MAIR – Chapter 179 – Brother Shen, I don’t want to disappoint you

When the box office of “Red Actress” soared, as a female lead, Chu Mei Bo’s price also soared. All kinds of scripts were sent to Shen Huai like snowflakes. However, Shen Huai was more cautious in choosing the script than before.

In addition, recently, the “East Side City Fog” had been produced and entered the promotion stage, which made Shen Huai even more busy.

At first, the project “East Side City Fog” was considered to be a children’s play in the beginning. After all, it was a third rate novel, coupled with a non-professional director and two main stars. One of the two actors was Mr. Guo, who was famous for his dandy style, and the other was a small transparent newcomer, who had only starred in online dramas and TV series.

Such a combination was considered unprofessional everywhere. Only thanks to Guo Wenyuan who was the boss, this movie could be made.

The movie started and filmed in a very low profile. When it was finished, some people in the industry reacted that such a playful crew actually finished shooting the movie?

When the “East Side City Fog” was released at a series conference, the industry was not optimistic about it, and Mr. Guo didn’t promote it in any big way, so few people went to participate, making it look very deserted.

However, one of the people who came was Wang Hao, the deputy director of the film Purchasing Department of Beijing TV station. The original director was going to retire, so he and another deputy director have been fighting hard for the top position recently.

Originally, he would not come to see the series “East Side City Fog”. His goal was now to find a new show that could determine the outcome.

It was just that he and Zhang Li were good friends. Zhang Li had admired Shen Huai’s vision since “Star of Tomorrow” and “National Idol”. When Wang Hao came to complain to her, Zhang Li casually mentioned “East Side City Fog”.

Wang Hao was skeptical, but Zhang Li’s determined expression made him a little uncertain, so in this state of mind, he came to see “East Side City Fog” at the conference.

But as soon as he came to the movie party and saw the sparse crowd, Wang Hao immediately regretted it, but he had already come in, he had no choice but to sit down.

What made him feel better was that there was not a process of empty words before watching the series. Guo Wenyuan, as the investor, producer and the leading actor, spoke shortly on stage and then started to broadcast.

Wang Hao was originally complaining to his friends on the phone, when he saw it was starting he didn’t turn it off but muted it, deciding he would talk with his friends if he felt bored.

Unexpectedly, he waited until the end of the first episode.

Wang Hao remembered that he hadn’t watched a TV series episode so seriously in a long time, which was rare for people in the industry like him, which only proved how good “East Side City Fog” was.

Wang Hao put away his previous carelessness and showed a determined expression.

Just at this time, he found that his friends were freaking out on the other end of WeChat.

[What’s going on? Have you been kidnapped?! At least give me some reply! ].

Wang Hao replied hurriedly, then stuffed his cell phone into his pocket and greeted Guo Wenyuan.

In addition to Wang Hao, there were other TV stations present, but it was a pity that most of their identities were not as good as Wang Hao, and they didn’t have money and power that Beijing TV station had. They could only watch Wang Hao take “East Side City Fog” into his own pocket.

Although Wang Hao won the “East Side City Fog” on impulse, he didn’t feel uneasy about it. He just bought it with his own professional quality, which resisted the pressure.

It was a pity that the station was not optimistic about the “East Side City Fog”, so it had not been scheduled.

Wang Hao’s opponent snatched this chance and prime time and mocked him several times. Wang Hao was angry but couldn’t say anything.

Until “Red Actress” became popular.

The Yokota played by Guo Wenyuan also became popular, and his superb acting skills coupled with his identity attracted the attention of many netizens, and he gained a handful of new fans.

At the same time, the play that Wang Hao’s opponent pushed into prime time, because of its floating plot, was not only sprayed into the sky by netizens, but also suffered a decline in audience rating, and finally halved.

It was only then that Beijing Television urgently put “East Side City Fog” into prime time to save the critically endangered ratings.

At the same time, the broadcast volume of “East Side City Fog” on Tomatoes had soared and has been called the best spy drama of the year. It had not only a high broadcast volume, but also a high degree of discussion, and most of them were positive feedback.

{Note : Shanghai Dragon Television or Dragon TV is sometimes referred to as Tomato TV (Chinese: 红柿台), is a provincial satellite TV station in China.} 

“East Side City Fog” was well made, although it was a war spy drama it didn’t have a bitter setting. The protagonist Ning Shen with a rather deep character liked fooling around and even made jokes from time to time. The plot rhythm was relaxed, which made the audience have a very good experience while watching this drama.

In addition to Ning Shen, the most attractive part of this series was the villain, Chuang Urano Shoji.

Song Yimian was handsome and gentle. When he acted as a gentle and elegant student, he was dressed in simple student clothes. His hair softly covered his forehead, his eyebrows and eyes were slightly bent, and his lips were slightly raised. It was a picture of a quiet personality.

But when he regained his identity and became the vicious Urano Shoji, he combed his black hair back and put on gold-rimmed glasses. Coupled with a stiff military uniform, his whole person excuded an air of gentle scum.

The two identities of this character were very different, but they were in the same line, and the difficulty of acting was not low. But under the interpretation of Song Yimian, the character of Urano Shoji became one with flesh and blood, which made people both love and hate him.

His ability to portray this role in detail was no worse than that of any professional actor.

Under the eyes of netizens, they quickly dug up the identity of Song Yimian, and they discovered that Song Yimian was the little brother who played the role of forensic doctor in the popular online drama “Sin of the eternal night” last year.

