My Artist is Reborn – Chapter 25 – Three In One

When Ye Cang got off the stage, Shen Huai came up to him and handed him a bottle of water. “Take a sip of water first.” While he was drinking water, Shen Huai hesitated for a moment and said: “In fact, it’s not your fault that you didn’t advance in this competition.”

Ye Cang was stunned and put down the bottle, smiling: “Are you worried about me?”

Shen Huai: “…”

He felt as if there was no need to comfort Ye Cang. How could such a superstar who had passed through many storms and waves take such trivial matters seriously? He even had the leisure to say such nonsense without nutrition.

When Ye Cang saw that he did not speak, he did not cling to him: “Hey, if you are worried about me, does it mean that you are not angry? Then don’t have a straight face. Come on, smile!” 

Shen Huai held up his glasses and pretended not to hear this sentence: “It’s the PK contest right now. You still have 20 minutes to rest. After drinking water, change your clothes. I’ll go to the director to check the process and come to you later.”

Ye Cang smiled and put his arm on Shen Huai shoulder. “I know that you are a man with a big heart. You are obviously worried about me!”

Shen Huai: “…”

Shen Huai took a deep breath. He felt that Ye Cang had become more and more strange recently. He always paid attention to some messy things. It seems that he should strictly control his online time in the future.

After Shen Huai left, Ye Cang went to change clothes with a smile on his face. Li Zihang just stepped out on the side and wondered, “PK makes you so happy?”

Ye Cang: “What do you know?”

Li Zihang was a bit depressed. Since “Summer Bug”, his relationship with Ye Cang has improved a lot. When he was not familiar with him he felt he was cold and aloof, but after their relationship improved  he felt he is really amusing.

He bumped Ye Cang on the elbow and said, “Hey, has your agent told you yet?” 

Ye Cang caught the keyword “agent” and turned his head, “What did you say?”

“The Million New Singers event. Didn’t you get elected? What does it feel like?” 

Shen Huai mentioned that they would meet with the organizers after the competition, but this matter is still in the negotiation stage. How did Li Zihang know?

Faced with Ye Cang’s question, Li Zihang coughed lightly, somewhat embarrassed and somewhat depressed: “Because the sponsor of this event is my family company.”

Speaking of this, he was depressed. Shouldn’t it be clear that Grandpa would want to hold his own children? As a result, Grandpa disliked that he was not good enough, and then turned around and gave this opportunity to Ye Cang.

Li Zihang now increasingly doubted whether or not Ye Cang was the old man’s illegitimate son from outside.

Ye Cang in a very flat attitude: “Do you need me to say thank you?”

Li Zihang: “…”

In fact, before, Li Zihang also had some worries about his family background. From childhood to adulthood, there were two kinds of people around him. One was similar to his family background, and there was no common language for everyone to pursue differences. The other was that their family was too far away. Knowing his identity, they either had estrangement, never came back or flattered, hoping to take some advantage from him. 

Li Zihang appreciates Ye Cang’s idea of music and cherishes this friendship.

He was worried that Ye Cang would become different after knowing his identity, but now he was a little depressed to see that Ye Cang had no reaction at all. After all, it made him seem worthless. 

However, the depression soon turned to elation. Ye Cang’s attitude made Li Zihang get along with him naturally, and he was soon used to it.

Li Zihang put his hand on Ye Cang’s shoulder and looked good: “I already have an idea for a new album. I’m going to start preparing after the game. How about you?” 

Ye Cang frowned and pulled his hand down from his shoulder. “Just speak as you speak,” he said. “What are you doing holding and pulling?” 

“No…” Li Zihang was stunned. “Don’t you always hold your agent like that…”

Before he had finished his words, he read the disdain from Ye Cang’s eyes.

“Can it be the same?” Ye Cang drove him away mercilessly, “Go out, I’m going to change my clothes!”

Li Zihang was even more depressed: “What’s there to hide in your white chicken body? Besides, we are all men, what can’t be seen…”

Ye Cang just lifted up his clothes and looked at his thin body. His mood suddenly turned bad. You know a fart, I was a man with an eight pack before… 

Ye Cang changed his clothes very quickly. When he came out, he saw Li Zihang.

He frowned, “Why are you still here?”

Li Zihang choked: “Brother, I also have to change clothes, okay?!”

As he spoke, he took off his coat. Inside it was a close-fitting vest, which clearly outlined the lines of his muscles.

