MAIR – Chapter 72 – My cute CP, It may become real!!!

Because of the time difference, the previous post was posted in China in the morning, and it was noon when the hot search was launched. When the matter was clarified and the rumors subsided it was afternoon.

The afternoon and evening were just the time when the network traffic was the highest. 

Chen Chiyu held his wife in terror. He was afraid if that short-sighted candidate became hot again, his wife would go back to work overtime.

When they were in the middle of watching TV, Chen Chiyu heard his wife’s “hey”. His heart thumped as he hurriedly took a look at her computer screen, and then there was only a “…”. 

Powerful netizens have turned in a picture of Shen Huai, with no makeup and no filters. But his beauty was worth killing a lot of male stars, not to mention his refined and ascetic temperament. Even in today’s entertainment circle, it was a scarce resource. Coupled with the dynamic picture of the suit fight, he was so handsome that many people couldn’t close their legs. 

The Weibo about it is even more concise and on the point. 

[Agent please face me in a fight, thank you! ]

This Weibo post was immediately warmly pursued by many melon-eating netizens, sending it to a hot search in one fell swoop. 

[this kind of excellent man even went to work as an agent!!  It’s too abusive! ]

[@ Morningstar Entertainment come out to be beaten! You have no vision! Why don’t you let my Brother Shen make his debut! ]

[I can lick this face for the rest of my life]. 

[fighting in a suit is so exciting, awsl].

[I want to sleep in my agent’s arms]

[I’ve been over this action picture all afternoon. Only Huai Huai’s kiss can pull me out]

[do agents need assistants? There is no need for food and accommodation, just let me lick your face]

Chen Chiyu was in a trance as he scrolled down again. The next Weibo gave him a shock. 

[Enlightened people don’t speak in secret. How can I get to sleep with my agent??? ]

[The rivals in love, draw your swords!!]

[I think if you want to sleep with the agent, you have to beat him first, right? ]

[… ]

[sister you are cruel]

[Don’t say that, are you asleep or not, can’t you think of something practical? For example, if the Weibo is forwarded 100,000 times, you will post as a prize the photo of the agent taking off his shirt.] 

[Shit! Sister Niu Pai! The same +1]. 

[[saliva] same +2]

[seek +10086]

In a while, the follow-up caused by this post took twists and turns. Probably even the owner of the post did not expect that the final trend would be like this? 

So when Shen Huai woke up and was informed by Chen Chiyu’s WeChat about this hot search, his fan club and support meetings had already been set up. 

Shen Huai: “???”

Ye Cang looked at the hot search: “!!!”

That’s too much! Even I didn’t dare say that!!

In addition to the sudden increase in Shen-Huai’s fans, there was also a small group that originally grew up in the enclosure, with many members added.

Cherry squatted in front of the computer, watching the unclear video, holding her face and screaming. 

“Cang Cang is so handsome!! So good-looking and so capable in fight! So is the agent brother. I never thought that under his gentle appearance, he would be so manly!! Wuwuwu, I’m going against CP!!”

“It’s so wonderful that they have such a tacit understanding! Ouch, ouch, they are so nervous about each other!”

“Brother agent found that someone wanted to hit Cang Cang, and regardless of his own side, he directly stopped them, my brother is too sweet!! If it’s not love… “

“Sobbing, it’s so sweet! Ow ow ow!”

Cherry almost finished watching the video frame by frame, and cut multiple video clips, before she stopped satisfied.

At this time, Cherry was in the mood to open the flashing QQ group. Her friends in the group have already expressed their excitement through various emojis.

When Cherry appeared, someone immediately spoke.

[Big Group leader, did you see that video!! ]

[I am dying out of sweetness, this tacit understanding, the cp is real! ]

[This hot search is too hot! Huai Huai is clearly Cang Cang’s! Stand firm and unshakable in Huai x Cang cp! ]

[Bah, it’s obviously Cang x Huai] 

[Don’t be noisy. The group leader is very big. It’s time to take out your inventory.] 

