My Artist is Reborn – Chapter 47 – You Stupid Mortals

While Ye Cang was busy making albums, Chu Mei Bo finally came back. Although she looked a little thinner, she was in high spirits.

Shen Huai arranged a physical trainer for her earlier, he was very clear that for actors, their body was the most important thing. Some actors didn’t care about that when they were young, and as a result, they would only seriously injure themselves when they were old.

Although Chu Mei Bo was not injured this time, she acted intensively in the last few days, which would still leave some after-effects. 

Chu Mei Bo did not refuse, after all, she wasn’t really an 18 year old girl.

Shen Huai then discussed her future working plan with her. “I’ve selected two new roles for you, one is the second female lead in a campus drama, the shooting time will not be too long, and the other is the third female lead of a family drama, which is the role of the main character’s daughter  with many scenes. Which one do you prefer?”

Chu Mei Bo blinked. “Do you have any recommendations?”

Shen Huai paused. “I have seen the scripts of both dramas, which are not far apart, but with your current image, I would recommend you to choose the campus drama.”

After listening to Shen  Huai’s analysis, Chu Mei Bo nodded. “OK, send me the script later.”  

Shen Huai promised to send it and then said, “The audition is in a month, just a few days after you start school. You can first gain some good experience of school life.”

As soon as Chu Mei Bo thought of going to school, her whole person wilted. “I know…”

After finishing his business, Shen Huai suddenly thought of something. “I forgot to ask, you haven’t caused any trouble on the set recently, have you?”

Don’t blame him for asking, but none of these two bosses worried about those kind of things.

Chu Mei Bo: “How it is possible, do you think I am this kind of person?”

Shen Huai: “I didn’t ask you. I asked Tong Yun,” he said, looking at Chu Mei Bo’s assistant.

Because of the previous experience with Xue Chengge, he was determined to turn down fans who wanted to become their idol’s assistants. If they were suspected to be fans, such as Le Jiameng, they would not pass the first interview.

This assistant named Tong Yun was specially selected by him. She was tall and sturdy and more importantly, she had never powdered any female star, was very strong-willed, and would never easily turn her back.  

However, when Tong Yun heard Shen Huai’s words, she immediately shook her head. “No, Sister Mei was very dedicated and hard-working in the drama crew, absolutely not causing any trouble!!”

Chu Mei Bo nodded satisfactorily. 

Shen Huai: “…”

His artist is so charming that he didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

After a few days of rest at home, Chu Mei Bo went to school. With the help of her tutor, her grades could barely be looked at. However, Zhongjing Film Academy still required an art examination. Chu Mei Bo came back from school every day and still had to train for an hour.

When Le Jiameng knew that Chu Mei Bo wanted to get in the Film Academy, she immediately packed and sent over materials from her own art examination. Even Director Gao asked if she wanted to be introduced to the teachers of the Film Academy.

Chu Mei Bo refused, she was not worried about acting. She now needed to adjust to the exam atmosphere in advance.

Recently, Ye Cang was busy recording his album and Chu Mei Bo went to school and trained at the same time. After Shen Huai arranged his work, he rarely had a period of short leisure time.

Unfortunately, it seems that God couldn’t stand seeing him idle, so soon something happened again.

The cause was Liu Qingqing who participated in an interview program. In the interview, she talked about her family life, and said that although she was very happy now, she still missed her struggling life in the theatre group the most, so she was ready to come back to acting.

Originally, Liu Qingqing paid money to participate in this interview in order to make a comeback.

Unfortunately, she did not get the role in “Tianji ( eng. Heaven)”, but she didn’t withdraw the interview, and allowed it to be broadcasted as scheduled.

After several rounds of online marketing, she immediately became popular. After all, she did perform several good roles in her acting career. Many people still remembered her, coupled with the passage of time and the help of the water army, she soon became the “Goddess of Childhood.”

After that, the interview was found out by some people that “guessed” that her new drama role would be Kwai Ji in “Tianji”, and “timely” blew a wave of powder and rainbow farts on her Weibo.

For a while, the “Liu Qingqing – Kwai Ji” hot search exploded.

Without waiting for the crew to clarify, Liu Qingqing posted on her own Weibo that she went to an audition and the director was very satisfied but in the end she lost to a teenage girl and did not participate in the shooting of “Tianji.” Now she was participating in the new drama “XX”, and she wished the drama crew of “Tianji” a blessing of audience.  (she wished they would have a lot of viewers)

One stone stirred a thousand waves.

Several keywords like “the director was very satisfied”, “lost” and “teenage girl”, hinted that there was something fishy about it. Coupled with the encouragement of the water army, netizens immediately rushed into Chu Mei Bo’s Weibo and began to scold her. 

[It’s impressive. The gold boss behind the little sister is not simple!]

[Can’t you go to school at this age?]

[The entertainment industry is ruined by your rubbish!]

[Garbage Get Out of the Entertainment Circle] 

At this point, if Shen Huai could no longer see Liu Qingqing making moves to step high and low, he would no longer have the face to call himself an agent again. 