Li Zihang said proudly: “See, this is the body of a man!”

“Childish!” Ye Cang snorted softly, then raised his hand to compare their height, and left with a sneer.

Li Zihang: “…”

Call me childish, isn’t it more childish than height! 

Ye Cang was too lazy to pay attention to his slender belly. He thought, why is my agent’s figure so good? He touched his arm without meat and sadly decided to go back to the gym.

Very coincidental there was another PK player who picked the same song as Ye Cang’s.

This is a very famous Lu Yang rock song called Pilgrimage. It’s almost as famous as Summer Bug. But compared with Summer Bug, Pilgrimage often appears on the cover songs of many contestants. So it’s not a big coincidence that the two of them picked the same song this time.

Two people went to the stage to draw lots, and Ye Cang drew the first one directly.

As soon as he opened his mouth, there was already applause at the scene, and even his opponent could not help clapping. 

After these two matches, people have forgotten the way Ye Cang sang “No Old Song” and “Summer Bug” before, and that even his teammates would be suppressed, let alone opponents, when he appeared on the stage at the same time. 

In addition, they sang the same song, and Ye Cang won without suspense.

By the time he got off the stage, his opponent gracefully shook hands with Ye Cang: “I have loved this song for many years, from all song I have heard, you sang most in line with the feeling of the original song.”

Ye Cang cried and laughed a little, and did not know if it was praise, after all, he is the original singer himself.

But after the way these two songs came down, it was enough to make people see his strength, he was not lucky enough to pick the right song but had the singing strength. There was also a matter of adaptations, many people thought that he relied on Yan Xiangming and Fang Zhiqing strength, but after seeing the adaptation of Meow, Meow, Meow, no one could say that again.

After the game, all kinds of information about competition became popular again.

[Shit! The original Meow, Meow, Meow can still be changed like this?! ]

[It’s not an adaptation, it’s almost original!]

[Let me popularize science for the difficulty of this operation] The comment came with annexed paper.

[So hard?! There are not many people in the music world who can do this these days.]

[In order not to sing such an ugly song, my cub’s also fighting very hard!]

[Ouch, I look forward to Cang Cang’s original]

[Looking forward to original +1]

And mocking Jiang Junyan too.

[It’s really a new LOW to do this kind of things for motivation for promotion]

[Last time I thought he was sincere but it was just jealousy]

[What if you win it this way? After all, Ye Cang PK song will still kill him in seconds]

[The judges rubbed his face and laughed a lot]

The next day, after the television broadcast, people were even more excited, especially for Ye Cang’s part. Although Cherry, for the sake of the male god’s face chose the angle that had blocked his messy room, but didn’t expect that the netizens could be compared to Sherlock Holmes, depending on a few passing shots, pieced together the appearance of Ye Cang’s room.

Netizens sent out the feeling that “the artist is really sloppy.”

As his landlord and agent, Shen Huai also had no choice but to accept an interview with Cherry and responded coldly: “No, he’s just lazy.”

Ye Cang touched his nose and said, “My agent is right.”

The Little Rock prince, who has always been in an abysmal mood, had seldom shown such a clever and obedient appearance. It can be seen that everything is reduced to one thing. Although Shen Huai has only appeared briefly, his appearance and temperament have attracted a lot of attention from facial fans.

After the previous shooting incident, some fans have already noticed him, but Shen Huai has always been low-key, the outside world does not have much of his video data, the food is very poor, so these fans can only rely on a few photos to lick, now with this section out, it was simply surprising.

[Whoo, how hot and handsome my husband is! ]

[Goodness, if you look like this, please make a straight debut. What kind of agent is this?]

[Did you just see the muscles on his arms? I bet he has a good figure behind that suit ]

[I just went to check my husband’s resume. It’s amazing, okay? He brought three artists, Xu Anqi, Bai Jiajia, and Ye Cang, good taste]

[Shit! This is also awesome, Xu Anqi is a popular flower, Bai Jiajia is also very popular, and Ye Cang… It’s a 100% success rate]

[I just wanted to be a quiet powder, but now I’ve decided to go into my husband’s career… ]

Shen Huai didn’t know it, but he had already his first group of fans.

At the moment, he is meeting with Ye Cang and the organizer of “Million New Singers.” It was said that the other party attached great importance to this event. The visitor is the sponsor of the event and also the regular vice president of the Music Association, Fang Zhilan.

