MAIR – Chapter 184.2 – Finale

In the eyes of many people, “Sheng’s” configuration was simply nonsense. Who would have thought that Shen Huai would have the courage to hand over such a big project to Pei Ran, who not only dared to take it, but he also made it a success.

Pei Ran was right. Without Shen Huai, there would really be no such film.

At the same time, it is the highest-rated film, and has been shortlisted for 18 awards and won 11 awards, which has also become the biggest winner of the award ceremony.

There was also a joke, Guo Wenyuan not only won the best supporting actor, but also won the best new actor award this year.

When he heard his name, Guo Wenyuan froze and did not react for a long time. After all, in his knowledge, it was certain to take the best supporting actor, but the best new actor award was a pure surprise to him.

Guo Wenyuan went on stage a little dizzy, sorted out his mood for a while, and then said: “This is the first time I have won this award.”

There was a burst of laughter from the audience, all attending guests could not help saying: “You never have a second chance for this award.”

However, Shen Huai and others didn’t laugh. They knew that compared with the best supporting actor, this award might be more significant for Guo Wenyuan.

Guo Wenyuan’s acting skills were honed in different crews. He has never regarded acting as a profession, but as something he loved all his life. Even though he has performed so many plays, he is still in awe and expectation for acting.

For him, acting skills have been new for a long time. Every time he enters the crew, he regards himself as a new actor. This award was also a misguided affirmation of his efforts over the years.

Shen Huai and others all applauded Guo Wenyuan one after another.

Guo Wenyuan got off the stage in daze. Then the presenter announced that the new actress award was won by Chu Mei Bo.

Her superb acting skills in the “Red Actress” this year almost made Cheng Yanxin alive. Later, she also starred as the naive and simple heroine Qian Ru in “Sheng”. The appearance and temperament of these two characters was very different, but Chu Mei Bo’s performance was equally brilliant, which made people not believe that it was acted by the same person.

But even so, she was still not favored by the industry for the best actress award.

But even so, Chu Mei Bo finally won the best actress award by beating a group of her predecessors.

Netizens were naturally overjoyed, which in their view is simply well-deserved, this year what actress could show such a good result as Chu Mei Bo.

After all, the super high box office of “Red Actress” and “Sheng” has already made Chu Mei Bo hit the 10 billion box office club.

However, the industry has been completely fooled, which has simply subverted their traditional perception. Almost the whole movie circle has the habit of the theory of capital exclusion, which has become a general rule in the industry. No one expected that this rule would change one day.

However, some people can’t help but think of Jiang Ling words, the new president of the movie association.

“Today’s Chinese movies also need a new outlook.”

After all, the plan to promote new people was in full swing. Everyone thought he was talking about this plan, and they never expected that he was talking about the whole film circle.

Chu Mei Bo had heard Shen Huai’s analysis before, so she didn’t think much about it. Now that she had won the prize, although she was surprised, she quickly packed up her mood and went to the stage.

She took the heavy award from the award giving guests and felt the weight that was handed to her. She couldn’t help becoming serious.

She looked at the audience, thanked people as usual, then she slowly began to say, “When I acted for the first time in my life, I had already become deeply attracted to it. Maybe in many people’s eyes, this profession is no different from other professions, but I am very grateful. It made me able to see many stories and many interesting characters.”

“When I was shaping a character, I seemed to be able to live my life again through my role. It’s a very interesting and addictive experience. I seem to have experienced many strange dreams and lived many times.”

She smiled, the complex emotions in her smile should not have appeared on such a young face, but it did not make people feel unexpected.

She looked off the stage. “Although it’s a little late, I still want to say thank you to my agent Shen Huai. Thank you for bringing me back to life.”

After experiencing Ye Cang and Xia Shiyu before, netizens were already used to Shen Huai’s artists expressing their thanks to him. On the contrary, Guo Wenyuan, who also said thank you to Shen Huai before, seemed to have already become a popular topic.