The entertainment industry was already a very competitive place. After all, the top of the pyramid was very small so everyone wanted to stand up, especially for the same type of stars, it was a life and death competition.

However, both Liu Qingqing and Chu Mei Bo were not of the same type in terms of age or position, according to reason there was no direct competitive relationship, but because Chu Mei Bo robbed Liu Qingqing of the role, Liu Qingqing hated her.

Previously in the production crew, Shen Huai had been on guard against Liu Qingqing because of what happened with He Fangfei, but this kind of thing was just beyond any defense.

Liu Qingqing’s method was very clever, she didn’t say directly that Chu Mei Bo robbed her role nor did she say that there was something wrong with the crew of “Tianji.” She only used some words like “suspected” and “possible,” which made her quite a white lotus.

Under such circumstances, even if the crew clarified the circumstances, it would only be regarded as guarding the shadows in their heart, which was a dilemma. Moreover, to some extent, this was also a way of publicity for “Tianji” crew, and the only one affected was Chu Mei Bo.

From the perspective of the cast, ignoring it may be a better choice. As for Chu Mei Bo, as long as she waits until “Tianji” broadcasts, people will naturally see Chu Mei Bo’s acting skill.

But the TV series broadcast was scheduled for at least half a year later, Chu Mei Bo would need to live with online violence until then, and as a newcomer actress, once she is labeled, it will affect her later work patch.

Shen Huai actually had a solution, but when he thought of Director Gao Di’s appreciation of Chu Mei Bo, he decided not to act rashly and discuss it with the crew first.

Director Gao also just learned the news. He was a good-natured man, but not completely without a temper. He was tactful, but not without a bottom line, and this time, Liu Qingqing totally offended him.

Director Gao agreed to Shen Huai’s suggestion. 

So, in the evening, the cast released its first surprise. 

Drama Version of Tianji V: dang dang dang dang! The Tianji crew gives away a surprise ~ in the previous post with character photos, Kwai Ji’s photo has been kept mysterious, so many small fans must have been dying from curiosity. The Tianji crew is going to release Kwai Ji’s big beautiful photo today ~ I hope she will fit Kwai Ji’s image in your mind [photo]

After the Weibo came out, there were immediately comments below.


[Shit x2!!! It is too beautiful!]

[Ha ha, isn’t the drama crew too much this time?]

[It’s true that there is a gold master behind you. What a quick reaction!]

[Whether it is true or not, this picture is too beautiful!! The moment I saw her,  my heart was pounding] 

[Lick! Little Tianji, post more pictures of this little sister!]

[Book fan whispers that this is exactly the image of Kwai Ji in her mind!]

[This little sister is so imposing and in love] 

[What’s the use of good-looking photos? Haven’t you seen enough of these good-looking vases these days?]

Many netizens poured into Weibo, some licking, some sarcastic, and some looking forward to it.  They immediately heated up the popularity of Tianji and Kwai Ji.

The popularity didn’t slow down until 12 o’clock, when netizens suddenly discovered a video said to have been recorded by the  Tianji staff. It was Kwai Ji’s confrontation with Ning Shan.

It was recorded by a mobile phone, making the whole video a little jittery and the sound was not very clear, but it didn’t affect the performance of the two people in it.

As the director called for the start, the camera rushed into the room with Ning Shan, aiming at the woman watering the flowers in the room. She was wearing a simple dress and her makeup was very light, but you could not take your eyes away from her.  

Even if Ning Shan was speaking her lines, the audience would not bother looking at her, especially at the end when Ning Shan grabbed her hand and angered her. Her eyes made the audience in front of the screen feel a little cold even during the hot summer.

The video wasn’t long, but it let a lot of people enter the situation until the screen turned black.

So many people clicked on the replay.

In one night, the click volume of the video became hot and spread on the internet at a viral speed. Even the original author saw it and forwarded a reply. 

[I didn’t expect that someone could perform the Kwai Ji of my mind. It’s amazing!]

With the original author’s stamp of certification, many uninterested book fans also clicked on it, and then the Weibo of Drama Version of “Tianji” almost exploded.

[What kind of God like acting is this!!]

[I thought the photos were beautiful enough, but only after watching this video did I know how wrong I was!!]

[This little sister has totally grown up to my aesthetics! How can there be such a beautiful person in this world!]

[When will the TV show be broadcasted? Which website! My money is ready, I will rush to buy a membership if I have to!]

[Ouououo, I once said on my little sister’s Weibo that she is not suitable for Kwai Ji, and now I am kneeling and swallowing my own words. There is no one in this world who is more suitable for Kwai Ji than Little Sister Chu Mei Bo]

[When I was looking at her photos, I thought that my little sister would be too young. However, after watching the video, I didn’t realize her age at all! Too handsome and too aggressive!!]

[Nowadays, if some people aren’t good at their own acting, they will only suffer from red eye disease (jealousy) and say that other people have a gold master, I am talking about you, Liu Qingqing]

[I went to see my little sister’s Weibo, but there was only one post, that forwarded the nine character photos. When I saw that smiling expression, I felt like I got an arrow in my knee that was mocking me: you stupid mortals [crying with laughter] [crying with laughter]] 

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