MAIR – Chapter 141 – Pei Ran

The explosion in the chemical plant in Qingyu County had a great impact, and in the course of investigating the case, they found out that the factory had hired a lot of minors under the age of 18 in order to save costs. 

Some children didn’t even have identity cards and were paid less than the minimum wage. In such a harsh environment and tiring work they worked very hard.

After the incident was reported, it immediately attracted the attention of the relevant departments, which ordered a full investigation of the matter.

Ding Sifei, a newcomer who had just joined the police forces was also involved in this case, but his task was to come to the hospital and take notes about the wounded.

Because of the large number of injured at that time, the local hospitals in Qingyu County could not receive all of them, so many injured were sent to the emergency departments of the surrounding large hospitals.

Ding Sifei was sent to First People’s Hospital of Dongjiang, where he took the statements earnestly. However, looking at those teenagers who were six or seven years younger than himself as they talked about their daily life in the chemical plant, the emotional newcomer could not help feeling sad and scolding these bad bosses in his heart.

He calmed down his mind in the toilet and gave himself a short break before he went back to work. But he froze as soon as he entered the next ward.

This ward was very popular. Besides doctors and nurses, there were many family members secretly looking inside the room, and most of them were women.

Thanks to his uniform, Ding Sifei managed to squeeze in. Just as he took a breath and prepared to continue working, he was stunned by the sight.

There was a teenager sitting on the hospital bed by the window, broad patient’s clothes covering his thin body. His skin was so pale it was almost transparent. His black hair was a little too long and fell on his cheek. His eyebrows and eyes were warm and moist. His long and dense eyelashes, like crow feathers, covered his slightly drooping eyes.

He was just sitting quietly on the hospital bed, as beautiful as a painting, which made people reluctant to disturb him.

A group of women of all ages gathered around his hospital bed, their expressions so gentle it almost dripped water.

“Little Pei, are you hungry? This is my hand-made bento. I’ll put it here for you.”

“Little Pei, do you like fruit? This is the freshest fruit I just went out to buy.”

“Little Pei, your bed is close to the radiator. It may be a little dry. I specially prepared an extra humidifier for you.”

“Little Pei…”

Ding Sifei was stunned. He asked the nurse who was changing the bandages of the patient next to him, “This, this is also a victim of the explosion?”

The nurse glanced at the teenager by the window, her cheeks flushed and her voice softened, “Yes, Little Pei was rescued with this transportation of wounded.”

Ding Sifei: “…”

He coughed. “It doesn’t look like he was hurt anywhere?”

“Who says that? Mental trauma is also an injury!” the nurse said with righteous indignation. “Policeman, you don’t know that, but when we examined Little Pei, we found that he was seriously malnourished and starving for a long time. Now you can judge, who can let such a little child go hungry for such a long time!”

Ding Sifei: “…”

Nevertheless, what does malnutrition have to do with the explosion?!!

“Gee, it’s because he is so good-looking …” The patient who had his wound dressing changed muttered and told the truth.

The nurse opened her eyes wide and glared at him. ”Shut up and take off your pants! It’s time for an injection.”

While taking off his pants, the patient muttered, “She is as gentle as water to others, but as fierce as a tiger to me… “

Before he finished speaking, the nurse stabbed him mercilessly in the buttocks making the patient let out a scream.

The nurse slowly pushed the medicine in the syringe and snorted coldly. “Nonsense, you just look ugly!”

Looking at the ferocious nurse, Ding Sifei swallowed a mouthful of saliva in his throat.



Comrade Ding, a rookie policeman, was surrounded by the crowd before he could figure out how to get through the crowd.

He took the notebook out and sat down slowly in the circle formed by the big sisters and aunts. “Thank you for your hard work,” the boy said in a low voice. 

His voice was a little hoarse, the ending sound a little ambiguous, but it still made people’s hearts melt.

However, when Ding Sifei heard his words, the first thing that came to his mind was that his accent was not from Dongjiang, but rather like that of the South.

He was thinking wildly in his head, and when he opened his notebook and was about to start taking notes, he raised his head and happened to see the teenager smiling at him.

Ding Sifei’s face immediately blushed and the notebook slipped directly from his hand. He hurriedly picked up the notebook while stammering, “No, you’re welcome.”

He picked up the notebook, but his whole heart was still beating wildly, ready to jump out. He pinched himself hard and scolded himself, What are you doing? You are a straight man, blushing at another man, why is your heart beating so fast?!

However, this young man was really good-looking. He was not inferior to those movie stars on TV, and totally different from those people who worked in chemical factories.

Thinking like this, Ding Sifei couldn’t help but look up again.

Now that he looked at him up close, he found that the appearance of this teenager was amazingly beautiful. He looked thin and his face seemed to be only the size of his palm, a pair of peach blossom eyes staring with affection. Because his skin was so pale, the corners of his eyes were light pink, his nose was straight, and his lips were slightly pursed. The contour of his lips was particularly obvious, but due to the lack of blood, it made him look even more pitiful.

Ding Sifei’s face turned red again and he didn’t dare to look up at the young man’s face again. He decided to calm down and start recording.

“Name… Name?”

The teenager spoke softly, “Pei Ran.”

Ding Sifei was stunned, feeling that this name sounded familiar, and the aunt on one side hurriedly said, “It turned out that Little Pei’s name is Pei Ran, the same as that big star’s! No wonder you are so good-looking!”

The boy smiled but didn’t speak.

Ding Sifei meticulously wrote the word “Pei Ran” in his notebook and then asked, “What is your ID number?”

