MAIR – Chapter 127 – The greatest superstar of the past century

Yihang’s new achievements attracted the attention of many people in the circle. In addition to the people Yi Mian introduced him to, Shen Huai already knew many major figures in the film and television circle, and benefited a lot from it several times.

Although Shen Huai was well-known in the financial circle, compared with his previous investment in film and television, there was a big difference. Film and television could not be evaluated quantitatively. It could be said that if you wanted to make it big, the right time, place and people were indispensable.

Just like “Sin of the Eternal Night” this time, that filled the vacancy in this season’s criminal investigation dramas. Moreover, in recent years, TV dramas mostly circled around the topic of falling in love, and the audience had got a little tired of it. It was this kind of hardcore and brain burning drama that would naturally get the most enthusiastic pursuit of the audience. Only in this way, they could gain fast popularity followed by high-quality publicity and a timely follow-up, which made this online drama, that was considered small-scale, directly blow up the circle.

Of course, what was more important was that even though “Sin of the Eternal Night” was simple, the plot was very rigorous, which was the real reason why it could skyrocket. 

But such cases were rare. Shen Haui was lucky this time.

These big figures that had been in the circle for many years, Shen Huai had great respect for them. Coupled with his previous righteous help to Yihang, these big bosses had a very good  impression of him, so they spoke some more.

“In fact, you were right to start with investing in an online drama at the beginning. The biggest taboo when investing in film and television is blindness and high ambitions, so you shouldn’t focus blindly on these things. After all, small productions have their limitations, which can’t really affect this circle. Eventually, you have to go back to big productions.”

Shen Huai listened to their teachings modestly without interrupting them.

He had a lot of self-knowledge and expertise in the financial sector. Although he had achievements in the investment field and could enter the film and television industry, he was a complete newcomer. It was already lucky for him that these big bosses were willing to talk to him about this.

His attitude made the other side very satisfied, so they talked more. From the development of the domestic film and television industry to its disadvantages and their regret that although the domestic movie market was gradually opening up the domestic film industry system was not mature. It could be seen in the fact that in recent years, the box office exploded, but actually, most of the investments were contributed to the large-scale production of movies in the United States.

However, in spite of the development of several domestic big productions in the past year or two, the situation of domestic films was not very optimistic. Although he was uncomfortable with it, there was nothing he could do about it.

At this point, the faces of several big bosses dimmed a little.

An old man with grey hair took a long puff at the cigar in his hand, then puffed once again, before he said slowly, “Speaking of which, it reminds me of Pei Ran. If he was still here, the film and television circle in China would be a different place now.”

Shen Huai was stunned for a moment.

Pei Ran was the most famous martial arts actor in Hong Kong’s film and television circle in the last century. That period was Hong Kong’s hottest time for martial arts movies. They were not only very popular in China, but also gained a lot of fans abroad, so the status of martial arts actors was very high. Pei Ran, because of his good Kung Fu and his attractive appearance, soon became popular in the whole of Hong Kong’s film and television circle.

Later, with the global economic recession, Hong Kong was greatly affected. At that time, Hong Kong’s entertainment circle was full of panic.

Pei Ran was already a well-known tycoon in Hong Kong. He had a lot of luxury houses and tens of millions in family assets. Even if the economy was affected, it wouldn’t have had much impact on him. However, he resolutely sold his real estate and put all his money into the domestic economy. He also acted free of charge, which revived the whole film and television industry in Hong Kong.

Later, he made great efforts to develop the genre of martial arts movies and paid more attention to directors and screenwriters. At that time, many well-known directors and screenwriters emerged, which had a huge impact on Hong Kong’s film and television circle and even on the whole of China. He was also called “the savior of Hong Kong’s movies” .

In addition to the film and television industry, he also helped many people and actively participated in various charity activities. No one knew how many desperate people were encouraged by him and gained hope.

Later, when Hong Kong survived the crisis, he also received awards from the government. It could be said that he was the idol of all Hong Kong people.

Unfortunately, he later had an accident while filming and his lung was pierced by steel bars. After several days in critical condition, he finally died.

On the day of his death, the whole of Hong Kong was so white that the Hong Kong Special Administrative Regions Government even lowered the flag halfway for him.

He was a superstar with a strong personality and charm. Later, during the Hong Kong Film Centennial ceremony, all judges agreed that he was “the greatest superstar of the past century”.



Because the topic changed to Pei Ran, some of these big bosses felt like talking some more. Shen Huai accompanied them, and accidentally talked with them until late in the night.

By the time Shen Huai got home, it was already past midnight. When he got out of the car, a cold wind was blowing, and he couldn’t help trembling, suddenly feeling his headache.

He only regarded it as a result of staying up late, so he quickly walked in the room and decided to go to sleep after washing up.

