MAIR – Chapter 171 – Kidney Failure

“National Idol” ended perfectly, and all the contestants and staff went to the post-competition victory banquet. However, the original heroine didn’t leave without hesitation, and Ye Cang also delayed his stay.

When everyone was almost gone, Shen Huai and others entered the dressing room.


Chu Mei Bo came over and hugged Xia Shiyu.

Xia Shiyu also hugged back: “Thank you!”

Behind Chu Mei Bo was Guo Wenyuan. Mr. Guo’s eyes were still full of tears. He just passed the flowers in his hands to Xia Shiyu, and then silently stepped aside to wipe his tears.

Xia Shiyu couldn’t cry or laugh and just wanted to comfort him when Pei Ran had taken a step forward.

Xia Shiyu was slightly stunned, then realized that this person was Pei Ran.

She had learned from Shen Huai that Pei Ran had come back to life, but she failed to match Pei Ran face with that of the teenager in front of her.

Pei Ran smiled and then patted her on the head: “Thank you for your hard work, you did a great job!”

This sentence almost made Xia Shiyu burst into tears.

Appearance, age and identity were all no match to this deep-rooted familiarity brought by this simple action.

All the estrangement and strangeness were eliminated at this moment, and Xia Shiyu seemed to return to her original state of soul with Pei Ran. At that time, Pei Ran always liked to pat her on the head. At that time, she always thought he had gone too far, but now she realized how much she missed this moment.

Perhaps there is no one who could understand the things she has experienced and the roads she has traveled than Pei ran.

She almost bumped into Pei Ran while hugging him. Pei Ran’s body retreated a step as he hugged her with a helpless smile.

Guo Wenyuan finally calmed down his mood and looked back to see this scene.

Mr. Guo: …I want to cry again.

Ye Cang stood in place and waited for a long time, then finally he couldn’t help saying: “Hello! There is a big living man here! Can’t you see it? “

Chu Mei Bo didn’t seem to hear him, just raised her hand and looked at her watch. “We have to hurry up. We still have to go for the victory celebration for Xia Shiyu.”

Mr. Guo: “That is right! Wait a minute. I’m going to get the cake and the champagne. “

Pei Ran: “All right, stop crying, let’s cut the cake.”

Xia Shiyu wiped her tears: “Okay.”

Ye Cang, who was ignored: “….Hello. “

However, a few people have already walked out the door talking and laughing. Ye Cang looked at their back gloomily. Although he was not a contestant this time, he was also very diligent and hard-working as a tutor.

What kind of friends are these?!

A sudden hug swallowed all his unspoken words.

Shen Huai leaned against his ear and whispered, “Thank you for your hard work. Waiting for you to go home.”

All the depression in Ye Cang’s heart was dispelled by his words and he hugged him tightly: “Mm-hmm.”

The light in the dressing room fell on the two people turning into a warm feeling.

Ye Cang was about to say a few tender words, when the door was pushed open again.The four big shots noisily pushed in the cart with cake and champagne.

Ye Cang was forced to release Shen Huai and looked at them with condemnation: “Hello! You all did it on purpose! “

Guo Wenyuan laughed: “nN way, all our targets are our class enemies.”

Ye Cang: “…”

Chu Mei Bo also came out to play round: “All right, let’s hurry to celebrate for Xia Xia. Her next work schedule should be very busy. It is estimated that there will be no time for parties in the next period of time.”

It was true, after the celebration Xia Shiyu will fly to another city with other members to attend the announcement, and her schedule for next period was full of travel.

As a matter of fact, everyone else took their time to come here.

Recently, Pei Ran and Shen Huai have also been busy preparing for the new movie. Guo Wenyuan, Pei Ran and Shen Huai have been busy preparing for the new play recently. Guo Wenyuan “East Side City Fog” was about to start shooting, and he was about to join the crew soon. As for Chu Mei Bo, sister Mei has no work, but she didn’t go back to take the final exam before, so she has to go back for the make-up exam.

In this way, Ye Cang was the most idle one.

As a result, Ye Cang became the target of attack.

Everyone laughed noisily to celebrate for Xia Shiyu, and walked together to send her out.

Unexpectedly, as soon as they went outside, Guo Wenyuan could not help but hit a spirit.

Shen Huai noticed and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Guo Wenyuan touched his head inexplicably: “I don’t know, I suddenly felt a little cold, maybe when I went outside, the temperature difference was a little too big.”

Ye Cang seized this opportunity to attack back: “Don’t fool yourself, it may be just your bad kidney.”

The two words “bad kidney” hurt Guo Wenyuan nerves instantly. He forgot the strange moment from before, and confronted Ye Cang.



At the same time, in Fu Cheng villa, a Taoist was calculating something with his fingers. Fu Cheng waited anxiously. Seeing that the other party had stopped, he hurriedly asked: “How is it?”

The Taoist frowned: “Something is wrong.”

Fu Cheng asked, “Do you mean there is a real problem with Guo Wenyuan?”

The Taoist picked up the previous picture of Guo Wenyuan on the table and said: “You can see that his forehead is a little flat, and his energy is black, his eyebrows are scattered and his hair is growing against him. Such a person will die suddenly.”

As he said this, he picked up another picture and put it in front of Fu Cheng: “Do you see the difference?”

