MAIR – Chapter 180 – Special topic of sprinkling dog food

Beijing TV Station recently did a TV feature on outstanding young people, and Ye Cang, as one of them, got an interview with a film crew.

As usual, the other side asked some questions about Ye Cang’s growth and learning experience. After all, Ye Cang’s journey was so legendary that not only the audience but also the reporters during the interview were curious.

Naturally, it was impossible for Ye Cang to tell the whole truth. Shen Huai was already prepared for this aspect a long time ago, so he dealt with it now half-truthfully and half-falsely.

The reporter asked again: “Although you have only released two albums so far, ‘Rebirth‘ has not only won the Colleen award, but also frequently broke the sales record and won the unanimous recognition of the audience and experts. Your next album ‘Right and Wrong‘ also gained a very good result. When you created these two albums, did you experience anything particularly unforgettable?”

Ye Cang smiled, put his index finger against his chin and said slowly, “In fact, a lot of interesting things happened when I was working on these two albums, some of which you all already know…..”

When the reporter saw his narrow-minded expression, he could not help laughing: “Yes, I would like to sympathize with senior Fang Ziqing here.”

Fang Ziqing, who was working hard in the studio: “Achoo -“

With this well-known joke, the atmosphere of the interview suddenly became more relaxed. Ye Cang told many stories that happened during the production of these two albums, which were not disclosed before, so it made the reporter very satisfied.

After an in-depth chat, the reporter found that Ye Cang was different from what he had imagined.

Starting from “Stars of Tomorrow” Ye Cang gave the impression that his performance on the stage was like drugs, he had a strong stage dominance, his tongue was venomous and humorous, and he always loved to dig holes for others, but he was so popular in the circle that it was also inexplicable.

When the reporter talked with him before, he found that although he was young, his thoughts and life goals were as clear as a thousand sails.

The reporter sighed in his heart, it was probably because of this, he was able to write excellent songs such as in ‘Rebirth’ and ‘Right and Wrong’ that could warm the hearts of the people. 

The reporter couldn’t help saying: “You don’t feel like a young man in his twenties at all. When I was listening to ‘Long Night‘, I thought it could never be written by you. It contained the feelings of a person who has lived for many years. But after talking with you today, I believe it.”

“But I’m really curious, how did you develop such a mentality and what have you experienced?”

Ye Cang didn’t expect that the reporter would be so well prepared, and he really would understand his songs, so he smiled and said, “As you said, I really lived for many years, and then I was reborn.”

Reporter: “…”

When “Rebirth” was released, Ye Cang said this on the stage once, but no one believed him at all, which also became a hindrance. Now, when he says so, no reporter would believe it.

Ye Cang shrugged. These days, no one believed in the truth.

Despite this episode, the interview ended in a very pleasant atmosphere.

In fact, the reporter was also curious about his relationship with Shen Huai, but he told himself in the heart it was a serious interview and he couldn’t be so gossipy, so he forced herself to divert his attention and asked: “So, what have you been up to lately, Ye Cang?”

Ye Cang: “Making music for a friend’s movie.”

This was not what the reporter expected, so he opened his eyes wide in surprise: “I am so curious, which movie is this?”

Ye Cang also said briskly: “This movie is called ” Sheng” and now it has entered the post production stage, it should be released to the audience soon.”

Ye Cang intended to promote on behalf of Pei Ran, so he revealed some music content of the film.

The reporter was also interested: “So what you mean is, you were going to meet with the director today to talk about music production, right? I wonder if we can follow you to shoot some content. Of course, you can rest assured that we will cut off the part involving the content of the film.”

Ye Cang didn’t worry about this, so he sent Pei Ran a WeChat. After getting his reply, he took the reporter to the Yihang studio.



At this time in the Yihang studio, Pei Ran just put away his mobile phone, and saw Shen Huai pushing the door to come in.

Pei Ran was surprised: “What are you doing here today?”

Shen Huai rubbed his eyebrows and said, “I’ve just talked with the distribution company of the film. I’m afraid we need to talk about the schedule and promotion of the movie again.”

The two men had calculated that according to the production speed of the film, it would be ready just in time for this year’s National Day.

There are only a few prime dates for movies every year, and National Day is the date most strategists fight for.

But this year, golden week is relatively mild, and there are no crushing grade movies. If the movie is well made and publicity efforts are intensified, it may not be able to break through the tight encirclement.

Pei Ran also knows the importance of schedule, but he also knows that if he wanted to make his film into the black horse of this golden week, what is most important is the quality of the movie.

He nodded his head and said: “You just happened to come in time.”

He nodded his head clearly and said, “It just so happens that the rough cut of the movie has come out. I wanted to ask you to come and see it.”

