MAIR – Chapter 79 – Lead by hand

After this busy period, Ye Cang’s studio had taken shape. 

There are not many people in the studio, only a dozen of staff members, including Shen Huai  himself, but they were all carefully selected by him. He also recruited two assistants to share some chores with.

Unexpectedly, as soon as the studio was established, a major event took place.

Ye Cang’s album “Rebirth” was shortlisted for the 55th Colleen Award, which is the most authoritative rock music award in the world. As soon as the news were announced, it caused a sensation in the media at home and abroad.

Before the change, even Shen Huai had not enough skills to deal with this, but with the studio, all the staff members worked together to deal with the follow-up affairs in an orderly manner.

Although some shortcomings have been exposed in the process, they were all only minor problems.

While Shen Huai and Ye Cang were discussing how to improve the studio, Xue Shengge resigned.

Xue Chengge looked very guilty. “Elder Brother Ye, Elder Brother Shen, I’m sorry. I was supposed to work for a year, but I must break the contract.”

Ye Cang and Shen Huai looked at each other and asked Xue Chengge, “What happened to you so suddenly?”

Xue Chengge swallowed his saliva and said, “I… I didn’t know what path I should choose before, but when I met Elder Brother Ye, I also remembered my original intention of loving music, so I decided to become a real musician.”

He spoke, feeling more and more guilty, “Along the way, Elder Brother Ye and Elder Brother Shen took good care of me, especially Elder Brother Ye who often instructed me how to write songs. I really shouldn’t do this…”

“Why do you think that!” Ye Cang laughed, “Actually, I have had this idea for a long time. I have seen the song you wrote. In fact, you are a very thoughtful person with good basic skills, so I wanted to discuss with Huai to change your position.”

Shen Huai then said, “Chengge, do you want to be a signed artist of Morningstar?”

Xue Chengge froze, and it took him a long time to recover. He stammered, “Ye… Brother Ye, are you teasing me?”

Ye Cang said helplessly, “Why would I tease you? I was just talking about this with Huai.”

Ye Cang uses “Your Father” ‘s Weibo to recommend good but unknown songs, and to get to know many excellent original musicians. These musicians are all very thoughtful and creative. Maybe there are still some flaws in their works, but they all have great potential.

Unfortunately, today’s music market was very hasty and only accepted mature musicians, which was very harsh for experimental music. For these musicians, their living space was very narrow.

Some submitted to reality and wrote the same kind of songs, while others went underground and sticked to their ideals in poverty.

They were like the original Li Yuan at the beginning, who had no chance to stand up and was hit head on by reality.

Ye Cang had no way to save Li Yuan, so he could only remember the song “Dying Traveler” for him, at least leaving a trace of him in this world.

But after his rebirth, he often wondered if he could help these people. They didn’t ask for much, they just wanted someone to hear their songs.

Ye Cang didn’t have this ability before, but the good results of “Rebirth” made it possible to achieve all of this.

Although it was a bit beyond his abilities, he wanted to use his power to slowly recreate the flourishing age of music.

After listening to his plan, Shen Huai also felt something.

Nowadays, the competition in the entertainment industry was fierce, and newcomers emerged in an endless stream. As a senior, it was easy to be hit by these fierce waves, let alone be carried by them, not to mention suppression and framing.

Like Ye Cang, it was rare to promote newcomers at any cost.

Xue Chengge’s eyes brightened after he listened to Shen Huai’s terms of signing the contract. For a newcomer it was too favorable. Of course, the advantages were not only material, but also the creation environment was extremely relaxed.

Xue Chengge couldn’t help feeling moved, but he was still a bit worried. “But this way, this means dividing Brother Ye’s resources, if later…”

Ye Cang didn’t expect that he would be worried about these things. He couldn’t help crying and laughing as he knocked him on the head, saying deliberately, “What? Afraid you’ll overtake me?”

Xue Chengge coughed, “That too. It’s not impossible… “

He was so confident, making Ye Cang not angry, but even happier. “If you can really surpass me, that’s a good thing, which shows that the circle is getting better and better.”