Dean Fang had already appreciated Ye Cang since he heard Mulholland Avenue, so he took time out of his busy schedule to meet him.

Fang Zhilan is about forty years old, gentle, elegant and very kind.

After greeting, everyone began to chat. Dean Fang knew that his words were all about the appreciation of Ye Cang. if it was someone else, after getting such a big man’s praise, he was afraid they would be too excited to turn around, but Ye Cang’s reaction is very dull. 

In his eyes, Fang Zhilan is just a younger generation, nothing to be happy about.

But in the eyes of others, they feel that is was neither humiliating, spoiled, or overbearing.

Fang Zhilan admired him very much, but now he is even more satisfied. He said, “I didn’t think that Mulholland Avenue was your idea, but after watching your game, I was really impressed by your talent. At your age, with such performance, you are far better than your peers.”

Ye Cang smiled and said nothing.

Sure enough, Fang Zhilan quickly said, “In recent years, the music industry has been dead, and there have been no surprising original songs for a long time. Music companies pursue interests, the market pursues hot search, and the excellent music of the minority has no guarantee of popularity at all…”

“I don’t deny what you said. But I don’t think that’s the main reason. In the final analysis, there is still not enough excellent original music to move people’s hearts. It doesn’t need to be protected so carefully. It will barbarously rush directly into the human heart.” 

Fang Zhilan was stunned and sighed for a long time: “You’re right.”

Even if it is advanced enough and ahead of time, “Mulholland Avenue” is now popular all over the network, didn’t many people like it?

Fang Zhilan quickly tidied up his mood. Instead of being angry at Ye Cang’s refutation, he appreciated him more and more: “You are more sober than I thought. I believe your music will not disappoint me.”

When it comes to music, Ye Cang does not have the slightest modesty: “Of course.” 

Only then Fang Zhilan burst out laughing. “Yes, young people need to have such fearlessness and courage. When I was young, I was just like you, but now I am not.”

“I won’t.” Ye Cang seriously replied, “Even after I die, I will still be the same.”

Fang Zhilan: “Ha-ha, young people really know how to joke.”

Shen Huai on the other side pressed his forehead helplessly. As the only person who knew the truth, he always felt an untimely embarrassment.

After these off-topic remarks, Fang Zhilan talked about the project of “Million New Singers.” As the name implies, this is an activity for the newcomers who made albums and debuted that year. The amount of activity is very high, and there is no requirement for singers. All they have to do is to release an album within a year of receiving the money. What’s more, it doesn’t require the album to achieve any results, and all the profits from this album belongs to the singer. It’s like a pie falling from the sky for the new singer.

Shen Huai has long been awarded the contract for this project, and after studying it, no pitfalls have been found.

When Fang Zhilan finished his introduction, he asked Ye Cang, “Do you have any comments on this plan?”

Ye Cang nodded: “Yes.”

Fang Zhilan’s assistant couldn’t stand it any longer. This plan is just a plain donation of money. There is no requirement for the artist, but he still has opinions?!

Fang Zhilan stopped his assistant and asked Ye Cang kindly, “Can you tell me?”

“I hope all the money will be spent on the production of the album. In addition, if there is any money left in the end, I hope to donate it to the development of original music,” Ye Cang said.

Fang Zhilan looked at him in surprise. From Ye Cang’s previous performance, he felt that he was a confident and arrogant person, and his attitude toward music was strict enough. This kind of genius does not eat other human creativity, they have no sympathy for the mediocre, so his first request was expected by Fang, but the latter surprised him a little.

Ye Cang did not know what to think of it, but revealed a trace of bitterness: “A good song does not need too much protection, but its author does.”

Fang Zhilan froze, and for a long time showed an awe-inspiring expression: “You really surprise me more and more.” 

They talked for a while. Although they had different views on music, they were able to respect and understand each other, so they were happy to talk to each other, and in just an hour they became friends. 

After Ye Cang left, Fang Zhilan muttered, “So awesome!!”

Just then, the partition of the room was opened, and Li Luan came out with the help of Li Zihang.

Fang Zhilan saw him and showed a slight smile: “Mr. Li, you still have a good eye!”

Li Luan had a glorious smile on his face: “Of course, my vision has always been very accurate. When I first heard Lu Yang’s song, I felt that he would shake the music world of China. Now I heard the song of this child, and I feel the same way.”

Fang Zhilan almost choked on water. Although he also appreciated Ye Cang, he was far from praising it so much. He wiped his mouth and said helplessly: “You are exaggerating. What is the identity of Lu Yang? Although this child has some abilities, it is not necessary to praise people so highly.”

