MAIR – Chapter 170 – C-position debut

Xia Shiyu in the eyes of the audience, has always been smart and strong. Since her reappearance in front of the audience, although she suffered from cyber violence for a long time, she still has a cheerful appearance and approachable image that people liked.

When “Sinking” came out, she tore off the label that the outside world put on her.

She was not only a little fairy who could sing lingering love songs but also an arrogant and independent dancer. She is not a stereotyped “human setting” in the eyes of outsiders, she was a unique Xia Shiyu.

After her rebirth Xia Shiyu has gradually got rid of the shackles she once had and she began to make a variety of attempts.

Singing rock and roll was one of her obsessions when she was still Tang Wanjun.

Tang Wanjun was not a good girl from childhood. It was a pity that in order to maintain the image of “Queen of love songs”, the company didn’t dare to let her take this kind of risk, so she has been suppressing her own interest.

For Tang Wanjun at that time, the boldest attempt she ever made was a chorus with Lu Yang. At that time, such cross-border cooperation was very novel, and the response was not very good. So no one thought that many years later, this cooperation between the two would have become an indelible classic in the music world.

This obsession was brought by Tang Wanjun to the body of Xia Shiyu.

Although she has done a lot of things to break through her shell, she has never had a chance to realize her greatest obsession.

Therefore, when the program team asked them what their personal SL they wanted to perform in the last competition, Xia Shiyu immediately thought of it, and she even thought about the song.

The title of the song was “Not Me”, which was an enduring good song in the rock circle.

Tang Wanjun liked this song very much and every time she was in a bad mood, she will take it out to remind herself not to lose her true self in flowers and applause.

The program team didn’t expect that Xia Shiyu would come up with such subversive works in the last episode. After all, there are very few people who have sung such a classic like “Not Me”. Lu Yang once sang this song at the concert and the position of this song in the rock circle was similar to that of “Summer Bug”.

However, Xia Shiyu was very persistent. Ye Cang knew why she chose this song. After all, the lyrics of this song were a complete portrayal of the former Tang Wanjun.

With Ye Cang’s help, the program team had no choice but to agree.

However, standing under the stage of the Xia Shiyu, many people had their own doubts.

——Can she really sing rock and roll?



Xia Shiyu stood in the center of the stage, slowly closed her eyes, her heart had no distractions. With the strong beat of the drums, she opened her eyes.

Her voice not only abandoned the tenderness of singing love songs, but also many years of singing skills she learned. She had the courage to go forward.

She asked herself, who am I? Who should I be?

Once standing on the busiest stage in Hong Kong, watching everyone scream and obsess about her, she asked herself the same question.

Later, when she was killed by the person closest to her, she looked at her relatives with cold eyes as they shed crocodile tears, while the fans she didn’t really know mourned for her. Then she asked herself.

After her rebirth, she took over the life of Xia Shiyu. When she saw her unfair past that she had experienced, she really empathized with her feelings, and she also asked herself.

But as she went through this stage again and again, she had finally figured it out.

Now she chose to sing this song, which is not only to give an answer to her former self but also to say goodbye to her past self.

What’s more is that it was also a warning to these girls who were about to enter the extravagant entertainment industry.

No one is better suited to sing this song than Tang Wanjun.

Ye Cang, sitting in the mentor seat, once again affirmed this fact in his heart.

Originally, many people thought that the sound of Xia Shiyu was too light and soft, which was not suitable for the hard and rough lines of rock and roll. But after listening to her, they found out they were wrong.

All good songs are powerful, softness is also a form of strength. Xia Shiyu, who has abandoned her learned skill, has sung this song directly into people hearts.

She really understood what song she was singing.

At this time, the network set off a wave of shock.

[I didn’t expect Xia Xia to be so good at rock’n’roll! She is worthy of being Ye Cang junior sister!]

[I’m so touched that for those of us who are busy every day for only these three meals a day, in the workplace and in life, we are completely repressed unlike ourselves. Listening to this song of Xia Xia, is like catharsis.]

[Xi Shiyu!!! Calling you CALL!! By the way, LSS, Xia Xia is Ye Cang’s senior sister! This is what Ye Cang personally admitted on the show!] 

[sobbing sobbing, Xia Xia is really a treasure girl. What else can you do!]

[ah ah, can I ask Cang cub to cooperate with Xia Xia! ]




The Xia Shiyu “Not Me” put a perfect end to this SL show.

The audience’s mood had just eased a little, when the program team released their last big move.

The remaining twenty members were divided into four groups for the final public performance.

As the high point of tonight, it was also the real closing battle of “National Idol”, all the contestants did their best, the audience feasted their eyes, and the ratings of the program rose again and again until the final announcement of the debut results, reaching its peak tonight.

Not only the contestants, but also the fans who support them, have been waiting for this moment for a long time.

The host called out their names one by one and reported their votes. If it hadn’t happened before the Ying Yuan company’s scandal, the difference between this list and everyone’s prediction would not be too great, but now everything was unknown.

The contestants clenched their fists, expecting to hear their names from the host.

