MAIR – Chapter 172 – One good news, one bad news

“East Side City Fog” was set in the Republic of China. The protagonist Ning Shen was a journalist. He chased some stars’ anecdotes and occasionally went to the dance hall to drink and dance. He was a typical prodigal son. However, no one knew that his real identity was Honhtao K, the contact person of the underground party that the Neon Army had been trying to seize. At the same time, the spy of the Neon Army had been lurking in China, using his pseudonym, Chang Ye. A struggle between good and evil was imminent.

In this play, Guo Wenyuan played the protagonist Ning Shen, a man with a sense of justice, while shy, elegant Song Yimian played the ruthless and scheming Urano Shoji. The contrast between the two was great, and they showed a battle of wits and bravery in the act.

After joining the group, the two started shooting their own scenes, and the crew was divided into A and B groups to shoot at the same time.

Director Shao Ning first filmed Guo Wenyuan’s group A, but after two days of filming, he went to Group B to see the shooting effect. When he came back, his whole person became extremely excited: “Mr. Guo, we found treasure this time! Song Yimian is like Urano Shoji himself! “

Guo Wenyuan knew that Song Yimian’s acting skills were very good, especially when he was studying in the group of “Red Actress”, he made great progress and later, he was taught by Pei Ran. Guo Wenyuan had always wanted to know how far he had progressed, but they were shooting in different groups, and he couldn’t see it yet. Now, hearing Shao Ning’s words, he became even more curious.

Fortunately, the feeling of grasping the heart and scratching the liver didn’t last too long. A week later, the two met for their first scene.

Guo Wenyuan was wearing a baggy shirt, a pair of plaid pants under it, a bag with a camera on his back, and eating pancakes with one hand, showing Ning Shen’s cynical look incisively and vividly.

At this time, a streetcar passed in front of him. Ning Shen hurriedly stopped him and ran on the tram step by step. However, he didn’t pay attention to it and crashed the pancake into a student standing next to him.

This student was Chang Ye, played by Song Yimian.

Ning Shen quickly patted him with his other hand: “I’m sorry, classmate. Ah, it’s all greased. I’ll buy you a new shirt after I get off. “

Chang Ye took a half step back, but there was a smile on his face: “It doesn’t matter.”

Ning Shen said carelessly: “It matters! I am telling you that this shirt can’t be washed clean if it was stained with oil. I think you’ve had this shirt for several years judging from its cuffs. You might as well take this opportunity to buy a new one. I’ll pay the bill for you. You don’t have to try saving me money. “

Chang Ye frowned slightly and accentuated his tone: “I really don’t need it.”

Ning Shen seemed to become a little dissatisfied: “What’s the matter with you, fellow student? I’d rather be a little brave, but I can’t get a bad name just for these three melons and two dates. “

Chang Ye did not expect him to be so difficult, and was about to refuse when the other party looked at the book he was holding in his hand: “Oh, your name is Chang Ye!”

Chang Ye: “…”

Ning took out a business card out of his pocket with a smile and handed it to him: “Take it. When you want to buy new clothes, you can just come to Dongcheng daily to find me.”

Chang Ye’s mouth fumbled as he took his business card and got off the bus.

Standing in the bus, Ning looked deeply at his back, rubbed his fingers against the bag and murmured in a low voice, “Chang Ye, is that you?”

At this time, Shao Ning is called “Cut”.

Guo Wenyuan wiped the expression from his face and got off the bus to watch the playback next to Shao Ning.

Song Yimian was far away, so he was one step slower.

When he came over, he found Guo Wenyuan and Shao Ning looking at the monitor solemnly, both of them were silent. Song Yimian was shocked and asked cautiously, “Boss Guo, Director Shao is… Is there something wrong with the shot?”

Shao Ning raised his head and said, “No, it was a good shot. After this, you can re-touch your makeup for a few more shots.”

Song Yimian breathed a sigh of relief and looked at Guo Wenyuan.

Guo Wenyuan gave a “tsk” and patted Song Yimian on the shoulder: “All right, your character is very stable, and even your sense of lens is much better than before. Have you done a lot of homework?”

Song Yimian scratched his head reluctantly, looking a little shy but was very happy: “Well, I went to look for some similar roles, speculated about the acting skills of the teachers, and then found a documentary to imitate some small actions. Moreover, Pei Ran also taught me a lot, and I felt more comfortable than before.”

Shao Ning said curiously, “Pei Ran?”

Guo Wenyuan explained casually: “It’s not the Pei Ran you are thinking about…” After thinking about it, he said, “You can come with me.”

Shao Ning smelled the words with an eager expression: “Can I also ask him for advice if we have the opportunity?”

Shao Ning had seen Song Yimian’s audition before, and although it was not bad, it was very different. If he cane so far thanks to this colleague named Pei Ran, then the strength of the other side will not be bad. After all, teaching actors is one of the jobs of the director.

However, Guo Wenyuan and Song Yimian both looked at him strangely.

Shao Ning wondered: “What’s the matter? Doesn’t he like being asked for advice? “

Guo Wenyuan: “That’s not true. But he prefers another kind of consultation.”

Shao Ning: “???”

Song Yimian added: “Pei Ran’s Kung Fu is very good. Director Shao, you should be careful.”