Li Luan hummed and said nothing, which meant “Wait and see.”

Fang Zhilan felt some helplessness. He knows that the old people were stubborn and the other party is their big financier. He should still hold the point. So he changed the topic: “This young master Li, it’s a really talented person. I heard he is good at singing.”

Before Li Zihang opened his mouth, Li Luan waved his hand at will: “He can’t do it. He still has a long way to go.”

Fang Zhilan: “…”

Li Zihang: “…”

Li Zihang was very angry. Ye Cang was comparable to Lu Yang. And he has a long way to go. He didn’t give his grandson a place to live!

On the way back, Ye Cang was rarely silent.

Shen Huai guessed that he might have thought of something with Fang Zhilan today, so he did not disturb him, but drove quietly.

After a long time, Ye Cang began to say, “When I stayed in my former residence as a soul, I once saw a singer.”

Shen Huai was stunned. He thought Ye Cang was talking about his own business, but he answered and listened.

“He was about thirty years old, with a beard, and he looked very depressed. At that time, my former house was not open, so he leaned against the outer wall and talked to himself. He said he was my fan and because of my songs he fell in love with music, but when he really went down this road, he found that it was not so easy to go. He said he had no talent and wrote a lot of songs, all of which were rejected by the record company.” 

“He said he had no parents, no wife or children, and all he had was the guitar in his hand. If he didn’t go this way, he didn’t know what he should do. Can you imagine him taking out his guitar? A man with such a sloppy appearance, but his guitar was very clean, although it can be seen that the guitar has been used for a long time, it is well protected by him.” 

“He took the guitar and sang the songs he wrote from sunrise to sunset. He said he wanted his songs to be heard by many people, but I’m afraid there was no chance. Finally, he put the guitar away and climbed to a nearby tall building and jumped down from it.”

“I remember that he was called Li Jun, and that day should be his thirty-first birthday.”

At this point, Ye Cang stopped, and after a while began to speak again. His voice was a little low: “I wanted to persuade him. I have been rejected many times by the record company, and I have been desperate enough to give up. I also wanted to tell him that his song is not bad. He just hasn’t met his Bole yet. Unfortunately, I couldn’t say anything. At that moment, I suddenly felt a little uncomfortable, even… A little regret.”

Shen Huai looked at him sideways. Ye Cang’s face was smiling, but it was full of deep sadness.

Shen Huai whispered, “Don’t blame yourself. It has nothing to do with you.”

“I know.” Ye Cang breathed a sigh. “I just wanted to express my point of view. I used to think that good songs would shine no matter what, but then I thought there might be a lot of people like Li Jun in the world who didn’t have the chance to shine.” 

Shen Huai did not speak, but he could understand Ye Cang’s mood. At such times, he did not need comfort, he just had to walk out of it slowly. 

The two men went home in silence. 

Ye Cang seemed to have calmed down and restored his old look. He put the arm on Shen Huai’s shoulder and said, “I decided to sing Li Juan’s song in the semifinals.”

Shen Huai originally wanted to pull his hands down, but thought of his silence along the way, he endured it again. He told himself to think of it as sympathy for Ye Cang. 

Ye Cang saw that he had no objection, so he intensified, and pulled the whole person to lay against him: “Why don’t I sing it to you first?” 

His burning breath hit Shen Huai’s sensitive ear, and Shen Huai closed his eyes and said, “You let me go first.”

Ye Cang turned a deaf ear to it: “This song is called Dying Traveler. I think…”

This said, he didn’t know what he kicked, but the whole man stumbled forward, yet because he was lying on Shen Huai, his lips directly brushed Shen Huai’s ears.

Ye Cang lost his mind for a moment, but might as well give Shen Huai no time to cause a great reaction. He immediately lifted him. Ye Cang only felt a whirl of heaven and earth. When he returned to his mind, he found his whole body lying on the ground.

Shen Huai clasped his arm and knee on his chest and abdomen. He looked cold, but if you looked closely, you would find a trace of embarrassment on his face.

He loosened his hand and said stiffly, “Sorry, I’ll go back to my room first.”

Ye Cang kneaded his arm and sat up slowly. His lips still seemed to feel a slight cool and soft touch, and his heart had not calmed down until now. 