Some contestants became silly once they heard their own names, and did not respond for a long time, while others cried when they heard their names. They smeared most of their makeup, choking and sobbing while holding the paper.

The real reaction in this scene made the audience in front of the screen and the venue cry and laugh.

The tenth to sixth contestants have been announced, and none of them was from Ying Yuan Company. Although they knew that these girls may be innocent, they were still very happy for the audience.

It’s just that after the fifth and fourth announcements, the hearts of the audience began to crack again. In terms of strength and popularity, Wang Can and Xia Shiyu were comparable. In this matter, she was the most innocent one, coupled with their previous ‘beautiful friendship’, the audience began to worry again whether she would be squeezed out of the podium.

Wang Can felt very upset at this moment. Although she kept telling herself before, ‘don’t care and just finish your performance’, but, at this time, she still had no way to control herself to not care.

Wang couldn’t even control her trembling body. She clenched her trembling left hand into a fist trying to not make herself look like a fool in front of the camera, but the more she did it, the more her body trembled.

Just then, a hand gently clasped her left hand, and a warm palm was wrapped around her fist.

Wang Can looked up in astonishment and saw that Xia Shiyu did not squint, as if listening carefully to the host announcing the results.

She remembered how she felt when Xia Shiyu held her arm and pointed to the stage before her. It was because of her words that Wang Can got rid of all her thoughts and showed her best performance.

Looking at Xia Shiyu, Wang Can’s body stopped trembling. When Xia Shiyu was about to pull back her hand, it was held back.

The host also spoke out the names of the top three in one breath at this time.

“Congratulations to Xia Shiyu, Yin Shanni and Wang Can.”

Wang Can and Xia Shiyu froze at the same time. Yin Shanni excitedly walked forward a few steps to find that the other two did not follow her, so she had to stop in place and wait for them.

At this time, Xia Shiyu had already reacted, and pulled Wang Can to the center of the stage.

When the hands they held appeared in the spotlight, there was a big scream at the scene.

The host interviewed them as usual, but instead of asking Xia Shiyu and Wang Can, he asked Yin Shanni, “Shanni, how does it feel to be in the top three?”

Yin Shanni, was part western with a careless temper, so she said with a smile: “Of course, I am both happy and excited! But now Um… ” She glanced at the nearby Xia Shiyu and Wang Can and shrugged helplessly, “It’s said that there must be a light bulb when three people travel. Now I feel like I’m a little redundant…”

Audience: “ha ha ha ha ha ha.”

The host was also amused by her, so he pretended to be serious: “In this case, I will quickly announce your ranking and let you get rid of this identity of a light bulb. Congratulations. Your last place is second. Your vote count is 253577162. “

From the number of votes, everyone could see how popular this session of “National Idol” actually was.

Yin Shanni did not expect that she could get second place. Happily, she said her speech and sat on the seat.

There were only the last two people left at the scene, Xia Shiyu and Wang Can. The first and the third in the ranking. After getting the first C position, they had more and better resources than others.

Wang Can once yearned for this position, but now she really put it down.

Holding the microphone, she took a quick look at Xia Shiyu, and said: “A lot of things happened a while ago, which was also the most difficult period in my life, but it is also thanks to this experience that I really understand what friendship and team building really is. Maybe this group can only be active for one year, but in my heart, Xia Xia will always be my team captain.”

As soon as Wang Can’s words fell, someone on the stand shouted, “Captain!”

After all the girl who once worked with Xia Shiyu shouted, then others also shouted: “Captain!”

Even the contestants who did not make it to the podium shouted:”Captain!” “The captain taught us how to fly!”

There was another burst of laughter, and the host pretended to be angry: “I haven’t announced the final result yet! Yet you already called the captain! Can you give this host some dignity….”

The scene was full of joy, which diluted the sadness of the eliminated players, but also showed a trace of tenderness.

Xia Shiyu had a very complicated mood. When she just joined the program, the girl’s intrigue reminded her of those unpleasant experiences in Hong Kong. Her attitude towards these girls was not friendly either. She became captain only to save herself the trouble and get into the practice room as soon as possible. She felt that she just did what she should do, but she didn’t expect to harvest such fragrance in the end.

Some of the backstage workers could not help but wipe their tears. Producer Zhang Li tried hard to control her emotion, she originally thought that the domestic women’s group could hardly compare with this from neon and kimchi country. But when she heard these girls shouting “Captain”, she suddenly had confidence in this women group.

After all, singing and dancing can be practiced, but group soul was rare.

“This will be the best women group in our country!” She said to the director quietly but surely


The host finally stopped stalling and announced: “Congratulations on the debut in position C, Xia Shiyu. Your vote count is 324176289!”

As his voice fell, fireworks around the stage were lit, the colorful ball cracked and colorful ribbons fell.

Tonight’s biggest suspense has finally been revealed, with no surprise, it was really well deserved.

Wang Can and Xia Shiyu walked together to the top seats hand in hand, while other members applauded for them on both sides.

The reporter who had been waiting under the stage quickly took several pictures.

It became the most beautiful note of this night.


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