motioned for her to speak.

Wang Can was stunned, but when she saw that everyone was looking at her with encouragement, she came to the microphone. However, when the first sentence came out, she choked.

“I’m very grateful to the expert group for their affirmation, so that we could obtain this honor. Although we are only a one-year limited group, we have experienced the ups and downs in getting along with each other. I also realized the importance of my teammates, and mutual support of all of us. As for myself, we have gradually determined the way to go next.”

She paused, looked aside at Xia Shiyu with a smile: “Finally, I want to thank our team captain Xia Xia. You are the backbone of our whole team and the most solid support for everyone. Although you have done a lot of things without saying it, everyone sees it. I know that your strength is far more than what is shown in front of our eyes. You are only suppressing your brilliance for the sake of the harmony of our whole group.”

“In the future, we will be your strongest backing. You should show fully your own brilliance, and even if our Shero is disbanded, you will always be our captain forever.”

As Wang Can’s voice fell, the other nine girls all bowed to Xia Shiyu: “Captain!”

Xia Shiyu froze, tears sliding from the corner of her eyes, she hurriedly turned around and the girls gathered around.

Many of the audience under the stage and in front of the screen supported Shero from the beginning, and many burst into tears.

The comment section was full.

[Shero will never be disbanded!

[The best captain – Xia Shiyu!

[Even if it is for only one year, Shero will always be the best girl group in my heart! Go for it!

When Xia Shiyu finally stabilized her mood, the host handed over the microphone to her: “Xia Xia, you also say a few words.”

Xia Shiyu took the microphone, looked at the teammates next to her, and then looked off the stage with a smile: “I used to think I was unlucky, but now along the way, if I say that again, I will not be satisfied.”

“I want to thank a lot of people, my teammates, our fans, everyone who helped me, and I want to thank my agent Shen Huai.”

“Thank you for seeing me.”

The camera was given to Shen Huai below the stage. Shen Huai’s lips showed a gentle smile as he watched Xia Shiyu on the stage.

The scene immediately burst into warm applause.

Xia Shiyu bowed from the stage, and took the rest of her teammates off the stage.

Shen Huai sighed gently, but thought of Ye Cang when he won the Golden Melody Award the year before last. He couldn’t help looking in the direction of Ye Cang, but he was looking at Ye Cang. Ye Cang also smiled and made a face at him.

Shen Huai recognized it and shook his head helplessly.

Ye Cang turned back contentedly.

Later, Ye Cang also won the award, but it couldn’t be compared with the Grand Slam of album “Rebirth” from before. He didn’t win the best album award, the last award left was the best song award.

The competition for best song this year was fierce. Ye Cang’s song with the same name as the album “Right and Wrong” and Lu Hazel’s “Queen Mary” were strong competitors.

Although Ye Cang’s “Right and Wrong” was very good, Lu Hazel’s “Queen Mary” was not only a stunning song, but also a transformational work of Lu Hazel, which has been unanimously praised by the industry and the audience.

Before that, although all kinds of news were flying, at this moment, no one knew which song could win today’s final award.

Lu Hazel could not help showing a trace of nervousness, staring closely at the presenter on the stage.

This time, Fan Jing was the award giving guest, but the respected singer didn’t intend to say the result too easily. On the stage, he almost had a cross-talk with another presenter, which made Lu Hazel almost freak out, so he said the result.

“Congratulations to Ye Cang, winner of the 28th Golden Melody Award for Best Song.”

Lu Hazel’s face slipped a little, but she soon smiled again and clapped for Ye Cang. Besides her, all other candidates also sincerely congratulated Ye Cang.

Ye Cang hugged them one by one before he stepped onto the stage and took the trophy from Fan Jing.

Standing in front of the microphone, he seemed to return to two years ago. He looked at the direction of Shen Huai under the stage and showed a faint smile.

“Two years ago, When I was standing in this position, I said I hoped that when my agent and I came back, my opponents could compare a little better. Now it seems that my opponents have done it.”

There was a burst of laughter and whistles.

Ye Cang waited until the scene quieted down, then added: “It is a bit of pity that I didn’t get a grand slam this time, but I’m glad to see that our music is becoming more and more rich and diversified, which is our luck and the best luck of this era.”

At first, everyone laughed, but at the end, many musicians felt something and applauded one after another.

Ye Cang bowed to the audience: “Thank you for your support and thank you for the affirmation of the panel of experts. I would also like to thank all the opponents who competed with me for this award today. Your existence has made all these awards more valuable.”

“Finally, I want to thank you…” After a pause, he suddenly smiled, “No, I won’t thank you this time.”

“Shen Huai, I love you.”


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