MAIR – Chapter 150 – This is just the beginning

Shen Huai had heard from Ye Cang that Xia Shiyu’s performance had been quite amazing. Considering that her performance was related to the effect of washing her white later, he paid close attention to the third episode of “National Idol”.

Pei Ran also paid attention to the show.

It may sound strange for two big men to sit together and watch “National Idol”, but both of them were very serious.

The groups performing “Sinking” were the last to appear. Both of them talked occasionally at the beginning, however, when it was Ye Cang’s turn to comment, Shen Huai got a little distracted.

Pei Ran noticed it. He just smiled and stopped talking.

Pei Ran knew that Shen Huai and Ye Cang were a couple. When he was in the hospital, Ye Cang’s worries could not have been faked. Later, when they were in the Taoist temple, Shen Huai occasionally spoke to Ye Cang on the phone, and although he did not say anything specific, he naturally showed intimacy and familiarity in his words.

But since they came back, they hadn’t seen Ye Cang. It was no wonder that Shen Huai was distracted.

Shen Huai’s trance lasted only a short time, and he soon recovered.

Pei Ran’s eyes were very sharp. Although he didn’t say anything, Shen Huai was a little embarrassed and fixed his glasses unnaturally.

At this moment, the host announced that the next performance was “Sinking” and the first to perform was team red.

The performance of the red team was very good, the girls in this group all had thin waists and long legs.

With high-heeled shoes, their long legs looked sexy and caused people to have nosebleeds. Dancing “Sinking” was not easy, but almost everyone’s eyes were fixed on their long legs.

In particular, they also added some small props, a charming wink between the walks, triggered a burst of screams at the scene.

When they finished, the scene was still boiling.

However, when the waiting Xia Shiyu and the rest appeared on the large screen, the scene erupted into even louder screams.

This was not only because this group had two popular players, Xia Shiyu and Wang Can. What was even more important, compared with the last group that was sexy, they wore tight fitted tailored suits. Even their makeup was very cool, which was completely different from the previous group.

Shen Huai was a little surprised, but then he figured that the last group had achieved full score in sexiness. Xia Shiyu, who did the opposite, showed creativity.

Shen Huai already knew the result, but for the other spectators, the performance of the red team had conquered them, and now followed the voting for the blue team.

[The red team danced very well, the best tonight! ]

[What about the blue team?? “Sinking” in a sexy style. It’s all wrapped up so tightly?? ]

[This song was simply tailor-made for the red team. Almost all of them are dancers, and their figures are so good… The blue team can only rely on Wang Can to redeem themselves.]

[Xia Xia is so unlucky that she drew what she is worst at. I feel so sorry for her]

[I don’t know why, I suddenly thought of Ye Cang in “Star of Tomorrow” a year ago….. If Xia Shiyu hits me on the face later, I won’t be surprised….. ]

The camera suddenly changed to the practice room, where Xia Shiyu cleanly became the captain and assigned the C position to Wang Can.

Seeing that Xia Shiyu had inspired Wang Can to teach the others to dance, Shen Huai involuntarily took a closer look at Pei Ran.

Because in this shoot, Xia Shiyu’s expression was a complete replica of Pei Ran’s.

Pei Ran paused as if nothing had happened and said, “What she did was right. There was no need to fight for that illusory position. Instead of wasting time fighting over it, it was better to save it for practice in order to improve the performance on stage.”

Shen Huai felt a bit funny in his heart, but he didn’t expose Pei Ran.

Next, Xia Shiyu not only found teachers to make some adaptations and redistributed the song parts, but she even suggested changing the clothes into today’s suits. He didn’t know what she did, but all her team members had confidence in her and listened to her almost without hesitation, even Wang Can, who was rumored to be at odds with her.

There was also a lot of discussion about it in the comment section.

[I thought the relationship between Xia Shiyu and Wang Can was not good? Does this look like a bad relationship? ]

[Xia Xia is really a responsible captain]

[Can Can is the best team player]

[ Was I the only one who saw Xia Shiyu reaching out her hand and Wang Can handing her a towel, why do I suddenly want Xia x Wang?]

[…… ]

However, with the appearance of their group, the comment section gradually quieted down.

The lights dimmed and the music of “Sinking” sounded slowly. Only a sound of “pa” was heard. A beam of light lit up on Wang Can.

Accompanied by the very fast electric guitar sound of the prelude, Wang Can directly danced a section of Pppin (Popping), with a strong sense of rhythm, which was very pretty and immediately ignited the enthusiasm at the scene.

Then Wang Can raised her hand and snapped her fingers and all the lights above their heads immediately lit up, revealing the other four girls beside her.

The four of them danced just like Wang Can and the first section of dancing began.

These twenty seconds of dancing shocked everyone.

