MAIR – Chapter 174 – Falling off the horse

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Cen Shu’s reaction didn’t surprise Pei Ran. Two days later, he called Shen Huai and said he would join the crew.

At this point, the prototype of the Pei Ran crew has been initially established.

Shen Huai finished his work and was finally able to go home. As soon as he opened the door, he saw Ye Cang writing a song. He was wearing headphones and looked very attentive.

Shen Huai didn’t want to disturb him, so he slowed his movement and prepared to go upstairs to change clothes first.

However, Ye Cang seemed to sense him and looked up in his direction and then smiled with some surprise: “You’re back”

Shen Huai smiled, put down the things in his hands and greeted him with a hug.

Ye Cang’s arm directly hugged his waist and pressed hard into his arms, which almost made Shen Huai gasp.

Shen Huai raised his hand and poked his arm and chest, and Ye Cang immediately became proud to show him “How do you like my results in this period of time?”

Shen Huai was too lazy to act naive with him. He sat on the sofa and picked up his music score “This is the song for the new album”

Hearing about his new album, Ye Cang immediately forgot to show off his muscles and sat next to him. “Yes, I’ve written more than ten songs, but only seven or eight are suitable. I’m going to write a few more.”

Shen Huai looked at the music score carefully. He was not as proficient in music as Ye Cang, but he also understood a little. After reading only for a short period, he found out the main problem.

“This style is different from your previous style.”

Ye Cang nodded, “Yes, I intend to try more possibilities for this album, which can be regarded as challenging myself.”

Ye Cang said, simply pulling the guitar from the side, and playing and singing the section to Shen Huai. Although it was only a very simple and rough section, Shen Huai was pleasantly surprised.

While singing, Ye Cang looked at Shen Huai’s expression and unconsciously smiled. He only wanted to play a short part, but when he saw that Shen Huai liked listening, he sang the whole song. In this process, he gained new inspiration, so he put down the guitar and took a pen to change the score.

Shen Huai didn’t disturb him, but just sat quietly watching.

Ye Cang became more and more excited, and more than an hour passed by carelessly. When he returned to his mind, Shen Huai still sat beside him supporting his chin with hand and looking at him.

Ye Cang scratched his head and was a little embarrassed because he unconsciously ignored him. “”I get a little carried away when I write a song.”

Shen Huai smiled and shook his head. “It doesn’t matter, that’s why I like you.”

Ye Cang’s eyes suddenly brightened and he leaned over to kiss him. After a while, both of them were out of breath.

Ye Cang seemed to have some unfinished business and Shen Huai knew that as soon as they start they will not be finished soon. Thinking that he had something to do the next day, he could only change the topic and refuse him.

Ye Cang held him for a while before showing him the song he had written.

At first, Shen Huai thought that Ye Cang ‘Trying more possibilities” referred to that song alone. Unexpectedly, the style of the whole album has changed greatly, which made him become a little hesitant.

“Although I think all these songs are good, they are far from the style of your first album. When they are released, I’m afraid.”

He didn’t finish, but Ye Cang understood his unfinished words.

Since the last album was released, he has been urged to for a second album on the Internet. However, Ye Cang seemed to be out of character, but his respect for music was incomparable to others. The reason why he finished the last album so fast was because of the accumulation of the previous 30 years. Obviously, this album couldn’t be made at this speed. Although he has been writing continuously, he was extremely strict with himself, and there weren’t many songs that could pass his own set standards.

Gradually, the comments on the Internet changed. It was said that he was at his wit’s end and couldn’t write any good songs. There was even a rumor that the songs from his “Rebirth” album were written by others, making Ye Cang unable to laugh or cry.

Later, he went to “National Idol” as a judge and mentor, making this kind of speech almost reach its peak.

Ye Chang has experienced a lot and didn’t pay attention to these remarks. He could see clearly that his first album was too high. So no matter what he makes now, he would get complaints from the outside world.

So he doesn’t want to take the safe way, but decided to take on a bigger challenge.

Shen Huai listened to Ye Cang’s anti bone words, sighed helplessly, but then laughed again; “You are challenging the bottom line of the audience.”

Ye Cang raised his eyebrow: “ So what? Who says I can only write songs in one style? New life was not easy to get, so if it is exactly the same as that of my previous life, then what was the rebirth for?

For Ye Cang, the last album was a summary of his last life, but this one represented his new life he was heading for.

He paid more attention to this album than to his last one. What he wanted to see was his own creativity. As for the expectations and disappointments of others, it may have some impact, but it will never shake his mind.

When Shen Huai saw what he thought so clearly, he was relieved. He knew very well that as long as Ye Cang had it figured out, no one else could hurt him.

Shen Huai patted Ye Cang on the shoulder. “Go, I’ll stand behind you forever.”

Ye Cang really didn’t care about other people’s opinion, but Shen Huai was different. Now with Shen Huai support, he had even more energy.