Last year, “Sin of the eternal night” was very popular, and several leading actors also became popular. Song Yimian who acted as forensic examiner also became popular for some time, but Song Yimian was obviously not interested in it. Except for some promotion activity at the beginning, he seldom participated in any variety show, and didn’t even shoot a few advertisements, so he was soon left behind by forgetful netizens.

The netizens didn’t expect that Song Yimian would give up his easy-to-use popularity and interests and concentrate on acting, and in just a year he would show such satisfactory results.

And more than that, netizens soon found out that Song Yimian also had a wonderful performance in “Red Actress”. Although he played a young progressive student, and didn’t have much screen time, his performance was not inferior to that of the same senior actors.

What’s more, coincidentally, Song Yimian acted as progressive student in “Red Actress”, while Guo Wenyuan acted as the neon officer Yokota. In “East Side City Fog”, their identities were reversed. Guo Wenyuan acted as patriotic reporter Ning Shen, while Song Yimian acted as villain neon officer Urano Shoji.

Such a coincidence was so dramatic that netizens couldn’t help leaving messages for the two people on Weibo.

[It is just fair to be a good gut once, huh.]

[If Yokota knew that the progressive student who was shot by him would handcuff him to a stool and torture him in a parallel universe, would he regret killing him or would he regret killing him too simply? [laughing and crying] [laughing and crying] [laughing and crying]]

[@Song Yimian, son! You’d better be nice to Ning Shen. He was a revolutionary at that time. Why is it so urgent to fry each other now!?]

[This is probably…. Retribution?]

Even when they went to a program to promote “East Side City Fog”, the host couldn’t help teasing them about their relationship.

“Netizens all said that the reason why you are so miserable in “East Side City Fog” is because you bullied him too much in “Red Actress”. Do you regret the retribution you have received now?”

Guo Wenyuan said calmly, “It’s retribution. This tells us to be a good person and not to do bad things.”

Host: “…”

She asked Song Yimian unwillingly, “What does Junior Song think about it?”

Song Yimian smiled shyly: “I think Mr. Guo is right.”

Host: “…”



Shen Huai swiped the mouse and looked at the news about Song Yimian on the Internet.

Song Yimian was shy and honest, and was not as smooth as most stars. So when he was crammed into variety shows by Hua Rong, he always stood in the corner, silently acting as a little transparent person who no one paid attention to.

Hua Rong resented his dull temper, but in Shen Huai eyes, this was one of the advantages of Song Yimian.

Now Song Yimian had gradually gained popularity, but there was still not much improvement in his social interaction. Fortunately, with Guo Wenyuan’s help, it was better.

But this didn’t affect his fans’ love for him. Nowadays, Song Yimian’s number of Weibo fans was growing at a crazy speed every day.

He had the appearance and acting skills, and now he also had popularity. It can be expected that he will have a bright and smooth road in the future.

However, Shen Huai’s expression looked very dignified.

Before, Song Yimian wanted to challenge high-difficulty literary and art films to study his acting skills. He spent more than half a year in the crew of “Red Actress” to learn acting skills, or he would watch documentaries, read historical documents and in order to better show the characters. He even jumped into the cold water for a better shot of his characters. Even though he was shivering with cold, he refused to rest.

But now that he enjoyed fame and wealth, can Song Yimian stick to the path he once wanted to take?

Shen Huai didn’t know.

Just then, Song Yimian knocked on the door and came in: “Brother Shen, you wanted to see me?”

At this time, Song Yimian was far from his original simple appearance. He had a new stylish hairstyle, and the clothes were also matched by the stylist, which made him appear more handsome and fashionable.

Shen Huai turned off the screen and looked at Song Yimian: “I wanted to ask you, what are your plans for the future?”

Song Yimian was stunned for a moment, then tightened his lips.

Shen Huai guessed something vaguely, sighed and said: “You don’t have to feel burdened. Just tell me what you really think.”

In fact, Shen Huai could understand Song Yimian. Fame and wealth, most people feel that they can resist it before they really feel it. But when they really enjoy it, they will almost fall.

The “sugar-coated cannon” was far more frightening than the real bullet.

That’s why Ye Cang was so precious.

Shen Huai took out two scripts from the drawer and said to Song Yimian: “These two scripts are from Zhang Shaojun, No. 1 new drama director and for Lin Jia’s new movie.”

Shen Huai paused and then explained: “Director Zhang Shaojun is one of the top directors in China. This new script is a big film he has been preparing for three years. He appreciates your acting skills very much, and the script is also very good. This role is also suitable for you.”

“As for the play directed by Lin Jia, although he is young, he is a very talented director and is especially good at teaching actors. This role is very difficult, emotionally complex and challenging, but I think this role will also give you a great chance for improvement.”

Shen Huai looked at Song Yimian seriously. “I’m not trying to test you. I’m still saying that no matter which road you choose, I will respect you.”

Song Yimian understood it very well, and there was no need for Shen Huai to explain it. The two scripts he presented were enough to prove it.

Either of these two plays were very good. Shen Huai carefully selected them and won them for him.

His heart gushed with sour emotions, not only because of Shen Huai intentions, but also because of his deep consideration.

Song Yimian reached out and took Director Lin Jia’s script.

His choice was beyond Shen Huai’s expectations. He was stunned for a moment: “Don’t you want to think about it any more?”

Song Yimian shook her head and smiled softly but firmly: “I remember, Brother Shen, you said that you signed me because you believed in my potential and you thought I could be a good actor.”

“Brother Shen, I don’t want to disappoint you.”


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