Although it was not intentional, but he did not expect Shen Huai’s reaction to be so big, he raised his injured hand and touched his lips, instantly grinding his teeth with pain.

Finally, he sighed helplessly: “It seems that I not only need to keep fit, but also need to learn some kung fu.”

When Shen Huai returned to his room, his eyebrows showed exasperation.

He also did not know why his reaction at that moment was so great, especially after knowing that Ye Cang was just careless, he felt more and more that his reaction was a little excessive.

He rubbed his eyebrows. From high school, he knew that he liked men. At that time, he was studying abroad, and the atmosphere there was open. He had dated two boyfriends. Unfortunately, he was not used to close contact with people. So it wasn’t long before the relationship broke apart. 

He was cold-hearted and very hearty. After these two unsuccessful relationships, he had no idea of developing a new one for the time being.

Later he returned to this country which was more conservative in this aspect, coupled with his busy work, he was even more unwilling to consider these matters. 

And now…

Shen Huai sat at the table and slowly calmed down his mood. Before he let Ye Cang live with him, because his original house is no longer suitable to live, and on the other hand, because he has just been reborn, Shen Huai was worried that he will not be used to a lot of things, and his daily life will be affected. 

But now it seems that Ye Cang has adapted well. After the game is over, he will let him move out.

Also, an assistant or something should also be found.

Shen Huai put these two points in his memo, forcing himself to forget what had happened before and focus entirely on his work. 

Ye Cang has accumulated a lot of popularity after these games. Before that, some brands had sent out cooperation intentions, but Shen Huai has never agreed. He knows Ye Cang’s real identity and his achievements are far beyond what can be seen. If he took everything in the first place, it would be only to lower his price in vain.

Shen Huai was patient and waited for a few more appropriate advertising invitation. 

One is a beverage, the other is a second-tier clothes brand. The former is an old brand and has been selling well in China, while the latter is a new brand. Although the latter is a leisure style, it has a strong sense of design, which is suitable for Ye Cang’s current situation.

Shen Huai chatted with the other side and decided on the time to shoot the advertisement, which was arranged after the finals.

After that, “Million New Singers” posted on Weibo. Shen Huai forwarded this microblog on Ye Cang’s official account, expressing his expectation in a very formulaic way.

However, this Weibo blew up in various gossip forums.

Someone in the entertainment forum just made a post, which soon became HOT.

—— Isn’t Ye Cang a superstar?

“Not Old Song” reverses the public impression, “Summer Bug” is amazing in all directions, “Mulholland Avenue” initiates a new type of music, triggers discussion among the elders, and was protected by Dean Fang, “Meow, Meow, Meow” had a subversive adaptation, “Pilgrimage” is directly super-divine. Now he will take part in “Million New Singers”, which was admitted directly by the Music Association. The future Star Road is simply a smooth road!

1L: I wanted to laugh at it, but when I looked at my song list I could no longer laugh.

2L: Whether LS is pink or black, take Cang Cang away. 

3L: I didn’t feel it before, but when I was summed up by LZ, I suddenly felt a little interested

16L: Do you think Ye Cang’s singing is a little like Lu Yang’s?

17L: LS overstepping the stage and touching the porcelain horn

18L: Lu Yang was a real superstar. At that time, the music circle was full of talent, but he relied on minority rock music to start a siege on the music world. Enduring for so many years to make music of rock and roll flourish for so many years. The real national singer, even my father, who only watches news and politics, can sing his songs.

… Netizens directly skewed the conversation into Lu Yang’s worship meeting.

74L: Pull the building back, not to mention that the str are not superstars. Ye Cang has strength among the new generation’s singers.

96L: In terms of singing skills, I think it’s OK. After watching the adaptation of these issues, he should still have the ability to create an original song. This would easily beat a lot of new singers today. 

132L: Hey, wasn’t Bai Jiajia the talk of last year? Isn’t he a singer that has swept all the major charts last year?

135L: This post is about Ye Cang, OK? Don’t show up with unrelated people, okay?

138L: And the operation of the cat food producer is almost blind. I heard that Ye Cang did not respect his predecessors before. As a result, someone took out the so-called quarrel video, which was caused by him, and the two were still from the same company. That’s too narrow-minded, isn’t it? 

155L: Bai Jiajia explained that there was something wrong with the video. It was smashed in the end. It was originally Ye Cang’s agent who had a problem. 

156L: LS The gesture of washing the floor was really funny. If nothing else, the vicious words of cat food, where you can see the black heart of the upright prince from his mouth.