“But…” Ye Cang looked Xue Chengge up and down. “Do you think I’m vegetarian? If you want to surpass me, practice first for another 100 years.”

Xue Chengge: “…”

He shouldn’t have been moved. This kind of nature originally makes people want to beat Brother Ye up.

While Ye Cang’s studio was developing in full swing, Hua Rong was worried.

Hua Rong looked at Xu Anqi, who was standing in front of her and didn’t care. She was so angry that she could hardly maintain her friendly expression.

“Anqi Xu! Don’t forget who brought you to where you are now! Now that your position is stable, you don’t listen to me? Don’t forget, I can always lift you up or let you fall.”

However, Xu Anqi only scorned, “Sister Hua, do you think this is my first day in this circle? If you want to find someone to replace me, you have to see first if she has that ability!”

Hua Rong narrowed her eyes. She understood. Xu Anqi had a bad attitude towards her, because of the newcomer she signed up recently.

Hua Rong’s expression suddenly eased down. “Anqi, what are you jealous of? It’s just a newcomer. Can she really shake your position?”

However, Xu Anqi didn’t give her any face at all. “Just a newcomer, that makes Sister Hua use my resources to promote her. If she becomes popular in the future, will there still be a place for me in this company?”

“Anqi, don’t be unreasonable,” Hua Rong said patiently. “You didn’t like that role at all. If you use it to promote future generations, Shilan will also be grateful to you… “

“You must be joking, do I need her gratitude? Sister Hua, you know my temper. What’s mine is mine. No one else can touch it, let alone that little bitch Bai Shilan!”

After a long time of persuasion, Xu Anqi never made any progress, and Hua Rong also lost her patience. In the end the two of them parted unhappily.

Xu Anqi stormed out from Hua Rong’s office, ran to the rooftop, and took out a cigarette angrily.

Assistant Ping Ping cautiously helped her lit her cigarette before saying, “Anqi, don’t quarrel with Sister Hua…”

Xu Anqi was already burning with anger and Ping Ping’s words seemed to only add fuel to the fire. She said angrily, “Which side are you on?”

Ping Ping pursued her lips, and then told Xu Anqi that Hua Rong wanted to dig up Chu Mei Bo, then advised, “Anqi, you know, Sister Hua has a bad temper. If you really make her angry, she will try her best to promote Bai Shilan, which will not do you any good.”

“Ha! I knew it! Why did she suddenly sign such a person? It turned out to be a fake?”

After Hua Rong failed to dig up Chu Mei Bo, after a period of confusion she finally found Bai Shilan who had a temperament similar to Chu Mei Bo’s. She immediately signed her up, wanting to copy Chu Mei Bo’s famous routine.

Seeing Ping Ping’s worried face, Xu Anqi said angrily, “What are you worried about? With the real thing before them, who would like to see a fake? Haven’t you heard of it? What is there to worry about!”

As she spoke, she said reluctantly, “I’ve seen her shooting clips, her acting skills are very good, her aura is engraved in her bones, others can’t learn it. Wait and see. Hua Rong’s wishful thinking is not so easy to be turned into reality.”

Although Xu Anqi and Shen Huai were at odds, she had to admit that Hua Rong really lags more than 18 streets behind Shen Huai in terms of vision.

Ping Ping seemed relieved to hear her say this, but still advised Xu Anqi, “In this case, you should have a good relationship with Sister Hua, so that she knows who is really worthy of praise.”

Xu Anqi listened to her talk unexpectedly calm. “You don’t understand? From the time she really decided to support Bai Shilan, it was impossible for our relationship to get better.”

“Silly white sweet little princess? Do you really think I can carry this image for a lifetime?” Xu Anqi asked rhetorically.

Ping Ping looked at Xu Anqi at a loss.

“I am telling you, Hua Rong wants a doll to make money for her obediently. If one day I lose my value, she would kick me out immediately.” Xu Anqi shook her head. “I haven’t made any progress in the past three years. I’ve spent too much energy on variety shows, endorsements and all kinds of fashion resources, ignoring what I have really settled down for.”

