Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 10.2 – The Dao Is Merciless

The leader of Shangqing sect and the leaders of other major sects were watching the stars at night, speculating about the heaven will. The leader of nine star sect looked at the sky with a dignified face: “The three stars of Polis ( In Chinese astrology symbolizing power), Alkaid ( In Chinese astrology symbolizing destruction), and Dubhe flicker and reflect each other, it is an ominous omen!”

“How could that be?” The leader of Biluo sect said: “A few months ago, I predicted that the Dubhe star would be suppressed by thunder light and become dull. The Alkaid have the appearance of being possessed by the devil, the color of blood is hidden in it and there is a high possibility of self-destruction after Polis would be killed. The three stars were all decadent and it was good time for the righteous to wipe up the demonic way in one fell swoop, so how could their fortune suddenly flourish?”

The Heavenly Sword Sect Master gaze was like a sword: “Six months ago, Polis calamity disappeared, his Star Protector Alkaid then broke through the magic barrier, and then the Dubhe star shone. All changes come from Polis.”

The leader of the Shangqing sect said: “Polis is no other than the revered master of the Xuanyuan Sect, Wen Renhe. He was born a hundred years ago, followed by devil sword emissary unifying the devil path in just a few decades. If Wen Renhe is not eliminated, he alone will suppress the righteous path for thousands of years with his strength. “

“Originally, it was the Shangqing sect that should have dealt with Wen Renhe, but it seems that it will not be enough now.” The leader of Biluo sect said: “We have to divide more experts and immortal weapons to surround and kill Wen Renhe.”

The Master of the Nine Stars Sect said, “The will of the heavens is unpredictable, our sect is engrossed in predicting heaven’s opportunities and we seldom fail. How can fate change so much in half a year? Is it because the heavens don’t want us to see the outcome of the war between the righteous and demonic way?”

The abbot of Wuxiang Temple invoked a Buddha’s name and put down the beads from his hand. A Buddhist staff appeared in his palm, and his eyes, which had been closed tightly, opened, the color of compassion was gone. His eyes were full of fierce light.

“The abbot wants to fight?” The leader of the Shangqing sect looked happy.”With you on our side, we will get twice the result with half the effort.”

After a secret meeting of the several sect leaders, they set a time for the attack and rushed back to their respective sects. The leader of the Shangqing sect walked out of the secret room and came to the Deacon hall, talking to Elder Qing Yue, “Baili Qingmiao advanced to Golden Core realm?.”

Elder Qing Yue said everything, and the sect leader smiled broadly: “With Baili Qingmiao and He Wenchao here, the Shangqing sect will have successors. We don’t need to worry about that. We can let go of the first battle. Younger martial brother Qing Yue shall stay at the sect and guard the Swinging Moon Bell to preserve strength of Shangqing sect. “

Qing Yue knew that there was no way to avoid this battle and said to the sect leader: “But these two children, Baili Qingmiao and He Wenchao, are having a disagreement.”

“It’s Baili Qingmiao losing her temper again, isn’t it?” The sect leader chuckled: “A little child’s emotions are just that, after she reaches the Nascent Soul realm, she won’t be like this.”

Neither Qing Yue nor the sect master took their quarrel seriously, but He Wenchao was struggling to coax Baili Qingmiao.

The reason for this was that after Baili Qingmiao returned to the sect, she directly checked the Patrol Records of her elder martial brother in the Deacon hall during her absence. For the first time, she and He Wenchao had been separated for such a long time. After being apart for so long, and having witnessed a battle between a scattered immortal and Mahayana cultivator in Wanli ice field, after she nearly died, she naturally missed her elder martial brother and she wanted to know what her elder brother had done during her absence from the sect.

The records of the Deacon’s Hall were public, anyone could read them. Baili Qingmiao was first happy for her senior brother’s promotion to the Nascent Soul realm. However the more she looked the more wrong it felt. He Wenchao went down the mountain every two days, the number of times was too frequent!

 Baili Qingmiao used to stick to He Wenchao every day. She followed him almost every time he went down the mountain, so she knew very well how often he used to go. It was once a month. At this time Yao Wendan, senior brother Yao, came to the Deacon hall to collect the medicinal herbs for the Pill Pavilion and saw Baili Qingmiao staring at the Deacon’s Hall record jade slip, so he approached his junior sister to congratulated her on her promotion to the Golden Core realm.

 ”Senior Brother Yao,” Baili Qingmiao asked, “Have you seen Big Brother? I looked at the rotation schedule and it was supposed to be him patrolling the mountain today, why isn’t he here?”  

“Isn’t he down the mountain? He often goes down the mountain recently and he gave miss Shu a house, so he probably has a guilty conscience.” Yao Wendan was a character who couldn’t mince his words, so he smoothly told all he knew and instantly regretted it, giving himself a slap.

the jade token slipped from her hands and fell to the ground: “What did you say, senior brother bought a house for Miss Shu?”

Just then, He Wenchao rushed back to the sect and heard Baili Qingmiao words. In the dark, he embraced Baili Qingmiao and said affectionately: “Sister, you’ve finally come back, these days, I was so worried about you, I missed you so much.”

Yao Wendan, knowing that he had said the wrong thing, bowed his head and ran away, leaving He Wenchao and Baili Qingmiao to solve their problem on their own.

After interrogating He Wenchao, Baili Qingmiao rushed straight down the mountain and went to the town to look for Shu Yanyan to question her about what relationship she had with He Wenchao and He Wenchao followed closely behind.

After she rushed down the mountain away the Mountain Protection array, Shu Yanyan and the others noticed Baili Qingmiao’s movement After she rushed down the mountain away from the protection array and the right protector immediately asked: “My Lord, what this subordinate should do?”

