MAIR – Chapter 173 – Taking care of Cen Shu

Shen Huai and Pei Ran arrived at the agreed cafe in advance. Not long after sitting down, Cen Shu appeared on time.

Compared with the average cameraman’s untidy beard, Cen Shu looked extremely exquisite, wearing a three-piece suit with a woolen coat, with neatly trimmed hair and beard. As he came closer, they could smell the faint wooden perfume on him.

Cen Shu walked directly towards them, and when he saw Pei Ran, there was a trace of astonishment in his eyes, but he quickly suppressed it. He politely nodded his head to the two and sat down opposite them.

Shen Huai said, “Hello, Mr. Cen. I’m Shen Huai.”

Cen Shu smiled and said, “Hello, Mr. Shen. I’ve heard a lot about you.”

Before Pei Ran could speak, Cen Shu immediately said, “I already know why you are here. Thank you very much for your appreciation, but I’m sorry, I also have my own principles. I really appreciate you two very much and we can talk about something else and become friends.”

Cen Shu knew that Shen Huai was looking for cameramen for his movie. Although he didn’t want to offend the other party, he needed to come here, but he would not break his own principles, so he blocked their words as soon as he opened his mouth.

Shen Huai and Pei Ran looked at each other. Cen Shu was indeed more difficult to deal with than the rumors. From his words, they could see that he was a strong man. If Shen Huai and Pei Ran wanted to persuade him, they were afraid he would directly turn to leave.

“Hello, Mr. Cen. My name is Pei Ran. I’m the assistant cameraman for this movie,” Pei Ran said after a moment of thinking.

When Cen Shu heard Pei Ran’s name, he was stunned for a moment and when he heard his position, he was directly frozen. After all, with Pei Ran face, he thought he would be an actor in this new movie, but unexpectedly he was a cameraman.

But then he said, “Mr. Pei, I don’t want to talk about movies.”

According to his temper, it was about time to leave directly, but the cameramen always had a special tolerance for beauty, so he just warned him once.

Shen Huai pinched his sweat from his heart, but Pei Ran was very calm. He smiled and said sincerely: “Mr. Cen, I just admire your camera skill and I want to discuss it with you. If you think I don’t respect it, you can report it to me in advance.”

In fact, Cen Shu doesn’t want to talk about his camera skill with people. In fact, he doesn’t want to talk about anything related to movies, so that they won’t cheat him.

However, Pei Ran accurately grasped his mind, put forward the topic he thought it was interesting, and Pei Ran’s point of view also made him have a lot of discussions. The two people directly ignored Shen Huai on the side, and began to talk with each other.

Shen Huai didn’t feel offended, but he breathed a sigh of relief. The most difficult step was to not let Cen Shu leave, and open his chatterbox mode. When Pei Ran did this, he could then continue.

Pei Ran and Cen Shu talked for half an hour. At first, Pei Ran guided Cen Shu with words. But later, Cen Shu came and began to talk on his own initiative. Pei Ran stopped talking and just listened to him quietly.

When Cen Shufelt his mouth was dry, he picked up the lemonade beside him and drank it in one gulp. Only then did he come back to his senses and with some embarrassment said: “It’s hard to meet a friend who can talk to you. I accidentally spoke too much and neglected Mr. Shen. I’m sorry.”

Shen Huai chuckled and said, “It doesn’t matter. I’ve learned a lot from listening to you two chatting.”

Cen Shu said so much that he was not as vigilant as he was at the beginning. He unbuttoned his suit and said frankly, “At first, I thought Mr. Shen wanted me to be a cinematographer, so I was a bit rude, please forgive me. But now we are all friends. If little Pei wants to discuss cinematography technology, he can come to me at any time. If he is interested in documentaries and can endure some hardship, he can also join my crew. “

When he said this, it seemed that he had narrowed the distance between them, but in fact, it blocked what Shen Huai was about to say, which made Shen Huai feel tricky.

However, Pei Ran said, “Since Mr. Cen said this, I also want to confess that I am also the director of this movie. I was worried that you would be angry, so I concealed my identity. I’m sorry.”

Cen Shu eyes widened, looking up and down at ‘Director Pei Ran’. 

At first, he thought Pei Ran was an actor, but later Pei Ran said that he was a cameraman assistant. Although he looks a little young and his physique does not seem to be very strong, Cen Shu knew that if there were some relations at home, it would be common for the children to enter the crew to study, take the title of assistant and gain some experience.

Later, Pei Ran showed his understanding of camerawork, so he gradually accepted his identity.