Fu Cheng looked confused. In his eyes, there was no difference between these two photos. Guo Wenyuan seemed to be equally disgusting. But in the past, he was disgusted simply because of their different positions and the character of this person. Now, his reasons for disgust were much more complicated.

The Taoist sighed and pointed out: “His forehead now looks much fuller, his energy is even a little red, even his eyebrows are neat, and originally the corners of his mouth were down. This kind of person is not easy to get along with, but now he is always smiling, and as the saying goes, smiling makes good fortune come naturally. His face has changed dramatically. I won’t believe that nothing happened.”

Fu Cheng was even more confused and asked cautiously, “I always thought it was because of make-up?”

The Taoist shook his head: “It’s hard to say anything else, but no matter how powerful the make-up artist is, he can’t turn the dead energy into blessing. It is a pity that you couldn’t get another person’s birth time, so I could calculate it more accurately. “

Fu Cheng also had some regrets. He knew Guo Wenyuan’s birthday, but his specific time of birth was not clear and it was difficult to ask. The relationship between Sheng second and Shen Qi make it even more difficult to ask.

However, Fu Cheng was very excited that this Taoist was able to see so much from just these two photos. He was introduced by his single-minded friend to him, and knew that this Taoist was very capable.

Guo Wenyuan suddenly changed, he not only stopped flirting but also seriously began acting and investing. He even kicked him out of the “Red Actress” crew. Fu Cheng hated him so much that his teeth tickled, but there was nothing he could do about it.

In his heart he thought that Guo Wenyuan’s problem was not small.

Fu Cheng was immediately moved: “What do you think happened to him?”

After thinking about it carefully, the Taoist said: “According to what you said, his character has changed greatly, and his face has also changed so much, I think the most likely thing is that he was taken away.”

Fu Cheng: “Taken away?”

Taoist wholeheartedly explained: “Taking away happens when ghosts occupy the human body, especially when some people are born with Yin and Yang eyes, which make them the best container for ghosts. However, in this case, only the most fierce ghost can seize the body, and will become contaminated with the cause and grudges of the original owner, which are not so easy to eliminate. How can his face become better?”

He couldn’t figure it out, but Fu Cheng didn’t care: “If he was taken away, do you have a way to deal with him?”

Nodding his head, Taoist said proudly: “Mr. Fu can rest assured that as long as it is not a fierce ghost. I will not let him escape. However, in this way, the soul of the original body owner will be eroded. I’m afraid that he will suffer from pain later and can even spend the rest of his life in the hospital bed.”

On hearing this, Fu Cheng became even more excited and hurriedly asked: “But if there is no birth date, how can you confirm his problem?”

The Taoist said wholeheartedly, “If I could see him in person, or his palm, maybe I would know what happened,”

Fu Cheng’s brow were slightly wrinkled. In the past, he may have some way. But in the past half a year, Guo Wenyuan seldom went out to play, either at crew or at home. Fu Cheng had also heard that as soon as “Red Actress” finished, he had already started the new movie, which was very confidential and there was no news about it at all.

However, Fu Cheng turned around and said, “I’m afraid there’s nothing I can do about it these days, but when “Red Actress” enters the publicity period, he should come out to promote it. If this doesn’t work, he will come to the premiere, he will definitely appear as one of the leading actors.”

Fu Cheng didn’t say more. If Guo Wenyuan really has any problem in public, it can be said to be killing two birds with one stone if he can spoil the premiere of “Red Actress” by the way.

But the Taoist priest didn’t understand these words: “When is it going to be?”

Fu Cheng said hurriedly: “It won’t take more than half a year at the most. You’ll be staying at my house during this period of time. If you need anything, just call my assistant.”

However, the single-minded Taoist shook his head: “Too long.”

Fu Chengsheng was afraid that he would leave and said: “If you don’t want to wait for so long, you can go to Dongjiang with me. I heard that his new film will be shot in Dongjiang.”

When the Taoist heard the word “Dongjiang”, he paused slightly, then coughed and changed his way: “That will not be necessary. Among my generation, it’s my duty to kill and eliminate demons. It doesn’t hurt to wait a little longer.”

Although Fu Cheng didn’t know why he changed his mind, the result was obviously better for him, so he immediately and enthusiastically arranged his stay in the guest room.

When he had settled down, he walked out of the villa with his cell phone and called Sheng Zhen.

He waited for a long time, before Sheng Zhen answered the phone, impatiently saying, “You said there was a way to deal with Guo Wenyuan. It has been so long. Have you come up with anything?”

Fu Cheng hurriedly told Sheng Zhen what he got.

Sheng Zhen was skeptical: “Really? Is that really so mysterious? “

Fu Cheng quickly said something to Sheng Zhen, who then said impatiently: “All right, I’ll trust you this time. But if you screw up this time, you won’t get Guanrui’s resources so easily in the future.”

Fu Cheng nodded again and again: “Mr. Sheng, I will not let you down!”

It was only then that Sheng Zhen hung up with satisfaction.

Fu Cheng put his cell phone back in his pocket, and then he felt his feet were numb from cold. He hurried back to the room, where two pictures of Guo Wenyuan laid on the table.

When he saw the picture, he looked dark and grim and whispered, “You just wait, your good days are coming to an end.”


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