MAIR – Chapter 96 – Suppression

Director Xie didn’t call stop, so Fu Cheng had no choice but to go on.

He took a step forward, and as the two of them got closer, Fu Cheng tried to take advantage of his height to increase the sense of pressure and regain the rhythm of the whole scene.

He said in a cold voice, “I didn’t even think about going back alive when I came here. As long as Cheng Yanxin’s life can be saved, it doesn’t matter how I end!”

At this moment, Yokota slowly raised his head and looked at him mockingly. “Not afraid of death?”

Fu Cheng frowned slightly, because this sentence was not in the script.

However, his hesitation caused the originally pressing atmosphere to slightly relax, while Yokota took this opportunity to stand up from the mat and slowly approach Zhou Hanchen.

He walked slowly towards Zhou Hanchen. His chest only stopped at the muzzle of the gun, but Yokota didn’t seem to care.

He slowly said, “You are the eldest son of the Zhou family. You have a promising future. It’s not wise to threaten me with a gun because of an actress, is it?”

The deputy director on the sideline gave a low “eh”. He had read the script. This passage was in the script, but the order was changed.

This passage of the script should be about Yokota pretending he didn’t want to hurt Cheng Yanxin, and then persuading Zhou Hanchen to provide cover for Cheng Yanxin. After being rejected by Zhou Hanchen, he got angry and threatened him.

But now, the part with the threat had been brought forward.

It’s just that although this paragraph was performed ahead of time, the plot of the whole scene didn’t collapse, on the contrary, it deepened the conflict. The deputy director had made many movies with Director Xie, and such examples were not unheard of. Some experienced actors sometimes recreated scenes based on the script. This kind of “flash of inspiration” would often lead to famous scenes in movies and TV series.

But Guo Wenyuan? How was it possible?

Fu Cheng clenched his jaws tightly, and some bad memories surfaced in his mind.

It was his first time playing a leading role. The director at that time was a friend of Du Yuping and he invited him to play a special role.

At that time, they had a rivalry act, which was the turning point of the whole film, but Fu Cheng did not have confidence in that scene so it ended with a NG.

After resting for a while, he resumed shooting, but this time, Du Yuping changed the order of his lines.

Back then, Fu Cheng was nervous because of the NG, and he was even more confused when he encountered such a thing. Fortunately, he remembered his lines well, followed Du Yuping’s words without thinking, and then fell into Du Yuping’s rhythm completely.

The scene was finished smoothly, the effect was very good, but for Fu Cheng at that time, it was like a thunderbolt.

Others could not see it, but he knew very well that in that scene he was completely brought into the act by Du Yuping.

It was a compliment for an actor to enter the act, but it was not a compliment to be brought into the act by others.

Because it meant you and the other side’s strength were far apart, this kind of thing generally only happened to newcomers. However, Fu Cheng was no longer a newcomer at that time. He was praised for his talent and aura. He was regarded as a new generation of talent. He had even started playing leading roles.

And all this was so ironic during that scene.

After the scene, Du Yuping found him privately and taught him as usual, “… Your acting is still too neat. We should respect the script, but in fact, the script should not become your shackle. As an actor, when you fully enter the role, your every action, every word, becomes like the character himself, this is no longer acting, it is a natural performance.”

In the past, Fu Cheng would appreciate Du Yuping’s teachings, but to him, who was extremely sensitive at that moment, every word of this remark was like a slap in his face.

It was also the first time he realized that as long as Du Yuping was around, he could never be the best actor in China.

After Du Yuping’s death, Fu Cheng breathed a long sigh of relief and felt that the mountain above his head had finally been removed.

At that time, he wanted to leave Yihang, but Du Yuping had just died. He was afraid of being called ungrateful. He endured it for three years, and finally successfully terminated his contract.

But who would have known, that now the nightmare was happening again.

Only this time, Fu Cheng did not panic, nor did he accept his fate.

Over the years, the scene was like a thorn in his heart, and he kept replaying it in his head. If he did it all over again, what would he have to do to beat Du Yuping?

Fu Cheng had forgotten that this was just an audition. In his eyes, there was only Yokota standing opposite him. He wanted to pull the rhythm back to his own hands and prove that he will never be worse than Du Yuping!

He looked at Yokota, but did not play his cards according to the script. Instead he whispered, “Daisuke Yokota, your body is shaking.”



The screenwriter was going crazy. What on earth did these two people think of his script?!

For Guo Wenyuan the plot was like a wild horse, running in a direction he couldn’t imagine, while Fu Cheng not only didn’t try to pull the plot back, but also started to break the pot.

What was he doing!!

However, Director Xie was watching with interest, and told the deputy director to use his mobile phone to record the scene.

On the other side, Chu Mei Bo suddenly asked Shen Huai in a low voice, “Is there any feud between the old ghost and the movie emperor?”

Shen Huai was stupefied for a moment. “Why did you say that?”

“The old man is trying to control the rhythm of the whole scene. He wanted to completely crush the movie emperor,” Chu Mei Bo said lightly. “But it doesn’t fit the tone of this scene. I don’t believe that the old man can’t see it or that he is the kind of person who would influence the shooting for the sake of showing off his skills. Apart from a feud between the two, I can’t think of any other reason.”