Cherry looked at the noisy group thoughtfully. After a long time, she finally made up her mind to extend her evil rotten hand to the video editing software.

An hour later, Cherry’s secondary account sent a Weibo. 

[my cute CP, I may have the real one!!! ]

At first, it was just a small-circle orgy, but at 2 o’clock in the morning, “Your Father” ‘s fans found that Dad liked a Weibo, they went in cheerfully and walked out with a dazed look on their faces. 

[Dad… Is this a hand slip? ]

[Dad… you are also into CP?? ]

[I recently got the same style as my idol … CP?? ]

[I am a little flustered by the broken wall of this dimension…. ]. 

[the point is not the CP!! The point is!! Dad, you’re not straight?! ]

[in other words, when dad asked for love advice via Weibo, he didn’t mean that his object of affection was a woman? ]

[Watson, you have found a blind spot]

“Your Father” ‘s fans didn’t take it seriously at all. They were playing and laughing under this Weibo.

So, a long time later, when “Your Father” ‘s vest fell, they regretted that they had missed a chance to find out the truth in order to play tricks.

But at this time, netizens tended to think that Dad’ s hand had just slipped.

“Your Father” ‘s popularity is not comparable to Cherry’ s secondary account. Besides, it’s a Weibo full of gossip. With the enthusiasm of netizens, Cherry’s Weibo was quickly forwarded by over ten thousand people and soon hit the hot search again.

Those companies that were trying to suppress Ye Cang’s next hot search were furious.

I thought Ye Cang had gone abroad, and would be stopped? Unexpectedly, he went on the hot search again this way. 

How despicable!!!

Good! Qi! Ohh!!

Ye Cang immediately felt relieved after he liked it, then immediately put this matter aside and went out with Shen Huai not realizing how many waves were made on the Internet after he left.

However, this was not a big deal for Menghe Entertainment. Although Menghe competes with Morningstar in the industry, Menghe is mainly engaged in the acting business, so they did not have much conflict in Ye Cang’s matter. 

Moreover, for Hua Rong, this was a suitable opportunity for poaching. 

Recently, Hua Rong sent people to collect information on Chu Mei Bo. The more she looked at it, the more itchy she felt.

Today, although Chu Mei Bo is still a newcomer, although beautiful and pure, she is not very outstanding in the entertainment circle full of handsome men and beautiful women. However, Hua Rong’s eyes were fierce,  and what she took a fancy to was the temperament that was completely different from her appearance. 

No matter how good-looking a “wooden beauty” is, she can’t become popular, while some people who are not very good-looking can live on forever by the virtue of their unique temperament. 

In Hua Rong’s eyes, Chu Mei Bo had this potential.

Unfortunately, although Shen Huai was holding such a treasure, it was wasted. After the role of Kwai Ji he let Chu Mei Bo play the second female lead in a campus drama? Fortunately, she heard that Chu Mei Bo was going to participate in director Yu Chen’s variety show, but Shen Huai didn’t even know how to take advantage of such a good opportunity. 

This should be fixed by Hua Rong. After releasing the clip of Kwai Ji, she would take advantage of Liu Qingqing’s wave of misfortune to promote her. After attracting fans, she will tie it up with a hot search, together with other flowers the same age to promote her under the label of the new generation acting. Regardless of how the fans of the other flowers would scold in a while, under this operation, what popularity would Chu Mei Bo achieve? 

With popularity, it was easy to talk about personal value and endorsement. In addition Chu Mei Bo’s acting skills are good. Popularity and talent – it was the producers’ favorite kind of actors, with a wide range of choices, so they can pick a good script, and better roles. 

As for being blackened, it was even easier. When Chu Mei Bo’s position became stable in the later stages, she would be washed white in some reality show.

How precious is the youth of female stars? It’s natural to want to be famous as soon as possible. If you behave like Shen Huai, polishing them slowly in each group, even if their acting was good, it was of no use. Without sustained popularity, netizens will only quickly forget her.