In the following month, Ye Cang went to Star Art studio with the songs he had written. Yan Xiangming set aside time for him a long time ago, and the two of them stayed at a recording studio all the time.

He was only eating and drinking. Every day after he woke up he would wipe his face and go to work. Sometimes he even forgot to eat, and when the inspiration came he would stay up all night.

Shen Huai came by the studio several times and almost didn’t recognize this suntidy Ye Cang.

Yan Xiangming was not much better, but both of them looked very excited compared with the previous album.

This also makes Shen Huai looking forward more and more to this new album.

Of course, Shen Huai hasn’t been idle recently. He has been following up on two announced from the press conference.

Because of Ye Cang’s success, rock music attracted the attention of the public. Using that, Morningstar signed two rock singers, and also took advantage of this wave to release new albums, which sold very well.

After that, Shen Huai set up a small studio, , which has been promoting niche music in various approachable ways, and now has gained some regular fans. This year Golden Melody Award is no longer the world of pop music, in addition to rock music, there was also a jazz album shortlisted and everything was moving in a good direction.

In addition to music, the achievements in film and television have not lagged far behind. Yihang studio has invested in a small-cost literary film and participated in the investment of a fantasy blockbuster.

When it comes to fantasy films in China, they are generally regarded as suspended and rotten films, but Shen Huai has seriously examined this project. The director’s intention was not only to make a good-looking fantasy film, , but also to promote the industrialization of domestic films through this film.

For commercial films, this was almost the only way to go, domestic commercial films started too late. Compared with the big movie countries like the United States, they were not only a bit worse. Some people have put forward this view before, but they were beaten because the market was not mature enough back then.

But Shen Huai has been paying attention to the domestic box office in recent years and he was keenly aware that time has come, so after reading the script and the director various preparations, he did not hesitate to invest.

In fact, Shen Huai did not go for these two movies with the intention of making money. He knows that in the film and television circles, it was necessary to pay tuition fee, and he could afford this tuition.

The two of them were busy and had even less time to meet each other.

Some marketing accounts and paparazzi forgot the beating they had received before and began to spread rumors of their breakup on the Internet.

One was “Shen Huai Ye Cang emotional discord, the two of them seemed to have break up in secret” and the other was “The same sex couple can’t last in the entertainment circle”, another “Shen Huai Ye Cang break up, Ye Cang looking haggard and drunk spotted with friends on the street at night”, The picture attached showed Ye Cang accompanied by Yan Xiangming eating barbecue in the big stall, with Ye Cang who looked like he didn’t sleep enough recently. He chewed on the barbecue blindly, looking haggard and untidy, but it didn’t look like he was hurt by love.

Shen Huai couldn’t help crying or laughing, but he didn’t have time to take care of these marketing accounts for the time being. He could only send a Weibo message to clarify and warn this marketing account.

Although the marketing account limited itself, the enthusiasm of melon eaters has been picked up.

As the first same-sex couple in China to come out directly, attention of Internet on them was very high. Although most of the masses still give their blessings, there were always some people with bad intentions that would start rumors about their breakup.

This time, although Shen Huai posted on Weibo, there was no movement on Ye Cang side, which could not help melon eater think more about it. For a while, various topics of “Ye Cang feelings guess” dominated the entertainment forum.

Netizens spread their wild thoughts and looked for evidence on the Weibo of Ye Cang and Shen Huai with magnifying glass, trying to prove their words. Making all kinds of people claiming to be insiders or studio members came out to stir up trouble.

What netizens said was so serious that even the timeline has been adjusted, making it look like a real break-up.

Ming Wei carefully asked Shen Huai several times. Making Shen Huai feel helpless. He knew that Ye Cang had recently reached the final stage of recording the album, so he didn’t want to disturb Ye Cang at this time, so he asked Ye Cang assistant to hide this. Anyway, when the new album will be released, all these rumors will disappear.

Shen Huai thought well. Ye Cang was busy recording albums and was really in no mood to read gossip online, making his assistant gradually relax his guard.

Until one day, Ye Cang finished the work of the day very smoothly. Seeing that it was still early, he casually browsed Weibo, and looked at the hot searches of the day.

Shen Huai x Ye Cang breakup

Ye Cang

Why didn’t I know we broke up

He didn’t feel good and immediately clicked on it, only to find that the so-called breakup was the netizens’ imagination and the so called timeline was even more messy.

Ye Cang became very angry. He called Shen Huai and was comforted for a while before his anger subsided.

When he ended the call, he still felt a little depressed. After thinking about it, he simply sent a Weibo to show his love, then turned off his phone and went back to sleep. He had no idea that this Weibo would make huge waves on the Internet after he fell asleep.

[“Your Father” We didn’t break up. We have a good relationship. A photo of the two of us.]

Netizens: Shit!



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