Shao Ning disagreed and said proudly, “I have been learning Taekwondo since I was a child. I have been fighting in the underworld for three years. I can’t be worse than some Kung Fu.”

Guo Wenyuan looked at him compassionately: “Then wait until you have finished shooting ‘East Side City Fog’ and then go to ask for advice.”

Shao Ning: “Why?”

Guo Wenyuan said ruthlessly: “Because this crew has limited funds, I don’t want to pay your medical expenses.”

Shao Ning: “…”



When shooting of “East Side City Fog” was in full swing, Pei Ran had already discussed the rough outline of the script with Yang Yizhou and Tang Sugar.

Yang Yizhou deserved to be one of the top screenwriters in China, from the rough outline alone, you could see the brilliance of the script. Coupled with Tang Sugar and Pei Ran brainstorming, it was enough to move the hearts of investors.

However, at present, the only investors of this movie were Shen Huai and Guo Wenyuan, both of whom were full of trust in Pei Ran. Guo Wenyuan originally wanted to invest in the name of Guanrui, but Sheng second pouted back directly to the board of directors. In addition, although there were such big guys as Yang Yizhou in the movie, Pei Ran was a complete newcomer after all, which made Guo Wenyuan shameless.

In a fit of anger, Guo Wenyuan invested directly with his own company.

The investment amount of both of them was not low. Pei Ran doesn’t make blockbuster films and doesn’t need to have a large budget, so they do not intend to find other investors.

Yang Yizhou was originally just trying to complete the task of the film association, but as he became interested in Pei Ran, he took over the job as a screenwriter.

He didn’t expect that Pei Ran and Tang Sugar wouldn’t be like the people he once worked with. If they have any questions they will be asked immediately, although very polite, they were still very sharp. Yang Yizhou also became more serious and nervous in this situation and once again felt the same enthusiasm like when he first entered this industry.

When the discussion among the three people came to an end, Tang Sugar volunteered to make tea for them. Yang Yizhou stretched his body and looked at Pei Ran’s beautiful side face, which made him look like a real person. He couldn’t help asking: “I think you are very knowledgeable about Hong Kong martial arts from that era.”

Pei Ran didn’t even move his eyelashes. “When I was a child, I saw a lot of films from that time. I was very interested in them, so I went to look up some materials. In fact, it is all paper knowledge.”

Yang Yizhou was still a little skeptical and asked with a smile: “You are very familiar with Mr. Shen and Mr. Guo right? It is so rare for them to invest so much money without even blinking. It’s the first time I’ve seen a new director with such a simple investment. “

Pei Ran raised his head and showed a faint smile: “I’m very grateful to Mr. Shen and Mr. Guo, as well as you. I will remember the kindness you have given me.”

Pei Ran’s answer was watertight. Yang Yizhou curled his mouth uninterestingly and didn’t bother to ask any more. Anyway, as long as the movie is good, it will be alright.

At this point, Pei Ran’s current performance was very excellent.

After they drank some tea and discussed it for a while, Pei Ran received a call from Shen Huai.

He spoke to the other two and went out of the room to answer the phone.

As soon as it connected, Shen Huai didn’t exchange any pleasantries and said directly: “Which one do you want to hear first, good news or bad news?”

Pei Ran eyebrows raised slightly. Shen Huai used to be a very steady man, who started to become more and more crooked by Ye Cang.

Without thinking, he said directly, “Bad news.”

Shen Huai said: “The bad news is that this time, Guanrui also wants to participate in the film association’s plan to cultivate new people. It was said that they have also decided to make a movie, and the writer is also a first-class screenwriter in the industry, starring former film emperor Fu Cheng. This will be your strongest opponent.”

Pei Ran didn’t even move his eyebrows this time, and asked, “What is the good news?”

Shen Huai: “I didn’t find the right cameramen before, but now I’m getting somewhere.”

Pei Ran did not show any happy expression, but instead asked: “It seems that this person is not simple, otherwise you would have already signed him.”

Shen Huai sighed: “You are right. This man was introduced to me by Mr.Yi. He was an excellent cameraman in his early years. Later, something happened and he couldn’t get along in the industry, so he turned to make documentaries. At that time, he said that he would never come back to make movies. In recent years, his documentaries have won many awards in the international community, and with his fame and status he has gained, he can’t be moved by money at all. “

Pei Ran listened to Shen Huai’s description, then his mind came up with a name: “Cen Shu.”

Shen Huai was stunned: “Do you know him?”

When Pei Ran was in a state of the soul, he once saw Cen Shu’s documentary in Hong Kong stadium. It had to be said that Cen Shu is really talented. His control of color and light and shadow was almost to the point of genius, which impressed Pei Ran so much he couldn’t forget it until now.

Shen Huai didn’t ask for detail, but said: “I found a middleman to contact him, and made an appointment for a meeting, but Cen Shu has a strange personality and is famous for saying it. I’m not sure I can persuade him at all.”

Shen Huai was also helpless. When he saw the Cen Shu film, he realized that he was very suitable for Pei Ran’s crew. It’s a pity that Cen Shu was too stubborn and he could only do his best.

Unexpectedly, Pei Ran, who had been unresponsive, suddenly said, “I’ll go with you.”

Shen Huai froze: “Can you convince him?”

“I don’t know.” Pei Ran replied honestly, “but I know that our crew must have him.”


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