MAIR – Chapter 178 – Sheng

Fu Cheng finally got rid of the reporters and went home. His whole person was immersed in anger and he had nowhere to vent. He never thought that he, who had calculated everything, would end up like this. The reason for all this was the sudden escape of the single minded Taoist.

When Fu Cheng thought of this, he hurriedly turned on his cell phone. He did not know when he received the transfer information. The amount transferred to him was the same as the one he gave to the Taoist.

Fu Cheng was anxious and angry. The money meant nothing to him, but the Taoist’s attitude that he couldn’t wait to draw a clear line with him, made him panic for no reason.

Fu Cheng didn’t dare to think about what was going on, so he made a phone call.

It took it a long time to get through, and there was a “whoosh” sound coming from the other end of the phone. The Taoist was still wheezing a little and seemed to be running.

Fu Cheng couldn’t wait to ask, “What does this mean, Taoist?”

Naturally, he knew what he was asking so he snorted coldly, “I wanted to ask you what you meant. You knew that he was not simply taken away, and he was not easy to deal with, but you still invited me here without telling me that.”

Fu Cheng’s eyes twinkled. He did look for someone to test Guo Wenyuan, but they failed without exception, so he pinned all his hopes on him.

He felt guilty and his voice softened. “I didn’t mean to hide it from you, Taoist, but even I didn’t know what kind of monster he is.”

Taoist didn’t talk at all.

Fu Cheng gritted his teeth and said, “Taoist, can you tell me exactly what he is?”

There seemed to be some uncertainty in his voice: “I don’t know, he has great merits and virtues. He is not some fierce ghost that seized this body, and the people around him are not simple. I advise you not to go against him.” 

Fu Cheng’s expression suddenly became distorted, and his resentment grew like a weed. He had previously made a promise in front of Sheng Zhen, but now if there is no way to do it. Sheng Zhen would never let him go. 

When Fu Cheng was in a state of anxiety, the Taoist spoke again: “Although I don’t want to stir this muddy water, I would advise Mr. Fu more for these days we got along. It’s always necessary to pay back what was received. If some gratitude is not repaid, it may cause some effect for the rest of your life.”

His remark struck Fu Cheng’s most sore spot.

Once he heard people tell him countless times.

I really envy you for having such a good teacher as Mr. Du.

Little Fu, old Du is very kind to you. You should act well and never let him down.

Fu Cheng, what is the matter with you? You can’t shoot such a simple scene after such a long time. Is that the level of Mr. Du’s favorite student?”

I heard that this Fu Cheng, Du Yuping’s disciple is not very good. He just relies on the fame of his teacher.

These words weighed heavily on his heart, and with Du Yuping’s death, he buried them in the deepest part of his heart. However, with the words of the Taoist, he could finally see the light of day again.

At last, the string in his mind broke, and all of his frustration and worries turned into anger. “What kind of kindness should I repay? What does it have anything to do with Du Yuping?”

Listening to Fu Cheng’s angry voice on the other end of the phone, the Taoist said, “In short, that’s all I have to say, so take care of yourself.”

With that, he hung up the phone.

Listening to the busy sound coming from the phone, Fu Cheng slowly regained his composure, but he still couldn’t restrain his mood. After so many years, Du Yuping’s influence had still not disappeared

The Taoist’s words kept lingering in his ears, leaving him in a trance, but he soon shook his head again and threw out the doubts from his mind.

Du Yuping was dead, who wanted to repay favors to a dead man?

Fu Cheng grinned and put the Taoist words behind him.

Just then, his cell phone rang again. When he saw the name on it, Fu Cheng suddenly felt a bit of scalp numbness.

Shen Zhen.

He knew it wouldn’t be anything good if Shen Zhen called him, but Fu Cheng had no choice but to answer.

Sure enough, as soon as he got through, he was scolded by Sheng Zhen.

Sheng Zhen said angrily, “Who said in front of me that the “Red Actress” would teach Guo Wenyuan a lesson, but now he has become so popular? That’s what you taught him.”

Fu Cheng kept his mouth shut.

Sheng Zhen scolded him until he became tired, then he just said one sentence “Just wait” and hung up the phone.

Fu Cheng threw his mobile phone on the sofa and put his hand in his hair wearily. After a long time, he remembered what the general situation was. He picked up his mobile phone and clicked on Weibo.

“Red Actress” premiere ceremony rushed to the hot search. When he checked it, it was almost all good reviews and the box office prediction was even higher.

Not only that, “Red Actress” has been confirmed to be shortlisted for the Golden Ying Award next year. Its premiere has just ended, and news about it was all over the network.

Fu Cheng stared at every message, clearly bleeding with hatred in his heart, but his hand turned on the video of the premiere ceremony.

The bright smile on Wei Siyong’s face was like a silent satire. At this moment, he accidentally opened the following comment and saw a diss on Wei Siyong so he hurriedly clicked on it.

Wei Siyong’s face is too old. It was not as good as Fu Cheng. Zhou Hanchen should be acted by Fu Cheng.

This remark made Fu Cheng feel a lot more comfortable. He dragged it down, wanting to see how many people sided with it, but the following comment almost made him caught a mouthful of blood.

What’s the use of being good-looking? He’s stupid. How could he give up such a good opportunity if he wasn’t stupid?

Fu Chéng : ***

As the popularity of “Red Actress” spread, the box office rose for three consecutive days. According to this trend, this year’s box office champion was decided, and it may even hit the top three at the domestic box office all time list. For a non-special effects blockbuster, this achievement was enough to take pride in the entire Chinese film industry.

Guanrui, as the main investor of “Red Actress” was very proud at this time. The share price, which fell because of the failure of Tancheng Film City, also jumped up a lot.

Guanrui couldn’t wait to hold a celebration.

Sheng Qi, the eldest son of the Sheng family, who presided over the investment in “Red Actress”, has become the biggest focus of the whole celebration.

Compared with Sheng Qi, although Sheng Zhen smiled reluctantly, anyone with a discerning eye could see that he was unhappy.

Compared with Sheng Qi who quietly took out such a big bomb, Sheng Zhen, who had been jumping up and down for more than a year, seemed extremely ridiculous.

Guo Wenyuan, as one of the investors and the leading actors, also enjoyed some flattery, but finally couldn’t stand it and was about to escape when he saw Shen Huai and Chu Mei Bo coming over

Sheng Qi also noticed Shen Huai. Over the past year, Shen Huai’s performance has been constantly refreshing their understanding. He was like a catfish that was put into a lake of sardine, which disturbed the originally quiet film and television circle.

However, compared with other people’s vigilance towards Shen Huai, Sheng Qi’s attitude was much friendlier.

Shen Huai congratulated Sheng Qi and they exchanged some pleasantries.

Sheng Qi took a sip of champagne and said with a smile, “Mr. Shen has a lot of talents. I hope we will still have the opportunity to cooperate in the future.”

Shen Huai eyes flickered, as he read between the lines. He lifted his glass slightly. “There will be.”


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