“When I left Shen Huai, I swore that I would be better off without him, but three years later, I am still eating the original capital that Shen Huai left for me. How ridiculous! But it will be over one day, sooner or later. I can’t wait for that day to come, and I need to think of a change.”

Ping Ping looked at Xu Anqi in shock. She always thought that Xu Anqi was arrogant and willful, but she didn’t expect that she would see her situation so clearly.

She didn’t know that Xu Anqi followed Shen Huai since she debuted. Although she refused to admit it, she was imperceptibly influenced by Shen Huai, and because of this, she could still see soberly the hidden danger, even if it was covered by lots of flowers now.

Who doesn’t want to make money comfortably and be looked after like a little princess? But things have never been simple in this world, sometimes it seems to be something for nothing, but it’s just a fluke. When fate asks for a price, it’s probably impossible to bear.

This is the first lesson that Shen Huai taught Xu Anqi. Even though she can’t remember the scene at that time, she still remembers the truth firmly in her subconsciousness.

Xu Anqi pressed her cigarette down before saying, “OK, if you don’t want to talk about these things, I’ll ask you, do you want to follow me or Hua Rong? If you follow me, you will have to listen to me. If you still want to tip Hua Rong news, you can hand in you resignation letter now.”

Ping Ping was in awe. She realized that Xu Anqi actually knew everything. In a moment, she figured it out and quickly showed her loyalty to Xu Anqi.

When Xu Anqi finished talking, she felt a bit cold, so she wrapped herself in the coat and walked indoors.

As soon as she got off the elevator, she met Song Yimian.

Song Yimian saw her and bowed politely. “Sister Anqi.”

Xu Anqi glanced at him and asked casually, “Where are you going?”

Song Yimian replied politely, “Sister Hua asked me to go to the office. She said there was a play for me to audition.”

Xu Anqi said, “Oh,” and spoke no more. She walked with Ping Ping out of the elevator.

Song Yimian had been blocking the elevator door with his hand, waiting for Xu Anqi to leave before re-entering the elevator.

When Xu Anqi happened to see this scene, she suddenly asked Ping Ping, “Is this kid a newcomer in the company?”

Ping Ping had no choice but to introduce Song Yimian’s identity to her.

Learning that Song Yimian had not made a name for himself under Hua Rong for two years, Xu Anqi was also surprised. “Isn’t his contract about to expire? And Hua Rong still gave him a chance for an audition? Is she doing charity, or is this child her long lost brother?”

Ping Ping: “…”

Ping Ping stammered, “I heard that Sister Hua has been taking him to some liquor stores recently…”

Xu Anqi frowned. Of course, she knew what these liquor stores were for. Rich and powerful people always like to find some small stars in the circle to entertain themselves. It was very normal. Xu Anqi herself had dinner with investors.

But as Ping Ping said, Hua Rong was going to terminate his contract, but suddenly gave him a chance for an audition. It would be more than just having a meal.

There are also people in the circle who are willing to trade their bodies for resources.

Xu Anqi didn’t think of anything at the beginning, but after thinking of Song Yimian’s clean and clever face, and the way his eyes brightened slightly when he was talking about the audition, it made her feel very uneasy.

She asked Ping Ping, “Do you have his WeChat?”

“Yes.” After Ping Ping reacted, she quickly said, “Anqi, don’t get involved in this muddy water …”

“I know what to do. ——Give me your cell phone.”

Ping Ping couldn’t help but take out her mobile phone, and kept persuading her by her side.

“Stop it!”

Xu Anqi typed, and then clicked to send it.

“Alright, here’s your phone back.”

Ping Ping opened her cell phone in a hurry, wanting to withdraw it.

Xu Anqi stopped her. “What about it? What can a message do… “

Before she finished speaking, Ping Ping’s WeChat rang.

It was a message from Song Yimian.

[Thank you, Sister Ping Ping. I will pay attention to safety [clenched fist] [clenched fist]. ]

When they saw this message, they could see Song Yimian’s appearance in his serious and clever reply before them.

Ping Ping coughed, her finger swiping on the screen several times, but she still didn’t delete the message in the end.

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