To some extent, Chu Mei Bo and Du Yuping were the same kind of people. They respected the performance as well as the crew. Every effort they made was to make the whole movie better.

In this scene, Guo Wenyuan changed the plot, yet not to make the act more outstanding, but to overwhelm the limelight of the leading actor and disturb the balance of the relationship between the characters. If this happened while shooting, Director Xie would probably call NG.

Ye Cang stared at Fu Cheng as if he had suddenly remembered something. “This man… Isn’t that the man we met at the door of Yi Mian’s ward?”

“Yi Mian? Who is he?” Chu Mei Bo looked at him questioningly.

Shen Huai then told Chu Mei Bo that Yi Mian was the boss of Yihang Film Company and then about the feud between him and Fu Cheng.

Therefore, the three of them understood why Guo Wenyuan was so aggressive towards Fu Cheng.

On the other side, Song Yimian was not listening to what they were saying at all. His attention was focused on the two people acting.

This was the first time he saw a rivalry act at the level of a movie emperor on set. The shock he felt even overwhelmed his fear of Guo Wenyuan.

As he watched, he wondered what it would be like, if he did it himself, but he soon dismissed this thought. He was still too far from either of them.

However, Song Yimian was only depressed for a short time. He soon got back on his feet and made up his mind. If he could get that role, he would plead with Brother Shen to stay in the crew all the time, and secretly learn from these big bosses.



The opinions of others did not affect Fu Cheng and Guo Wenyuan.

Guo Wenyuan was disturbed by Fu Cheng, but he was not in a hurry. He seemed to have been hit by Zhou Hanchen’s words, and he couldn’t help but step back.

This turned his previous performance into a complete bluff, and even Fu Cheng did not expect that he would flinch so easily.

But then Yokota looked up again and put a hypocritical smile on his face. “Don’t be impatient, Mr. Zhou. In fact, I’m not trying to embarrass you. I appreciate Miss Cheng very much, but my duty is difficult. As long as you let Miss Cheng say the names of those revolutionaries, I promise to let you go at once and never hurt even a strand of your hair. How about that?”

Fu Cheng: “!!!”

The screenwriter, who was already going crazy, suddenly froze. He never thought that when the plot reached this point, it would be pulled back to the right track by Yokota.

Fu Cheng gritted his teeth, not expecting he could solve his own problem so easily, yet he didn’t have any other choice at this time, so he could only follow his lines, “Daisuke Yokota misunderstood, Cheng Yanxin is just an ordinary movie star, and she doesn’t even know any revolutionaries.”

Yokota chuckled and said deliberately, “It turned out that Mr. Zhou didn’t even know?”

“Miss Cheng used her identity to deliver messages and medicine for the revolutionaries, and repeatedly sabotaged our pursuit plan. She is not a simple movie star.”

Yokota spoke leaning slightly forward. In a low voice full of malice, he said, “Mr. Zhou, you are not as important as you think…”

This sentence was the last straw that broke the camel’s back, especially with Yokota’s expression at this moment, which was just like that of Du Yuping laughing at him.

The string in Fu Cheng’s brain finally broke. His eyes became red, and he blurted out without thinking, “You’re talking nonsense! I’m going to kill you!”


Director Xie’s voice called back Fu Cheng’s reason, and it was only then he realized that this was the last line of the script.

He wanted to disturb the rhythm, but he took advantage of the situation to pull back the plot and unconsciously cooperated with him to complete the scene.

In other people’s eyes, these were two old actors who acted fast and only Fu Cheng knew that he had been played in the other’s hands during the whole process. The rhythm of this scene was never taken away from Yokota from the beginning to the end.

Fu Cheng couldn’t stand it any longer. He even forgot that he was in full view of the public at the moment, and couldn’t maintain his demeanor as he stared at the actor who played Yokota. “Who on earth are you?”

Unexpectedly, Yokota sighed and tore off his moustache from his lips. “Little Fu! You don’t even know your boss’s face. This is a big taboo in the workplace!”

Shocked, Fu Cheng exclaimed, “Guo? Mr. Guo?!”

After entering Guanrui, he had also had dinner with Guanrui’s senior management. Naturally, he knew Guo Wenyuan. He also knew that Guanrui was the investor of “Red Actress”, but he never thought that Guo Wenyuan, as an investor, did not stay behind the scenes to count the money, but went to the front to act, and …. He couldn’t believe he acted so well!

Fu Cheng was in a trance and started doubting his own life.

Director Xie also came forward at this moment and patted them on the shoulders. “This section is quite wonderful! In particular, Mr. Guo, I never expected that your acting skills were even better than I thought. Have you ever studied acting?”

“How could it be!”

In the face of Director Xie’s suspicious eyes, Guo Wenyuan talked nonsense with an air of equanimity, “This was all practiced in the shopping malls, which are like a battlefield, where acting skills are very important!”

Director Xie: “…”

I believe in your wickedness!!

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