161L: Neither cat food single from last year can be compared with these songs of Ye Cang’s competition this year. I know some people have to say that the first few songs were written by Lu Yang. Although Fang Ziqing explained that the original idea for Mulholland Avenue was Ye Cang’s, and he only helped to arrange music, but some people still can’t open their eyes and looked at it. No, we have “Meow, Meow, Meow.” Can cat food be changed? 

162L: Don’t mention cat food. Before that, there were a few big helpers. Can’t they show that they can’t do it directly on Weibo?

195L: The wind is not right. Didn’t you laugh at it a few days ago? Why did you come in today and boast that the water army exceeded the standard? 

198L: A few days ago, the front page of the water army exceeded the standard. Don’t take all of us all as fools. Besides, what we mock is the morality that does not match up. Is Ye Cang really capable and worthy of praise? If you have eyes, you will see well.

200L: I admit that I used to watch the live broadcast with the mood of watching jokes. After watching the game, I was convinced. Some people have the ability to live in HOLD.

This post on the entertainment forum soon spread to various social platforms, without water army smear, most of the netizens are appreciative of Ye Cang’s attitude.

When Bai Jiajia saw this post, he almost broke his cell phone again. But when he thought that most of his money had been taken to buy the water army, he forcefully stopped.

Cassie also regretted it at first, what was it called? Stealing rice only to lose chickens. Originally, no one cared about it for days. Now that they intervened, not only they were unable to drag Ye Cang into the water, but they were stuck in the mud.

The music circle is no better than the Acting circle. After all, acting is either good or bad, and the range of manipulation is much wider. The five-point acting can also be blown into nine points. In the public’s ears, a good song is a good song, no matter how black they are, a good song is a good song and the reaction of the public is clear. 

Just like this time, even if they spoiled the popularity of Ye Cang’s passers-by fans by the water army, he still drew back the audience’s favor directly by his amazing performance.

Cassie thought it over and said to Bai Jiajia, “Okay, that’s the end of the story…”

“Why!” Bai Jiajia was angry. “Then my money was wasted in vain?!”

Cassie frowned: “It’s no longer make any sense to worry about Ye Cang now. Unless he kills himself, we will find more water armies. As long as he can produce a song adapted to the level of Meow, Meow, Meow, the audience will still be on his side.”

“It’s better to put the money on the publicity of your new album than to spend it on the water army. Don’t forget, this is the foundation of your life. Our goal is to win the Golden Melody Award at the end of this year. This year is the singer’s year. The big guys haven’t released new albums. The other singers who have released new albums can’t compare with your popularity. If it works well, you can win the Golden Melody Award this year.

“You won the Best Newcomer Award in the first year, won the Golden Melody Award directly in the second year, with these two achievements, you can directly become one of the Heavenly Kings.”

Bai Jiajia listened to Cassie’s plan for his future with bright eyes, and he could no longer care about settling the account with Ye Cang. But he hesitated thinking about something.

“Then… Isn’t Ye Cang just participate in the Million New Singers? What if he releases records this year?” 

Cassie frowned: “It’s July now. When he will finish the finals, even if he starts production right away, it will take at least one month, plus with the follow-up publicity, won’t it already be September? After September, the record market is notoriously bleak, and the Golden Melody Award is in mid-November. Generally, singers will not choose to release at that time. Even if he does, sales will not be as good as ours. At best, it’s just a fight for the best newcomer.” 

“But Isn’t Ye Cang an acquaintance with Fang Ziqing? If Fang Ziqing helps him write songs…”

“Impossible.” Cassie denied directly, “I just heard that Ye Hazel intends to return to China. She found Fang Zhiqing to be the producer of her record. As you know, Ye Hazel has a habit if you take up her job you need to be wholeheartedly on her side. If Fang Ziqing does not want to offend her, he can not distract himself with writing songs for Ye Cang.”

“Besides, it is said that Shen Huai and Yan Xiangming knew each other before and asked him for a favor. Fang Zhiqing happened to be free, so he came to have a look at it. Yan Xiangming has a notoriously good temper in the circle. He will promise to help any cat or dog. Shen Huai is not a big deal either.”

Hearing what Cassie said, Bai Jiajia was completely relieved.

At the moment, Fang Ziqing and Yan Xiangming, who was supposed to be busy with Ye Hazel’s album, were sitting in Shen Huai’s cottage drinking coffee. 