Who would have known that when he walked in the house, he would discover that Ye Cang wasn’t asleep either, but was sitting in the living room writing songs. Seeing Shen Huai coming back, he put down his guitar and came over to take over the bag from his hand.

Shen Huai’s reaction was a moment late, and the bag was already taken by Ye Cang.

Shen Huai felt helpless and said to him, “Didn’t you promise me not to stay up late? Why are you still writing songs at this time?”

Ye Cang held his hand and said eloquently, “My boyfriend isn’t home all day. How can I care about staying up late?”

Shen Huai: “…”

Ye Cang sniffed and said, “Alright, go take a bath first, you smell like smoke. Did you roll in an ashtray?” He knew that Shen Huai didn’t smoke, and he thought he had got the scent while socializing with other people.

Before Shen Huai could tell him that he was about to go upstairs, he was suddenly held back by Ye Cang. “Why is your face a little red?”

Shen Huai was stunned, and Ye Cang immediately pressed the back of his hand to his forehead. Then he asked with surprise, “Why are you so hot? Do you have fever?”

Only then did Shen Huai realize he was cold and had a headache because he had fever.

Ye Cang immediately pulled him back to his room, but Shen Huai insisted on taking a bath. By the time he came out of the bathroom, it looked much more serious.

Ye Cang had already boiled water and found a thermometer. He took his temperature while nagging at him at the same time.

Listening to his voice, Shen Huai felt that his whole body seemed to float up. He was very confused by that and unconsciously fell asleep.

By the time Ye Cang noticed this, Shen Huai was already sleeping and breathing evenly.

He sighed helplessly and carried Shen Huai back to his bed. He reached out to smooth the wrinkles between his eyebrows and took out the thermometer. It was only after he confirmed that the fever was low that he felt relieved.

Ye Cang didn’t sleep that night. Worried that Shen Huai’s fever would increase, he kept cooling him with a towel. He worked like this until early in the morning, when Shen Huai’s temperature finally dropped.

By the time Shen Huai woke up, his headache was gone and there were no other problems except for some slight pain in his body.

He glanced at Ye Cang who was sleeping by the bed and was about to put him in the bed when Ye Cang woke up slowly.

Shen Huai looked at his miserable appearance and said helplessly, “I’m alright. Go to bed and get some sleep.”

Ye Cang refused, and insisted on taking his temperature first that confirmed that Shen Huai’s fever was gone. Then he said, “You always tell me to pay attention to my health. But you are the one who had a cold or a fever recently. Go to the hospital for an examination.”

Shen Huai had no choice but to say, “I have a physical examination every year.”

But Ye Cang said, “Do it earlier this year. I’ll go with you.”

Shen Huai couldn’t help it, so he had no choice but to agree.

Ye Cang was satisfied. Thinking that he wouldn’t be able to fall asleep anyway at this moment, he said, “I’ll make breakfast for you.”

Shen Huai was aware of his poor cooking skills, and was afraid that he had just got rid of the fever just to be poisoned instead. So he said simply, “I’m alright. Let me cook.”

Shen Huai was good at preparing noodles, so Ye Cang didn’t mind.

Recently, both of them were very busy, and it was rare for them to be alone with each other. Ye Cang held Shen Huai’s waist closely while talking with him.

Tang Wanjun, who was attracted by the fragrance, witnessed this scene as soon as she floated in. She immediately let out a “wow” cry, then covered her eyes with a hand, but opened her fingers again and peeked openly.

Shen Huai, Ye Cang: “…”

Recently, with Tang Wanjun gradually opening up, it became more natural for them to get along with each other. However, when she saw the intimate relationship between them, Shen Huai felt a little uncomfortable, so Ye Cang had no choice but to let go.

Then he whispered, “When will this light bulb disappear completely…”

“Lu Yang! What bad thing are you saying about me!”

Because Tang Wanjun came over, Shen Huai specially made an extra bowl. Although she couldn’t eat it, according to her own words, it would give her a sense of satisfaction by just looking at it. 

After the two of them finished eating, Tang Wanjun hesitated for a moment before asking, “Brother Shen, can we go to Hong Kong in a few days?”

“Hong Kong?” Shen Huai was somewhat surprised, but he didn’t ask any further questions and directly agreed. “OK.”

But Ye Cang was curious. “What do you want to do in Hong Kong? To see your relatives?”

Tang Wanjun pursed her lips and shook her head. “No.”

Shen Huai saw that she didn’t want to answer, so he grabbed Ye Cang and motioned to him to stop talking.

Tang Wanjun looked at Shen Huai gratefully. “Thank you.”

Shen Huai smiled with tolerance. “You’re welcome. Everyone has their own rights. If you don’t want to say it, then you don’t have to.”

Tang Wanjun bit her lips and seemed to want to say something, but in the end, she didn’t say anything, just looked out of the window subconsciously.

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