Wronged Mr. Guo: “…”

Chu Mei Bo took the trophy and went off the stage, hugged the crew members, and especially went to the adjacent crew of “Sheng” to hug Shen Huai.

After Shen Huai sat down, his mood did not calm for a while, so he couldn’t help fixing his glasses.

Ye Cang looked at him from the side and reached out to hold his hand. Shen Huai felt the temperature of his hand and turned his head to look at Ye Cang with a gentle smile.

Soon it will be the biggest suspense tonight, the best movie award.

Although Shen Huai had been ready for “Sheng” failure to win this prize, he was not nervous at this time.

In addition to the highly respected level three-gold actor Tian Wei, there was also the movie queen Liu Mengxuan who was responsible for giving this award.

The two sang to draw enough suspense. Finally, Tian Wei handed the envelope to Liu Mengxuan as a gentleman should, and she announced the biggest suspense of the day.

Liu Mengxuan opened the envelope and seemed to be shocked, but she soon returned to normal and said with a smile, “The winner of the 32nd golden Jin Ying for best movie is ‘Red Actress’.”

The audience immediately burst into applause and screams, and the creators of ‘Red Actress” hugged each other. Shen Huai and Pei Ran were not surprised by the result, but they were still a little disappointed.

Unexpectedly, Liu Mengxuan shook her hand and said: “I haven’t finished yet. The best movie this year is a double yolk egg. In addition to “Red Actress”, there is also “Sheng”. These two movies won Best Movie awards together.”

Shen Huai froze, there was also a lot of uproar under the stage. After all, the Jin Ying award has been held for so many years, and this was the first time that there were such double yolk eggs.

Ye Cang was the first one to respond, and hugged him excitedly: “Huai, “Sheng” won the prize.”

Shen Huai just woke up from a dream, and Pei Ran came to the stage to receive the award.

The award for “Red Actress” was received by Director Xie, who was obviously much calmer, with a relatively simple speech. Later, he gave the time to the “Sheng” crew.

Pei Ran motioned Shen Huai to speak.

Shen Huai took over the microphone and looked down the stage. His whole person was a bit dazzled.

Three years ago, he had no idea that he would be standing on the stage of the Jin Ying Awards.

And a little further in the past, six years ago, he just became an agent, and he didn’t even think he would be in this profession for so long.

He had experienced a lot over the years, and he seems to have changed many people’s lives, but his life was also constantly changing because of them.

At this moment, many feelings poured into Shen Huai’s heart, almost making him choke. He couldn’t help looking down the stage, and his eyes bumped into Ye Cang’s eyes, full of support and encouragement.

Shen Huai’s shaking heart seemed to have settled down at once. He closed his eyes slightly, and returned to the rational and sane Shen Huai again.

“When I first became an agent a few years ago, I didn’t know what it meant, but over the years, I’ve seen a lot of people who give their everything for art”. He said, “This passion and persistence has overthrown my superficial understanding of life”.

“You have made me understand that there is something in this world that can transcend time and space, and I want to thank you for being able to participate in it and see the magnificence you have shown to the world. This relationship between us waa not only that of artists and agents, but also that of important friends and family. “

He made a deep bow to the audience.

These words were what Shen Huai always wanted to say, but he never had a chance before, now that he finally said it, his heart felt relaxed.

Chu Mei Bo and others could not help but blush.

Shen Huai came down with the award and hugged them one by one. No one spoke, because everything was already in their heart.

Finally, it was Ye Cang’s arms which firmly wrapped around Shen Huai, but soon released.

After the award ceremony, instead of going to the celebratory dinner, the two of them left together.

The car stopped in the middle of a hill. It was already very quiet because of the late hour.

Shen Huai and Ye Can go didn’t get out of the car and looked at the stars together.

Shen Huai suddenly asked mindlessly, “Is it going to get better and better?”

Ye Cang turned to the side and gently kissed his lips before whispering: “Yes. Everything will get better and better.”  


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