Hua Rong can guarantee that as long as Chu Mei Bo is in her hands, within two years… No, it will take her only one year to set her in the position of a first-line little flower.

She did not believe that after pointing out the advantages and disadvantages so clearly, Chu Mei Bo would still choose Shen Huai.

Hua Rong was full of confidence. She happened to know that Chu Mei Bo and her friends study together outside school every weekend. She inquired about the place earlier, and planned to contact the other side directly this weekend.

After Chu Mei Bo finished shooting, she fell in the sea of examination tests.

There is no need to worry about Chu Mei Bo’s art examination, but there is no other way for her cultural courses.  As the highest film institution in China, Zhongjing Film Academy has high requirements for the quality of its students. 

Chu Mei Bo has always been fully committed to her goal, and her spirit has also infected Cheng Mengjiao and the others.

Cheng Mengjiao was originally a big sister at school, but after paying homage to Sister Mei as the boss, she became much more honest. Before she didn’t do her homework or read books, but now under Chu Mei Bo’s influence, she reads and does her homework obediently.

Seeing this, Chu Mei Bo would ask them to go out and do their homework outside, when there was no class at the end of the week. 

They sat in a cafe, and then began to do their homework together.

After writing for a while, Cheng Mengjiao got a bit distracted. Her eyes swept over Chu Mei Bo’s profile. Chu Mei Bo was answering the questions intently and did not pay her any attention. 

Then Cheng Mengjiao cast a glance to the left and to the right, but when she looked closer her brows began to wrinkle.

“Sister Mei, don’t you think that woman over there has been staring at you?”

Chu Mei Bo was pulled out by Cheng Mengjiao from her train of thought. She moved her eyes and saw a kind faced woman smiling and nodding to her from across.

Chu Mei Bo frowned. After a while, she remembered that this woman was the one she had seen at the Golden Melody Awards ceremony. What was she called?

At this time, Hua Rong walked to her from her seat and held out her hand to Chu Mei Bo with a smile.

“Hello, my name is Hua Rong. We’ve met before. Do you remember?”

Chu Mei Bo raised her eyebrows, not showing even a split second of doubt. She smiled and shook hands with her. “Hello, I’m Chu Mei Bo.”

Hua Rong was more and more satisfied with her calm performance. “I want to talk to you about something. Can we go somewhere else?” 

Before Chu Mei Bo could answer, Cheng Mengjiao asked cautiously, “Where are you going to take Big Sister Mei? Can’t you just say it here?”

Hua Rong had a clear understanding of the interpersonal relationships around Chu Mei Bo, so she was not angry and kept smiling. “It’s really inconvenient, for people come and go here. It’s better to find a quieter place to talk about things.”

She looked at Chu Meibo with a sincere attitude. “It’s not far, it’s in the restaurant upstairs, and we’ll talk while we eat.” 

As soon as Cheng Mengjiao was about to say something, Hua Rong turned to her again and said with great understanding, “I know you have a good relationship.  If you are worried, you can come with us.”

Hua Rong’s voice was gentle and patient, which was invincible in front of most people. If she was a normal person, she may have felt embarrassed to follow them. However, Hua Rong had met Cheng Mengjiao, who was a hothead.

As soon as Cheng Mengjiao heard her say this, she immediately stood up and shouted, “Sisters, hurry up and go with Sister Mei! This upstairs restaurant is extremely expensive. I haven’t eaten there yet!” 

Hua Rong’s smile suddenly froze on her face.

Chu Mei Bo almost laughed. In fact she had already guessed Hua Rong’s intentions, but she was still a little curious. She coughed softly and said to Cheng Mengjiao, “Don’t come.”

As soon as Cheng Mengjiao wanted to say something, Chu Mei Bo stopped her, “I’ll pack it for you later.– Ms. Hua, do you mind?” 

Hua Rong reluctantly kept the corners of her mouth up. “I don’t mind.”

Chu Mei Bo gestured calmly, “Then, please.”

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