Fang Ziqing looked depressed. “You really don’t need me to write you songs?”

Ye Cang mercilessly refused him: “No need.” 

Fang Ziqing: “Who are you looking for to help you write songs for your new album? You didn’t write it yourself, did you?”

Ye Cang: “Yes!”

Fang Ziqing: “…” In the past, he might have ridiculed Ye Cang, writing songs is not that simple, but since watching his adaptation, he knows that the kid is really capable. 

Fang Ziqing was angry and jealous: “Damn, I almost refused to make Ye Hazel a new album for you!”

Ye Cang: “What does that have to do with me?”

Fang Ziqing: “…”

Fang Ziqing has appreciated Ye Cang since the adaptation of “Mulholland Avenue.” In his opinion, with Ye Cang’s strength, there is no problem with winning the championship.

His vision has long been focused not on this little competition, but rather on Ye Cang’s album. Enlightened by Ye Cang, he had a lot of inspiration and had written two songs. He wanted to talk about the production of the new album when the competition was over. As for the album production cost, looking at the other’s talent, he can charge a little less. 

But he didn’t expect Ye Hazel to return home suddenly and find him to make her album again. Although the diva was demanding, the price was always fair enough. Fang Ziqing hesitated for a time, until he saw the Weibo of “Million New Singers”, He immediately encouraged Yan Xiangming to come and find someone. 

Unexpectedly, he was very naturally rejected!

Fang Ziqing wanted to shake Ye Cang’s collar and shout, “Do you know who you refused?”

He, a golden level songwriter was always begged by others. Even the Heavenly Queen and Kings had great respect for him. For the first time, he asks for cooperation on his own initiative but was refused.

Fang Ziqing was not feeling good.

Ye Cang drank his coffee calmly and praised his agent by the way: “This coffee is so good!”

Shen Huai’s face was expressionless: “Today, the coffee machine at home is broken. I used instant coffee.”

Ye Cang: “…”

Fang Ziqing saw that he was depressed and immediately burst out laughing unkindly.

Ye Cang dared not say anything to Shen Huai. He could only vent his anger on Fang Ziqing: “What are you laughing at? Our coffee machine has always been good, it’s because you came over here that it broke down.”

“I’ll go, Ye Cang. Don’t go too far!”

“You’ve been rejected anyway. it doesn’t matter if I go too far.” 

“Shit! Don’t pull me, Xiangming. I’m going to chop this stinky boy to death today!!!”

Shen Huai helplessly pressed his forehead and looked at Ye Cang: “You were given enough, stop.” 

With Shen Huai’s speech, Ye Cang finally stopped stimulating Fang Ziqing.

He turned his eyes to Yan Xiangming: “Although I don’t need anybody to write for me, I appreciate your ability in composing and producing. If possible, I would like to invite you to join me in the production of the new album.”

Yan Xiangming touched the back of his head and smiled frankly, “OK.”

“Old Yan!”

Fang Ziqing was freaking out. Ye Cang, this son of a bitch, must have deliberately refused him to turn around and inviting his friends. Isn’t it clear that he wants to prick his heart?!

“Ye Cang! I’m going to fight you!”

Yan Xiangming looked at Fang Ziqing somewhat helplessly: “Stop being jealous, don’t make trouble.”

Ye Cang looked at the angry Fang Ziqing, but suddenly laughed, “You want to make a bet with me?”

Fang Zhiqing remained angry: “What are you betting on?”

Ye Cang: “I heard that your best achievement is double platinum. How about betting that my album can surpass you?”

Shen Huai felt some helplessness: “Ye Cang, don’t joke.”

Fang Ziqing was stunned and laughed. “I admit you have some talent, but you don’t know how hard it is to get this result in the past ten years. Not to mention that the record market is shrinking now, it is even more difficult.” 

“Oh.” Ye Cang didn’t care. “Do you bet?”

Fang Ziqing was stimulated by him: “Gamble! If you’re not afraid, how dare I be?”

Fang Ziqing did not give him any chance to back off: “When men talk, it’s as hard as a nail. Xingming, you and Agent Shen both testify of the words I left here today. If we lose, I’ll f*cking go out and run naked in December!” 

Ye Cang smiled: “Then you’d better start exercising now so that you won’t catch a cold.”

Fang Ziqing: “Stinky boy! Don’t be complacent, I will tell you, you can’t win against me unless Lu Yang comes back to life!!!” 

Shen Huai: “…”

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