The teenager seemed a little at a loss and whispered, “I don’t have an ID card…. “

Ding Sifei was stunned and was about to continue questioning him, when a sister beside him couldn’t stand it any longer and pulled Ding Sifei aside. “When Little Pei was born, he was taken with his parents, who worked in the South, but he has always been unregistered. Now that his parents have passed away, he came back to find his brother who worked in this chemical factory. Unexpectedly…”

Thr aunt gave a long sigh. “Little Pei’s life is too bitter for such a clever child. Policeman, don’t mention other people’s sad circumstances anymore. Just ask us if you have any questions…”

Ding Sifei: “No…. I’m taking a statement!”

Pei Ran stretched out his hand and pulled at Ding Sifei’s clothes. “It doesn’t matter, please ask.”

The aunts and elder sisters looked at him pretending to be strong and were even more distressed.

“He is just a child! He is not a prisoner! Why are you so hard on him?”

“Just ask us, will we join hands to cheat you?”

“That is, come and ask us outside, don’t disturb Little Pei’s rest!”

Before Ding Sifei could speak, he was already dragged out of the ward by the elder sisters.

Pei Ran’s eyes followed them out of the ward, and then fell back to his own hands. His hands were warm, with the temperature of a human. He tightly clenched his fist and looked like he was in a trance.

He hadn’t expected to survive.

Pei Ran’s family had a long history and was famous for its martial arts. There were many strange books in his family. When he was a child, Pei Ran liked to go to the library when he was free. Those records about Yin Yang Eyes were what he saw in the library.

However, back then, Pei Ran only regarded it as superstition and didn’t take it seriously. When he died, he found his soul floating in the air, and finally realized that the records were true, so he recalled their contents.

He recalled that one of them talked about the rules of the resurrection of ghosts. If people had enough fate when they were alive, and their souls were not destroyed after death they would wander in the place they were most obsessed with during their life. If they wanted to survive, they could only be taken away by a person with Yin Yang Eyes.

However, there were not many people with Yin Yang Eyes in this world. Most babies were killed by rampant ghosts as soon as they were born, and few could live to their adulthood provided they had their eyes sealed. It was hard to imagine how hard it was for such a person to step into a haunted place and have his Yin Yang Eyes unsealed at the same time.

Pei Ran had waited for so many years without encountering such an opportunity, so he gradually stopped thinking about it.

However, he did not expect that someone would really come across such an opportunity, but stubbornly suppress his desire for rebirth and even in order to suppress this desire, he would give his soul imprint to another person, temporarily covering the other’s Yin Yang Eyes.

What was more, he didn’t expect that Shen Huai would become their channel for coming back to life.

At the moment he saw these two people in Hong Kong Hall, he could hardly describe his shock, but he also understood that he was different from Ye Cang and the rest. He had no way to be revived like the others through Shen Huai. He could only be reborn in Shen Huai’s body.

So he hid behind Tang Wanjun and silently followed them, waiting for the seal on Shen Huai’s Yin Yang Eyes to be undone again and then seize the opportunity to be reborn.

But he didn’t expect that Shen Huai, who was clearly a rich second generation, didn’t bully men or women like Guo Wenyuan did. He was diligent, honest, and sophisticated, but he didn’t know the world. He did many things for Lu Yang and the rest in private, but never said anything, being silently considerate.

The longer he stayed behind, the more he learned about Shen Huai, and it became impossible for Pei Ran to do it.

He suffered for a long time from the bottom of his heart, and he finally decided to give up. He wanted to wait for Shen Huai to return from Dongjiang, then come out and explain everything clearly and then say goodbye to Tang Wanjun, but he did not expect that an accident would happen.

Originally, Pei Ran was determined to die. He took his soul and sealed Yin Jingyi Yin Yang Eyes. In the end, his soul exploded, killing all the shadows near him.

However, he did not expect that he would wake up again in a new body and become a human once again.

After his amazement, he immediately felt ecstatic. Only after you had died once could you realize how wonderful it was to be alive.

At that time, the hospital was in chaos because of the explosion in the chemical plant, and he was taken to the ward as a victim of the explosion.

When Pei Ran woke up, he quietly inquired about the situation from other wounded people nearby and attracted the pity of all women with his excessively beautiful face.

He didn’t even need to say much. He just needed to say a few vague words, and then hang his head gloomily. These mothers and sisters voluntarily completed his life’s experience.

Pei Ran spent two days in the hospital. The hospital bed was already full of flowers, fruits and all kinds of small gifts. There were also warm-hearted nurses and sisters who told him everything about the hospital. He said that he wanted to go out for a walk, but they were afraid that he would lose his way, so they even drew a map of the hospital for him.

Pei Ran recollected for a while, then got out of bed and put his slippers on before walking out of the ward.

With his invincible face, he quickly asked about Yin Jingyi ward. Across the ward, he could see the fat girl sitting on the hospital bed. Her mother was feeding her. Her father hung up his cell phone after being scolded by his wife and daughter. In the end, he could only raise his hands and surrender.

The family was happy, and the shadow on Yin Jingyi face had also disappeared. Her Yin Yang Eyes were completely closed by Pei Ran, and all memories of ghosts had disappeared too. In the future, she would grow up happily like every other ordinary girl.

Pei Ran’s face showed a relieved smile. He hesitated for a moment and then stepped back and walked to a nurse, showing his signature smile. “Hello, can you check for me, which ward Shen Huai is staying at?”

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