Shen Huai was surprised. Pei Ran’s speed was so fast, the rough cut of the movie could basically determine the quality of the film, and all additional work was just icing on the cake.

So Pei Ran took Shen Huai to a small screening room.

The rough cut of the movie was 130 minutes. Although some clips were too extensive and not delicate enough, coupled with the lack of music, the plot was somehow thin, but Shen Huai was still amazed by this version of the film.

Compared with the films on the market today, “Sheng” has a strong flavor of Hong Kong. Although the core was a tragedy, due to the right kind of comedy technique, the whole movie has a light rhythm and a bit of humor, but after watching it, it can still make people ponder.

Although Shen Huai knew from the beginning that Pei Ran was very capable, the performance of “Sheng” was beyond his expectation.

While discussing, they came out of the screening room, just in time to meet Ye Cang.

Shen Huai was stunned.

Ye Cang was holding his cell phone and seemed to be dialing his number.

Pei Ran patted his forehead gently. He left his mobile phone outside because he took Shen Huai to the screening room, so he didn’t see Ye Cang’s WeChat.

Ye Cang didn’t see his reply, so he thought that he was caught in the work and didn’t care about other things. After all, he often did this himself, so he took the staff of the TV station directly to come in.

Although today, Yihang studio was separated from Morning Star, it was still owned by Shen Huai after all. The identities of Ye Cang and Shen Huai are well known, so employees of the studio will not stand in the way to block their boss “wife”. 

Ye Cang took people all the way to the door of the editing room, but didn’t expect to meet with such a surprise.

Recently, Shen Huai had been really busy. Song Yimian and Chu Mei Bo have joined the new crew one after another and the national tour concert of Xia Shiyu has also begun. Shen Huai was so busy when he solved all of this. He didn’t even have time to go home to talk with Ye Cang, and started working directly for movie distribution with Pei Ran.

Ye Cang, who hadn’t seen Shen Huai for a long time, immediately ignored the reporter and cameraman behind him and walked forward with a look of surprise on his face:  “What are you doing here today?”

Shen Huai couldn’t help smiling and said softly, “Just came to look for Pei Ran.”

The two began to talk as if they were alone.

Neglected reporter: “…”

This is a serious character project! How did it suddenly become a sprinkling dog food project?!

Fortunately, they didn’t talk for too long. Shen Huai had things to do, so he left in a hurry.

However, the reporter keenly found that Ye Cang’s mood has risen a lot, because of this short talk, he became easier to talk to.

The reporter silently swallowed this mouthful of dog food, and then stubbornly continued the interview.

Today, Ye Cang specially brought several well-made film soundtracks to Pei Ran. After all, the soundtrack is no different than the album song. In order to match the style of the movie, there may be many changes.

Both of them were professionals and soon entered the discussion atmosphere.

In order not to reveal the content of the movie, the reporter could only turn off the sound and shoot a few small clips, but these small clips were what surprised him especially.

At the moment, Ye Cang threw away his elegant demeanor on the stage, reined in his usual cynical temperament, and seriously discussed music design with Pei Ran. As they discussed, he directly pulled the pen and paper, and began to write the music score on the spot. Pei Ran on the other side was less professional than Ye Cang in music, but as the director of the movie, he has the most profound grasp of film temperament.

At first, they were a little restrained because of the reporters next to them. But later, they completely lost it and fought with each other, but it all revolved around the movie.

Both of them were handsome men of different ages, especially Pei Ran. When the reporter came in, he was imminently won by him. But now he no longer noticed their looks, but was attracted by their seriousness and concentration.

He sighed in her heart, no wonder that men who worked hard were the most handsome. He can already imagine how attractive these short clips will be after they are released.

The reporter was so infected by their atmosphere that he didn’t disturb them for a few hours. After that, Pei Ran and Ye Cang finally came back to their senses. They were embarrassed and apologized to them.

However, the reporter felt their dedication and love for art in these few hours. He even began to reflect on his original intention to become a journalist.

At the end of the interview, the reporter asked Pei Ran, “Is this movie called Sheng? When it is released, I will certainly support it!”

Pei Ran smiled: “It should be on the national holiday, thank you for your support!”

The reporter hurriedly said: “I’m not being polite, I became really interested in this movie, and your attitude also makes me believe that this movie is absolutely great! At that time, I’ll go to the cinema with my friends to support it! “

Pei Ran was stunned, he always felt some worries and anxieties but he covered them up very well. After all, he was not a God. He was worried about his first director’s work, but the pure enthusiasm on the reporter’s face moved his heart and made his mood settle down.

The haze on his face was gone, and the more he smiled, the more dazzled the reporter became.

“Thank you. I won’t let you down.”


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