[They dance so well, not only their movements, but also the momentum was the same, it was almost like one person dancing. ]

[This… Is this a sword dance? ]

[This sword dance is not only good, but it’s really neat. How long have they been practicing? A week? Five days? ]

[Originally, I decided to watch it with the idea of watching a joke, but I became a fan in a second… Oh, whoo! I want to support my little sisters! ]

[How touching! This is group spirit!! ]

[who said that sexappeal must be dressed skimpy! Aren’t the little sisters sexy?! I’m too busy to close my legs! ]

[Beauty explodes!! ]

The suit dance attracted the attention of the audience from the first moment. However, this short 20 seconds dance had been practiced by these five people without sleep for several days.

However, the immediate effect was absolutely worth it!

But as the song went on slowly, everyone’s eyes were gradually attracted by the figure on the side.

Although Wang Can was in the C position, occupying the center of attention and performing very well, even she herself had to admit that some people were born for the stage, and as long as they stood on stage, it was enough to attract people’s attention.

At first, everyone thought that Xia Shiyu was not good at sexy music style, but when they saw her standing on stage, her eyes were cold but seemed to have small hooks, which made people’s hearts tickle.

She was like a siren, even if they knew that they would lose their lives if they were attracted to her, the audience was willing to sink with her singing and dancing.

Xia Shiyu didn’t need to compete with anyone for the C position, because where she stood was the C position.

When Shen Huai saw this, he nodded with satisfaction. He originally wanted to say something to Pei Ran, but when he turned his head he found that Pei Ran was stunned.

For Pei Ran it was the first time seeing such a Xia Shiyu. Tang Wanjun in his memory was petite and lovely. Although she was careless, she also had her delicate side.

He always regarded her as a younger generation and a sister and never thought of anything else.

But he did not expect that she would have such a side. The girl before him was familiar and unfamiliar at the same time, which made waves in the lake of his always calm heart.

By this time, the comment section had already gone crazy.

[Mother! That person! She seduced me! ]

[Xia Xia! Mom won’t let you flirt like that! ]

[Don’t marry him! ]

[Help! This dance has turned me into mosquito repellent incense]

Xia Shiyu was full of charm because she was usually famous for her sweetness and loveliness. Even though she was gradually becoming different, she was still an approachable fairy in the hearts of fans.

But now this little fairy became an imperial sister in a matter of seconds, pretty and cold just like a different person. This kind of contrast was so cute that people’s livers quivered. At this moment, the number of votes surged and instantly counterattacked reaching the first place.

But the storm on the Internet had just begun.

Two hours after the third episode of “National Idol” was broadcasted, a topic suddenly appeared on Weibo.

#Is independence sexy#

[The red and blue teams of “Sinking” were like the two sides of women today. The stereotype of the society is that women are gentle, pure and virtuous. They think that women are not smart enough and do not have the ability to work, so they are comfortable suppressing women in the workplace, saying that women should go home to their husbands and children.

If women behave a little bit out of line, they will be questioned. It’s like they think that sexuality is to dress up skimpy, wink, show legs and please men, but isn’t independence sexy? Can’t women enjoy being sexy? ]

This was a female blogger, who usually portrayed herself with an independent and generous image, and always called on women to break through stereotypes and be independent.

She had many fans and this Weibo soon won the support of many people, and marketing accounts contributed to its momentum, so soon it became a hot search.

The issue of equal rights had been a hot topic these years, but it was always in an awkward position. However, the entry point of this blogger was very much in line with the thinking of many women, especially the highly educated women.

Lin Ling, a white-collar worker in the company, liked watching variety shows to kill time. She accidentally watched “National Idol” before and because she thought Xia Shiyu was funny she voted for her. Later, when she was busy with her work, she put the matter aside until she saw this Weibo post.

Lin Ling looked at it for a long time, until her eyes became blurry.

She unconsciously searched for the video of “Sinking” of Xia Shiyu’s group. The girls were dressed in exquisite suits of independent working women and the close-fitting tailoring outlined perfectly the curves of their bodies. They were confident and firm. Their movements were a combination of strength and softness. Without the slightest sexual hint, they resembled a woman full of yearning.

Lin Ling opened the voting interface of “National Idol” and voted for all five girls.

There were still many other people doing the same thing as Lin Ling, and this flood directly flushed “Sinking” into the hot searches, triggering a deeper discussion.

At the same time, Qi Wenyi Law Firm filed a lawsuit in court on behalf of Xia Shiyu, accusing Huayue Records of fabricating rumors, infringing the right of reputation, unfair competition, and so on.

These charges were like a pebble thrown in a lake, immediately stirring up a thousand waves.

Everything Huayue had done that year, as well as their overlord terms, was put on the Internet.

Huayue’s stock plummeted instantly, and by the afternoon, it had fallen to its all-time low.

Zhang Li looked at the hot searches, that were full of “National Idol”. She felt a bit overwhelmed. She didn’t want this kind of popularity!!

She thought Shen Huai only wanted to wash white Xia Shiyu, but she never thought Shen Huai would play so big.

Trembling, she made a phone call to Shen Huai. “Mr. Shen, isn’t this going overboard?”

Shen Huai’s voice was as calm as ever, “It is alright.”

Zhang Li: “This… will you be alright?”

“Hmm,” Shen Huai said faintly. “This is just the beginning.”

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