Wen Renhe warned: “Don’t reveal your identity before the Massive Demon War, the rest is up to you.”

“That’s great!” Shu Yanyan clapped her hands and said, “I’ve had enough, I want to get out of here, I miss my well-behaved subordinates, wuwuwuwu…”

When she spoke she really shed tears, only Heaven knew that it was her first time staying with one man since she entered the way of Dao. She already absorbed enough of the thundering root and this mysterious power and Shu Yanyan strength has also been promoted to the ninth layer of the realm of void. She had long since grown tired of He Wenchao! If it wasn’t for snooping around she wouldn’t aggravate herself so much.

Wen Renhe and Yin Hanjiang looked at each other and left the room, using an array in the next room to secretly watch the development.

Wen Renhe also wanted to see what Baili Qingmiao would do, when she found out what He Wenchao had done.

The other room of Shu Yanyan’s house was a servant’s room. Shu Yanyan didn’t hire a servant, so it had been left empty all this time with only a small bed inside. After Wen Renge sat down, Yin Hanjiang couldn’t stand behind Venerable anymore, so he stayed beside him but Wen Renhe pulled him down saying “Sit”.

Yin Hanjiang was flattered sitting beside the Venerable on the small bed. His Adam’s apple quivered slightly, his eyes were drooping. He did not dare to look at their shoulders, which were only half an inch apart.

They waited for a while, but He Wenchao and Baili Qingmiao hadn’t come yet, probably still arguing on the road. Wen Renhe felt the corner of Yin Hanjiang’s lips move, as if he was trying to say something, so he said, “Say what you have to say.”

Hearing his Lord’s words, Yin Hanjiang didn’t dare to conceal it and hesitantly asked: “Venerable the way of stopping killing is killing and guarding the world. Why do you want to provoke a war between the righteous and the demonic way and displease ( take a chance ?) the heaven?”

He wasn’t a good man and he didn’t feel uncomfortable, when he heard how Shu Yanyan planned to slaughter the group of righteous disciples. He also had no opinion with whatever his lord wanted him to do.

But there is still a bit of doubt deep inside his heart, wondering why his Lord was like this, because he already knew about the war between the Righteous and Demonic way. Couldn’t it be avoided in advance? This was not the way of his Lord.

Normally Yin Hanjiang wouldn’t ask questions, but now that the Lord has asked and his identity also has changed a little bit, Alkaid should not question the Polis, Yin Hanjiang decided to report truthfully, and let the Lord solve his doubts.

Hearing his question, Wen Renge didn’t answer, but instead asked rhetorically, “Protector Yin, who do you think a cultivator is?”

Yin Hanjiang thought a little: “ man of superior attainments?”

He had never thought about such issues, but he knew that ordinary people would call the high and mighty cultivators “Immortal Elders” and that the cultivators would also be called “Immortals”. They also thought highly of themselves, and separated the mundane world from the world of cultivation, which was clearly in the same human realm.

 ”Wrong,” there was no emotion in the eyes of Wen Renhe: “ Whether it’s you or me and the same goes for millions of cultivators of the righteous and demonic paths. They are just a group of thieves who are stealing the vitality of heaven and earth.”

Yin Hanjiang had never thought that Wen Renhe would actually evaluate the cultivators like this.

“Look at the location of the Shangqing Sect,” :Wen Renhe said, pointing to the distant mountain path, “Such an abundance of spiritual energy, there won’t be any natural disasters for millions of years! How many creatures can this Spiritual Mountain nurture? If the human race were to build a city near here, they could raise millions of ordinary people in a thousand years, but there are less than a hundred disciples of the Shangqing sect above the Golden Core.”

 ”The Great Dao is merciless and doesn’t care about the lives and deaths of ordinary people.” Yin Hanjiang pursed his lips, remembering the village that had been slaughtered, and for the first time, he expressed his view on heaven dao.

“Indeed, but the Dao of Heaven would not be willing to have cultivators seize the opportunity of Heaven. If there was no internal consumption between the practitioners, we will concentrate on Cultivating in isolation and not interfere with each other. After tens of thousands of years, the Qi between heaven and earth will be gone, and there will be nothing left, no more grass in this human realm, no more living beings.” Wen Renhe said.

 The war between the righteous and the demonic path is neither the righteous way to get rid of the demonic way, nor is it the demonic way to slaughter the righteous way and cause chaos in the world. Rather, they had discovered through their calculations that another Heavenly Calamity was coming, and that if they did not fight for internal friction, too many cultivators would sooner or later attract the Heavenly Dao turning it into a bloodbath. At that time, there will be no cultivators or human beings.

Stealing the heavens, cheating the heavens, and seizing the heavens is the nature of the cultivators. They chase a balance under the Heavenly Dao and survive between the cracks.

 ”In this battle, whether we live or die, we will be returning the Qi to the world. If I die, the place where my body is buried will give birth to countless living creatures in a hundred years.”Wen Renhe said

He looked indifferent, not caring about his life and death.

Yin Hanjiang felt a pain in his heart and grasped his magic sword, saying: “This subordinate will not let His Lord die.”

“This Venerable knows.”

The Yin Hanjiang of the book proved his loyalty to Wen Renhe with his life.

Wen Renhe patted the back of his hand and said in a rare warm voice “If this Venerable goes, you can come accompany me.”

Don’t live like in the book, and live only for demons orders.

When Yin Hanjiang heard these words of Wen Renhe he actually unexpectedly showed an expression of relief and solemnly said, “Thank you very much, my Lord.”

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