But as Director, Cen Shu could not help saying, “Excuse me, how old are you this year?”

Pei Ran calmly began to talk nonsense, “I am already 25, but my face looks a little small.”

Shen Huai: “…”

25 was not too young, although as a director it was still young, but Cen Shu breathed a sigh of relief: “Youth really makes you the hero, ah.”

Pei Ran said with a smile, “It’s hard for you to say that. Before, many people thought that Mr. Shen turned stupid, to make such an inexperienced kid like me take such a big responsibility.”

Cen Shu said contemptuously, “Mortals always use their own experience to stop the pace of a genius, but they don’t know that a genius is born to break the law.”

When he said this, he already pulled Pei Ran and himself to the same camp.

Pei Ran deepened his smile: “You are right, why care about the opinion of mortals, geniuses are born to break all laws, as long as we understand what we are doing.”

Cen Shu was about to nod when he suddenly thought: “Oh, You are trying to get along with me.”

The atmosphere became tense again.

Pei Ran didn’t stop but said: “When I just talked with you, I found that you still pay attention to the photography technology of the film, the light processing of green screen photography and the shooting parameters. This should be something that documentaries don’t need at all.”

The smile of Cen Shu lips fell completely, and he said nothing.

Pei Ran leaned forward slightly and whispered: “Mr. Cen, the best way to get back at a person is to beat him in his professional field, don’t you think?”

Cen Shu’s body trembled for a moment. He had to admit that he was really bewitched by Pei Ran’s words just now, but he quickly recovered, stood up and said rigidly: “It was nice meeting you both today. It’s getting late. Let me say goodbye.”

As he said it, he hurried away with his coat before Shen Huai and Pei Ran could react.

Shen Huai looked at his back anxiously, they really screwed up.

Pei Ran was relaxed. “Don’t worry, we haven’t lost yet.”

Shen Huai suddenly thought: “You asked me to spread the news that Fu Cheng’s new cameramen was An Yunhai before. You have calculated for it for a long time.”

But he soon shook his head again, “But this is a piece of fake news. Cen Shu, as long as he checks, will know.”

Pei ran and smiled very firmly, “He won’t check.”

Shen Huai frowned slightly: “You mean, that releasing this news is just to give Cen Shu some face to re-enter this circle.”

Pei Ran nodded, “I wasn’t sure before, but after chatting with him, I am sure that a real movie lover would never be able to put down the light and shadow of this world.”

An Yunhai was the reason why Cen Shu left cinematography. He was a senior cameraman in the circle. After Cen Shu graduated, he worked as a cameraman assistant for An Yunhai from the very beginning. The two had a dispute in the production team because of the shooting method. The director originally appreciated Cen Shu’s camera language, but in order to keep An Yunhai, he fired Cen Shu. Cen Shu was young and proud at that time, and his disappointment made him say that he would never make a movie again.

Over the years, as Cen Shu rose to fame, An Yunhai gradually turned to camera teaching and rarely participated in film production in person. Over the years, many people wanted to hire Cen Shu as cameramen, but they were all rejected by him. As time went by, everyone knew his temperament, so they didn’t bother.

After so many years, Cen Shu’s resentment gradually faded, and he recalled the feeling when he was shooting a movie again. It was a pity that although he was skilful, he was arrogant and had a strong sense of self-esteem, so he couldn’t afford to back off.

Pei Ran checked Cen Shu works and some of his materials from recent years, so he decided to use this method.

Pei Ran was very sure that Cen Shu would not care whether the news was true or false at all, as long as Pei Ran gave him a way, he would follow it.

Shen Huai also understands Pei Ran’s idea at this moment, and could not help feeling that only Pei Ran could come up with this method, and only Cen Shu who was so obsessed with movies, would know that he had been cheated and would be willing to be deceived.

Now Shen Huai also thinks that Cen Shu will probably join the Pei Ran crew, but in this way, he has a new worry: “Cen Shu has a strong temperament, especially extremely conceited in his professional field. I heard that in his crew, he is not just talking. When he joins the crew, I’m afraid that he will act in his own way, which will make him a hidden danger.”

Shen Huai’s worry was not unfounded. Although Cen Shu was very skilled, his character was not good. Pei Ran already deceived him by saying he was 25.

Pei Ran chuckled and moved his fingers. The knuckles he pressed gave a “crack” sound. His smile seemed to be a bit murderous. “Don’t worry, I won’t give him this chance.”

Shen Huai: “…”

That’s what I’m worried about.


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